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"Ouch…" Eren muttered, as he walked up his driveway. His lip was bleeding, hair disheveled, bruises forming all over his torso and back as he limped up to his front door. He wanted nothing more than to collapse on his bed and fall into a sleep, but he knew that if he didn't clean himself up before Mikasa saw him, there would be hell to pay.

He opened the door and had only taken two steps when he heard a gasp. "Fuck…she's awake," he thought.

"Eren!" Mikasa cried, rushing over to him, "What happened?"

He let her lead him over the couch before answering, "Jean and I got into a little accident…"

She rolled her eyes angrily and went to the cabinets to find the first aid kit. Eren stiffly sat on the couch as he waited for the inevitable. She came back and kneeled in front of him, examining his wounds.

"I told you dirt biking was dangerous."

Eren groaned, "Give me a break."

"I did when I let you go on this stupid trip and look what happened."

He scratched his head and looked away, "It was actually going pretty well. We were all taking turns and messing around on the track. But it was all safe, I promise."

Mikasa peeled of his shirt and winced at the six of seven bruises across his chest, "If it was so safe, then how did this," she pointed to his bloody lip, "happen?"

"Before we were about to leave, Jean asked Connie to race him and won. Then he kept fucking gloating so much that I decided to shut him up…But somehow we ended up crashing into each other and WAIT MIKASA! DON'T PUT A FREAKING BARBIE BAND-AID ON ME!"

Mikasa clicked her tongue, she had hoped that he wouldn't notice as he was explaining the story, "We ran out of the regular kind and Karlee's are the only ones we have left, Eren. If you're that upset, then buy some normal ones later."

Eren angrily ripped the bandage off but Mikasa caught his wrist in a painful and viselike grip.

"You need to wear a band-aid so that your wound can heal, Eren," she said dangerously. She squeezed his wrist until he winced, before adding, "You can't let your wounds get infected."

He gulped at her frightening and unexpected disposition before hanging his head in defeat.

"Fine," he grumbled.

Mikasa went about wiping, bandaging, and cleaning his wounds with alcohol while ignoring Eren's complaints about how much the stuff stung. When he yelled, "Dammit!" she remembered her conversation with Karlee earlier. Reflexively, her grip on Eren's shoulder tightened and she thought she heard something crack.

"Ow!" he cried, "What the hell was that for?"

"Goddammit," Mikasa said blankly.


"Goddammit," Mikasa repeated.

Eren was so confused.

He then realized that he had never heard Mikasa curse before and had no idea what brought about the sudden change, "Umm… am I missing something?"

Mikasa cocked her head to the side, "Guess who said that to me today, Eren?"

It took him nearly ten seconds to realize, but Mikasa had to give him credit to for how mortified his face looked when it dawned on him. Guiltily, he cast his eyes to the floor.

"I thought I told you to stop cursing in front of her."

"…I know…"

"What if she said that in front of company?"

"I know…"

"You really need to learn to control that mouth of yours."


"I swear to God, Eren, if you say 'I know' one more time, I will to hit you."

Silence stretched in the room as both occupants stared each other down. A minute passed before Mikasa sighed tiredly, "Just promise me you'll try to censor yourself around her?"

Eren bowed his head, "I promise."

Mikasa stood up and in once clean swoop, lifted Eren into her arms, bridal style. Immediately he began sputtering and kicking and couldn't help smiling to herself.

"Put me down, Mikasa!" he shouted.

"You were limping earlier. You need to rest your le-"


Mikasa kneed him roughly, before climbing up the stairs, "Stop yelling. You're going to wake Karlee up."

"Then. Put. Me. Down!" he hissed.

Mikasa ignored his request and kept walking, "This is your punishment."

"I already apologized!" he groaned.

"Did you, now?" Mikasa asked teasingly.

"This isn't funny Mikasa. I'm serious. Put me-"

"Eren, for some reason I couldn't find one of our red vases today..."

She smirked inwardly as Eren decided to finally shut up and accept his position.


The heavy downpour of rain and lighting was loud enough to keep Eren awake in bed for the last two hours. It had been storming since dusk, and didn't look like it would let up anytime soon.

Languidly, he turned his eyes over to Mikasa and watched her sleeping form. It was a habit he picked up when they both shared a bed as children, and after they both began sharing a bed again several years later, he instantly reverted back to it.

Ever since the night they first shared the same bed, seventeen long years ago, Eren was still sure he hated that way Mikasa slept. She would lie there, still as corpse, not even moving to make the tiniest breath and that would always make an irrational part of him panic. To this very day, he would sometimes shake her awake in the middle of night, just to make sure she was still breathing.

A particularly sharp boom of thunder made Eren jump and everything in the room seemed to rattle and shift but Mikasa laid there, unmoving and silent. Heart pounding, he quickly placed a grip on his wife's shoulders and began shaking her.

It took nearly two minutes before Mikasa was roused from her slumber and sleepily she looked Eren in the eye. He didn't say anything, though his face looked concerned.

"Is something…wrong?" she drawled out sleepily, though she was quite used to Eren randomly waking her up at night.

He shook his head and ran his hand down her arm, brushing against her elbow, before coming to a stop at her palm. Slowly she interlaced their fingers and was again asleep in a few seconds.

"Would it kill you not look dead while sleep?" Eren muttered quietly, though he knew she couldn't hear him.

The rain continued to fall harshly and Eren found himself slowly drifting into sleep when his ears picked up on a strange thumping sound. When he realized the sound of small knuckles rapping against the door, he heard a soft cry come the hallway.

He sat up and rushed over to the door, opening it. In the darkness, he made out Karlee's squatting form as she whimpered into her hands. Tenderly, he lifted her into his arm and closed the bedroom door behind them.

"Couldn't sleep either, huh?" he whispered, cradling her in his arms.

She shook her head and buried her face into the crook of his neck, "The rain sc-scared me…"

Eren smiled and gently rubbed his daughter's hair. Even though the toddler loved watching wrestling, fought boys six inches taller than her, and gave even her mother a hard time, she was still a little girl at heart; one who was apparently afraid of thunderstorms.

"Why don't you sleep with Mommy and Daddy tonight?" he asked, making his way to the bed.

"Okay…" she pouted.

He carried her over to the king sized bed and gently placed her under the covers before crawling in after her.

"Go to sleep, okay?" he said, "It's too late for you to be up."

"Okay…is Mommy alright?"

"Of course, why?"

"She's not moving…"

"Yeah…Mommy sleeps a dead lady."

"A dead lady?!" the four year old cried, panicked.

"No no no! She's not dead! She…she's just really tired after watching over you all day, so she gets really sleepy at nighttime."

That seemed to satisfy Karlee as she curled against her mother and studied her face before commenting, "Mommy's eyelashes are really long…"

"Yeah…they are…" Eren agreed sleepily.

The little girl sensed her father's drowsiness, "Goodnight Daddy…"

"G'night sweetheart…"

Several hours later, Mikasa woke up to the sight of her daughter drooling onto her chest while her tiny legs kicked into her father's stomach and couldn't help but smiled confusedly.


Eren watched as his wife scowled at Annie, who glared right back at her.

"She eats dinner at seven and is in bed by eight," Mikasa said roughly.

"I've raised three kids already. I know how it's done," Annie replied, equally as cold.

"You raised three boys. She is a girl."

"I could tell."

Eren could see Mikasa's fists shaking and hooked his arm in hers before calling out, "We're heading out Armin! We'll pick her up tomorrow morning! See you all later!"

"Bye bye!" Karlee called from the upstairs, "Wait Axel!" she cried, "I said I was going to be blue ranger!"

"Bye!" Armin called out from his parlor, "Have fun you two!"

"Fun?" Mikasa asked, "What is he t-mmph!" Eren had his hand pressed over her mouth as he dragged his wife outside the Arlelt residence. Outside she shoved him off and quickly walked over to their car.

A few minutes later, they both were driving home and Mikasa glowered out the window, blatantly ignoring her husband.

Eren gulped, "Are you gonna be mad at me for the rest of the day?"

"Why did you insist on having Karlee sleep over at Armin's?" Mikasa asked, ignoring his question.

"I have my reasons…But why are you even mad? Aren't you the one who's always telling me not to hover over her?"

Mikasa clicked her tongue, "I don't like the idea of Annie watching her…"

Eren rolled his eyes and turned his eyes back to the road, "Armin and I keep telling you guys to get over…whatever the heck it is you both have."

"I still don't see why you gave our daughter away."

"Oi," Eren growled, "I didn't fucking giving anything away. Armin. Is. Watching. Her. Only. For. One. Goddamn. Day," he bit out.

"Whatever…" Mikasa muttered.

Eren sighed and gave up. He figured that it'd be best to just let her in on his surprise because at this rate, there'd be no way he'd get her out of the house.

"Happy anniversary," he said.

Mikasa froze for a second, before sighing, "Happy anniversary to you too Eren…"

"What, did you forget?"

"Of course not."

"Then why did it take you all day to say it to me?"

"Because by the time I got out of bed this morning, you had our daughter's bags packed and demanded that she sleep at Armin's house tonight."

"And what reason would I have for getting our daughter out of the house on the night of our anniversary?"


A few embarrassed seconds passed before she smiled thoughtfully and said, "Oh…thank you."


Later that night, Eren pressed his tongue into Mikasa's mouth as his hand ran under her dress and up her thigh.

She nearly broke his belt buckle off before whispering out, "I thought-"a gasp "we were just going to have dinner." Eren pulled down her zipper and bit her lip to shut her up and she wriggled her hand into his boxers.

And at that moment, they both gave a silent thanks to their pal Armin.


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