Piani Del Cielo


"You shouldn't get too wrapped up with that boy, you know."

"I won't."

"You sure about that?"


"Because you might have to disable him someday, you know."

"Don't speak with such negativity. It doesn't suit you, Erwin."

"It's not negativity, it's the truth. You never know."

Lance Corporal Levi crossed his legs and took a slow sip out of his coffee cup. It was unusual to see Erwin so concerned. The usually confident, headstrong captain looked upon his comrade with utmost discomfort, his face appearing pale and discolored in the dim lighting of the room. "And why, may I ask, are you expressing such concern over the matter that I am to keep watch of Eren Jaeger?" Irvin noticed the shadows on Levi's face change as his nose crinkled and his eyebrows knit together. A common expression of the corporal. He'd seen it many times.

Erwin sighed, leaning back against the wall. "I'm concerned because I don't want you getting too close to this boy, Levi. I trust in you, but keep in mind, you will have to be the one to take him out should the need ever arise. You have the ability, sure, but do you have the heart?"

Levi was growing agitated now. "I was able to prove my worth in the courts, no? Do you really think that that situation has changed in such a short time?"

"But a lot has changed since then, Levi."

The fact that Erwin was so doubtful drove Levi up a wall. The duo had been through a lot, they'd earned each other's trust, but because some new kid arrived on the scene and a few more of his comrades would never return home his emotions were suddenly expected to go haywire? Bullshit. Levi wouldn't stand for such.

Erwin looked at Levi with heavy eyes. It was obvious this confrontation was going nowhere, so he assumed it was best to trust Levi's judgment. He had allowed him to watch over the kid in the first place, right? "Right, then. I suppose I'll just have to let you deal with this in your own ways. Even I cannot fathom your innermost feelings. But Levi, I warn you now, as a friend. Should anything appear out of the ordinary, I will have Eren Jaeger revoked from your watching." Levi gave a distant look and nodded; as if he would let his feelings get the better of him. After watching countless team members die on the battlefield, Levi knew how to keep his grievances to himself. A new kid wouldn't change that, just because he was dubbed as unique. The way most saw it, the entire damn Survey Corps was unique. Now they just had another addition.

As Irvin turned to depart, Levi decided he had one last thing to say. "Hey, you know you sort of seem jealous, with that kid hanging around me." At this, Irvin stifled a laugh. "Whatever you say, Levi," he replied.

"Whatever you say."