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See You Again Chapter 1

I stood from the bed and felt the blood rush to my feet. I saw splashes of color block my vision from the hasty motion. I looked around to see something that one might typically imagine as a 20-something-year-old man's room. There was a desk, clothing drawers and a book shelf filled with records and work things.

What was I doing? I asked myself that pretty much every morning. What was I doing with my life? What was I doing with my career? This time was different though. This time I had somehow found myself in a strange bed in a strange house after having spontaneous and risky unprotected sex with a strange man. I could be pregnant for all I knew! I never even asked this guy's name.

I took a sharp breath in through my teeth, trying to recall the hazy events that lead to this.

Flash back

I had been walking home from being dumped at my boyfriend's house...again. I had at least 3 failed relationships this month. It was starting to sting. I would always think things were going great so I'd start to discuss the future. I suppose that was my first mistake. I was a commitment kind of girl. I did not take kindly to the idea of non-exclusive dating and one night stands (the irony!). My ideas of commitment always seemed to scare men off. This one had given me a classic line.

"I like you," he said, "but we're not looking for the same things. I just want to date but you're looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with. A soul mate. Amy, I'm just not there yet."

It sucked. It royally sucked. So here I was taking a long walk home and oh, did I mention it was raining. Yep, just my luck. That's when he arrived. Mr. Charming-Blue-Hedgehog-Guy walked up to me with his business casual cloths, attractiveness and an umbrella and called my name.

I turned around to see him smiling at me.

"Sorry," I managed, "do I know you?"

"No," he said, "but your boyfriend, Shadow, knows me. I'm friends with his little brother."

I winced as he unknowingly ripped a band-aid off a fresh wound.

"Yeah, well, I just got dumped so..."

He blushed and cleared his throat.

"Sorry, Miss Rose, I didn't mean to be a jerk."

I brushed it off with a quick 'whatever.'

"Call me Amy," I added, trying to lighten the mood.

It worked, oddly.

He smiled as if I had just presented him with a million dollar check. "Amy as in the Latin Amelia or the Welsh/Celtic Amanda?"

I looked at him, stunned for a second. Why on Earth would he care?

"Amanda," I answered.

He smiled even wider. "I figured with a last name like Rose," he continued, "your name is very pretty. Altogether in Welsh it means 'beloved rose.'"

I just looked at him as a small smile crept onto my lips. Was this guy really standing out here in the rain with me talking about the origins of my name? If he was, he was crazy. Somehow it was endearing, though.

"Sorry," he muttered, adjusting his umbrella so it kept me dry as well, "I travel a lot so I'm kind of into this stuff. Dialects, cultures, other stuff like that."

I just shook my head and giggled. He had a way of making rambling charming.

"Do you, um, want to grab a coffee with me?" He asked.

Everything went down hill from there. We talked in the warm, dry cafe for a while. I told him about my life, he talked about his. Something about his open attitude was appealing to me. He held nothing back from me, a complete stranger and made me feel like no matter what I said he could accept me. Even though his stories of travel were exciting he was attentive. He grasped at my words like a child does with new toys. He responded sincerely. I couldn't get enough. We exited the cafe under the cover of his umbrella and in a moment of desperation as he said goodbye to me, I kissed him. His lips were soft and warm. He responded almost immediately. Gently, he deepened the kiss, turning my spark of desire into a fire.

How was it that one man I didn't know the name of could possibly have so much power of my emotions?

He called a taxi and we ended up at his home and in his bed. Everything was a blur. All I could remember was the the last moments. He was on me, in me. He kissed my neck as I wrapped my arms around him. The smooth motions he made to enter and exit made me warm inside. My legs wrapped around him as a response to his humps becoming more rapid. He grunted against my skin as he sped up. His hands trailed all over me, taking in my every curve. I couldn't take the pressure building in my gut. I cried out as I came all over his member. I could see him smile from that. He sped up even more. My juices eased his struggle as he went at a speed I didn't know was possible. My hips bucked with his as I whimpered and moaned. He became more vocal as I felt him stiffen within me. He was reaching climax. I felt him shaking as a spastic wave of his sperm filled me. We both let out a sigh of relief from the release, but it wasn't done. Slowly, he continued within, making sure we got as much time as possible from this satisfying interaction. I smiled in contentment as he released a final wave of his climax and everything simply went black.

End of flash back

I shook my head at my idiocy. I thought of how much I had risked that night and whether it was really worth it. Why did I have to be such a failure with all things romantic and sexual? Why couldn't I have just not come home with him? I didn't even know his name.

Quickly and quietly I slipped into my cloths, jumping every time he tossed and turned. I didn't want to wake him up. I didn't want to have another 'we won't work' conversation. Not today. Not after last night. Not at all.

I scurried from his room, trying to be silent but failed even at that. He awoke and sat up with the covers hiding his intimate parts just as I was about to leave. I turned and our eyes met. He looked like he had so much he wanted to say but I couldn't bear to listen. I didn't want to get hurt again. Despite my instinct to run I was frozen there in this mortifying position. I needed to hear him but I didn't want to.

"Sonic," he said softly as a blush creeped onto his face.

"What?" I asked. He was making no sense.

"That's my name," he muttered, " for future reference."

Did he say 'future?' He thought we had a future? I just stared. I was so embarrassed! Of course he didn't mean it. I ran from his room into the hall and down the stairs and bolted for the door. Sonic was faster though, despite the fact that I had a head start and he had to pull on some pants. He spread his arms out holding the door frame and facing me. Why was he blocking my exit?

"Listen," he began, "you're a very nice girl-"

"But it won't work out," I interrupted him, "I know, I know! I've heard this before."

"What! No!" He protested. "I was about to say that you...I, um."

I waited as he stumbled for words. Finally with a deep breath in he let out the most cruel words I had ever heard.

"When can I see you again?"

I stared at him in shock.

"Never!" I barked at him.

"What?" His disappointment was clear.

"What kind of girl do you think I am?" I asked him. "I'm not the kind for one night stands. I've never done this before and I was an idiot to do this last night. But to think, you have the audacity to ask me to do this again! I am not a slut! I am no one's toy or no-strings-attached girl! So I am not about to be yours! God! How degrading!"

I tried to push by him but my attempt was futile. He was too strong.

"I am not that kind of guy!" He insisted, "I promise. I am not a player and I've never done this before either. I just want to get to know you."

I tensed up, reminding myself that no matter how much I wanted this to be true, he was lying. I ducked under his arm and opened the door in one swift move and ran out to his porch. Sonic grabbed me by the wrist firmly but painlessly and I turned to look at him.

"Ok, fine, think what you want," he sighed in defeat. "But if you change your mind I'll be at the Olive Garden tonight at 7 o'clock. If you're interested come, if not then you don't ever have to see me again."

He let go of my wrist and stepped back into his home. Before he closed the door he sent me a smile.

"I hope I'll see you tonight."

He closed the door, leaving me there. I just shook my head, trying to clear it. What was I going to do?

I found myself going to the only place I knew would help. My friend Rouge's house. She knew how to deal with men. She knew what I should do. I told her the story. She listened intently. At the end of my story she asked me the question I did not expect.

"How was the sex?"

I stared at her.

"So I find myself in a predicament after having risky unprotected sex with a stranger and you ask me how it was?"

She just waved my worries aside.

"Other than the risks and the possibility this guy is a sleaze, how was he?"

I just eyed her. "Rouge I-"

"This is important Amy."

I just gave up and told her. He had been gentle and careful. When he first entered there was an element of surprise in his eyes. He seemed to struggle at first with how tight I was. After a while he eased into it and it became unbearably wonderful. As I described it Rouge simply smiled.

"Amy," she giggled, "I think he was a virgin."

What the hell?


She just laughed. "That poor boy. His first time was with some girl who woke up the next morning, accused him of being a man whore and left."

I was daunted. "We don't know that for sure."

She just shook her head. "Sweet heart, as a sex therapist it sounds like I'm right. Now this doesn't really change anything. He could still be looking for a no-strings-attached deal but it is something to consider."

I was awe struck. I could only imagine some one taking my virginity then walking out of my life calling me a slut. I didn't like the idea at all. Yet, through all that he still wanted to see me again? But I couldn't. He was a man. Men who took girls home like that only wanted sex. There was no passion besides that of their crotch. There was no heart. Yet I thought back to why I had kissed him in the first place. His warmth, his lack of barriers drew me in. It was like I knew I wanted him. It was an immediate connection.

But I couldn't go.

'Why?' I asked myself.

Because that's jut not how it works.


Because he's probably just looking for sex!


Because he's a man whore.

'But he had little to no experience, as Rouge, a professional said.'


I couldn't think of any objection. I guess it all came down to this. Did I want to see him? Did I think we could have a long term future? Was he any different from the other men I had been with? There was only one way to find out.

It was 7 o'clock on the dot. I exited my car and walked into the restaurant. I had been here before. It was nice. I had worn a nice sun dress, nothing too fancy. Somehow I felt underdressed under the watchful eyes of those around me.

"Can I help you?" a you girl asked at the front.

"I'm looking for a, um, Sonic."

"Sonic the Hedgehog," she inquired politely.

I assumed that was his last name and nodded.

"He's been waiting for you," she said, "follow me, please."

She brought be to one of the reserved booths tucked away in the corner of the restaurant to ensure privacy. As we approached Sonic stood and smiled sheepishly.

"Amy," he said, caressing my name with his smooth voice.


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