Chapter 1

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I feel the rage boiling my blood, the beast is caged but I can't control it, it comes out every now and then, it suppresses me, it keeps me down for a short time, and in that time, it's not unheard of that I'll kill everyone around me.

I want to end it, to end it all with one shiny little bullet, but deep down I'm truly a monster. A monster than can't be killed, only kill others. Why not utilize that? I tried, I really did, I just don't think I tried hard enough. 'Move to Pandora' they said, 'It will be fun!' they said. Fuckers.

I was offered shelter at a town called Sanctuary with a group that called themselves 'The Crimson Raiders', but I can't risk staying with them. I'll happily tag along on their operations because I believe that they are fighting for a noble cause. Maybe it's just my subconscious telling me to quench my thirst for blood.

I prefer the nice quiet solitude of my cave, it's safe when I'm in here… Safe for other people anyway. A monster, is that all I am? A killing machine? Why not be a merc? I would often ask myself that same question . I used to be a freelance mercenary but I was always grouped with others, and after the initial bloodshed, my inner demon would often not be satisfied and take over my mind and slaughter the rest of them. Pity, some of them I actually liked.

One time it spared someone, a young woman, pretty thing, but she'd never appreciate someone like me, not after what she saw me… What she saw 'it' do. She was the captain of a small time mercenary group called the Legionnaires, they contracted some outside help, and after seeing my signing fee and my one hundred percent success rate, they called me up. I don't have regrets about killing off the Legionnaires to be honest with you; they were all crooked bastards that needed to die anyway, it would only have been a matter of time before someone else contracted me to do it anyway.

Who am I? I guess you deserve some answers. I grew up on Earth; an orphan that fought for survival in the gutters of London. I'm the toughest that dingy little planet has to offer.

I couldn't tell you how I got this curse, this thing living inside my soul, tainting my thoughts with a lust for blood, but I can tell you who could. That captain that it spared, I know there is a reason, there must be. It never spared anyone before so why would it now? No, there's something else about her, she was one of the guards at the experimentation facility when I escaped and this thing first escaped me. It spared her then as well. I need to find her, and see what she knows, I'll have to be subtle about it though, one wrong move and this monster will take over, it will become dominant and I seriously doubt it will spare this woman a third time.

As an orphan living in the streets, myself the only tool for survival, I was never given a name by anyone else, I was the strongest out of a group of ten children and people used to call me number ten, then they just shortened it to 'Ten', that was how I got my name. Oh well, sixteen years on and I'm on a different planet, fighting for dominance.

My earliest memory that I know is real was waking up in that experimental facility in the desert. The rest before that could be fake memories implanted in me for all I care. Waking up on that table felt so real. Am I becoming the monster? Has it been me all along waking up on that table and feeling truly alive for the first time? Only one person could give me the answers that I was looking for. Captain Alex Rose.

Rose; a fitting name for such a woman. Rose was tall for a woman, standing just about six foot, which is nice for guys like me, who are on the higher side of six and a half feet tall. Rose has stunning good looks and dark blonde hair that in the two times that I remember seeing her was kept at her shoulders. She wore a small and compact military uniform that looked to protect as well as offer mobility. Dark blue was the colour of the main material with black combat boots. As the Captain of that whole military outfit she was allowed to be lenient with her rules and as a result wore skin tight black pants instead of the regulation fatigues. I wonder if I will ever find her again.

He got free last night, but I felt it coming on and I moved somewhere new. A different cave that was hidden well within a mountain side. Luckily the worst of the damage is just scratches on the walls, on the outside anyway. I need help with this. The only people I can go to is the Crimson Raiders. I've been tagging along with them for a few months now, but would they rather help me than just see me as another threat to this planet? I'm adamant to get help with my condition, and if they won't help me with that, then I know that they will at least help me with finding Captain Rose. I don't know why the monster in me spared her life, but it did, and there's no avoiding the cold fact that he DID spare her.

I hate going to Sanctuary. It's so grimy. I mean, I live in caves, but this place isn't just filthy. The only people doing any measure of good are the raiders. I suppose I can't blame the people here, they've been oppressed by Jack for nearly five years.

I swore to help the raiders, but first I'm going to leverage some help of my own. Walking through the streets of Sanctuary was a heavy burden, I've never gotten unstable around these people, but they recognize me. There have been too many incidents off-world and stories like that carry weight, people gossip like wild fire when the supernatural occurs, and I'm definitely not natural, despite how it might feel when I change.

The raiders are aware of my condition, Roland himself set me aside for a personal chat to see whether or not I was a risk to Sanctuary. The crazy bastard even offered me a room in the headquarters. I did check it out, but the walls are concrete. Give this 'thing' a few hours and those concrete walls will be nothing but bloody rubble.

I had spoken with the raider's engineer; Gaige, pretty young thing, though I maybe shouldn't say that, she could be anywhere between sixteen and nineteen years old, so it would be a real gamble with some of the stuff that comes to mind. I'm pretty sure she's also wearing a school uniform, or what's left of one, so on that note, I'm going to make interactions with her as clean as possible.

The raiders had also given me access to some interesting machines that Gaige had made in her spare time. Unless you hadn't figured it out already; Gaige is a god damned mechanical genius. The quick change station. I'm not sure what motivated Gaige to build this, I really don't but it's handy if you've nearly had all of your clothes blown away in a vehicle explosion. Has that ever happened to me? No comment.

The raiders saved me from a sticky situation that arose from a job in a local bandit stronghold; they were going in to rescue their team leader, Roland, and they stumbled upon me taking out a whole group of bandits with nothing but a blunt shiv. They saw how well I could handle myself and decided to ask me for help. I liked what they were doing, the whole fight against oppression thing, it was my style because of the sheer amount of fighting. They saw that I was in the ass kicking business, and business is good.

When the bandits pulled me along with them from the bandit stronghold, I was introduced to the rest of the team, I'm not going to go into detail with everyone at the moment, but there is a few of them, they gave me access to all of the machines. The fast travel stations I was already familiar with, but they showed me the quick change station and the various different vending machines. Really, how did I ever get things done without these? They're so convenient.

Enough with how I got here in the first place. The quick change station gave me a completely new set of clothes. To the raiders surprise I hadn't chosen to have any armour plating. Most of the other raiders didn't either, but the other raiders never got as reckless as I did. They didn't know that I have a history of trying to put myself down, for good. That's why I became a mercenary in the first place. If I died on a job then I would finally find peace, if I completed the job, then I get paid large sums of money. I like money, it lets me buy Whiskey, another of my favourite past times.

I always had a fancy for combat boots and combat trousers. A special technology that I once bought from an off world black market is my rather unique cloaking device. It's effective range has worn off over the years so now it only works on my trousers and boots. An active camouflage. My boots and trousers will actively change to mimic their immediate surroundings to make me as stealthy as possible, though it wasn't very good if I happen to be wearing a black t-shirt. I more often than not have the camouflage turned off as I've grown to like the desert storm colours, even if I'm not in the desert.

Walking through the doorway to the Crimson Raider headquarters is always tense; I always get the thought that they have decided to try and end my life, the thought is always at the back of my head. Roland, Axton and Maya are all downstairs, I don't know where the others were but this was about as casual as it got in the raiders. Axton was doing something in the kitchen. Roland had just been passing through until he saw me and Maya was lying at an odd angle on the sofa trying to wash her boredom away with the cracked TV.

Maya has a thing for me, she tries to play it off but I know it's there. I don't know why she does, many of the raiders aren't even that fond of me to boot, like Axton, he really doesn't like me. Probably because I could kick his ass with ease. I hear that Axton has been trying to get together with Maya since they got here. I have a few small scars littered around my face. I'm tall, I mean I'm really big. About the same size as Brick and Krieg, but those two are on a whole new level of strength. I couldn't take them in a fist fight. Maybe the monster inside could, but not me.

I never told the raiders my name, but then they never needed to call me by name, they've never needed to issue me orders on missions. They know that I do my own thing and they have no qualms about that.

"Roland, I need some help with a personal matter." My voice is deep and filled to the brim with blood boiling anger, I need to kill, and I need to kill quickly. That's the inner voice, the voice which compels me to do things that I don't want to do. That's the monster that I am slowly turning into.

"Good to see you. What do you need help with?" Roland had always been willing to hear me out before making a decision, this is why he was the leader of the crimson raiders.

"I need one person to help me with a personal mission that I'd much rather only disclose to the person in question. It could be a simple investigation or it could be a full on fire fight. Desert conditions." As I gave further details, I had become oblivious to the fact that Maya had been standing right next to me checking her weapon the whole time.

"Ah." I said as I realized that there was no way she'd let me shake her off.

Roland gave me a questioning look, he didn't need to even hear my plan, Maya would follow me to the ends of the planet just to please me. Kind of creepy but she was one of the most powerful people on this planet, hell even this side of the universe. Maya is a siren, one of the more powerful ones. Lilith is the strongest that we know of, but if she hadn't started using Eridium to boost her powers then her and Maya would be on the same page.

Off to where it all began, I must confess that I don't really want to do this anymore, but if I don't confront this problem now it could escalate to a much bigger one.

"So where are we going?" She asked me as I walked back out of the Raider headquarters. Roland walked over to where Axton was with a bunch of files. No doubt more Crimson Raider business.

"The quickest route would probably be to head out to the dust and go from there. Although I'm not entirely sure. I'm going to make a quick trip to Marcus'. Meet me back here is five?" I asked her, looking at her out of the corner of my eye. She'd probably been doing very little all day.

"I may as well go with you. I'm bored out of my mind." She exaggerated a motion of her head exploding. It looked violent.

"Suit yourself siren." I responded as I changed direction and moments later I was walking down the stairs to Marcus' gun shop, where I witnessed him kneecap a punk with a revolver. That looked nasty.

"Woah, dude, let's tone down the friendly fire eh?" I walked over the crying lad and over to the counter. There was a monitor on the side which was used to browse the catalogue of millions of weapons that Marcus had in an off-world digistruct storage unit.

"What can I do for you today mystery man?" Marcus asked in a twinged accent. It was strange, he spoke English better than most, but I'm fairly certain that he isn't.

"You know I hate it when you call me that. Let's see what you've got Marcus." I replied as he activated the power to the monitor and an electronic image catalogue popped up with tons of guns.

"He's got a point though. It would help if you told us your name." Maya poked my arm. Don't do that. I don't like it when people poke my arms unnecessarily. It just pisses me off, it won't get your point across any better.

"It might. But no. If you can guess my name then I won't deny it." I said, starting what I assume will lead me to large amounts of amusement.

I bought a few grenades to refill my bandoleer then I bought some ammo. No new guns today, I'm satisfied with my armoury as it stands already. Now it's time to go for a drink before I throw myself into needless danger. Moxxi's place. I remember when Moxxi was called Mad Moxxi. Those were some good times. That was WAY before I began joining the Raider's operations. This was back before Sanctuary was even a town. This was when people were living back in New Haven before Hyperion raided it.

I walked through the door and saw a look of recognition and warmth on the bartender's face.

"You." She smiled. When I've got nothing to do, I pay well for a good amount of drinks.

"Me." I responded with a nod of the head.

"What'll it be this time nameless?"

"Just a Rakk ale please Moxxi." I smiled as she brought it over and money changed hands. That was probably the main motivation of everything on Pandora. Money.

Time to check my weapons I suppose. Maya is driving the truck. I can drive I'm just not very good at it. The sub-machine gun that's attached to my lower back has served me well over the years. Maliwan, fire edition. It's their limited edition Hellfire. Few people have ever even seen one of these, even less have seen it and lived any longer. The twin magnums sitting comfortably in my leg holsters. These two pieces of war have seen more action than a few of the raiders combined. I mean, Maya came to the raiders with some others that heard about the effort to take down Handsome Jack, and as far as I'm aware, she'd lived in a monastery before that.

A bandoleer of nuclear grenades, low yield of course, that would be rather stupid otherwise. They have a teleportation effect on them, this means that the moment they leave my hand and achieve their target force and direction, they will disappear then reappear a certain distance away, very handy for shielded targets, not so good if you throw it too hard, sometimes they go through the building all together. Not so handy.

My custom assault rifle. My pride and joy. Fully automatic, Torgue stock, Dahl barrel, Bandit magazine capacity. Vladof sight. Perfect. High impact prototype Maliwan bullets that are currently still in the development stages, therefor they are just high intensity armour piercing bullets and haven't been assigned an elemental type. They can pretty much chew through a tank though.

We're getting close, I remember that there's a small village around here somewhere and it's getting dark, probably best to find shelter somewhere, it would be unfair to make Maya keep driving for god knows how much more time, and I'm certainly not taking the wheel in the dark.

"There's a village somewhere to the left of here, we'll need to make sure our stocks are up to scratch and rest up before we get to the facility, I'm not sure what to expect and that makes me nervous." My admittance was limited. We were going to find shelter, but it wouldn't be shelter for me. Maya can stay in a room while I go and recon ahead of us. I don't sleep much anymore, not recently anyway, not since I've been losing control more often, I can't risk doing that to Maya.

Perhaps she might be able to save me from it. No, I can't risk thinking like that, can't risk letting her try. Maybe I'll succumb to her request in letting their doctor take a look at me. I hope they mean the man who was acting medical doctor and not the crazy one.

"Ooh, are we getting a room together?" I had to look her in the eye, I couldn't tell whether she was actually teasing me or was secretly hopeful. I actually felt bad when I said 'No' as plain as day. Had she not been a super powerful siren, I would have felt bad , but she was, so I didn't. It was also annoying when she didn't immediately drop the subject.

"Why won't you let anyone in?" Bad choice of words. I could pretty much turn any sentence around to get myself out of an awkward conversation like this.

"Possibly because I'm not a door." She didn't like that. Now she was serious, all joking aside she was expecting a clear answer to this difficult question.

"Seriously, I want to know, I want to help." She sounded sincere, maybe she really was going to be there for me. I got the horrible feeling that she might soon find out.

"You know why." I replied bitterly, there was no way she couldn't know.

"Because you believe yourself to be a monster? I don't believe that." Stubborn. Why must sirens always be stubborn. Now I have to explain everything.

"Fine. Deep down there really is a monster. I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skin. I keep it caged and away from those I… Care about." There I said it. See I do care.

"Let me in, take down your barrier. I really can help you." I want to, but I can't. I know how Krieg feels. As much as I hate to talk about this, I hate awkward silences even more.

"You don't even know my name." Wrong move, I should have chosen something else. Maya knows more about me than most others do.

"Then tell me." She looked me in the eyes and for a second I felt a sensation of deep warmth and comfort, but such feelings were not welcome on Pandora. Things like that would get you killed.

We're here, a horribly run down little town, but there is a hotel type thing in the centre. God this place is in worse condition than the Happy Pig and that place has been offline for months. As soon as we walked through the doors I realized that I'd made a mistake, Maya was the most stubborn and relentless person I'd ever met.

"Room for two newly-weds please." Her smiled turned to me with a threatening glare, the kind of thing that said 'If you don't talk to me about it I'll torture you for fifty years' I reluctantly returned the sarcastic smile as she lead the way to our room. Don't do this to me Maya, if the monster comes you won't like it.

We're inside the room we just paid for and she's standing there looking at me expectantly. What am I supposed to do, oh god what is she expecting me to say? I've got to keep contact to a minimal. It isn't just rage and blood lust that brings out the monster. Its other kinds of lust, things that I have long abandoned in my search for the past.

"I'm going out." Is really all I can bear to say as I break the awkward eye contact.

"No you're not." She said it so casually that it shocked me for a moment.

"I'm going out to do recon." I repeated. She looked at me weirdly. Was she analyzing me? How strange. I think she's trying to provoke me, trying to make me lose control of this thing inside me.

"No, I do believe you're going to stay in this room with me." Well this is new. I feel no urge to fight it off. But I couldn't let her get to me. What if she really could help me? What's happening to me? Am I getting soft, giving in isn't my style.

"You don't want this." The words were difficult to form. Had Maya been taking tips from Moxxi to become an irresistible seductress? It was working, I'm trying to protest but unable to move from the spot, or even turn my head away. Our eyes are locked with each other's.

"I do want this." She said. Her words were shot right through my mental barrier, there was no denying it, she knew how to push me.

She's so confident that she knows what she's doing, and for her sake I hope her confidence isn't misplaced. She's walking over to me slowly. No don't do that. I'm still glued to the spot… Well, shit.

After she'd taken off her own top she removed mine, underneath she could see my battle scars, my muscles tensing under my skin, she could tell that I was fighting against this thing that wanted to break my mind, imprison me and do whatever the siren wanted us to do. Running her hands over my body, feeling the textures of my many different scars. Bullet wounds, burns, stabs.

No! It's found me, this can't be happening, she has no idea what she's bringing out. Darkness obscuring my vision. My screams of agony, turning into his screams of agony, this is bad; soon I'll be the prisoner. A prisoner inside my own body until the monster subsides and I wake up god knows where, having killed however many people. Darkness. It all fades away like this, right before I lose control for good. My vision slowly turns into a picture that is surrounded by more darkness. Slowly fading further away, making my vision smaller and smaller until I see nothing, and he's the one in control. Sleep. That's all I hear inside my head now. Sleep.

What the fuck!? I'm awake, standing in the very room I turned in. There were no scratches on the walls. No damage to anything. Outside the window the sun is burning my eyes, its early morning and the townsfolk are going about their day in their usual manner, no deaths. Or no apparent deaths. That's not his style, he doesn't care about subtlety. The worst part is that upon turning around I can see Maya sleeping in our nearly destroyed bed. Her clothes are nowhere to be seen.

My top is shredded on the floor, or I assume those black tatters of material are what used to be my clothes. Maya's naked. She's naked and sleeping soundly with a smile on her face. What have I done? What has she done? This was her doing not mine; she knew that I wouldn't be myself.

Pain, searing heat crossing down my back, I'd better check that out, just to make sure it wasn't her attempt to fend me off before something dark happened. I found a mirror in the small skanky bathroom that was supposedly our en suite facility. To my surprise its scratch marks. Nails? It must have been; long thing cuts that drag right across the top of my back to the small of it.

Oh dear god, no, please tell me that wasn't from Maya. I checked her fingers; the nails have blood in them. Dry sweat is covered both of our bodies.

Well at least no one died that time. Oh my god, he's spared two different people. What's going on inside that mind of his? Better wait for Maya to wake up. Good god how long we're we up last night? It feels like we only just stopped. The worst part about having something like this take over every now and then is that you share one body; whatever it does you're going to feel the strain as well the next morning.

I'm going to go find a nice spot to sit down. Outside the bedroom is a small terrace type thing with a smidge of shade and two deck chairs either side of a table. There's no place that someone can get the drop on us, so I don't mind falling asleep out there.

Maya stirred in the bed inside. I've been sitting on this terrace in the sun for nearly two hours. She's getting up, god damn this is going to be awkward.

Nope, apparently not, she's just waltzed out of the bedroom in noting but the bed sheets and sat down in the adjacent chair.

"So." She said with a cheeky grin.

I said nothing, I didn't know what happened last night, why should I comment on it?

"You weren't lying about having a monster inside you. How much do you remember?" She asked me sincerely. If she didn't before, she definitely loved me now.

"When I change, I become the prisoner. I don't remember anything, that wasn't me, that was something else. What happened Maya?" She knew that this was not joking matter. I only ever addressed her directly by name when I expected answers and she knew this.

"Last night, you weren't the only one with a monster in you." How crude. Admittedly I did laugh a little on the inside.

"That's not good." I frowned. I hated frowning, but I had to try and hide the smile that was forming across my face. I was always told that if you frown your life expectancy goes down. A load of shit but I don't look good frowning anyway.

"Oh yes it was." She corrected me. That's not what I meant but I didn't want to argue any longer than was necessary.

Ignoring Maya's crude phrasings I decide that it's time we moved out. We need to get there while we can still call it day time. That being said, it's not even close to mid-day and the facility is really only a couple more miles. Not even worthy of being called a drive.

"You ready to move out?" I'm going soft, I realised that after I registered how sincere that last sentence sounded.

"Say the word and we'll hit the road again." She responded. Disregarding everything that happened last night, Maya really was remarkable. If I had known that everything would have been fine from the start then I would have gone straight to her anyway. There was something about her, I just couldn't place it but it felt right. She felt like an old friend that had always been there.

There was no such promise of safety though. She could have been killed by me, unfortunate I know, but that's the cold truth. I really am a monster, despite what she says.

"Park up here Maya, we're close. We go on foot from here." I have to keep my mind off of her and on the mission at hand, but no matter how hard I try, she just creeps back into the front of my mind and distracts me. What is this?

We trekked over a small sandy hill which gave us a decent vantage point over the gigantic facility in front of us. From first look you would think that it's just a derelict hospital. But no amount of Eridium would change the fact that this place used to house a horrible secret of experimentation. Far worse than what Jack is doing at the moment.

"Need some help?" The voice came out of the sky, but only myself and Maya could hear it because it was patched directly into our ECHO units. It was Angel. A super computer that used to work for Handsome Jack but had turned rogue. Pretty soon we'd be storming her chambers high up in thousand cuts to get our hands on the vault key. After that not much would stand between us and the warrior. This giant thing that Jack planned on waking to destroy us and such.

"Scan that facility, inform me of security, be it automated turrets to hired guns." I said calmly. This isn't my first time doing this kind of job, but the prospect of finding out the truth made me nervous, and when I'm nervous, bad things usually happen. Really bad things, usually to those who oppose my goals, or at least 'its' goals. Bloodshed and murder are usually at the top of his list, but you know sometimes other things… Like a certain kind of lust, ask Maya at some point, she'll tell you with the clarity that I don't want to.

"The first floor is clear and abandoned as is the theme for the rest of the hospital that's above ground." Angel's voice didn't belong to that of a computer but then I suppose she was the most advanced computer there was.

"But?" I knew there would be more, there always was with Angel, she was always thorough.

"But below ground it's some of the most advanced security my scanners have ever seen, oh… That's not good." Angel said. This worried me, what's not good?

"What is it Angel?" I'm getting impatient, I hate it when people step around me with things.

"The security detail guarding the facility. It's massive, and I've got them on Hyperion networks as well. This isn't going to be easy for you to hear but, it's the Legionnaires." That name, it hit me like a Rakk hive foot.

"Acting captain?" I already knew. She wanted me dead after I slaughtered her squad, there's no way she's going to take any chances on this. The bigger the jobs she took, the more money she got, the quicker she could fund her private army. Damn that woman was smart.

"Captain Alex Rose. From the records I have of you, I believe you've already met." Angel's voice, cold and un-sympathizing, this is what confirmed that she was a computer.

"Yeah, I thought so, come on Maya, we're going in." I didn't sound so certain, but Maya couldn't tell, she was focused and determined to get this done. She'd never faced off against a private army before.

"I've also got some interesting reports on you." Angel said. I froze. What? They don't even know my name, how could they have reports on me. How could Angel know it's me?

"Ten." That name, I hadn't been called that name in such a long time. It hurt, it stung me like a thousand bullets burning through my soul. No! That was the trigger the whole time! The demon that had taken up residence inside my soul had finally been awakened. We're not talking about this feeble monster anymore, we're talking about an upgraded demon of chaos and war.

The monster was nothing compared to the demon that I had thought long since dead, and he'd gotten an unfair upgrade. Unfair for the entire world. Sometimes I felt like I could just walk into a fire fight and have it ended. But no, not anymore. There was never a bottom line where this beast would become alive, there were just intense moments. But no matter how hard I try, there's no escaping the demon inside. This THING will haunt me forever, it will burn me on the insides. I have become that monster.

"Ten?" She whispered, a fear ridden voice.

I could see in it Maya's eyes, she could see that tiny little clock ticking away until realization, I could feel her fear, and I have to admit, I actually liked it. I'd forgotten what true power had felt like all this time. I could call upon it at any time I liked. But I didn't, I think I'll save it for when I see Captain Alex Rose. There's no guarantee this beast will maintain until then. I want to see the fear in her eyes as I devour the souls of her men in front of her, I want her to see how useless their money bought guns will be against me. It. ME. I'm a monster, and I love it.

"Let's go Maya." Those were the words that came out, but I thought of very different things. A blood haze obscuring my vision, just a thin visible line to my goal, just a small wisp of air that leads me to the blood shed, oh god I want it now. I can feel him burning at my insides, trying to cripple me, to come out from his side. NOT YET! I scream, I want her to see this, I want her to know how little she really is, then I'm going to spare her again. The power of my true name courses through my veins once more, I've missed you demon.

I hear it reply, a faint whisper in the back of my mind. Maya doesn't argue, she doesn't say a word. She doesn't fear for her life in my hands, she just merely observes me for a while. She's onto me, she knows something's different.

We get to the door of the old building. The front doors used to be made of solid wood but they're now weathered away, the green molding wood of the frames would come apart at a strong wind, but I want Maya to see my new found power. I slam my fist down on the doors and they splinter into a thousand pieces. The destruction is feeding my appetite, I want more, I need more. Only a little longer and it can have all the chaos I want. All the chaos WE want.

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