A fist smashed into Percy's face and he flew back, blood poured out of his nose as he slammed into a tree. He let out a grunt of pain as he slowly slid down the rough bark, it dug into his back and he dropped to the ground. He didn't make a noise but groggily stood to his feet. His back felt rubbed raw because of the jagged bark and his nose felt like it was on fire.

His father stalked towards him with a fist raised,"What do you mean you won't tell me the hunt's current location." He snarled and Percy gave his father a look of resignation. Caesar would never of treated him this way, he clenched his jaw and yellow met yellow as the two looked at each other with barely controlled rage.

He held his bloody nose but still stood tall,"Father, do you know how bad this would look? The hunt doesn't even trust me yet, if we strike now it would go badly. What if they were to escape? Lupa's pack is close to them, sliver plus enemy wolf pack equals bad combination. You have to have patience, you can't just rush into something like this." Percy snapped, he was surprised by his own hostility, he was usually very obedient to his father, like a robot yet here he was telling him off. Lycaon snarled and grabbed Percy by his throat and hauled him above the ground, Percy gasped as he felt his father slowly begin to crush his windpipe. He clawed at his father's hands in an attempt to free himself but to no avail, he began to panic as black dots danced across his vision.

Lycaon slowly leaned close to Percy's ear,"Watch your tone with me boy. Gain the hunts' trust and then find a way to get rid of their silver, then we'll take them down along with Lupa." He hissed and Percy wheezed out a yes before Lycaon dropped him to the ground, Percy inhaled as much oxygen as he could while glancing up at his livid father warily.

Lycaon wore his cruelest sneer as his claws extended,"Get up, stop being weak." He snarled before raking his claws down Percy's chest, he fought back a whimper as blood began to ooze out of his wounds. The wounds were so deep.

He was a robot.

He slowly stood to his feet and gave him a slight bow,"Yes father." He said it as loudly as he could but the black dots were starting to return to his vision, his loss of blood was taking a large toll on him.

Lycaon nodded with the sneer still etched on his face,"Get out of my sight, you have to avenge Caesar don't you?" Is was more of a statement then a question, Percy slightly perked, for Caesar.

Lycaon gave him a forced smile,"Now Perseus, there appears to be a mix up on what age you'll stop aging. Once you are eighteen you'll stop. Later today you will have two visitors, fellow traitors. Now leave." He growled, Percy gave him another bow before turning to run. He began to feel dizzy from the blood loss and he hissed once a breeze blew on his wounds. He clumsily ran through the woods and scooped up a snowball, he held it to his chest to try to prevent anymore blood to fall. The pure, white snow soon became tainted with blood, his breathing became ragged as he pushed himself to run faster. The dots became larger and he winced.

Caesar sat next to the eleven year old who was idly playing with scoops of snow,"Perseus, we are like snow. This is accurately true." He mused quietly as he caught a dainty snowflake on his finger.

Percy scoffed before crushing the snow between his palms,"How so? The snow is weak and fragile but we're strong!" He boasted and puffed his chest proudly before he began to happily crush more snow between his hands.

Caesar extended his claws and slowly dragged a single nail down his arm, blood slowly trickled off his arm and onto the once white snow. Percy watched with slight fascination as the snow around it began to turn red as well.

Caesar chuckled,"We are like snow, everyone starts out pure, innocent, and clean. Only to be tainted by this deceitful world we live in. Only to be soiled by hatred, bitterness, and temptation. We are so easily fooled, so easily deceived by what the world promises us, by what the gods or our leaders promise us. We are weak, mentally, it doesn't matter how physically strong you are. We are crushed," As he said this he crushed snow in between his hands,"And destroyed because we are foolish enough to be led by wrong leaders or by wrong beings. Influence is like smoking, once someone introduces you to it it's hard to stop. Influence causes you to do crazy things, it...taints you. The world uses influence and taints you." He murmured and Percy looked at his mentor in awe, he wasn't sure how but Caesar had to be the smartest person he's ever met.

"Percy!" He heard the sound of a muffled voice, it was a girl, she sounded so...worried. His eyesight was blurry and the world began to spin, he saw a flash of auburn hair and silver.

"Phoebe get him some ambrosia and nectar, I'll summon Apollo." The voice said in a hushed whisper.

Percy fell and looked up at the sky,"Don't...Apollo is...a freak." He rasped, he had never liked Apollo and didn't want sunshine to touch him. He laid on his back and saw a brunette crouching over him. He was beginning to get dizzy and he groaned once he felt a cold liquid poor onto his wounds. He suddenly saw Caesar, he was standing in his human form right behind Phoebe.

"Am I dying?" He croaked out, Caesar slowly bent down next to him.

His mentor gave him a small smile,"Hades allowed me to visit you. Stop nearly dying Perseus. I don't know what your intentions were with the snow escapade but enough. I must go now, I love you Percy, be strong." Caesar gave him a light kiss on the forehead before vanishing.

Tears stung Percy's eyes,"Wait." He whispered before losing consciousness.

Artemis leaned over the werewolf nervously and gritted her teeth, she couldn't let her valuable asset die. His eyes were closed and his breathing had slowed, he wore a small smile and Apollo began to heal him.

"He looks so peaceful." Phoebe whispered, large white scratch marks decorated his chest and his clothes were torn, he had dried blood on his shirt.

"The-" Apollo abruptly stopped when Percy's yellow eyes snapped open, his pupils dilated and he was instantly on his feet, he kicked Apollo where the sun don't shine before ramming his elbow into the back if his head. Apollo fell face first into the ground and Percy snarled savagely before he saw Artemis, her collected silver eyes held a look of calmness as she gave him a firm look. He looked around wildly to see Artemis and Phoebe eyeing him warily yet calmly, Apollo laid on he ground moaning and he laughed. Apollo glanced up at him with hatred before vanishing, a small smile appeared on the moon goddess's lips, it was a nice kick.

Artemis raised an eyebrow,"Why did you come back to camp all torn up?" She tried to sound calm but she was in the brink of hysterics, whatever could do that to Percy was probably a big threat. She's never seen such a strong being so beat down.

He smirked,"Worried about me moonbeam? If you must know," His expression turned grim,"I didn't tell dad where you guys were located at. He got mad and-" He trailed off before slowly brushing his fingers over his scarred chest.

Artemis furrowed her eyebrows,"You would do that for us? Take all that pain for some girls who don't even like you?" Phoebe awkwardly shuffled her feet in the snow, she felt like she was interrupting an intimate moment though she knew Artemis would never be intimate with a boy. Caesar had come to see him, how could he possibly be upset when Caesar had said he loved him. The first person to ever say such a thing and mean it.

Percy cracked a grin,"Sure you girls are complete and total witches but...you've grown on me. Especially you Arty." He chuckled once her eyes hardened.

"Stop calling me that!" She snarled and he smirked.

He knew he was pushing his luck but he felt elated after seeing Caesar,"Whatever you say Arty." He gave her a peck on the cheek before running away while laughing loudly.

She gasped in rage and Phoebe's mouth fell open,"Does he have a death wish?" The moon goddess roared, Percy heard this and laughed even harder. Admittedly he distracted her, he wasn't good with emotions and telling her thanks would just feel way to awkward for him. He couldn't forget the worry she held in her voice, it sounded so genuine. He kept running and luckily didn't hear any pursuer, he slowed and smelt something...dangerous. Suddenly a man in ratty jeans, a red bandana, and a t-shirt appeared. He had fiery red eyes and wore a smirk. Next to him was a man with jeans, a t-shirt and a leather jacket, his face was covered in scars, he too had red eyes and they looked to be related.

Percy snorted,"This is rich, I think I saw a diner not far from here. Why don't you two go over there with your motorcycle gang. You all can down shots while discussing how you got your scars. Lemme guess," He pointed at the man with several scars,"you asked a girl out and you were so ugly that she tried to kill you. No wait! You were running with scissors weren't you!" He accused,"You rebel!" He clapped sarcastically and the man with the bandana laughed.

The scarred man glared at the wolf menacingly,"Careful punk! I'm Demios and this is my brother Phobos. Look, we hate the gods and we've heard about your...spying. We've seen you fight and we like you kid."

Phobos smirked,"Nice girlfriend you got, black haired chick. Daughter of Zeus right?" Percy chuckled before shaking his head, he knew what the two minor gods were capable of but he was naturally sarcastic. He did however, find it creepy that the two were watching him so much. He wasn't at all surprised that Thalia was a daughter of Zeus, she smelled like the ozone and fresh air. He liked her smell, he wondered how her scent could be so different compared to her half sister Artemis. The moon goddess smelled like the forest, she faintly smelled like pine trees and nature itself, pine was usually an overwhelming smell but it wasn't overbearing on Artemis. He preferred her smell to Thalia's, the forest was his home and Artemis's scent occasionally made him smile.

Demios snorted,"Shut up Phobos. Stand still kid, I give you my blessing of terror. May you use it on the little girls when the time is right." He touched Percy's forehead and red pulsed throughout him.

Phobos stepped up,"And I give you my blessing of fear, you can now see anyone's biggest fear. Manipulate them, scare the living Hades out of them." He laughed before blessing Percy. A million things rushed into Percy's mind and he clutched his head in agony and waited for the pain to subside. Once it did he blinked rapidly as he suddenly saw everyone's fears.

The son of Lupa frowned,"But...I barely know you guys. Why are you giving me your blessing?"

Demios shrugged,"The major gods think their sooooo powerful, we're here to knock them down a peg. Apparently us minor gods are not worthy enough to have our own cabins for our children at Camp Halfblood and Camp Jupiter. Our own father hates us." He spat and clenched his fist. Percy winced, he knew what it was like to have his father hate him, he nodded slowly.

"Alright, now how do I use these powers?" A wicked grin played on Percy's lips which the twins of Ares returned.

-Line Break-

It had been five hours before he got back to the hunter's camp.

Zoe jogged up to him wearing a big smile,"Thank you...is your chest better?" She asked hesitantly and he grinned showing his exposed chest. The white scar marks looked like they were fatal and Zoe grimaced.

"Why'd you do it for us?" She asked curiously, they both began walking back to the camp.

Percy shrugged and quickly thought of a lie,"Not all of you are bad. And I have a job don't I?"

Zoe looked pained,"You know I'm your friend right?"

He smiled,"Of course I do." He saw her biggest fear, losing her family, he'd make sure the hunt would pay for what they've done to him. Did he really want to watch Zoe, or Phoebe die? He was far to hesitant when it came to answering his own question. Yes, he wanted them all dead.

"Percy!" A voice called out, he turned to see Thalia running towards him, he grinned and embraced her.

Zoe shuttered,"Ew." Percy laughed, his hot breath tickled Thalia's neck and she shivered.

He pulled back slightly and smirked,"Still cold Thals." Her face turned a light pink and she scowled at him before playfully smacking him on the chest.

"You wish." She snorted and he chuckled, he may like Thalia but not in a romantic way. He looked closely into her electric blue eyes, her fear, facing her alcoholic mother. He had assumed that it would be losing Luke.

"How do you feel about Luke? I'm simply curious." The moment he said that he heard a quiet crunch of snow, he paused and sniffed the air, speak of the devil.

Thalia shrugged,"He's nice and all but a bit over protective. He's like a brother to me...well sort of, we met like two months ago."

Luke gritted his teeth,"I'm only trying to help you Thalia, yet you barely trust me?" The daughter of Zeus turned to him with a defiant gleam in her bright eyes.

"You know it's hard for me to trust people, it's been two months and you act as if you own me." She snorted in disgust and Luke bristled.

The son of Hermes pointed at Percy,"Well it appears you trust the mutt pretty well." He spat and his face twisted into a look of disgust.

Percy rolled his eyes,"I'm going to bite off your ugly finger Luke. And honestly you shouldn't try to push Thalia to trust you, trust is something you earn, something you gain. You can't force it." He said as calmly as possible.

Zoe nodded,"Insolent boy, leave before you make my ears bleed with your constant complaining."

Percy grinned mischievously,"Ya boy, hit puberty first, your shrill voice is making it hard to contain my wolf form." Zoe snickered and Thalia continued to glare at Luke who was livid.

"Shut up! All of you! You're all God lovers, your precious maiden is the queen of b-" He didn't finish his sentence before Percy swiftly grabbed his throat.

Percy growled maliciously,"Listen boy, don't speak of her that way. That's my job." He saw his fear, encountering Hermes and his mother May. Luke's eye widened as Percy's eyes pulsed with a powerful red color. Suddenly he was in his house with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches strewn around the room.

He saw May and Hermes looking at him with disappointment,"I left you because I didn't want you, your selfish. I hate you." Hermes spat, Luke fell to his knees and clutched his head, how was this happening?

Luke looked up,"No! Dad I'll be good I promise!" He begged, tears cascaded down his cheeks and his bright blue eyes filled with fear.

May snorted,"You left me all alone, look at these sandwiches I made you. You never loved me did you Luke?" She asked sorrowfully, Hermes wrapped a reassuring arm around her shoulders.

Luke shook his head,"Mom no! I do love you!" But they both vanished, leaving the son of Hermes alone, surrounded by nothing but peanut butter and jelly. They didn't love him, suddenly he saw Thalia being tortured by a man with a scythe, Luke was in shackles and screamed as the blade broke flesh again and again. Thalia kept crying out for help but he couldn't move.

Percy watched in sick fascination as Luke screamed and thrashed violently, Percy still had him hoisted in the air by his throat, he dropped Luke and smirked as he withered in agony.

Zoe slowly walked up to him,"What's going on?"

Percy smirked,"No one talks about Artemis." He said simply and froze, since when did he care? He didn't, he assured himself, it's all just an act.

Thalia winced,"Percy what are you doing." She asked fearfully as she slowly approached the screaming Luke. Percy jerked out of his concentration and Luke stilled.

Percy leaned down and grabbed Luke by his shirt and whispered savagely,"You will respect Artemis. Next time I won't let you out of that nightmare." Luke was shaking violently and was as pale as the snow, his blue eyes were dull and the fear came off him in waves.

He released him and turned to Zoe,"Blessing curtsy of Phobos and Demios."

Zoe's eyes widened,"Percy be careful, those gods are very dangerous. They hate major gods." She said worriedly.

Percy rolled his eyes,"I don't need a lecture from you alright? I know what I'm doing." With that he turned on his heel and walked away, leaving a befuddled Thalia, a fearful Luke, and a slightly miffed Zoe.

"You never told me Lycaon's current location, is he planning anything?" Artemis asked, they were sitting in her tent and Percy had the audacity to casually throw his feet in her lap.

She roughly shoved his feet off her and he nearly fell off the bed,"Pig." She snorted and he glared menacingly at her before a coy smile played on his lips.

"You want info on Lycaon and I want to rest my feet, hmmm..." He trailed off and she glared at him defiantly, she wanted information but she sure as Hades wasn't letting Percy use her as a foot stool.

She frowned,"I won't allow you to throw your disgusting feet on my lap. Give me the information NOW." She snapped, he was about to make a sly remark but she quickly slipped out a silver dagger and held it to his throat. He gulped and nodded slowly, her eyes flashed dangerously and her hand was clutching the dagger so hard that her knuckles were white.

Despite the situation he chuckled,"Sorry Arty, no action for a bit. Lycaon isn't planning anything I know of, swear to the styx." Thunder rumbled overhead and Artemis scowled.

She sheathed her dagger,"Stop calling me Arty!" She growled, his lips quirked into a small smile. She would of made an excellent werewolf, her fierceness was unmatched along with her stubbornness...well he probably matched her thick headedness. There was a roar and they both jumped, monsters.

Percy winked at Artemis,"Come on Arty, you know you like your nickname. Lets go get some monsters!" He said excited, the murderous glint in his yellow eyes had returned and it unnoticeably caused Artemis to shiver.

She unsheathed her dagger before shooting him a heated glare,"Hate the nickname, and don't think I won't forget about that kiss you gave me." She snarled, she would never admit that she found the nickname slightly endearing, she thought it showed he could care for her as a friend. He shot her one more smile, not a smirk, a smile. His fanged teeth were brilliantly white, his yellow eyes were filled with mirth, she didn't notice he had dimples. He ran a hand through his black unruly hair before racing out of the tent with Artemis right behind him. Hellhounds surrounded the camp, the hunt was in a defensive formation and had their silver bows drawn, Thalia had a spear that cackled with electricity. Percy let out a wild snarl before a giant black wolf replaced him, he charged at a hellhound and tackled it. He savagely ripped out it's throat before turning to the pack, silver arrows flew through the air and impaled themselves. Artemis charged forward and stabbed a hound in the eye, Thalia smacked another with the butt of her spear before blasting them with a giant shock of electricity. Percy roared and raked his claws down a hound's back, it yelped and disintegrated into dust. He looked around and saw a hellhound creeping up on a hunter, Ashely. Probably one of the worst hunter he's ever met, but if he wanted to gain their trust he would have to save them. He charged forward and leaped in the air tackling the hellhound in mid-flight, it growled but Percy had quickly ripped out it's throat. He heard a sharp howl and saw Jackie charge at a hellhound, Percy froze.

"Jackie stop!" He screamed, he was instantly a human, he was covered in monster dust. He raced towards her, a hellhound was after her as well. Percy dove and scooped up the pup in his arms, he cried out as he felt the hellhound sink it's claws into his back. Instead of feeling teeth the hellhound was suddenly dust, despite the pain he glanced up to see Artemis with a knife in her hand.

He ignored the burning sensation in his back and stumbled to his feet,"Jackie get out of here. I can't lose you." He growled fiercely before tossing her into a large snow pile, he loved the pup and wouldn't let her hurt herself. He stood tall and gave the moon goddess a curt nod, he looked around to see one hellhound left, it looked around with fear and had it's tail between it's legs.

Percy slowly walked up to the hound,"BOO!" He screamed, it yelped and ran away frantically. He chuckled before assessing the damage, only a few injured hunters.

Jackie popped her head out of the snow and shook it,"Sorry Percy." She whispered, he looked at her sadly before crouching down next to her.

He smiled at her softly,"It's okay, that was awfully brave of you. Be careful though, you may have courage but get a little bigger before you rush into battle like that." The pup nodded and he picked her up, he walked to the moon goddess who was helping her hunters, he set Jackie down and looked at his hands awkwardly. He wasn't good at thanking people, except Caesar.

He cleared his throat and Artemis turned to him,"Erm...I wanted to say thanks. You saved me twice today and...well thanks." He grumbled and she gave him a small smile before turning back to her hunters.

"Dude watching you turn into a wolf is cool." Thalia breathed and Percy smiled weakly before he went by the fire. The flames licked the fire wood, they mesmerized Percy. Jackie snuggled into his lap and he smiled down at her before he began to pet her plush fur.

Ashely slowly approached him and cocked an eyebrow,"Uh...thanks." She muttered, Percy didn't smile but gave her a small nod of acknowledgment.

Zoe smiled and sat by him,"Not bad mutt."

He smirked,"Dido princess." The hunt had begun to whisper about him, as if he couldn't hear them. They spoke in hushed whispers about how he helped them all survive the large hellhound attack. Thalia, Zoe, and Percy sat in silence as the hunt continued to talk. Percy hated moments of silence, it was when he would start to think about Caesar and all the things they've done together. In such situations like this he would gladly trade shoes with someone else, let someone feel his pain and go inside someone else's mind just to escape his own. He felt this constant burden on his shoulders, he remembered the disgust his father wore when he confronted him. He could never forget it. His blows almost hurt as much as his mental wounds that his father inflicted with his sharp words. He brushed the monster dust off him, silence. Silence. Silence. It wouldn't leave, he wanted to avoid all conversation, he wanted to avoid his wallowing in self pity. Why was he working for the father that hated him? He'll love me, he will, he told himself. But a voice was nagging at the back of his mind, doubt. His mind had a private world that he so fondly wanted to escape to in reality.

"Percy...I have another assignment for you."

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