Author: babydoll619
Title: A Taste of Pandora
Fandom: Post TFATF
Pairing: Leon/OFC
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the franchise, I'm simply borrowing characters for our enjoyment.
Summary: Leon gets to meet his dream girl but will he take a chance to ask her out?
Archive: Just Ask before you do.
Feedback: Always looking forward to it.

Author's Note: This version, the movie happened but all the characters remained alive and together. There were charges against Dom and team but not enough evidence could have taken them to prison since the cops got there too late. Also, the team have been together minus Brian since they were in grade school. ;)

It was the feel of the sun hitting his face that made him open his eyes. Upon opening them, he looked out to the beautiful sight of the sun starting to set beyond the trees. Off in the distance he watched the wind blow through the branches, making it look like the trees were gently waving at him. Briefly getting hit by the gentle cool breeze, his ears caught the sound of a giggle. Turning his head over to the sound, he spotted the fragile frame of a caramel skinned woman with long dark wavy hair. She smiled at him before she turned and ran for the sunset.

Entering the tall garden maze, he couldn't help but go after her. He just had to get his hands on her. Within the first few steps, he looked up to see the sky still filled with light. Hearing the woman's giggle, he looked down the long path and saw her backside as she turned the first corner. He chuckled for some reason and began chasing her. He was a pretty good runner but each time he got close, she turned another corner. He must've been chasing her for a good time because the moment he turned what must have been the hundredth corner, he lost track of her. In a long passage way, he came to a part of the maze that he could only turn left or right. Standing in the middle, he debated which path to take. Closing his eyes, he waited long enough to feel the wind blowing on his right. He had the feeling of letting the wind push him to take the left. Going with the wind, he came around the last path that led to the middle of the maze.

Looking around, he took in the scene of small trimmed bushes shaped into hearts. His eyes followed the small gravel paths leading to a small fountain surrounded by tulips. Sitting on the stone bench, his eyes settled on the beauty of his chase. She bathed in the bit of light left of the day in a long flowing skirt, a black thin strap tank accompanied by a silver waist belt, silver bracelets and a silver chain necklace. Her bare feet peaked under her skirt as she let the gravel touch her smooth skin.

Walking over to her, he sat down next to her and watched her stay still. As if looking like a statue, he reached up and caressed her cheek. Triggered by his touch, she moved her face towards him. A smile appeared on her face before she opened her eyes. In the mist of things, her crystal blue eyes met his green ones. Her dark warm skin compared to his light cool touch, electrified his inner core.

Her smile grew bigger as she let him continue to touch her. When her own hand reached up, she felt the smooth skin of his cheek before she closed her eyes and took in his image. He watched her and knew she was special. He never saw those bright eyes on her type of skin tone. It was breath-taking and yet he wanted to see them again. Drifting his eyes to her lips, he got the urge to taste them. He felt like it was the last thing he wanted before it all went away.

Far off in the horizon, the sun made its last shine before it finally fell behind the trees, leaving a darkening sky for the two in the middle of the garden. As his lips finally touched hers, his body gently trembled until it finally shook his whole body. The garden around them darkened until black, and bit by bit everything disappeared.

When he finally opened his eyes, the garden was no longer there. He found himself staring up at the ceiling fan turning with the slight humming noise it made. Sighing, he wished to get back to sleep but as he turned over in his bed, he was thrown off, when the pounding at his door scared him.

"Come on Leon. Time to get back to the garage!" He heard Letty's voice shout out as he heard her walk away from his bedroom door.

Another sigh escaped him as he threw his legs over his bed and sat up. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Leon sat there for a second before getting up. Before he left his room, he made a quick look in the mirror. Checking his hair out, his thoughts went to his dream. He remembered every detail and that's saying something because he hardly dreamed and when he did, it was bits and pieces. Hearing the revving of the car, he shook his head and hurried out to get back to work.

Later that day, while Dom and Letty were talking about their plans for the night, Leon was tucked under the car he was working on. He was quiet for most of the time that when it came to customers, Letty and Dom were handling them all of them.

About an hour before closing, in walked a dark-skinned woman. She was normally short in the black wedges she was wearing, she added about two inches to her height. She went over to the counter and smiled when Dom walked over. "May I help you?" His deep tone didn't surprise the women. She thought it fit him well.

Grinning, she nodded as she stood at the counter, looking at him confidently. "Yeah, I came for a pick up. The Black Skyline. Under the name of Ryder." Her soft tone compared to his, made her look fragile but she was far from it.

Dom looked at her and thought she was beautiful. Her dark brown wavy hair settled around her shoulders. Her figure beautifully shaped under her faded blue tight jeans, a white wife-beater, and a black blazer with a silver chain necklace that rested over slightly big bust.

Quickly bringing his thoughts back to the present and before Letty caught him checking the woman out, Dom smirked and nodded. "Oh yeah. Come with me." He gestured her to come around the counter as he grabbed the clipboard.

She followed him and noticed his dark jeans and grease stained wife-beater. Glancing away, she saw Letty looking at her. Feeling of being watched made her uncomfortable but it was quickly pushed aside when they stopped by a white Honda Civic. "Leon, you done with the skyline?" Dom asked as he crouched down to hear his reply.

Leon crawled out from under the car and looked up at Dom before his eyes came across the woman. It was her, he thought. Completely bewildered, Leon observed every detail of her physique. She had the height, the skin tone, and the hair. Even the smile but when his eyes met hers, Leon blinked. Instead of the blue, they were a dark brown. "Leon," He heard Dom's voice.

Blinking rapidly, he turned to look at his friend. "Umm...yeah it's done Dom." He looked back to the woman and saw her plain as day. A sad feeling came over him as he realized that after all, it wasn't the woman of his dream. He cleared his through as he stood up to his full height. "I'll..."

Dom saw him check out the woman and smirked. It had been awhile since he caught his friends be completely stunned by a chick. Hiding his enjoyment, he nodded towards his office. "Get the keys." When Leon slowly left, Dom looked at the woman and smirked. "Sorry about him."

The short woman nodded and smirked. "It's fine." Shortly, Leon returned and handed the keys directly to her. "Thank you," she looked at him before Dom stepped closer.

"Just have to sign this and let Ryder know. We fixed up the problem and did the tire alignment." Dom handed her the clipboard and a pen. She nodded as she took it willingly and signed it.

Leon watched her signed and added, "Yeah, I also fixed the air conditioning, so it blows out clean and faster."

She looked up at him and grinned. Seeing his green eyes and dark hair, she thought it made him look even more handsome than he already was. She caught a glimpse of his work outfit that consisted of jeans, a out-worn basketball jersey and black work boots. She admired his style but figured he didn't care much about his clothes because he was covered in grease. "Thanks, I'll let him know." She blinked and turned her head. Looking back to Dom, she handed over the clipboard and then shook his hand. "Thanks again. You guys have a good day." She then walked the way, Dom showed her where the car would be.

When the woman was gone and far from hearing, Dom looked at Leon. He chuckled as Leon continued to watch her. "Could you drool anymore, Leon?"

Leon heard him and blinked a couple of times before he cleared his throat. "Nah. She just looked so familiar."

Arching an eyebrow, Dom looked at him confused. "Never seen her before. Are you sure?"

Leon sighed and shook his head. "I could be just tripping something, Dom."

Dom nodded and decided to drop the matter. He patted Leon's shoulder and then said, "Well whatever it is, get over it. We need to close up shop soon." He walked away to place the papers in order.

Outside, the woman got in the car and then reached into her purse. She dialed her friend's phone and sat in the driver's seat as she waited for him to answer. Once he picked up, her eye began to bug her. "Hey, I got your car." She blinked a few times before her eyes began to water. "Shit." She closed them and searched for her eye drops.

"Thanks, sweets. What's wrong?" the male friend asked.

"Nothing, just these contacts are killing me." She grabbed her eye drops and the contact case. She needed to get them out before it got worse.

"Then take them off. You have been wearing them for a while now."

Putting the phone on speaker, she put it down while she took off her contacts. Behind those brown eyes, laid her crystal blue eyes. "Yeah I know, but I like them." She put in her drops and then looked into her compact mirror. Looking at herself, she felt the itch go away.

"Honestly, I think you look way better without them."

She giggled and shook her head as she put the phone back to her ear. "Yeah, but I just don't like perverts looking at me so much. With my brown eyes, they just stop staring." She replied; even though she still got men to look at her. Sometimes, she felt like they could see her natural eyes behind the contacts but she only wore them because she just wanted to fit into society. At least that's how she felt because her dark skin and blue eyes always were a crowd stopper.

"I never will understand you. But just get your butt over here so we could switch cars." He hung up before she could say a word. She tossed her phone to the passenger seat and closed up the contacts case before she settled in the car. Turning it on, she smirked as she felt the blast of cold air in the car before pulling out to drive.

To Be Continued