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Chapter thirteen: A perfect enemy.

"Hell yeah!" – talks.

'Art is a blast!' – thoughts.

"Know your role!" – demon blades.

"Katsu!" – demonic/jutsu.


Otogakure no sato…

"Fucking stupid bitches." Naruto muttered, putting his coat on as he walked down a long and dark corridor. "Don't they realize I have other things to do?"

"Then perhaps you should've just left instead of fucking all three of them into unconsciousness." Yamato commented in his head.

"Oh shut up." Naruto waved his hand. "Besides, it's an anime rule, remember? Never leave a girl unsatisfied."

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind." Suddenly came from the side.

Naruto turned his head slowly too see a single figure materialize from shadows.

"Listening in is a nasty habit, you know." Naruto said dangerously.

"Yes, just like talking to your sword." A deep male voice replied. "You've been doing that quite a lot recently."

"All because of the absence of smart people to talk with." Naruto stated, not stopping his walk. "What do you want?"

"I just…"

"It doesn't matter what you want!" Naruto cut him off. "Got something to report? No? Then get out of here."

"Hmhmhm. Actually I do have something to report." The shadow covered man confessed, walking beside Naruto. "I dropped your package. Too bad I won't be able to see that fool's wrinkled face when he sees this."

"Very good."

"I have to say… It's bold, even for you. Do you really think they will let you inside for that?"

"Of course they will." Naruto answered. "Of that I have no doubt. The old fool will immediately jump at the chance to escape war and prolong his useless life a little more."

"Yes, I have to say, I'm disappointed in him… I wonder if he was always like this."

"Who gives a damn?" Naruto replied, waving his hand to the side. "All I care about is unlimited power, and he is gonna be the key to unlocking it. Nothing more."

"Sure, he and your army of crazy bitches." The man chuckled. "You know, I may be out of line, but their number raises questions."

"What questions?"

"Do you love them for once?"

Naruto only glanced at him with an amused smirk on his face and raised an eyebrow.

"I see… Then why keep them?"

"Because they're useful." Naruto exclaimed, waving his hand. "In fact, at some points they are much more useful than you are."

"Then why recruit me at all?"

"Simple. Because I need at least someone sensible in my group…" The demon paused. "And also because you don't try to get inside my pants every time you see me."

"Too true." The man agreed. "In fact, I think this company really lacks men… Well, unless you count Alucard and that Kirabi guy."

"You have something against them?"

"Not against them, they just creep me out. Kirabi with his rap, and Alucard with his… crap."

"Hmhmhmhahahaha…" Naruto laughed. "You said something about rap?"

"Oh, shut it…" The man grunted. "Better tell me something."

"Tell you what?"

"What are you…?"


"I said…"


"Don't even start with this shit. What are you really trying to accomplish by going there?"

Naruto's smile fell. "I have many projects. Most of them won't even require your participation…"

"I wasn't asking that… What are you trying to accomplish?" The man asked as they stopped in front of a single door.

"Don't ask a question you know the answer for." Naruto responded, finally opening said door and walking inside, immediately followed by his companion…

…And immediately they had to cover their eyes, even Naruto, who was wearing sunglasses. Why? Because the room they walked in was completely different from any other room in the complex. Whiteness. Pure whiteness greeted them. No, it was not a hospital, not a church, and not even a big fucking projector shining right in their face. It was a laboratory. Of that suggested a massive amount of syringes and experimental machinery installed all over it. Surprisingly, it was also all white. In fact, everything in the room was white… except for its single occupant.

A single hooded figure in a long brown robe.

"Naruto-sama." A female voice began, as its owner slowly turned around and bowed. "Are you here for the update?"

"Indeed." The blond replied, walking around the table and picking up a folder. "What do you have to report?"

"We've made a serious breakthrough." The woman explained, picking up one syringe in her hand. "A secondary goal has been accomplished. The virus was made stable. It came out as a surprise, but…"

Naruto's eyes narrowed. "What about the primary objective?"

The woman paused. "We… We have no satisfactory results yet."


Naruto threw the folder down at the table, creating an echo throughout the room.

"You are starting to test my patience."

"B-But Naruto-sama, I…!"

"Know your role, and shut your mouth!" Naruto cut her off angrily. "I have brought you back for one purpose, and one purpose only! And that's to recreate that!" He growled, pointing at the syringe. "You remember the deal, right?! You do this, and you get your life back. You fail, and you go back to where you belong. And you go there with interest!"

"My lord, I beg you…!"

"Enough. I'm not here to hear your begging." The demon snapped. "Just do your job by the deadline. If you don't… Well, then I will be really unhappy. And when I'm unhappy…" He smirked evilly. "Who knows what might happen? After all, I wasn't called the most unpredictable man for nothing."

"Harsh." The man suddenly spoke, picking up the folder Naruto threw and looking inside. "Whew… You know, I may be a total idiot in this, but it looks way too hard."

"Please listen to him, Naruto-sama." The woman pleaded. "It is very hard to synthesize and you gave me a very little time! I had to recreate it practically from a scratch!"

"I know it's hard." Naruto stated. "Which is why I'm not doing it myself."

"Believe me, Naruto-sama. The virus will be ready by the deadline."

"It better… What about Orochimaru and Kabuto?" The demon suddenly asked.

"They've been somewhat helpful." The woman stated. "Despite their lack of knowledge in virology, they know a great deal about keeping the subject alive, which is very helpful. So I would ask that you don't dispose of them yet."

"As you wish. You have a week."

Konohagakure no sato. Sasuke's house…

"Damn it to hell…" Sasuke grunted, kicking the door of his house open. 'Peace with Naruto! Are you fucking kidding me?!' He thought, believing that his mood couldn't get any worse…

"Ah! What are you… Sasuke-kun?"

…He was wrong. Staring right at him, dressed in her usual attire and a cooking apron, was none other than his mother Uchiha Mikoto.

"Is that you, Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke sighed in resignation. "Yes, that is me, mother."

"But how… You look so…"

"Is Sakura home?" He asked, interrupting her stuttering.

"I… Yes, she came back about twenty minutes ago." Mikoto informed and smiled kindly. "Such a nice young lady. I'm happy for you, son."

"Yeah…" Sasuke muttered, walking away from his mother.

"W-Wait!" Mikoto suddenly called after him.

"What?" Sasuke glanced at her over his shoulder.

Mikoto looked down sadly. "You… You've been so cold to me lately, Sasuke… Why? Did I do something wrong? Or maybe I offended you in any way?"

Sasuke gritted his teeth. "No, it's okay, mother…"

"No, it's not okay!" Mikoto finally shouted. "You act like you hate me, and I don't even know why!"

'Why?! It's because you're Naruto's bitch!' Sasuke thought, unconsciously activating his sharingan.

"Please, talk to me." Mikoto continued. "We're not strangers, Sasuke. Let's sort it out together."

"I…" Sasuke closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm himself. "Alright… But not tonight. I'm too tired and I need to speak to Sakura."

Mikoto smiled at this. "Of course, she's waiting upstairs. Be gentle with her, okay?" She asked, winking at him suggestively.

"She's not fragile, mother." Sasuke stated, disappearing behind the stairs. 'Dammit, how much more?' He thought, opening the door to his room.

"At last you're back." Sakura immediately said, not standing up from the bed, and not even tearing her gaze away from the book she was reading. "I heard your argument downstairs."

"Yeah…" Sasuke muttered, taking his kimono jacket off. "I don't know how much more of this I can take."

"Isn't that what you wanted?" Sakura asked, turning over a page.

"No, dammit! I wanted her to be like this without any need for genjutsu!" He snapped. "This way I'm just forcing her will!"

"So what are you going to do then? Kill her? Or remove the genjutsu and kill her? Or maybe leave things how they are?"

"I…" Sasuke grabbed his head with his hands. "Sometimes I think that it would've been better to just kill her. I mean, it certainly would've been easier…"

Now that actually made Sakura close her book and put it away.

"Yes, it definitely would…" She whispered, moving closer and hugging him from behind. "But then you would be just like Naruto."

"Naruto huh…" Sasuke whispered. "They are going to make peace with him, you know…"

"Yes, I figured as much." Sakura replied, placing her head on Sasuke's shoulder. "Are you going to accept it?"

"No fucking way." The Uchiha answered. "The only way I'm making peace with him is if he's lying six feet under!"

"So what are you gonna do then?"

"Don't worry, I have a plan." Sasuke stated. "What about you?"

Sakura's eyebrows rose. "What about me?"

"What are you going to do? You said you wanted to speak with me."

"I did…" The girl hesitated. "Sasuke… I need your blood."

"What could you possibly need my…" Uchiha's eyes widened as he turned to her in shock. "No! I won't allow it!"

"You know it's the only way…"

"No, it's not!" Sasuke snapped. "I will not let you become a demon again! Never!"


"I knew something like this is going to happen to me, but you're another story!"


"You know I'm fighting for the people of Konoha… Hell, of the whole world! But there is only one person I truly wish to protect, and that is you! If you- mmphm!"

A kiss.

"You talk too much." Sakura stated, breaking their lip lock. "Now you shut up and listen to me. You're talking about protecting me, but don't you realize it goes both ways? Sasuke, I've seen you die! Twice! And I've seen you on the verge of defeat more times than I can count! And if you think I'm just gonna let you carry this damn world on your shoulders alone, you're sadly mistaken!"

Sasuke just stared at her in awe. "I… It's useless to argue with you, is it?"

"You damn right it is."

"Hn." The Uchiha smirked. "Thought as much… But that's why I love you. However I want you to tell me first. How are you going to do this? The Order is destroyed. No one else have their knowledge except for us. And you cannot do it yourself."

"There is a way…" Sakura began. "In fact, it was Naruto who gave me the idea."

Sasuke's eyes widened to their limits. "Say what?! You mean you learned the secret of his Soul Drain?!"

"Don't be ridiculous, of course not." Sakura shook her head. "No, there was another technique he used to use… a lot."

"…Shadow clones?"


"Are you… Are you insane?! What if something goes wrong?! What if- mmphm!"

Another kiss.

"And you are worrying too much." Sakura exclaimed. "I'm a professional medic, Sasuke. I know what I'm doing. But for insurance, I want you to be there as well… In case something goes wrong."

"Hmhmhm, I would've been there even if you said you don't want me there." He said, leaning in for another kiss.

"Sasuke…" Sakura whispered, meeting him half way. It felt perfect for her. To kiss him, to be in his arms. She never felt so safe and secure. This time, however, was different from others. This time there was something else. It was faint, but…


Sakura's eyes shot wide open. That evil chuckle was way too familiar. At first she even considered the possibility of him being here. She wouldn't put it past Naruto to appear in a moment like this to mock them.

But no, Sasuke still had his eyes closed as he enjoyed the sensation.

'Is it… me?' Sakura thought when Sasuke suddenly laid her down on the bed.

"Sasuke, are you…? Ah!" She moaned happily when he touched her sweet spot. "You don't mind that I still have a little girl's body?"

"I don't care what body you have." Sasuke stated, pulling Sakura's panties down her legs. "You are perfect in every way." With that he leaned down and moved his head between her legs.

"A-AH!" Sakura moaned even louder. "S-Sasuke…!"

"Oh, but I already got in that chick's panties."

'That voice again!' Sakura thought, realizing that it was nothing but her own memories.

"Say… have you ever screamed his name as loud as you did when it was me?"

It was shameful, but…

'No… No, I didn't.' She admitted, closing her eyes and losing herself in the blissful sensation again… At least for four more seconds.


"Sakura-sama! We… Oh my god!"

"KYAH!" Sakura yelped in shock, covering herself with a blanket.

"Who the hell are you?!" Sasuke shouted in anger, getting up from the bed. "ANBU?! There better be a good reason for this. Otherwise…" He summoned Force edge into his hand, showing what exactly will be otherwise.

"F-Forgive me, Sasuke-sama, for interrupting your… moment." The ANBU member began. "But we need Sakura-sama immediately. There has been an emergency."

"What emergency?" Sakura asked, furrowing her eyebrows.

"It's Hokage-sama…" The ANBU explained. "He had a heart attack."


Unknown location…

"Hmhmhmhahahaha… Everything's going according to plan. Soon his soul will be mine."

"Planning something, brother?"

"Life… What do you want? There is nothing for you here."

"Stop while you still can, brother. You know as well as I do that we cannot interfere."

"Interfere?" The god of death grinned evilly. "Who said anything about interfering? Naruto's demise is a decided matter. I'm just going to change its result."

Life's eyes narrowed. "Just what are you trying to do?"

"That's for me to know. Now be gone. I have a new… champion to recruit."

Konohagakure no sato. Hospital…

"Right this way, Sakura-sama!" A panicking nurse led Sakura and Sasuke to a single hospital room, guarded by two ANBU black ops.

"Get me a lab coat! Now!" Sakura commanded, shoving her way into the room.

Sasuke wasn't so lucky though.

"I'm sorry, Uchiha-sama." One of the ANBU began, stopping Sasuke's advance. "Only a medical personal is allowed inside."

"Fine, I wouldn't be of much use anyway." The demon replied. "Tell me something instead. How did this happen? What did he do?"

"We don't know, my lord." The ANBU replied. "Hokage-sama was just doing his paperwork when suddenly he clutched his chest and fell face first on the desk. We instantly rushed in and brought him to the hospital. That is all."

"Maybe it was paperwork. I'll go check." Sasuke concluded, dashing to an open window and jumping out. 'I don't understand, what could possibly happen?'

"I don't understand what concerns you, Uchiha Sasuke." A sudden voice sounded in his head. "He is an old man way past his prime. Things like these happen all the time. Humans are very fragile after all."

"Who are… Force Edge?"


'Ah, you can finally speak to me.'

"I could speak to you from the moment you picked me up. I just felt no need for it." The demon blade explained.

'Fine. As for your question, this man was a top rate shinobi. And despite his age, his body was still in good shape. So his heart attack raises a lot of questions… I'm only interested in one though.'


'What did he see that shocked him so much?' Sasuke wondered, entering the Hokage office through a window. "Okay, here we go… That's a lot of papers." He commented, picking up a single one. "Chuunin exam applications? What's so…"

The word died in his throat. Not just that, he also couldn't bring himself to say another one. Why? Because the application had one very specific name written on it.

And it also had a very specific picture attached to it…


Back in the hospital…

"The heart stopped!"

"Defibrillator! Two hundred!" Sakura yelled. "Get adrenalin!"

"On it!" One of the doctors replied, picking up a syringe.





"One more time!" Sakura shouted. "Three hundred!"

"Three hundred. Clear!"




Of course in the heat of the moment no one noticed that despite his seemingly dead state, Sarutobi Hiruzen slowly opened his eyes.

'H-Huh?' He wanted to say it out loud, but noticed that he had a breathing mask on his face. He could also see people… many people standing above him. They were all doing something, but… It looked like they were frozen.

They were not moving.

'Where… am I? What's going on?'

"Where is easy. You are in a hospital." A sudden booming voice echoed in his head. "As for what's going on… That's actually easy too. You are dead, human."

Now here I could possibly say that Sarutobi's heart skipped a beat. But the truth was, his heart has already stopped beating whatsoever. So let's just say that Sandaime Hokage was simply really, really shocked.

'I'm… dead?'

"Oh indeed."

'But how could I…? How did I die?'

"You had a heart attack, human."

'I had a… What?! That's not possible! I'm…'

"Oh? Are you saying that your death is impossible? That is bold. Especially in your age."

Sarutobi paused in his thoughts. 'Who…? Who are you?'

"Hmhmhm… Can you guess? One hint, remember that you're dead."

Sandaime's eyes widened. 'S-Shinigami-sama?'

"Well, looks like they really didn't call you a professor for nothing." Shinigami exclaimed, actually materializing above the old man, directly in his line of view. "Now I don't have much time, so let's cut straight to the case. You were correct to assume that you shouldn't have a heart attack. It was my doing. For I needed to speak to you, Sarutobi Hiruzen. But there are only two ways to do this. One is if you're dead. And the other if you use Shiki Fujin. But in second case, I would have to take your soul. So I had to go for death."

'What could you possibly want with me, my lord?' Hiruzen asked weakly.

"I know that you fear me, human." Shinigami stated. "I know that you fear me more than anything in the world… However it just happened that you can become invaluable to me."

Sarutobi's eyes sparkled brighter than they possibly did in his prime. 'How can I be of use, my lord?'

"You see, Sarutobi Hiruzen, I need you to do something I can't do myself… or at least can't do legally and can't do yet. You probably heard the name… Uzumaki Naruto."

'Yes, I d-did.'

"That pathetic mortal has offended me. Because of his actions I had to give up something that I consider very close. Therefore, I want to have his soul instead." Shinigami explained. "However, despite still being a simple mortal, Uzumaki is a very strong mortal. And he seems to have a knack for survival. But I know that there is a technique he definitely cannot counter."

'You mean… The Shiki Fujin?' Sarutobi asked.

"Exactly. And you just happen to be the single human alive who knows this technique. So here is my proposition." The Death God took his sword in his hand and placed it above Sandaime's body. "Sarutobi Hiruzen. Accept my offer and become my champion. As a result, you will be granted the ability to use Shiki Fujin against any enemy without cost. In return, you will swear your soul to me and promise to deliver me the soul of Uzumaki Naruto. If you accomplish this, you will be revitalized and granted eternal youth. However, refuse my offer and die this very second. What do you…?"

'I accept!' Sarutobi yelled desperately, cutting the Death God off. 'I ACCEPT!'

"Hmhmhmhm. Eager, I like it. Very well, Sarutobi Hiruzen. Since this day forward, you are the champion of Death!" Shinigami stated… and stabbed his sword right into Sarutobi's body.

Immediately the time returned to normal.



"We got it! We got pulse!" The nurse yelled happily.

"Threadlike?" Sakura asked.

"I… No…" The nurse muttered in shock. "It's… it's normal."

"Say what?!" Sakura exclaimed, bringing her hands up for another diagnostic jutsu. "What is… This cannot be!"

"What? What?!" The doctor asked in confusion.

"His heart…" Sakura whispered. "It's completely normal."

"But that's… impossible."

"No kidding…" Sakura responded weakly.

"Oh look! He's waking up!" The nurse stated.

"What?! But…"

"Mmmh! Mmmmmmh!" Sakura turned her head to see yet another shocking picture. The Hokage was trying to remove the breathing mask with his hand. "No, stop! What are you…" She tried to stop him, but the old man suddenly grabbed her hand with his second one.

"Do not worry, Sakura-chan. I know what I'm doing." He spoke casually. In fact, he looked like nothing even happened, and not a person who just actually died.

"You know what you're doing?! You were dead a minute ago!" Sakura snapped at him.

"I know, but I am okay now. Thank you all for your hard work." The old man said, smiling kindly.

"Are you kidding me?! Don't tell me it was some kind of prank, Hokage-sama." Sakura said, glaring down at the old man.

"No, no my dear. I was really feeling unwell." Hiruzen stated, raising his hands defensively. "You have saved me, and I'm grateful for that. But I'm feeling better now, so I'll just…"

He tried to get up, but Sakura firmly pushed him down on the bed with her hand.

"I don't know what game you're playing, Hokage-sama, but I'm the head of the medical corps. And I say that you won't leave this bed at least until the morning."

The Hokage chuckled. "Fine, fine. I guess I could use some rest."

Sakura took a deep breath and turned to her staff. "The situation looks better, guys. I can take it from here."

"Hai." Doctors and nurses bowed their heads and slowly left the room.

"Now…" The pink haired girl sighed. "You're going to tell me what the hell is going on."

The Hokage smiled again. "I don't understand what you're talking about, my dear. I just let the stress get to me."

"Speaking of stress."

Sakura turned her head to the new voice in the room. "Sasuke!"

"How's the situation?" The Uchiha asked, entering the room with a piece of paper in his hand.

"The situation? Ah, Hokage-sama feels better… Or at least he says so."

"Oh, I do say so." The Hokage nodded happily. "What do you have there, Sasuke-kun?"

"The thing that caused the heart attack I guess." Sasuke stated, showing Sakura the paper.

"That's…" The kunoichi looked over the list and gasped in shock. "That's…!"

"Naruto's chuunin exam application I take it?" Hiruzen asked.

"Yes indeed." Sasuke confirmed. "And I want you to tell me what you're going to do about it."

"Sasuke…" Sakura took him by the hand. "Hokage-sama just had a heart attack. Perhaps this is not the best time to…"

"No, it's the perfect time actually." The old man stated. "As for your question, Sasuke-kun… Well, I can only say that I have changed my mind."

Sasuke sighed in relief. "Thank god. I thought you were actually going to accept it."

"Quite the opposite in fact." Sarutobi stated with an amused smile on his face. "I was going to decline it. But now… Now I will definitely allow him to participate."

"Say what?!" Sasuke shouted in outrage. "You can't possibly…!"

"I can and I will." The Hokage stated. "I am still the village leader if you remember."

"Are you crazy?! You're giving him a perfect opportunity to attack!" Sasuke argued.

"Then let him attack."

"And what about your people?! The ones you swore to protect?"

"I will protect them of course."

They just glared at each other for about two minutes, after which Sasuke finally broke the eye contact and turned to Sakura.

"Can I have a few words with you, please?"

Sakura glanced from him to the old man. "But I…"

"Oh, I'm sure I will be okay without your attention for several minutes, Sakura-chan." Sarutobi exclaimed. "Please, by all means go and have a chat."

"O-Okay." She nodded and allowed Sasuke to literally drag her out of the room. "Sasuke, I…"

"Not now." The Uchiha interrupted. "I needed to tell you that before I go."

Sakura's eyebrows rose. "Go? Go where?"

Sasuke stared into space angrily for a couple of seconds. "He's going to allow Naruto into the village. I cannot allow it."

"B-But Naruto promised not to destroy the village. He can't…"

"Well maybe he can't. But we both know he's not alone." Sasuke countered. "I will not just stand by and allow that monster do as he pleases."

"But Sasuke, what are you going to do? You can't take them all on your own." Sakura exclaimed. "And I don't want to lose you."

"Do not worry, I have a plan. In fact, I won't even be participating…"

"What do you mean?"

Sasuke paused. "Too long to explain, and I have no time. Every second counts now for if Naruto gets to the village, then all is lost. I'll be back soon." He said, kissing her and disappearing into thin air.

"Tch." Sakura hissed. "I really want that ability back…"

Otogakure no sato. Naruto's chamber…

"Fucking paperwork." Naruto growled, entering the room and taking his coat off. "I can't believe that anyone wants this job, it's fucking crap!"

"Job?! What job?" Yamato asked in his head.

"The fucking Kage job!" Naruto stated angrily, taking the jacket off as well and throwing it on a chair.

"Ah, that useless name those Hidden village leaders call themselves? Wait, I remember you saying that only five great ninja countries can have a Kage. You're not in one of them."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Ah, thank you for reminding, Admiral sure fucking thing…"

"Admiral… what?"

"Sure fucking thing. Next rank after Captain obvious."

"Oh… Well no matter. If it makes you feel any better, this job will cease to exist in about a month."

"That's good to know."

"Can you be a little quieter, please?" A tired female voice said from his bed. "I'm trying to sleep here…"

Naruto's eyebrows furrowed. "I thought I told you all to get out of… Oh, it's you." He quickly relaxed and went to sit on the bed. "It always amuses me how you're doing whatever the hell you want without asking anyone, CC."

"Hm? I thought you had no problems about me sleeping in your bed." Said woman muttered, raising her head slightly.

"Heh, don't worry, I have no problems with that." The demon stated, lying down beside her and placing his hands behind his head. "In fact, I enjoy having you around."

"Oh?" CC replied, moving a little so her head could rest on his shoulder. "How so?"

Naruto shrugged a little. "I guess it's because you're the only person I can simply talk to."

"I thought you had enough people to…"

"It's not the same." The blond exclaimed, shaking his head. "They are either too loyal, or too devoted or too… in love with me."

"Well, you made them like this." CC said, snuggling into demon's shoulder. "And what about Alucard? He certainly is neither of those."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "I said talk to. Every our talk with Alucard leads to a gunfire. You never wondered why you're the only girl I let sleep in my bed?"

"Huh?" CC opened her eyes. "I thought you let others sleep as well."

"Sex ain't sleeping." Naruto elaborated. "Only you and Hanabi truly slept here."

"My, I'm flattered…" CC said sarcastically, closing her eyes again. "I don't love you, you know."

"Yep. And that's good." Naruto said somewhat sadly. "Hey, can I ask you something?"


"Have you ever loved anyone?"

CC's eyes shot wide open… for a second. "That's… an odd question. Especially from you. And it's too personal."

Naruto smirked at that. "Don't wish to share, huh…"

"Do you?"

Naruto turned his head to look her in the eyes. "If it's you, I think I can share." He exclaimed, slowly raising his hand and taking his sunglasses off. "You know, I've lost so many things in my short life… Things I loved… Things I thought I loved…"

"You didn't?"

"I don't know…" The demon shook his head. "Not anymore. You see, from the moment of my birth, I always had the ability to create bonds. Bonds with other people. But it was… strange. The longer the bond held, the more people started to become dependent on me. For me, who was hated and despised by a whole village, love and acceptance was like water for a sponge."

CC just laid there and listened to him in silence. It was a bit shocking to see a man like Naruto spilling out his guts like that. But even more shocking was that…

'He's… like me.' She thought, remembering things from distant past.

"But later, when I started creating these bonds, I… I don't know how to explain." The demon continued. "The thing is, I wanted to keep them. I wanted to make these people stay." He paused. "Is that love? When you lie in people's faces to get closer to them? When you change and corrupt them so they match your persona instead of changing yourself to be with them? No, I don't think so."

"Hm, that was very mature." CC said with a smirk. "You're growing on me, boy."

"Hahahaha… I guess I'll always be a boy to you, won't I?"

"Of course you will." CC replied, getting up on her elbows. "So what have you decided?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "About what?"

"About your sense of love."

"Ah that…" Naruto looked away. "I accepted it."

"Huh?" CC exclaimed in slight surprise. "What do you mean?"

The demon took a deep breath. "This continuum shift… it's been an eye opener. Things that I've lost… Things that I got back again…"

"Sometimes things should just stay lost." CC concluded.

Naruto smiled at that. "Exactly. The prime example is a woman named Uchiha Mikoto."

"Uchiha… Does she have any relation to your friend Sasuke?"

"Yep. She's his mother."

CC raised an eyebrow. "You mean you and her… No wonder he wants to kill you."

"Everyone wants to kill me now." Naruto waved his hand. "But that's not the point. The point is that I wanted her back when she died. I wanted her back real bad. And I kept wanting her back… until the moment I actually got her back."

"Something disappointed you? She wasn't the same?"

"No, in fact she was even better." Naruto explained. "But only now I realize that I have buried her a long time ago. And now that she's alive…"

"I don't want her to die again because of me." CC looked him in the eyes. "Right?"

The demon smiled. "…Something like that."

"Yes." The woman frowned. "If you truly love something, keep it away."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Experience?"

"…No, a way of life." CC stated. "You know, I never realized how similar you and I are. When I was little, I…"


"W-What?!" CC exclaimed in shock when Naruto suddenly disappeared from the bed. Not just that, but he disappeared in a very uncharacteristic manner. He disappeared in a puff of smoke. And he told her himself that he hated that way. Only regular shonobi did that and he liked to be different. Besides, it was not like him to disappear in a middle of conversation without giving any reason whatsoever.

So there could be only one explanation. He was forced to disappear. In other words… he was summoned.

The Netherworld…



"Ouch… Fuck." Naruto grunted as he fell on his back. "That hurt…"

"What the fuck just happened?!" Yamato yelled in his hand.

"Ugh…" The demon slowly stood up and looked around. "Oh, I guess I'm no longer in my bedroom…"

"Oh really?! Who's Admiral sure fucking thing now?"

"Oh, shut your mouth." Naruto waved his hand to the side.

"Just one question, what gave it away? Rivers of blood, or black-red skies?"

"I said shut it!" Naruto snapped at him and looked around again. "I know exactly where I am. The only question is how?"

"Oh I was waiting for you to say that." A very familiar voice spoke, making Naruto turn around sharply.

"You…" The blond spoke, furrowing his eyebrows.

"Missed me, sugar?" The newcomer said, licking his… her lips.

"Nevan." Naruto said and relaxed his stance. "Now this is a surprise. Truly. I didn't think you'd have the audacity to actually go and summon me."

"Hmhmhm…" The demoness chuckled. "What's so surprising? Or did you really think I would just forget about your betrayal, didn't you?"

Naruto smirked in amusement. "Betrayal?"

Nevan's eyes narrowed at his behavior. "Me and the others. You left us to die at the hands of the gods. Or have you forgotten that?!"

"Ah, that…" Naruto's smirk widened. "No, I haven't forgotten that. Nope, not at all." He stated, summoning a… cola can in his right hand and opening it. "I just don't count it as a betrayal."


"Hmhmhmhahahahahaha!" Naruto laughed hard. "Betrayal? What betrayal?! After all, have I ever told any of you that I consider you my friends or even allies?! Haha, hell no! All you morons ever were is cannon fodder. A means to an end, a… a… a tool for a single usage."


"Oh, don't tell me you thought otherwise." Naruto said mockingly, looking in her eyes. "Shit, you did! Hahahahaha! Well, tough luck babe. You are nothing to me. None of you were."

"Hm… Hmhm… Hmhmhm…" Nevan suddenly chuckled, quickly changing her face from angry too pleased. "Yes, that's the kind of answer I was expecting from you. Therefore…" She snapped her fingers and next moment three more figures materialized around Naruto. "I came prepared."

"Oh ho!" Naruto exclaimed, looking around himself. "The gang is back together! Hey, how about a drink for old time's sake?! I've got cola!"

"Shut up, traitor!" Beowulf shouted angrily. "We are not here to drink with you, we're here to kill you!"

"Awww…" Naruto made a sad face. "You're so negative! Here, have a cigar." With that he summoned a single cigar, just like he summoned his cola cans, and threw it a Beowulf.

"Wha…?" The demon exclaimed, catching the small object in his hand. "What is that?"

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the fire! Here!" He shouted, creating a fireball in his hand and throwing it right in the middle of Beowulf's chest, sending him flying into a nearby rock.

"Damn you, Naruto!" Berial grunted, placing his sword in front of himself defensively. "We trusted you. Why…?"

The blond rolled his eyes. "Oh my fucking god, are you that dense?!" He exclaimed in frustration. "You have outlived your usefulness. That is all."


"Enough, Berial." Cerberus spoke for the first time. "We all agreed on what must be done."

"Yes…" The great blazing demon nodded, swinging his massive sword and pointing it at Naruto. "Uzumaki Naruto. We challenge you for your title as the Overlord. Face us in combat or flee like a coward."

"Oh?" Naruto smirked at that. "My, you four are clever. By saying that you have cut all my escape routes. Now I have to face you, or I will lose the Overlord status. Very good… But your plan has one tiny little flaw."

"What flaw?"

"Do you actually think I want to escape?!" Naruto asked mockingly. "If you can actually summon me at any moment, then you have to be eliminated for sure. Besides, there is another reason why I wouldn't run anyway." He said, stretching his lips. And while doing that, a strange black energy started to emanate from him. "You see, I kind of got a little stronger recently. And the thing is, for the past two months I barely had anyone I can actually fight against. Mostly it's just a snap of my fingers and the opponent is dead. You guys are a welcome change."

"Hm, I thought you were smarter than that." Nevan stated with a smirk. "Facing the four of us together…"

"It doesn't matter what your number is!" Naruto cut her off. "Two one one, three on one, four on one, call nine one, one…" He paused and then took out his gun. "Actually, don't call that. It won't help you anyway. Cero Shot!"

A deadly blue beam of energy flew straight at Nevan, but she was not an easy target. Without any panic or hesitation she summoned her shadows to cover her and transport away from danger zone.

"Kill him!" Berial screamed, attempting to slice Naruto in two with his sword. The attempt failed however to Greater demon's shock when Naruto actually caught the blade with his bare hand.

"Power Fragment activated. Level one."

"What is…?" Berial spoke in confusion until he suddenly found himself lifted off the ground. "No… That's impossible!"

"Impossible this, bitch!" Naruto exclaimed, throwing Berial by the sword and dropping him on his head.

"Ice breath!"

"Shit!" Naruto cursed and turned around sharply, but it was already too late. A strong current of ice escaped from Cerberus's mouth and came straight at him, turning the blond demon into an ice sculpture.

"Now, Nevan!"

"On it!" The demoness shouted, gathering a massive amount of lightning power. "Unholy Bolt!"


A great lightning struck right in the middle of Naruto's frame, shattering it to pieces to everyone's shock.

"Ugh… Did you get him?" Beowulf asked as he finally recovered after Naruto's blast.

"Seems like it." Nevan hesitated. "But…"

"It was way too easy." Berial said, getting up from the ground. "That's what all of us think, right?"

"Well, for once you think right." Naruto's voice echoed from everywhere. "Power Fragment activated. Level two."

"Show yourself, Uzumaki!" Beowulf screamed. "Where are you?"

"Down here." Naruto said smugly.

Three large demons looked down and… one was unlucky.

"Jayaku Houtenjin!" Naruto shouted, sending Cerberus high in the air with a rising kick to one of demon's heads.

"Take this!" Berial shouted, smashing his fist into the ground.

Already seeing this attack before, Naruto immediately looked down to see that he was absolutely right. Earth beneath his feet was about to explode.

"Hn, catch me if you can." The blond exclaimed, doing several backflips to evade new explosions.

"Keep him moving!" Berial yelled. "Don't give him time to recover and recuperate!"

"On it!" Nevan nodded, sending a lightning barrage after lightning barrage at Naruto who was already hard pressed to avoid Berial's attacks. "He's weak against light! Beowulf!"

"Grah!" The enraged beast roared, spreading his wings. "Feathers of light!"

"Damn it." Naruto cursed, teleporting out of the way. "You annoying little…"

"DIIIIIIIE!" Cerberus yelled, diving at him from the sky.


"Too slow, jabroni!" Naruto mocked, leaping high in midair to avoid the attack.

"You won't get away!" The three headed demon exclaimed, sending another stream of ice at the Overlord.

Naruto looked at the approaching current in amusement. "Do you actually think this crap will work a second time?" He shook his head and was about to teleport again… when he was suddenly struck by a lightning in his back. "Ah, fuck!" He cursed, quickly remembering the ice current.

In a last ditch effort Naruto managed to twist his body, trying to escape the attack, but luck was not on his side this time. His left leg still got caught by the ice.


"Feathers of light!"

"SHIT!" Naruto cursed, covering himself with his hands… which was completely useless as, sharp as razors, Beowulf's feathers ripped right through his entire body. Arms, legs, torso and even head were pierced at least once.

"You're mine!" Berial growled, jumping up and slamming his massive blade right into Naruto's back, sending him spiraling down to the ground.


Naruto landed with incredible speed, creating a small crater.

"GRAAAAAAH!" Beowulf growled loudly, amassing great amount of light power in his fist. "You're finished!" He jumped up in the air and dived right at his enemy, bringing his fist down with all his might. "NARUTO!"


A huge explosion of light escaped from the crater, even hurting Beowulf himself a little.

"Did you… Did you get him?" Nevan asked cautiously.

"Of course he did." Cerberus replied. "There is no way even Naruto can survive an onslaught like this."

"Hmm… Perhaps." Berial muttered. "So what now?"

"What do you think?!" Beowulf growled, still pinning Naruto's body with his fist. "Now I'll go and destroy all his friends and allies! I will…!"


"W-What?" Was the last thing Beowulf said before his body suddenly broke into two similar halves, spraying nearby area with tons of blood.

"No!" Nevan yelled in anger.

"Hmhmhmhahahaha!" Naruto's evil chuckle sounded through the area, giving chills to his still alive opponents. "That surely was entertaining. I even go as far as to commend you for making me release this much of my power." He said, slowly walking towards them between Beowulf's halves. "I haven't felt so good in a long time. At last I can unwind. Power Fragment activated… Level ten!"


A massive blast of energy surged from Naruto's body, almost sending Nevan flying away.

"Gh… Don't give up!" She called. "We can still win this!"

"I'll be the judge of that." Naruto stated, bringing his hands together. "Eternal Distortion."

A strange beam of white light immediately escaped from his hands and hit Cerberus too fast for the demon to react. The result was… shocking. Berial and Nevan looked in awe and horror how a great demon became dust in less than a second… No, not dust. For even dust didn't remain after the beam hit him. It was as if he was… erased.

"Are you fucking kidding me…?" Berial spoke in shock, taking several steps back. "How are we supposed to fight this?!"

"You weren't supposed to fight me." Was suddenly heard from behind.

Berial quickly turned around… only to receive a fireball in the chest.

"Art is a blast!" Naruto grinned. "Katsu!"


"Hmhmhmhmhmhahahahahaha!" Naruto laughed maniacally, seeing how Berial's body exploded into tiny bits. "You're fired!"

"Ah…!" Nevan tried to move away from him, but stumbled and fell on her back. "Who… Who are you?!"

"What, don't you know?" Naruto asked mockingly. "I am Son Goku! And I… am a Super Saiyan! Don't believe? Check the hair."

Nevan scowled at him. "Damn you, Naruto."

"Hmhmhm, don't blame me for your stupidity." The Overlord said with a shrug. "I even forgot you existed. All you had to do is know your role, shut your mouth and don't get in my face… Which is exactly what you did, so…" He unsheathed his sword. "Time to die, bitch."

"Tch, I will gladly die fighting against a scumbag like you, but I have other ideas. Catch!"

"What the fuck is…?" He asked in confusion, seeing how a small glass sphere was thrown his way.


"Uh!" Naruto grunted, covering his eyes from a sudden flash of blinding light. "What the fuck is that?!"

"How the fuck should I know?!" Yamato replied.

"Stupid, very stupid, Nevan." Naruto said angrily. "You know that I hate light. And if you actually think that you can escape from me by using such a cheap trick…"

"Oh, it's not Nevan you should be worried about." A sudden unknown, but very familiar voice responded.

"What the…?!" Yamato spoke in confusion. "That sounds almost like…!"

"Well hello, Naruto… I've been waiting for this moment for a long, long time."

Naruto narrowed his eyes as the light slowly receded to reveal… Naruto.

(Starting song: "Crack Addict" by Limp Bizkit)

"…You…" Yamato finished his sentence. "But that cannot…"

'Of course it cannot!' Naruto thought in frustration. "Taking my form won't give you my skill, bitch!" He shouted, dashing forward with the speed of a bullet and attempting to cut 'Nevan's head off. But…


"W-What?!" Naruto was never so shocked in his entire life. Nevan… Or most-likely-not-Nevan-anymore stopped his blade by catching it… in his hand… encased in a metallic gauntlet… gauntlet Naruto himself used in his demonic form.

"I don't know what made you think I'm Nevan, Jabroni…" The second Naruto began, taking out a cola can with his free hand. "I fail to spot a set of breasts on me. How about you?"

"Tch." Naruto cursed, jumping backwards to create distance. "Who are you? Where the hell am I?" He asked, reverting back to his human form.

"Well… Wait, excuse me one second!" The double replied, quickly emptying the can into his mouth. "Ah, much better! Now what were you asking…? Ah yes. Where we are…" He paused, looking left and right. "Well, what does it fucking look like, you moron?"

Naruto took a second to do the same. A second because there wasn't much to observe. The landscape was as basic as it gets. A rocky plain. One huge rocky plane in all sides all the way to the horizon. Nothing interesting about it… The sky was another story whatsoever. It wasn't blue like in the Human world, it wasn't red-black either. No, it was gray in color, but that's not all. It looked really… unstable, more reminding of a water surface instead of sky.

"Hmm… If I were to guess, I would say it's some fucking interdimensional plane." Naruto said casually…

…At which the double Naruto immediately snapped his fingers and pointed at the original. "Bingo! Exactly what it is! As for your other question… Hmhmhmhm, who else can I be… If not the jabroni beating…!"

Naruto's eyes widened.

"Pie eating! Trail blazing, eyebrow raising! Not forged in hate, not filled with rage! Finally out of his goddamn cage GREAT UZUMAKI NARUTO!"

"Shut up!" The original Naruto cursed through gritted teeth. "You can't be me, I'm me!"

Double's smile fell. "You are right about that, Naruto… I can't be you. However…" A sudden flash of blue and he had his copy of Yamato in his hand. "I'm as much Uzumaki Naruto as you are."

'What the fuck…' Naruto thought in shock. 'How can be another version of you?!'

"How the fuck should I know?!" The demon blade responded. "Perhaps the same way as there can be another version of you."

"Fuck… Cut the crap, asshole!" The original screamed. "Wh… What are you?!"

The double shook his head. "I already told you, I am you…" He paused. "Or at least what you should've been."

Naruto's eyebrows rose. "Excuse me?"

"My hearing is alright, so you should've heard that." The double stated, starting to walk in circles around the original. "A young boy with future so bright that it could spread its shining all over the world. He was destined for greatness. In fact, he could become great enough that he could possibly achieve the impossible and finally lead this sinful world to peace. But instead… he chose hatred!" He yelled, suddenly rushing forward and locking blades with his counterpart.


"Gh." The original Naruto struggled to push the enemy back. 'Damn, he's strong… I'm starting to believe that he really is me.'

"He placed himself over everyone else, over the world! And then…!" The double grunted, pushing the original back and following with a spinning heel kick to the ribcage. "And then he became the very thing he was supposed to destroy!"

"Grr." Naruto growled, twisting in midair and landing on one knee. "So fucking what?!" He shouted, dashing towards his opponent. "Who said I should care about others?!"

"I do!" The double yelled, ducking under Naruto's blade, only to receive a knee to the face. "Ugh…"

"It doesn't matter if you do!" The original shouted, pointing the tip of his sword at the double. "The fact of the matter is this, jabroni. I don't know if you're really me or not. But what I do know is that I'm gonna kick your candy ass and get the hell out of here!"

The double smirked at this. "Oh, we'll see about that." He said, quickly teleporting behind Naruto and cutting his back open with his blade.

"Ah!" Naruto gasped, falling forward on his knees. "Motherfucker!"

"I'm not, you are." The double stated, looking down at Naruto's downed form. "And I cannot be what you are… Since I'm your exact opposite!"

Naruto glanced over his shoulder in confusion. "W-What?"

"You must really be deaf." The double exclaimed, running a hand through his hair. "Finally found something you can't comprehend huh? Fine, I do not know if my time is limited, so I'll tell you straight away. Do you remember that day, Naruto? The one you swore revenge on the very people who wronged you?"

"Of course I do." Naruto hissed. "That's when it all started."

"Exactly. It all started for you… But it ended for me."

Naruto's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean?"

"That day you sealed a part of your own being, Naruto." The double explained. "Part that's responsible for all your positive traits. Mercy, forgivness, love and compassion…"

"Wait, you don't mean…"

"Yes, I am that part!" The double shouted angrily. "Do you have any idea how long I've waited for this day?! Seeing your very self turn into a monstrosity and being unable to do a single thing about it! It almost ate me alive!" He took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself. "But I knew… I knew and I waited. I waited for this moment! Now I can finally… FINALLY take you down and shove your monkey ass exactly where it belongs!"

"The fuck…?!" Naruto slowly got up to his feet. "You won't get my body, you son of a bitch!"

"Oh, we'll see about that!" The double grinned. "Only one of us will leave this place, me! And I swear to gods it won't be you!"

"Go to hell!" Naruto gritted his teeth, lashing out at his counterpart. "Streak!" He shouted, sliding forward and swinging his sword horizontally. But…

"Rapid Slash!" The double blurred past him, creating multiple flashes of silver behind him.


"Ah! Fuck!" Naruto cursed, turning around sharply, trying a 360 strike.

The double, however, anticipated this and ducked just in time. "An opening!" He stated smugly, turning his katana and stabbing it forward.

Luck was not on his side this time for Naruto moved to the right just in time to avoid being impaled. "Damn straight." He said and not missing his chance, placed two fingers on the left side if double's chest. "Hadou #4: Byakurai."


"Gah!" The double gasped as a beam of white light pierced his heart. "Bastard!" He brought his right hand up. "Volcanic Viper!"

"Infernal Divider!" The original attempted at the same time.

Two rising attacks collided, creating a brief thundercrash.

"You're going down!" Naruto decided to follow first. "Bandit Revolver!" He shouted, attempting a midair heel drop.

The double had one over him this time.

"Same to you." He stated, leaping over his enemy's attack and delivering one of his own. "Moon Phase!"

"Dah!" Naruto spat some blood as he was sent flying into the ground with a somersault heel drop. "GRAH!" He kicked rubble from himself angrily. "Die, you piece of shit!" He screamed, raising his left hand. "CERO OSCURAS!"

The double mirrored the action. "Hadou # 88: Hiryu Gekizoku Shinten Raihou!"


Two attacks crashed, creating a massive blast of energy. However they were so evenly matched, so neither combatant was harmed… Which really angered Naruto.

"AAAAAAAAH! Fuck you!" He cursed, jumping higher than his double. "TERRA BREAK!"

"Tch." The double grunted, landing on the ground. "This might be troublesome…"



Naruto fired energy beams out of his hands down to a point when the area below became nothing but a one big crater.

"Huff… Huff… Looks like I finally got him." He muttered, smirking to himself.

"Got who?" Suddenly came from behind.

"Wha…?" Naruto barely had the time to turn around before…

"Oblivion." The double blurred past him faster than even Naruto's own eyes could see. And shortly afterwards…


"Guah!" Naruto spat more blood out of his mouth just as a much bigger amount came from his sliced chest. "K-Kuso…"

"Your anger is your undoing." The double said stoically, looking down at Naruto's falling body, and raised his sword. "Dimension Slash!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Naruto screamed in pain as he was slammed into by a massive black shockwave that sent him into the ground with a tremendous force.


"Cough… Cough… Fuck…" The original cursed as he struggled to crawl out of the crater he created by his fall. "I will not… fall here…"

"Yes, you will." The double said calmly, slowly descending to the ground near his opponent. "You cannot win this fight, Naruto." He shook his head. "You don't even know why you're fighting. You have no goal… you have no reason to exist."

"Fuck… you…"

The double sighed. "Die, Naruto. From this moment on the world is under my protection."

"Guhe…" Naruto spat blood again. "Under your protection?! Well protect this!" He suddenly turned on his back… and pointed a gun at his counterpart's face.


'Such cheap tactics.' The double thought, raising his sword to block… when something unpredictable happened.


The double only had the time to widen his eyes when out of nowhere… Yugito jumped right in front of him, taking the shot instead.


"NO!" The double screamed, catching her falling body. "Why?! I wouldn't have died! I…!"

The girl opened her eyes shakily. "B-Because I l-lo…" She tried to say a bit more, but her eyes closed shut and head felt limply.


"Hmhmhmhmhahahahahaha…" Naruto chuckled evilly, slowly getting up to his feet. "How can you protect the world when you can't even protect those you care about!"

"You won't dare…!"

Naruto grinned maniacally. "Won't I?" He suddenly raised his hand to the right… Just as Trish appeared in that direction in a burst of flame.

"What the hell? Why is there two of you?" The woman asked in confusion.

"Trish, run! Run away!" The double screamed… in the exact same moment Naruto fired a…


…Out of his hand.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Trish shrieked in pain as her body quickly melted into dust.

"YOU BASTARD!" The double yelled in rage, sliding towards Naruto and thrusting his blade forward, and… hit the target.


Just not the one he hoped.

"N-Naruto… why?" Tsunade stared right at him with sad horrified eyes… as his blade was sticking out of her chest.

"N-No! It wasn't me! I tried to…"


"UGH!" The double's back arched as he was suddenly pierced from behind by Naruto's katana.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!" Naruto laughed madly. "Lose, will I?! I think not!" He exclaimed, twisting Yamato several times inside the double's ribcage. "There ain't no way I'm losing to a fucking weakling who thinks on emotions! DIE!"

The double looked up to see Naruto's blade attempting to slice his head off. "No."

Naruto stared in shock at what he was witnessing. His sword was actually stopped… by Hanabi.

"What the fuck?!"

"You think I didn't know it was genjutsu?" The double spoke calmly from his kneeing position. "You thought to break my will by showing me their deaths… What you failed to realize is that my bond with them is what making me strong!" He shouted as Hanabi's illusion kicked Naruto's blade away.

Immediately the double picked up his. "Senmaioroshi!" He dashed past the original.


Naruto's eyes widened in shock as he stood back to back with the double.

"What… was…?" He muttered… one second before his every part was cut open.

(Switch song: "Welcome to Silent Hill" From Silent Hill the movie)

"GUOH!" Naruto fell face first on the ground, covered in sword slashes from head to toe. "I… How could I…" He glared at his hand in frustration. "My wounds… Why are they not healing?"

"Isn't it obvious?" The double asked back, turning around. "It's because you have lost."

Naruto's eyes widened. "No… I still…"

"Enough, Naruto." The double whispered, raising his sword over Naruto's head. "It's time for you to go. Do not worry, I will make sure our name will not be forgotten. We will become great… And our name will not cause fear anymore."

Naruto looked up in horror. 'Don't fuck with me… I can't lose! I won't lose! I WON'T GIVE UP!'

The blade went down.

'I WON'T!' He shut his eyes, having no choice but to wait for the killing blow to come… But it didn't. Instead there was a shocked voice of the double.

"What…? What is this?"

Naruto slowly opened his eyes to see something that was indeed shocking. Not as shocking as it was for his double, but still… Someone stopped the strike again. But this time it was no illusion. It was… Naruto's shadow. A dark silhouette of a woman was holding the double's blade with her hands, kneeing protectively in front of Naruto's body.

"W-Why?" The original asked sadly. "I promised… I promised not to rely on you anymore. I said I'll be strong enough to be on my own…"

The double stared in shock. Naruto actually… cried.

"I… I don't need you anymore!"

The shadow slowly released the double's blade and turned to Naruto.

"What are you…?" The double asked just as the shadow leaned closer and… hugged his counterpart. "What the hell are you doing?!"

"I…" Naruto muttered as the shadow whispered something in his ear. "But… Yes, you're right… Maybe it is for the best."

"You…!" The double took a step back in confusion. "What the hell is going on?! Tch, doesn't matter!" He raised his sword. "I'll just defeat…!"

"You…" Naruto suddenly spoke. "You wanted to take my place?"


"Take it."


"You heard me… me." Naruto muttered, hugging the shadow back. "I'm… tired. This damn struggle… It's hard, so hard. You want it? It's yours. I'm staying here…"

The double's eyes widened. "What are you doing?!"

"…I give up."

"NO!" The double shrieked… and suddenly a big beam of light escaped from his chest. "AAH!"

"Huh?" Naruto looked up in confusion, then back at the shadow who only nodded at him silently.

"Damn it! So close!" The double screamed as more and more beams literally tore his body apart. Finally he looked at Naruto with despair. "Why? Why you? Why not me?"

Naruto closed his eyes. "No matter what you say… You are still just a copy."

The double's eyes widened for a second, but then narrowed in a hateful glare. "No matter what you do, Naruto… You will always be… a monster… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!"


The double exploded with a blinding flash of light, leaving Naruto still covered in cuts ,still standing on his knees,… only in the middle of the Netherworld.

"H-How?!" Nevan stuttered in shock. "He… He said it's impossible to escape!"

"He, huh…" Naruto muttered, slowly getting up to his feet. "I guess we're talking about my good friend Sasuke, right?" He grinned tiredly. "Well played, really well… I almost fell to… whatever that was."

"But you didn't…"

"Yes, I didn't!" Naruto stated cheerfully, raising his hands. "Aren't you happy?!"

"Tch…" Nevan slowly backed away from him until her back hit the wall. "Ah! No… Ghp!" She exclaimed when Naruto raised her by the throat with his right hand.

"Nice try, Nevan." The blond grinned. "You and Sasuke really outdid yourself this time. BBut, well… All good things come to an end!" He said smugly, pressing his fingers tighter.

"Ghah!" Nevan gasped, gripping Naruto's hand with her own. "You… monster…"

Naruto's smile fell.

"You will always be… a monster…"

'Monster huh…' He thought, looking at Nevan's horror struck face.

"Hesitating?" Yamato asked in surprise. "It's not like you."

'Really?' Naruto asked back. 'What's like me?' He exclaimed… releasing his grip. "Go. Get out of here.

"Hah!" Nevan gasped for air as she fell down on her knees. "Cough… cough… Why?" She looked up. "After all this… you're letting me go?"

"You are not a threat to me anymore, and you are not my enemy." Naruto shook his head. "I know how to prevent myself from being summoned again, so your death will give me nothing." He turned away from her and started walking away. "You have failed not once, but twice…" He said, glancing over his shoulder. "Live with it."

"Ho-ho! Forgiveness, Naruto? You are weak! You're not fit to be the dark lord of the sith anymore bwahahahaha!"

"Hmhmhmhmhm…" Naruto chuckled, disappearing in a burst of flames. 'Perhaps. But that's what makes me human…'


That's all folks! You can't believe how hard it was to write that.

Next time: Naruto returns to Konoha! But for now…

Fuck like hell and sleep well!