The black wolf paced back and forth angrily, his claws sunk into the soil of the soft earth and he growled. The moon made his fur gleam showing the muscularity of the wolf. His yellow eyes glinted with anger and his sharp white teeth were bared in annoyance. His ears perked once he heard the howl of another wolf, his eyes gleamed with anticipation and he howled back loudly. The air was thick and cold rejuvenating the wolf, he bounded off into the night, the forest flew by him in a blur as he sped up. Excitement coursed through him at the prospect of getting a reward for this, he easily darted in-between trees and gracefully leaped over bushes and shrubs. His run slowed to a trot when he saw chocolate, red fur and a she wolf creep out of the woods. Her silver eyes glanced around warily and she held a pup in her mouth seeing as it was her only transportation for the young pup. The pup had black fur and red paws, he had a white splotch on his chest and yellow eyes with flecks of silver. She set him down and the pup frowned before glancing at the yellow eyed wolf warily.

"Ma who's this?" The pup asked, he went up to his mom's shins showing he had only been alive for a couple weeks or so. A tremor ran through the pup and he morphed into a human, he looked to be around five years old and he narrowed his eyes at the yellow eyed wolf.

"Perseus this is your father, Lycaon, you'll be staying with him for a while." She murmured, she would never talk down to her son for she wanted him to be strong, if she constantly doted on him he would grow to be weak which is unacceptable.

Lycaon looked down at his son,"Perseus, a fitting name. You will join me and my pack, here is what I expect from you, you will be strong for any sign of weakness you shall be punished. You will fight for the pack and the pack only, you will be the perfect warrior and show no mercy. You won't reveal that your mother is Lupa, am I clear?" The king of werewolves asked, Perseus nodded and stood up tall. His mother had taught him that fear and mercy was weakness. Lupa looked at her son sadly, she would of kept him but Lycaon had threatens to tell the gods of her weakness, this was never supposed to happen. The five year old had black hair and his yellow eyes had the look of a predator, his abnormally large canines gleamed as he smiled at his father who continued to look down at him emotionlessly.

"Come, you won't be babied by your mother any longer. You will run with me and you will keep up. Goodbye Lupa, and thank you for your cooperation." The wolf grinned wickedly and Lupa bared her teeth at him and snarled. She hardly found being ambushed and taken advantaged of cooperating, she knew Lycaon only did it to get powerful child out of it.

"Leave now! And don't think I won't kill you for this later." She growled and Lycaon smirked wolfishly.

"I wouldn't dream of it dearest." He mocked, Perseus morphed into his pup form and wondered what happened between his two parents. He turned to his mother and she nuzzled his head and he grinned wolfishly at her. He rubbed his head against her leg affectionately before turning to his father. His father sprinted out of sight while Perseus struggled to keep up, his short legs did him no favors. He continued to run even though he couldn't see his father anymore, he paused and sniffed the air, he could smell a large pack of wolves further ahead and he perked his ears once he heard howling. He ran further into the woods with his tongue lolled out to the side, he then saw a pack of giant wolves. His father stood tall and Percy lowered his head in submission as he walked towards him.

"This is my son Perseus and he will be joining the pack this evening." Lycaon announced causing murmurs between the wolf pack.

"So this is the little runt huh? Who's your mom pup?" One of the wolves asked, he was as large as his father and had a silver pelt. Percy felt fear but pushed it aside, fear was for the weak. The pup could tell by the way wolf stood that he held a high position in the pack.

He put his head up and stared the wolf dead in the eye,"My name is Perseus, my mother is not important." He said and the wolf smiled at his boldness, he would make a good addition to the pack.

"I like you pup, my names Caesar I'm your father's beta. Welcome to the pack." Perseus wagged his tail and was happy one of the wolves liked him especially the beta which was the second in command.

"Caesar! You and I will be Perseus's mentor, Lycaon said he'll help as well." A she wolf called as she trotted towards them, she had pure white fur and blue eyes, she didn't have the serious look that Caesar did but more of a playful one. The wolves were beside a large cave, it was heavily covered with trees and shrubs making it seem almost hidden.

"Sup pup, I'm Snow the delta of the pack. I'm gonna call you Percy since it's much shorter. I say we start your training now!" She enthused and put her paws out in front of her and stuck her butt up in the air. Percy cocked his head to the side, he didn't understand what she was doing for no one in his mother's pack ever done such a thing, they were all so serious.

Snow stopped and tilted her head in confusion,"Don't be shy pup, yes we are a serious but we love to play and wrestle. It helps us with our strengths and weaknesses, if we know a pack member's weakness we can help them in battle. Now come on pup, attack me." She said excitedly and got back into her playful position, Percy charged at her, at the last second she leaped over him making him yelp with glee. He turned around and rushed at her again only for her to move to the side and cuff him lightly on the ear, he stumbled from the light blow before he assessed her warily and remembered a trick his mother had taught him. He printed full speed at her and saw her muscles tense, he fake lunged and she rolled to the right, in mid roll Percy jumped on her landing on her stomach. Snow grunted and accidentally rolled over Percy who yelped at the weight of the large she wolf.

Caesar rolled his eyes,"And this is why I'm beta, I don't try to kill Lycaon's pup." The silver wolf snorted and Snow looked worriedly at the flattened pup who felt sore. He groggily stood on his paws and shook his whole body out trying to get the dirt off. A tremor ran through his body and he was a human, he streched his muscles and glared at the white wolf who was snickering.

"Nice job Percy, very smart for a pup. Maybe next time we play I won't flatten you." She teased before she let out a laugh. Percy started laughing as well, he was glad his father's pack was more relaxed then his mother's pack. Lycaon eyed his son and stalked onto the high rock, from his position he was able to look down at his pack so it was easier for him to get all of their attention.

"Now my son Perseus will get the mark, all of you have gotten the mark but this will be the first time a pup or boy shall get one. You all have it on different places and it proves your strength, if my son can endure the pain of the mark he shall be known as the prince of werewolves. If he fails and makes a noise out of weakness he shall be an outcast, prepare yourself Perseus." Lycaon said coldly and leaped off of the high rock, all the wolves circled the two and Lycaon morphed into his human form. He was tall and lean, he had black hair and yellow eyes, his teeth were unnaturally sharp like Percy's and he unsheathed a silver knife. The boy gasped, his mother had told him about silver and that it was the most painful thing he could ever experience since he was a werewolf. He felt his heart beat quicken with fear and noticed the disgust on his father's face.

Lycaon leaned close to his son and pressed the silver knife on his eyebrow before letting out a cold laugh,"Fear won't be tolerated Perseus, I can smell the stench all over you for you reek of it. Fear is for the weak, you will prove your strength by not mustering a sound understand? You were not born to be an outcast but a leader, a strong wolf that destroys weak beings such as demigods or humans or animals. None of them can endure pain like you will be able to, like you will have to." He growled and Percy steeled himself before the blade tore open his flesh, he felt a burning sensation and clamped his mouth shut. He wanted to scream in agony as the silver blade ran down his face and past his eye, the pain was excruciating. He looked his father in the eyes and realized he wanted to make him proud, he wanted his father to like him. He was five years old and his father felt nothing for him, he didn't need to be a genius to figure that out, the way his eyes would stare at him in disdain was enough for him. Just because he was a little kid didn't mean he couldn't tell if someone didn't like him, he could smell emotions easily and could smell that his father didn't really like him, yet. The blade continued it's path to his cheek and it felt as though he was on fire, he could feel blood leak out of the wound and sucked in a breath but not a sound came out. Finally the blade stopped once it reached the corner of his mouth, he hadn't made a sound as the burning sensation spread across his entire face.

His father smiled at him,"We have our newest pack member, Perseus prince of the werewolves!" He bellowed as he held the bloody knife in his hands, he tossed it aside and morphed back into his wolf form. He let out a loud howl into the brisk night air causing the other wolves to follow in suit, despite the agony Percy was in he smiled. He had done it, he had gained acceptance into the pack.

-Percy age twelve-

"Keep quiet Percy." Caesar whispered and the eager young wolf nodded. Percy crept closer to the large buck and licked his muzzle in anticipation, his heightened senses could hear the heart beat of the buck and he wore a wolfish grin. Usually wolves would hunt in packs, but when it came to giant werewolves with incredible speed and great strength hunting was easy. Percy bared his fangs and let out a low growl, the buck's head shot up and looked around, Percy wore a wolfish grin and stood tall letting the deer see him. The buck bleated in panic and began to run, Percy howled in glee and chased after it hungrily, the buck darted in-between trees and Percy easily followed. He got closer to his prey as the forest rushed past him in a blur, he leaped with claws extended and tackled the buck. It fell to the ground and thrashed around wildly before Percy bit it's neck hard making the buck go limp, he heard a hearty laugh and saw Caesar approach him with a wagging tail.

"Excellent work Perseus, I'm sure your father would be proud. First hunt and you caught a buck for dinner, excellent indeed." His mentor praised and Percy gave him a wolfish grin. Over a seven year period Percy was trained to be the perfect warrior, the perfect wolf. He was the fastest wolf in the pack and grew to be up to his father's shoulder, of course he wasn't finished growing but he was tall and strong. He had become one of the best fighters not only using his strength and speed but also his wits, he had remarkable reflexes like his father and loved each of his forms human or wolf.

"Thanks Caesar," the wolf replied before licking the blood off his muzzle,"do you know when I'm going to be able to do my first mission! Maybe we can take on the hunters! Or ambush some demigods!" He said excitedly and gave his mentor a wicked grin.

Caesar laughed,"Perseus the hunters are highly skilled and they have silver. The demigods will be easy but it's most likely Lupa and her pack will intervene." He said knowingly and Percy huffed in frustration.

"We're better then all of them! Dad fires arrows at me everyday in wolf and human form, silver arrows! They never touch me, and Lupa and her pack are weak anyway. Nothing but weak wolves as far as I'm concerned." He muttered, Lycaon had tampered with his memories so that the young wolf would always remain faithful to the pack and not to Lupa's.

Caesar chuckled,"Perseus, do not be blinded by arrogance. You are skilled but do not let ignorance cloud your better judgement, though it's a hard lesson to learn you need to be humble. There is a difference from knowing your skills and boasting your skills, a good warrior never boast of their feats or skills so they can keep their enemies in the dark. Lupa and her pack are strong, do not be foolish like your father and underestimate the goddess. Yes you can dodge and catch arrows, you have amazing reflexes but you have not been fired at with multiple arrows, the hunt is made out of numbers and they are cunning, they shoot arrows with such speed and accuracy that they are more of a danger then a nuisance." The wise wolf said and Percy's eyes widened, Caesar was right as usual, he was a young wolf and had a lot to learn.

His mentor looked down at the buck,"Leave it here, your father would probably enjoy this. Since you are part of the pack you must learn to take care of family before yourself. Yes only the strong survive and our pack is full of strong wolves, but it's a good lesson for you to always take care of family first." Caesar said seriously and morphed into his human form, he had silver hair and brown eyes, he was tall and muscular and luckily morphed with clothes on.

"Walk with me." He said simply and the young wolf morphed into his human form as well. He had black hair and yellow eyes, like all the other werewolves he was lean and fit, his abnormally sharp canines were noticeable anytime he smiled. He was good looking and had his hands jammed in his jean pockets, he walked with his mentor and could smell the serenity and peace Caesar was feeling. They walked for a while before Percy could hear the rush of air, he instinctively ducked. Caesar punched the air where Percy's head had been, Percy grabbed his arm and tried to punch him but his mentor had grabbed his fist in mid flight. Percy smirked and hooked his foot around Caesar's ankle before jerking it forward, Caesar was about to fall flat on his back but spun himself so he caught himself with his hands. Percy was swept off his feet but he turned the fall into a roll so he was on his feet once again, the two circled each other warily before Percy noticed Caesar's leg muscles tense. Caesar lunged at him and Percy had been expecting this, he ducked and while his mentor was in midair above him Percy rammed his fist into his stomach. This knocked the wind out of the older man and he fell to the ground, Percy was charging towards him but his mentor was on his feet again. Percy faked a lung at Caesar who rolled to the right, Percy then sprung onto his stomach as he rolled making the older man groan in pain from the weight and force Percy had put on him. Percy raised his fist and punched his mentor in the face making his head snap sideways, Percy was about to punch him again but he was shoved off with great strength. He flew and hit a tree, this sent a ringing through his body and he felt numb as the bark dug into his skin, the force had winded the young werewolf and he saw his mentor in the air poised to punch as hard as he could. Percy used the tree and launched himself at Caesar, the two clashed in midair making them both fall to the ground. Percy slammed onto the ground and before he could jump to his feet Caesar had a foot to his throat.

Percy bowed his head in submission as well as he could with a foot to his throat and Caesar laughed,"Fantastic Perseus, your getting better each time, almost got me that time. Then again I'm getting old." His mentor laughed and held his hand out to his pupil who pointedly ignored it and stood on his own before clasping his mentor's shoulder.

Percy chuckled,"Caes your not getting old, your immortal for Diana's sake." Caesar smiled fondly at Percy before they both began to walk back to the cave. Percy heard the notch of a bow and his eyes widened, he tackled Caesar to the ground right as the arrow was shot. It hit the ground near where Caesar's head would of been, his eyes widened and Percy picked it up to see it was silver.

"Dear gods." He breathed and they turned around to see ten girls circling them, they both stood up and eyed them warily as the hunters pointed silver arrows at them. One of them wore a tiara and looked to be about fourteen, she stepped towards them beside a twelve year old girl with silver eyes. The twelve year old had auburn hair and had her knives drawn while the girl in the tiara had black hair and black eyes. All the girls looked at them in disgust and Percy sighed, not only were they both werewolves but they were both males.

Caesar bowed with his head,"Lady Diana, a pleasure." He said and Percy didn't speak a word as he assessed all of the girls. Their emotions were disgust and hatred, not that he was surprised by such feelings since they hated men with a passion.

"Shut up boy. What are you two doing?" She asked suspiciously and Percy glared at her, why was she so rude when all his mentor did was show respect? Percy knew that Caesar had always respected the moon goddess and he couldn't fathom why, they couldn't say a word without them being deemed prejudice against women.

"Merely taking a walk, is that offensive to women? Two guys taking a walk?" Percy sneered and one of the hunters slammed the hilt of their daggers on his head, he growled and felt himself shaking slightly.

Caesar put a hand on his shoulder,"Be respectful Perseus." He murmured and Percy nodded grudgingly.

The girl in the tiara stalked forward,"Watch your tongue boy!" She hissed and held a knife to his throat, Percy felt no fear as he glared at the girl in defiance.

Sarcasm came naturally to the young werewolf and he sometimes couldn't help himself,"You got it princess." He spat and she glared murderously at him.

Diana stepped forward and waved the girl off,"What is wrong with your eyes boys? Who is your godly parent?" She asked with knives still drawn, the girl still hadn't stepped back and still held the silver blade to his throat.

He continued to glare into the tiara chicks eyes,"I'll start talking once miss princess backs up. I'm not screamish and weapons make me angry." He sneered and the "Princess" scowled before stepping back.

Caesar shot his pupil a warning glare but Percy looked at Diana curiously,"Well if you must know my father is...Hermes...I just have odd eyes." He lied easily and she frowned before looking at his mentor.

"And who's this?" She asked, her tone held a bit of superiority which made Percy bristle. He knew she thought she was better then every male out there but in reality she wasn't. Caesar glanced at Percy and the two came to an unspoken agreement.

"Lower your weapons completely and we'll talk. Besides what can two men do to ten highly skilled hunters? Unless your scared that we could over power you." Percy shrugged and Diana scowled along with the other hunters.

"We don't fear you males, you should fear us." The black haired girl spat and the girls cheered in approval before dropping their weapons, Percy fought to suppress a smirk, they had underestimated them and it would be their worst mistake.

He allowed a smile to tug on his lips,"Don't you girls know? I feel no fear, fear is for the weak." He laughed before his body shook violently, he burst into a black wolf as did his mentor and Percy instantly tackled the moon goddess, there were yells of anger and surprise. Diana struggled underneath his weight and he heard the twang of a bow. He jumped off the moon goddess and caught the arrow between his teeth before easily snapping it in half, multiple arrows were shot at him and his eyes widened.

He morphed back into a human for he knew it was easier to avoid the silver arrows,"Caesar run and get help!" Percy screamed at the silver wolf who had easily batted a huntress away, he looked at his pupil in horror before bounding away. Percy heard another arrow being shot and he caught it between his fingers, another one was shot and it was aimed at his chest making him spin away from it. He somersaulted over another arrow before he heard the crunch of a leaf from behind him, he spun around to see the moon goddess with a silver knife in her hand. He felt fearless as he charged at her, suddenly he was struck in the back. The excruciating pain began to eat away at him and he turned to see the black haired girl walking towards him with her bow drawn, he hated princesses, he hated girls. He fell unconscious as another silver arrow was shot at his chest, it was official, destroy the hunt was on his bucket list.

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