Harry Potter

The Family Business.

Chapter 7 Unfinished Business

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Summary: A summer before 6th year Sirius Black's will change everything story with a reverse Reptilia28's challenge twist. A callous manipulative Dumbledore needs Harry to freely say the magic words to generously give his inheritance from Sirius to him for His Greater Good. But his abuse of the Dursleys backfires. Big time.

Chapter 2 has Death in the appearance of his good friend Vincent Price comes to declare the prophecy fulfilled and explains Dumbledore's attempt to change the prophecy to have Harry try to kill the wrong dark lord.

Chapter 3 Has Amelia Bones saved from certain death while Voldemort and the Death Eaters discover Death is really to be feared.

Chapter 4 The dark lord and friends are reeled in as Hermione and Luna and their friends arrive at No4.

Chapter 5: The true prophecy reviewed to show how Dumbledore manipulate himself to become the Dark Lord of the prophecy. The Reverse Reptilia28 Challenge revealed.

Chapter 6: The Family Business explained and the Prophecy declared fulfilled with the party of the century.

HHrLL NLSBHA Ronald will be bad due to the injury in the DoM.

Chapter 7. Unfinished Business.

-The Family Business. -

By 3am the buzz of the party was wearing off and Vincent called the Grim Reapers and White Ladies together to handout two assignments that needed to be collected now and the parents had decided to finish the party by sending the children via Portkey to sleep at the beautiful Potter holiday mansion on the French Riviera and to spend the rest of the summer there.

"Okay we can continue the celebrations another night after the living have had some sleep. Please let me again congratulate Harry with his Hermione and Luna for successfully terminating the two worse dark lords of the millennium." Vincent said as they all cheered Harry while Hermione and Luna kissed him breathless.

"Good on you Harry. Your job is none and you have won the war. You can go have some fun. But for the rest of you adults. Are you ready to fight to win the peace to give Harry, Hermione, Luna, and all the children the magical world they deserve?"

"Oh blood hell yes!" Said Augusta who felt having her lover back had taken fifty years off her age and she was ready to terminate any foolish greedy Pure-blood or half-blood bigot who tried to harm her Neville and his witches.

"Yes Vincent." Amelia agreed with her lover's arms around her. "Harry has removed all the dark lords and their minions leaving just a mess of greedy Pure-blood bigots to deal with."

"Good. It is a future worth fighting for and I might have some bonuses to help you." Vincent said. "But first I am sorry to bring up business at a party but we have some souls to collect tonight. The first is Molly Weasley." Vincent explained.

"What? Mrs. Weasley is dying tonight?..." Hermione asked shocked. Even though Molly had not been nice to her and Harry, she still had Ginny to care for.

"Actually Molly Prewett Weasley has passed and we need to collect her soul. A lot of things changed tonight which has short-changed the destiny of three people."

"But could she be spared?"

"I am sorry Hermione but it has already done, and was caused by the changes young Ronald made running off to be with his Draco to defect to the Death Eaters. Molly was worried sick as she did not know where Ronald had gone. He had left no note just like when the twins and Ronald had gone to rescue Harry in second year. She had been watching her famous family clock which showed Ronald's hand was alternating to point to either; 'having way too much fun', 'dire straits' or 'certain death'. Then after everyone had gone to bed tonight, Molly could not sleep so she was busy in the kitchen topping up the controlling love potion phials of the Order with the concentrated Amortentia when Ronald's hand on the family clock fell off with a loud bang when he died causing Molly to drop the large bottle of highly inflammable concentrated Amortentia. It shattered spaying the stuff all over her and the fireplace. She has third degree burns to 90% of her body and is currently in St Mungo's. Accidents will happen and the future is not written in stone."

"Celeste and I will go and collect her soul." Lily volunteered and Celeste nodded in agreement. Lily turned to her sister. "Would you like to come along Tunie and see what the White Ladies do?"

Petunia jumped up to stand next to her favourite little sister Lily and held her hand as Harry, Hermione and Luna came to say goodnight.

"Thank you Lily and Celeste. Have fun Tunie!" Vincent said as they vanished. "Okay then it is time to send the children to the beautiful Potter holiday mansion on the French Rivera. Cedric and Ariana are in charge until we see you in the afternoon."

The children were too tired to protest as the adults gave them a hug and sent them on their way via a Portkey with Cedric, Ariana and Dudley. The children were amazed at the beauty of the holiday mansion and the Potter house-elves had done a fantastic job cleaning up the mess Dumbledore had left it in after his last party. The children quickly found their rooms and were asleep before their heads hit their pillows.

-The Family Business.-

After they had gone, Vincent then held up the next post-it note. "This yellow post-it is for the Minister for Magic; Cornelius Fudge himself. Any takers?"

"What the Minister for Magic?" Augusta cried. "You're kidding aren't you?"

"Well that will save having to sack him. Pity his immunity didn't save him." Amelia said. "What happened to him Vincent?"

"Well he was with his mistress tonight waiting for Yaxley to report your unfortunate demise. But as Yaxley was indisposed and didn't show, Fudge pushed his luck with another round with his mistress and had a heart attack." Vincent explained.

"Serves the old fool right. Sirius and I will collect his soul." James offered as he turned to Remus and Vernon. "Would you two like to come along?"

Remus and Vernon moved to stand next to James and Sirius who held on to their arms.

"Thank you James and Sirius." Vincent said. "It is not his mistress' time to die and she is still trapped underneath him. So make sure they get a suitable picture for tomorrow's Daily Prophet. Have fun Remus and Vernon."

James, Sirius and Remus smiled wickedly and Vernon wondered what he had just gotten himself into as the four of them vanished.

"Right. Now the next one doesn't happen until this morning but it is for the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic; Dolores Jane Umbridge. Any takers?"

"The Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic is dying? Is that our Christmas present Vincent? The Wizengamot will be easy to control without her." Augusta said as Vincent smiled with a chuckled.

"Yes regrettably for her, her number comes up at 6:47 am this morning when she has a most unfortunate accident while crossing Diagon Alley to go to Gringotts. She finds out about Fudge's sudden demise and she is desperate to get the gold stored in Fudge's secret slush vault before it is locked down." Vincent explained.

All the Grim Reapers put up their hand for that yellow post-it note while the rest of the living adults thought they would catch the Knights Bus to go to Diagon Alley and watch what happens.

Celeste, Lily and Petunia returned ten minutes later with Petunia most impressed with her little sister. They sat down and toasted to the success of their trip of bonding sisterhood with a large glass of whiskey. She never expected a soul to rant so loudly that she was too young to die and absolutely positively refused go with her face getting Weasley Rage red. Only to have her sister Lily rant even louder at Molly Prewett Weasley for the evil she had done to her son, Hermione and Luna. It was the first time Molly had ever been out ranted and not get her way as she cringed in fear at the wrath of Lily Potter who had watched and waited so many years to give the grasping, prying, domineering, belligerent termagant of a harridan both barrels and that was before Lily and Celeste took out their wickedly sharp looking scythes to release the soul of Molly Prewett Weasley who in her terror ran towards the flaming red light. Anything to get away from the wrath of Lily Rose Evans Potter. Petunia could not wait to tell Vernon all about it.

Then the four boys returned, laughing so much that they could not stand up. Vernon saw Petunia and tried to speak but could not before he collapsed with them in a heap laughing. They all dreaded to see what picture would appear in the Daily Prophet in the morning.

The adults filled in the time until morning with a Council of War planning meeting with Aunty Rep, Bruce, Bob and Larry, the devious dastardly trio from Fate's planning department. Even Moody was giggling like a school girl at the devious plan they had cooked up for the Wizengamot. They will never know what hit them.

-The Family Business.-

Dolores Jane Umbridge – Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic, Former Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, Former Hogwarts High Inquisitor, Former Headmistress of Hogwarts, and heiress to the pure-blood Selwyn family, was having a terrible morning. First Fudge had not contacted her about the fate of that blood-traitor Bones. Then she gets woken up for an urgent call from some lackey named Weatherby that the Minister has been found dead from a heart attack due to overexertion. Dolores could scream. She was surrounded by idiots.

Dolores knew what she had to do. She had to go to those nasty Goblins and transfer all the political donations from that fool Fudge's slush vault to her own before Gringotts locked down the vault. But the key was in Fudge's office. She used the backdoor to avoid all the furor in the Atrium and reach the office only to find that idiot Weatherby waiting there. She got rid of him by giving him some instructions, grabbed the key and was on her way down Diagon Alley to all that lovely gold.

But she could hear someone running up behind her calling out her name. She started walking as fast as her short little legs would go, and tried to ignore them. She had to get to Gringotts as soon as possible.

-The Family Business.-

After a hearty breakfast prepared by Lily and Petunia, Vincent sent the Grim Reapers and White Ladies to take up their positions at 6:35 am, and they faded to Diagon Alley while Moody led the adults outside No4 Privet Drive. Vincent had reassured Petunia that the neighbours would not notice a thing as Moody stuck up his wand.

There was a deafening BANG, as Vernon and Petunia threw up their hands to shield their eyes against a sudden noise and blinding light…

With a yell, they ran back behind Moody, just in time. A second later, a gigantic pair of wheels and headlights screeched to a halt exactly where Vernon and Petunia had just been standing. The gigantic pair of wheels belonged, as they looked around Moody, to a triple-decker, violently purple bus, which had appeared out of thin air. Gold lettering over the windshield spelled The Knight Bus and near the number plate was a sign that read Driver under instruction.

For a split second, Vernon and Petunia wondered if this was part of a nightmare and hoped that they would wake up soon. Then a conductor in a purple uniform leapt out of the bus and began to speak loudly into the morning gloom.

"Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard just stick out your wand hand, step on board, and we can take you anywhere you want to go. My name is Stan Shunpike, and I will be your conductor this morn—"

The conductor stopped abruptly. He had just caught sight of the crowd of witches and wizards. He swallowed when he recognized Madam Bones, and Madam Longbottom with Mad Eye Moody.

"Er Good morning madam." Stan said as he tried to continue his professional manner. "Your driver today is Bertie Prang who is under the instructions of his father Ernie Prang."

Stan stood to one side as the witches, wizards and muggles crowded onto the bus, most climbing the stairs to get a good view as Remus guided Vernon and Petunia to a brass bedsteads up the front on the bottom deck and told them to sit down and hold on real tight.

Vernon and Petunia quickly sat down together and gripped the bedpost ignoring the curtained windows and the candles that were burning in brackets beside each bed, illuminating the wood-paneled walls. Vernon got a little worried when he noticed the two armchairs at the front of the bus with the steering wheel mounted between them. Both wizards wore very thick glasses with the elderly wizard on the left must be the father teaching his son sitting on the right. Vernon turned to Remus who was calmly looking for today's edition of the Daily Prophet in the magazine rack.

Moody climbed on last with Vincent and gave Stan five galleons for the fare and ordered. "Gringotts Please!"

A stunned Stan forgot about his spiel about the extras cost for 'ot chocolate, 'ot-water bottle an' a toofbrush in the color of your choice and just yelled. "Gringotts Bertie! Now!" And rammed the doors shut and made his way to stand behind the armchairs at the front.

There was another tremendous BANG, and the next moment Vernon found himself wrapped up in Petunia's arms as she buried her face into his shoulder as they were thrown backward by the speed of the Knight Bus. Petunia had not held him so tight since their dating days. He was starting to enjoy this. Pulling himself up, Vernon stared out of the dark window and saw that they were now bowling along a completely different street. Remus was watching Vernon's stunned face with great enjoyment.

"How come they don't hear the bus?" Vernon asked Remus.

"Them muggles!" Stan answered contemptuously for Remus. "Don' listen properly, do they? Don' look properly either. Never notice nuffink, they don'."

Vernon was still looking out of the window, feeling increasingly excited and nervous. Bertie and Ernie didn't seem to have mastered the use of a center mounted steering wheel that they both held on to. The Knight Bus kept mounting the pavement, but it didn't hit anything; lines of lampposts, mailboxes, and trash cans jumped out of its way as it approached and back into position once it had passed. With another bang they were thundering down a narrow country lane, trees leaping out of the way.

Vernon wondered why they had beds on the bus when he knew he wouldn't have been able to sleep even if he had been traveling on a bus that didn't keep banging loudly and jumping miles at a time. His stomach churned as he fell back to wondering what was going to happen to his breakfast.

Remus had unfurled a copy of the Daily Prophet and was now reading with his tongue between his teeth trying not to laugh too loud. A large photograph of the late rude Minister of Magic caught in a compromising position in The Fountain Of Magical Brethren getting very friendly with the centaur, goblin and house-elf while being held in place by the noble wizard and the beautiful witch looking adoringly down at the minister as the glittering golden jets of water poured over him from the ends of their wands, the point of the centaur's arrow, the tip of the goblin's hat and each of the house-elf's ears.

Remus shrieked with laughter as he first showed the picture to Vernon then went to show it to Moody and the other witches and wizards. Soon the bus was rocking not because of Bertie's driving but uncontrollable laughter.

Stan turned while Bert and Ernie swiveled in their armchairs to see what everyone was laughing about. The drivers turned their attention back to the road and Stan's pimples went white; as Ernie jerked the steering wheel so hard that a whole farmhouse had to jump aside to avoid the bus.

"You outta your tree?" yelped Ernie to Bert. "'Watch the road."

"Sorry," said Bertie hastily. "Sorry, I — I forgot —"

"Forgot!" said Ernie weakly. "Blimey, my 'eart's goin' that fast…"

"There is a picture in the Daily Prophet Ernie." Stan said. "I will show you at the next stop."

The Knight Bus rolled through the morning gloom of peak hour London traffic, scattering bushes and wastebaskets, telephone booths and trees, and Vernon was starting to smile while he enjoyed this magical bus as it jumped their way closer to the center of London. One moment they were on the A3 then jumped to A4 then A302. He wondered why Harry didn't use this rather than make him drive all that way to Kings Cross Station.

"Right then, Mr. Moody," said Stan, clapping his hands, "We're in London."

Vernon watched as they were thundering along Waterloo Bridge when he saw that it was blocked with double-decker buses. He saw Ernie reached up and pull a funny concertina handle as the bus seemed to distort to squeeze between two double-decker buses. Then jump to Charing Cross Road.

"Where exactly are they going?" Bertie asked his father Ernie.

"Gringotts." Stan answered helpfully.

"Righto," said Bertie. "'Old tight, then."


"No!" Cried Ernie. "We stop at the Leaky Cauldron for Diagon Alley and Gringotts!"


But it was too late to change mid jump. All they could do was to hold on and hope no one would be in Diagon Alley at that time of the morning.

-The Family Business.-

Madam Umbridge ran around the corner just before Gringotts still having that redhead idiot calling out her name. She saw a crowd of witches in pure white robes and wizards in standard black robes standing around the front of Gringotts. She pushed her way through the crowd just as Weatherby caught up with her.

"Madam Undersecretary Umbridge?" Weatherby called out breathlessly.

Furious Umbridge stop in the middle of Diagon Alley and turned around to face her pursuer. "WHAT IS IT YOU REDHEAD MORON OF AN IMBECILE!"


The triple-decker, violently purple Knight Bus, had appeared out of thin air directly behind her as the crowd parted and scattered the sides of the Alley. Madam Umbridge turned towards the sound and froze. Bertie and Ernie slammed on the brakes and threw out all the anchors as the gigantic wheels skidded on the cobble stones.


"OH NO! I HAVE KILLED THE UNDERSECRETARY TO THE MINISTER OF MAGIC, MADAM DOLORUS JANE UMBRIDGE!" Cried the redhead Weatherby as he held his head in his hands and sunk to his knees while completely covered in foul smelling toad guts.

His cry was drowned out by the cheer of the spotless White Ladies and Grim Reapers standing next to him. There was a cheer from the bus by the many witches and wizards who had suffered from the abuse of this evil greedy toad. Lily stepped forward to release the soul of the toad and the rest of the White Ladies frog marched it towards the flaming red light.

"Arrest that redhead fool for murder! Throw him into Azkaban he is obviously guilty!" Cried a voice that sounded like Padfoot. Vincent gave Sirius a sad mournful look as he had hoped Sirius would have learnt to forgive as the redhead fool was only guilty of being an idiot.

The Toad was splatted all over the radiator and bull bar of the purple and now red bus. A serious looking Madam Bones let Bertie off with a warning to drive more carefully as the witches and wizards joined in to clean up the Knight Bus and vanished the remains of the toad.

Vernon noticed something pink in the gutter and picked it up. It was a hot pink purse. He showed it to Petunia who opened it and tipped it up as the contents fell into Vernon's cupped hands. Out fell a lot of gold coins and a two tone hot pink and lurid pink wand. They showed what they had found to Madam Bones.

"You can keep that if you want Vernon as no one else would want it."

Vernon smiled as he held the hot pink wand and gold coins. Now he could call the Knights Bus any time he needed to beat the terrible London traffic.

-The Family Business.-

After the Knights bus was cleaned up, it vanished with a loud bang to its next destination. The assembled White Ladies, Grim Reapers, Witches and Wizards stood together outside Gringotts.

"Well my dear ladies." Vincent said to Amelia and Augusta. "That concludes our unfinished business for this morning. I am sure you can take it from here."

"Yes, thank you Vincent. You have given us a future to save." Augusta said as Vincent bowed and kissed her hand.

"Yes, thank you and good bye, Vincent." Amelia said as Vincent bowed and kissed her hand.

Madam Bones with Madam Longbottom and Mad-Eye Moody went into Gringotts to secure all of the late Minister's and the late Undersecretary's vaults along with Dumbledore's and all of the Death Eaters vaults. That money will be used to help with the construction of a new Magical World.

Vincent with his Grim Reapers and White Ladies along with Vernon and Petunia went to the children at the Potter holiday mansion on the French Riviera where the others joined them later that night.

With the prophecy fulfilled and the two dark lords gone, they felt that they needed a long holiday to prepare for the new Magical World. But that is another story.

-The Family Business.-

A Nice Epilogue.

Harry, Hermione and Luna lived happily ever after giving James and Lily, and Celeste and Xeno many grandchildren to spoil that were not named Albus, Severus or even Tom. Harry, Hermione and Luna went on to get perfect outstanding NEWTs and on to study for PhD's at Oxford. They had a very long teaching career at the new Hogwarts, teaching magical and mundane courses. Each summer they go searching for all of Luna's magical creatures and found a whole colony of Crumple Horn Snorkacks.

Neville, Susan and Hannah also very happy giving Augusta and Amelia many grandchildren to ensure the future for the houses of Longbottom and Bones. They taught at the new Hogwarts after going to Oxford with Harry, Hermione and Luna. Augusta and Amelia lived for many years with their Grim Reaper lovers and never told anyone the secret to their happiness.

Tonks got the job of Lady Black plus benefits and held the Potter, Black and Malfoy proxies under the guidance of her mother Andi and aunty Cissy. Having a half-blood hot pink hair metamorphmagus in the Wizengamot distracted the remaining traditional bigots from forming any sort of opposition.

Remus was surprised to discover that destroying his werewolf sire had broken the curse and he no longer had a furry little problem but did still enjoy his steaks very rare. The restored Pure-blood was snapped up by Cissy who needed a wizard with more than just a wand.

Dudley Dursley found happiness in the arms of Millicent Bulstrode while Vernon and Petunia went on romantic joy rides on the Knights Bus which he proudly summonsed waving his hot pink wand outside No 4 Privet Drive. The nosy neighbours still have not noticed a thing.

Vincent visited his great great grandson very often and many years later Harry, Hermione and Luna got the top jobs in The Afterlife Inc when Vincent and Aunty Reptilia28 retired together for their next great adventure.

-The Family Business.-

Thanks for reading.

-The Family Business.-

PS: The joke of Uncle Vernon's favourite drink,a Glenfiddich 50 Year Old bottle of single malt whiskey, is that he borrowed it from the board room of Grunnings and has no idea that it is the most expensive whiskey in the world at 8,000 pounds a bottle. And he is sharing it with witches and wizards.