Chapter 19

A year later...

It had been almost a full year since their first date. Leon and Pandora had become inseparable from day one. On their second date, Leon and Pandora had gone dancing which ended up with Pandora patching up a small cut on his eyebrow. Leon had gotten in a fight because a man trying to force Pandora to dance with him. Pandora lectured Leon but in the end, she thanked him and they kissed. Electrifying, Pandora knew she would be addicted Leon's kisses. It didn't take long before Leon and Pandora would kiss every chance they got. There were moments when they were caught by the team in their passionate lip-lock but they didn't care the more and more they kissed.

Within months of dating, their relationship grew into something serious that Pandora's dad had grown to accept Leon being around. It was a great accomplishment for the couple because Pandora wanted her dad to bond with Leon. Leon had eventually been invited to eat with Tito's family, which he enjoyed because Ryder was there while Pandora was busy with Lily. However, after dinner, Leon and Pandora would disappear and had their private moments in his car. In the privacy of his car, Leon and Pandora would rub against each other as their lips locked. The more they pressed up against each other, the more their urge to get more intimate grew. But Pandora always had to stop, she didn't want their first time be in a car or so rushed. Leon understood that, he wanted them to be alone and it was getting to the point where they only had minutes to themselves before someone came by.

Months later, on the eve of their anniversary, Leon had taken Pandora to a museum and garden where they enjoyed their day together. Leon had held her close to him and tried to get them to make-out in dark corners but Pandora didn't want to get intimate at that moment. She wanted to see the exhibits, and be untouched. She was nearing her menstrual cycle and didn't want be treated like a piece of meat. Knowing that Leon never treated her that way, yet lately his hands were very touchy and she didn't feel sexy.

Knowing something was wrong, Leon tried to talk to her out by the garden. But she didn't want to hear him talk. Walking through the maze, she knew he was following, so she picked up her step. Arriving into the middle, she found the fountain and sat on the stone carved bench. Letting the light touch her face, she took a seat. Leon had saw her and remembered his dream. His feet moved towards her until he took a seat next to her.

Pandora realized how foolish she was acting but she needed him to know that she didn't feel attracting that very moment. Taking her hand in his, he explained to her that even on days that she wore her hair in a bun and wore loose clothing, he still found her beautiful. He even told her, that she could wear any of his shirts and he would still find her sexy. Blushing at his words, Pandora knew he was such a sweetheart. Moving her body towards him, she kissed him passionately and then apologized for her behavior.

Caressing her cheek, Leon enjoyed her tongue in his mouth. He was surprised though, when she irrupted their kiss and bit her lip. Looking into each other eyes, she blushed as she then whispered that she was ready. He put it together and gave her a quick kiss. Nodding, he told her they would have some privacy at the house, while the team was off to a race. Taking that opportunity, she smiled and quickly led them out of the maze. They held hands the whole way to the car and only broke apart when they got in and he drove.

It was nighttime by the time they got home from the museum. He pulled up to the Toretto household and saw the cars were still there. They made a beeline to his room, where he made sure he locked the door. The team had smirked as they finished dinner and then gotten ready for the races without Leon. It was strange not having them there, but they knew Leon was deeply in love with Pandora.

Around early morning, Pandora woke up and escaped from Leon's naked body. She quietly walked around his room and found his shirt. She slipped out of his room to go to the bathroom. She didn't take long but upon getting back inside, she was startled by Leon looking at her. She grinned as she pushed her hair behind her ear. "Hey," she said as she closed the door and locked it.

He had moved onto his back and watched her in his shirt. "Where are you going?" he asked as his blanket settled low on his body, exposing his v-shape abs.

Seeing him like that, made her giddy. "Nowhere, I was just using the bathroom." Walking back to his bed, she climbed back in and cuddled up to his right side. "Is it normal to be this sore?"

Wrapping his arm around her, he kissed her lips and then smirked. "You're only that sore 'cause I'm bigger than a roll of quarters." He teased.

She giggled and kissed him. "That you are." She placed a hand on his chest and looked up to his face.

Leon covered her waist with his blanket as he asked, "So who's up?"

She shook her head and grinned. "No one. I thought someone would be after all the noise we were making earlier."

He smirked at her and kissed her lips again. "We can do all the things we want to do here and nobody can here us."

Arching an eyebrow, she asked, "Why is that?"

"Sound proof." He said as his room was remodeled a couple years back because he didn't want to hear Dom and Letty next door fuck nor argue.

"Clever man." She moved up, rubbing her leg against his as she kissed him; earning a moan from him. Getting a reaction, she felt him move to his side, which he pressed her even closer to him. Gasping, she felt his morning wood. Pulling away from his kiss, she looked at him surprised. "Already?"

He smirked and nodded. "Better get used to it, I wake up like this everyday." His lips found her neck and his hand smoothed down to her thigh.

She let out a giggled as she exposed more of her neck to him. "Just you or every man?" she licked her lips.

He mumbled out, "Every man but not all men have a woman like you." he ran his hand up under his shirt and settled over her ass.

"Sweet talker." she giggled enough that he pulled away to look at her. Biting her lip, she glanced over to his clock and it was nearing eight in the morning. "Do we have time?" She looked back to him.

Leon looked down at her and smirked as his mind thought about unbuttoning his shirt. "You look good in my dress shirt."

"Its the only thing that covers me completely." She looked at him as they rolled over completely until he was on top. His lips found her neck again, which got her to giggle slightly. "You didn't answer..." She began to say while arching her neck back, giving him more access. Licking her lips, she felt his hand unbutton his shirt exposing her perky breasts.

Continuing his assault on her neck, he managed to get all the buttons released, making the fabric slid off her smooth tanned skin. He stopped his kissing long enough to see her under him. "Beautiful," he said in a low gentle tone. He locked eyes with her before he molded his body with hers and his lips touched hers.

Closing her eyes, Pandora enjoyed the weight of him on her as she spread her legs. The image of him going down on her on their first time, made her wet. This time the head of his throbbing manhood pressing against the opening of her tight hole, triggered her hips to arch and rub against him. They both moaned together the moment Leon entered her.

With one hand sliding down her side and resting on her thigh, Leon leaned on his elbow by her head to hold up his weight. Thrusting into her, Leon continued his passionate kiss on her mouth until he lead a trail down to her neck again.

Moaning in pleasure, Pandora put one hand through his hair while the other reached over to his hip. She liked the way his skin felt under her touch. Moving in sync, she began getting a little louder with her moans, which Leon loved. Looking down between their bodies, Pandora watched as their other ends meet with each trust. "Don't stop." She moaned as her eyes closed and enjoyed the feeling of his rock hard rod in her hot cave.

Leon pulled away from her neck and smirked. He laid a gentle kiss on her lips before he moved them from that positioned. He sat up to his knees and pulled her up to a sitting position. At a gentle pace, he cupped her face before kissing her. Sliding his hands down to her breasts, he cupped them and then played with her nipples.

Straddled over his lap, Pandora bucked her hips as she rode his throbbing manhood. She bit her lip as she held onto him. Looking at him, she found his lips until she, herself, found his neck and marked him.

Leon's hands moved down to her ass and held on to her as she continued to bounce against his well-endowed member. He groaned as her walls were snug around him while he pushed deep as he could. Her hot breathe on his neck, turned him on even more as he dipped his head down and kissed the top of her right breast. He gently nibbled his way to her perked nipple. His mouth latched on to her breast while he moved them back to their prior position.

However, Pandora didn't last on her back as she rolled them over until she was positioned right on top. Pushing up, she giggled as she saw his face looked like was deprived. Bending down to kiss him quickly, she placed her hands on his chest while her lower half. She watched him as she rode him faster. Biting her lips, she saw his hands cup her breasts against before they smoothed over to her hips.

The pace between them quickened as the urge to release grew more and more. Their breaths grew heavy while their skins became red and glistened. Pandora looked at Leon as she felt her body was ready. Her lips were plump red as lowered herself to kiss him. When their lips touched, Leon embraced his arms around her as he pushed deep inside. Their passionate lip-lock prevented their shouts of climax until they pulled away from air. Eyes were shouted closed as they both rode through their release.

When they finished releasing their juices, Pandora collapsed on Leon and he welcomed her weight with his arms around her moist body. In each other's embrace, they relaxed and collected themselves. It must have bee a few minutes, when Leon moved his head enough to notice her with eyes closed. A smirk appeared on his face before his lips touched her forehead. "Sweet dreams," he whispered to her.

Pandora could still feel him inside her and smiled on the inside. Opening her eyes, she tilted her head up and looked at him. "Just a little nap before I have to head back home and babysit Lily." She reached up and kissed his lips.

Leon kissed her back and reached over to brush her hair behind her ear. "You mean you're mini-me." He said as he grew to like Lily being around.

Pandora giggled and nodded. She reached up her hand and smoothed his hair back. "Yeah, she's falling for you guys you know. All she talks about is how her Dom is so strong. How her Brian makes her laugh. How her Vince reads to her and her Jesse plays with her."

Leon arched an eyebrow and had to tease her. He bucked his hips a little. "What about me?"

Pandora moaned and kissed him again. "You're her favorite. She loves her Leon's green eyes and how you give her piggy-back rides." She grinned.

He nodded and kissed her back. "I saw you got her a little jersey too."

"Yeah, she's going to wear it for you today." She said between their kisses.

"Can't wait." Leon said as they rolled over and he was on top. He reached over and wrapped her legs around his waist. He closed his eyes and he continued to get a taste of his Pandora. Realizing his dreams had completely came true.

The End.

AN: Thank you everyone who stuck around to read this story. I hope you all enjoyed this story.