Inspired by Autumn Wolf's " Guidlines for living with Commander Feral and Kats ", I bring to you...

* spotlights turn on, illuminating the ever-so-familiar MisterCereal and Komamura *

" I... " Cereal said.

" Dare... " Koma said.

" YOU! " They said in unison, as the crowd went completely ballistic.

Cereal spoke, " Koma, give 'em the rules! "

Koma began saying, " Alright! I Dare You is a story-show-majig, where you, the reader, give us ideas to use on any SWAT Kats character! Anything, absolutely ANYTHING can be sent in as a review! For example, you can say " I Dare Jake to ask Callie out! " or something of the sort. Well, whaddya waiting for? Send in your suggestions! "