"Tell us what happened," DI John Keenan said calmly. Jac was running her hands through her hair, breaking the knots with her fingers. She did not speak but merely fixed Keenan with a look of absolute desolation. Her green eyes were empty as if all the feeling had been drained from them completely. Keenan hated seeing how broken she looked. This was worse than the last time they'd seen Jac Naylor. He cleared his throat as the recording tape whirred on the table between them. "We can't help you if you don't co-operate Ms. Naylor," Keenan said sternly. Jac continued to stare. DS Luke French let out an exasperated noise from the corner of the room. Keenan held up his hand and French fell silent immediately. "Come on Jac we know you did it, we have your prints on the knife." Jac's voice suddenly cut through the room, it cracked as she spoke.

"I didn't do it." French sighed but said nothing.

"We have your fingerprints on the knife," said Keenan matter-of-factly.

"I didn't do it," Jac said again, more determinedly this time. Her eyes were wide and scared. Keenan made a mental note of how relieved he was to see a return of feeling.

"There are no other prints," he told Jac quietly. Jac's knees began to shake violently. Tears were leaking out of her wide eyes.

"But I didn't do it..." Jac whimpered looking up at Keenan imploringly. At this, French could no longer contain himself.


"Just confess Jac and tell us what happened," Keenan interjected. More tears streamed down Jac's cheeks.

"I can't remember...everything's a blur," Jac said. Ignoring French's protests, Keenan pressed Jac to go on.

"Tell us what you can remember. Go on." Jac gulped. She said nothing. "Take us from the start?" Keenan offered. Jac thought for a moment. Then at last she began her story.

Six weeks ago...

Joseph smiled warmly at Jac as she ate a hurried breakfast. Jac couldn't help feeling guilty as she watched him. Every time she looked at Joseph lately, she didn't see him, she saw the smirking face of Michael Spence. But she didn't just see that. She saw the lift. She saw her face leaning in towards Michael's. She saw their lips locking together. Jac shook her head and the handsome features of Joseph Byrne swam back into view.

"Jac? Jac are you okay?" Joseph asked concernedly. Jac nodded.

"I'm fine. Stop fretting Joseph, you're acting like a hyperactive bee," Jac said but there was something in the tone of her voice that suggested all was not well. Joseph knew better than to challenge her and said no more on the subject. Minutes later Jac swept up from the table, gave Joseph a quick peck on the cheek and rushed out of the house. Joseph could hear the revving of her motorbike in the distance. He let out a sigh. Something was wrong and he Joseph had to find out what.

"What happened next?" Keenan asked Jac sharply. Jac wracked her brain, thinking. She looked utterly woebegone. For a moment she was silent as she thought desperately, the only sound in the interview room was the slow ticking of the clock. Tick. Tick. Tick. Jac began to drum her fingers on the table absentmindedly. French clenched his knuckles. Keenan raised his eyebrows at him.

"Nothing much happened until five weeks before our wedding, that's when Joseph really began trying to figure out what was going on..."

Five weeks ago...

"Have you told him?" Michael drawled. They were standing in a darkened room in Holby City General's basement.

"Told him what?" Jac said quickly. Michael glared at her.

"Does Joseph know about our little...shall we say...encounter?" Jac's face fell. Spotting this immediately, Michael smirked. "I guess not." He looked quickly behind them to check they were alone. "Deary me Naylor, you know what Joseph's like. He'll have guessed you're not telling him something and he will try to find out what." Jac said nothing. She knew Michael was right but she didn't like to let him know that. Michael seized his opportunity to say more. "He's tenacious Jac and he will find out." Jac narrowed her eyes.

"Only if you tell him," she said firmly.

"I wont if you don't," Michael said quietly. Suddenly there was a crashing noise feet away from them. They both swung around sharply but there was nobody there. All was quiet. Jac felt uneasy. Someone had listened in. How much had they heard?

"Get to the point Naylor. How relevant is this?" French demanded.

"Quiet!" Keenan said, raising his voice slightly.

"But John, how does any of this help our investigation?"

"We have to know everything Luke. We have to find out why she did it." French looked murderous but he did not say another word. Keenan turned back to Jac who shifted uncomfortably in her seat. "I think we'll leave it there for today," he said after a moment's thought. Jac looked terrified as French switched the tape recorder off and swept towards her. She was ushered from her seat. Flanked by Keenan and French, Jac found herself guided towards to the cells. She stood in front of the open doorway. Seconds later French gave her an unceremonious shove and Jac fell face forwards into the stinking cell. Picking herself up from the floor, Jac shot him a quizzical look. French stared. "Calm down," Keenan muttered to him. "Do you want to find yourself in front of a tribunal?"

"No sir," French murmured.

"Then keep your temper under control, do you understand me?" French nodded. "Good." Keenan turned back to Jac. He couldn't help noticing how pathetic she looked. She was curled up on the bed, whimpering, and making no effort to hide her emotions. She looked up at him with eyes full of terror and pleading. Her face, still filthy, was streaked with tears. Every inch of Jac Naylor was broken and just for a moment Keenan's mind wondered if maybe, perhaps she was innocent after all. He made to close the door when Jac's voice cut broke free from her whimpers.

"I didn't do it." Keenan ignored her. "I didn't do it." The door was closing. "I did not kill him!" Jac began to shriek, her cries mingled in with her shouts. "Listen to me, please!" The door was almost entirely shut. "LISTEN TO ME PLEASE! I AM INNOCENT!" The door closed and locked. Jac was alone again. She began to sob quietly and uncontrollably, every part of her body shaking and twisting. "I didn't kill him," Jac said quietly to herself, yet her voice audibly shook with emotion. She looked around at the cell. The full unpleasant reality of her situation hit her. There was no way out of this one.