Disclaimer: Free! belongs to Kyoto Animation and the novel it was based on, 'High Speed' was written by Kouji Ouji. This is just fan work.

Inspired by the end of episode 6 ^^ Hope you enjoy it...


It's Just a Reminder

"Geez, how long do these guys plan to keep on sleeping." Gou whined.

"Ah, that's right. Soon it will be lunch time. I'll go back to the lodge to start preparing food. The boys will probably be hungry when they wake up." Amakata-sensei gracefully got up from her pale blue and white striped beach chair and opened up her dainty umbrella before sauntering off to the direction of their hotel.

"Ah, I'll help you, sensei." Kou grabbed her orange leather bag and her camera. Just then, an idea crossed her mind. Giggling, she told their club advisor "Please go on ahead, I just have something to do. I'll be right there."

With a mischievous gleam in her eyes, she skittered to where he boys were blissfully, obliviously asleep.


The bathroom door opened with a rattle before a red-haired boy stepped out, towel wrapped around his waist. He had just finished taking a shower after his morning run and was getting ready for team practice. After changing into his swimming trunks and wearing his swim team's jersey over it, he used the same towel to dry his hair. As he was rubbing his dripping crimson hair dry, the cellphone on top of his bedside table rang.

"Hm?" With a slight frown, he lazily grabbed the device. The name and number showing on the screen was that of his younger sister's. Upon opening her message, his ruby eyes went wide.

It was a picture of four boys sleeping on the seashore.

Seeing their unguarded expressions, he snorted. "Idiots"

After quickly looking around even though Nitori wasn't in their hotel room so nobody else was there, he tapped on the 'Edit' button and cropped the picture, leaving only Haruka's peaceful, slumbering face. He then saved it and finally set the picture as his wallpaper.

Huffing, he said out loud as if trying to explain. "It's just a reminder. So I will never forget the face of the guy I need to beat."

Yes, that was a perfectly logical explanation, Rin tried to convince himself as he ignored the creeping warmth in his cheeks.