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Chapter fourteen: A long awaited return.

"Hell yeah!" – talks.

'Art is a blast!' – thoughts.

"Know your role!" – demon blades.

"Katsu!" – demonic/jutsu.


Otogakure no sato. Naruto's chamber…

"At last. Where were…?" The question died in CC's throat when she actually spotted Naruto's condition. "What happened?"

"What are you talking about?" Naruto asked back casually walking towards his bed and sitting down.

"Umm… look down."

Naruto did, finally noticing that his clothes were almost completely gone, and he himself was still covered in cuts. Some small and some big. However if he was actually bothered by their existence, he was making a damn good job at hiding it.

"Ah that…" He said simply, waving his hand. "This is nothing, look." He moved the arm near CC's face. "It's healing already."

"I can see that much." The woman exclaimed. "Though I can't help but wonder what could do that to you of all people… And why do you look so smug for someone who's probably went through a meat grinder and back."

"Ah, now that is a very good question." Naruto stated, lying down on his back and smiling. "You see, I was just… reminded of something. Something that made all of this…" He moved his hand around. "…Possible."

"Oh? I'm intrigued." CC said, moving closer. "Share?"

"Hmm… why not." The blond placed his hands behind his head. "Tell me, CC. What do you think got me so far?"

Woman's eyebrows rose slightly. "Hmm, let's see… Your power?"

"I prevailed many times against much stronger opponents." Naruto countered.

"Interesting… Then maybe cunningness?"

"Nice try, but no. I was outsmarted before as well."

CC grinned. "Oh, I get it. Your balls got you so far."

Naruto snapped his fingers and pointed at her. "Exactly. But only against women. How did I beat all the men then?"

CC shrugged. "Well, you always call that Uchiha kid Uke. I wondered if that was because the two of you…"

"What the fuck?!" Naruto interrupted in outrage. "How dare you doubt me, woman?! You of all people should know that I'm straighter than Yamato's blade!"

"It's a little curved actually…" CC corrected.

"Wha…? Oh, fuck you…"

"Hmhmhmhmhm…" CC chuckled. "Teasing never gets old… Still, what is the answer?"

"And why should I tell you anything now?! If you think that I'm…!"

"Naruto." CC interrupted this time.

"Hn… fine." Naruto looked at the ceiling. "I told you before. I fought against stronger opponents, I fought against smarter opponents, I fought against more experienced opponents… Then what made me come on top?" He grinned victoriously. "I was reminded just now…"

CC hated to admit, but she wasn't so captivated in a long time. Naruto sure knew how to intrigue someone.

"What?" She whispered. "What was it?"

Naruto's grin widened. "Instinct."

CC leaned backwards. "W-What?"

"Oh yes." Naruto confirmed, sitting up and moving his face very close to hers. "How can you beat someone who is stronger? How can you beat someone who is smarter? Even this is not a very hard guess. You just have to overpower the smarter and outsmart the stronger. But what would you do if your enemy is stronger and smarter…? Or at least as strong and smart as you are?"

CC paused in thought. "…Improvise?"

"Yes, that would be the obvious choice." The demon said with a smirk. "But that can only get you so far because that is exactly what your enemy will try as well." And then his smile fell. "But there is one more thing…"

"Motivation." CC guessed.

Naruto sighed. "Yes… And today, I got a… a wakeup call. A real slap in the face." He paused. "Today I had to fight an enemy who was as strong as I am… as smart as I am. And, I really hate to admit it, but his motivation was so strong that I doubted myself…"

Woman's eyes widened. "Who?"


CC tilted her head to the side. "Huh? You can't fight yourself."

"Nah, I believe it was illusion." Naruto said, waving his hand. "And a pretty strong one at that. And there I had to fight myself… The toughest fight of my life actually."

"Really? What happened?"

"I…" Naruto looked down for a second. "That's personal. But to tell the truth, I almost lost. Truly. I was on the verge of a complete defeat. However…" He grinned again. "That's exactly what made me remember something I forgot. And that led me to realizing who this double of mine was; what that illusion was all about, and how to escape it."

"Tch." CC narrowed her eyes. "I hate it when you speak in riddles."

"Hmhmhm…" Naruto chuckled. "Just think about this. How do you escape from your greatest nightmare?"

CC opened her mouth to answer, but before she could do that, Naruto suddenly summoned his gun and pointed right at her face… Or at least very close to it.

"If you even think about doing this, then I will keep killing you until you die for good." He stated gravely.

Now CC had to admit, she was never so shocked in her entire life… and that's a very long period. However it all came together when she heard a very unnatural sound over her shoulder.

"Heeeeee…" Alucard exclaimed moving his head back from CC's neck. "Too alluring. I've never tasted the blood of a true immortal before."

Naruto's eyes narrowed at this. "It doesn't matter if you didn't." He said that phrase without shouting for the first time. Yet it was said so dangerously that it made even CC nervous, and it wasn't directed at her.

"Come on, just a little pint…" Alucard grinned, showing his razor sharp teeth.

Naruto responded at that by arming the gun's trigger. "Don't make me repeat myself. If you even think about touching this woman again, I will kill you in such a way that you won't be able to come back."

"Oh, scary…" The vampire said sarcastically, but still backed down and stood up. "Fine, fine. Spoil my fun."

Naruto dismissed his gun. "What are you doing here? You know I don't like to be disturbed."

"Well, I don't exactly respect your privacy, so…"

The demon rolled his eyes. "Just tell me what you want."

"Okay." Alucard crossed his hands. "What do you think you're doing, playing ninja with this Konoha trash? Let's just go and waste them like we did before and…"

"No." Naruto cut him off. "I said it before, and I will say it again. This course of action will only lead to another Continuum Shift. I know it…"

"And how exactly do you know it?!" Alucard challenged.

"I know it… because I observed it. All of it." Naruto stated, smiling smugly.

Surprisingly, that was enough to convince the ancient vampire. "Very well, have it your way. Am I going?"

"Yes." Naruto nodded. "You will be on my team actually. I don't want my plans to be disturbed by Konoha nuisances. So it will be your job to eliminate any of them should the opportunity arise."

Alucard's eyes lit up. "A slaughter? Why didn't you say so sooner?! We could escape this conversation completely!"

Naruto just sighed at this.

"You know, I sometimes have doubts about the company you keep…" Yamato commented.

'Yeah, me too.' Naruto responded.

"And what about me?" CC asked, pulling the demon out of his thoughts. "Will I be going as well?"

"No, actually you won't." Naruto stated. "You will be staying here."

"Huh? Why not?"

"Because I cannot allow any harm to come to you." Naruto said casually, shocking not only CC, but Alucard as well.

"Concern?" The vampire said in amusement. "That's so not like you…"

"You won't understand." Naruto shook his head and looked right into CC's eyes. "Remember, if the plan fails and I fall…" He placed a hand on her cheek. "You're my only hope…"

Konohagakure no sato. Sasuke's room…

"GRAH!" With a loud roar Sasuke appeared in his room, smashing a bedside table with his leg… and startling Sakura.

"Sasuke wha…?"

"DAMN IT!" The Uchiha yelled, interrupting her question. "DAMN IT TO HELL!" He added, punching a hole through a wall.

Sakura stared at him for a moment, not exactly knowing how to react. "…Did something happen?"

"You damn right something happened!" Sasuke replied harshly, tearing his hand out of the wall. "I almost had him, Sakura! Almost had him! Do you have any idea how that feels?"

Girl's eyes narrowed. "Perhaps not. But do you have any idea how it feels when you talk to me like that?"

Sasuke's eyebrows rose. "Sakura, I…" He then took a deep breath and sat down on the bed beside her. "I'm sorry. It's just… It was my last chance to stop him from coming here, and I failed… again." The Uchiha grunted, clutching his head with his hands.

Sakura shook her head lightly. 'Stubborn idiot…' She thought, moving closer and hugging him from behind. "Shhh. It's okay. Tell me what happened."

"I…" Sasuke sighed. "I was so close, Sakura."

"I know, you said it before." The girl responded. "Tell me more."

"Well… In short words, we created a genjutsu." Sasuke explained. "A genjutsu strong enough to affect even someone like Naruto. And the main principle behind it was…" He suddenly stopped and looked at her over his shoulder. "Tell me something. If there was one thing Naruto's incapable of doing, what would that be?"

Sakura raised an eyebrow at this. "That's… not really something I can answer straight away."

"Oh, but you can." Sasuke stated. "Try to remember the old Naruto, Sakura. The one we took our first chuunin exam with. What is it about him that never changed even to this day?"

The girl rolled her eyes. "You're surprisingly full of strange questions today. But alright… Remember the old Naruto, right?"


'The old Naruto…' Sakura thought, remembering the old days of team seven. The always calm and collected Kakashi-sensei, the stoic brooding Sasuke and the always cheerful and energetic Naruto… Who was always yelling about becoming a Hokage.

That single thought was enough to bring a smile on Sakura's face. She missed those days, and would've given anything just to bring them back. Of course her smile didn't get unnoticed by Sasuke.

"Remembered, are you?" He asked. "Now what was Naruto always yelling?"

"I will never give up! I won't run away! That is my way of the ninja!" Immediately echoed inside of the pink haired girl's head.

"Never give up…"

"Exactly." Sasuke nodded. "So we based our illusion on a single principle. To give the target something he or she dreads most."

"Interesting…" Sakura muttered. "And what did Naruto get?"


Sakura's eyebrow rose again. "Excuse me?"

"No, you heard me right." Sasuke explained. "I assumed that someone as fucked up as Naruto will get a perfect enemy, but I haven't realized that his ego is big enough to only consider himself as a threat."

"A perfect enemy?"

"Yes, that's the basic concept." The Uchiha replied. "Someone you cannot defeat no matter how hard you try. And that's what I was betting on." He said with anger in his voice. "That was not a simple illusion as you imagine them, Sakura. If he died there, it would've been real. And I thought that his ego and his principles won't allow him to give up… And I was right."


"I… I don't know what happened. He was seconds away from falling, but… I think something helped him. Something only that world could actually visualize…"


"…And he gave up."

Sakura's eyes widened to their limits. "You're joking, right?"

Sasuke turned to her sharply. "Does it look like I'm joking, Sakura?"

The kunoichi remained quiet, realizing that this was not the best time to talk.

"I wouldn't have believed it if I haven't seen it with my own eyes." The Uchiha continued. "He just went and… agreed to stay there and allow his double to take his place. I… I don't understand."

'Naruto gave up… perhaps…' She hugged him closer. "Ne, Sasuke… Do you think that it's a sign that we might get the old Naruto back?"

Uchiha's eyes widened. "You… What?! What are you saying?!" He spat angrily.

"That phrase of his… Do you remember?" Sakura asked calmly. "That everyone has darkness… But if that's true, then everyone has light as well. Do you think that perhaps his is not completely diminished yet?"

"No, I don't." Sasuke exclaimed roughly. "Goodness in Naruto?! Are you fucking kidding me?! We're talking about the man who wiped out entire countries! He killed your parents for god's sake!"

Sakura's eyes closed slowly. "Yes, you're probably right… But you know what that means, right?"


"I'm gonna need your blood, Sasuke…"

"Is that what you truly want?" Suddenly came from a window. "Become a demon?"

Both teens turned their heads sharply and Sasuke even summoned his sword.

"Don't be jumpy, it's just me." A white haired man in a red coat exclaimed, jumping inside. "I hope I haven't interrupted a… special moment."

"Yes, you did." Sasuke said with a glare. "Not only a special, but also a private moment. What do you want, Dante?"

"Nothing much, just wondering what you're gonna try next." The hunter stated. "Since your little deception plan failed, I'm sure you have a backup one. Right?"



"Wrong…" Sasuke muttered. "I don't have any other plans. The Hokage has agreed to allow Naruto in. Perhaps he or Gai will be able to help you." He said, lying down on his bed. "Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna wallow in self-pity…"

"Oh no, you don't." Dante replied, grabbing Sasuke by the collar and slamming his back against a wall.

"What are you doing?" Sakura yelled in shock.

Ignoring her question, Dante simply glared at Sasuke. "I didn't give you that power so you can 'wallow in self-pity' as you put it. If your plan failed, then you just have to come up with a new one."

"What's the damn point?!" Sasuke shouted in his face. "It's too late! Naruto will get inside anyway!"

"Maybe, but it's not the end of the world." The demon hunter replied. "I didn't know him for long, but I know that Naruto must have a reason for coming here."

"I think that's obvious for everyone." Sakura spoke calmly.

"And I'm sure he has an excuse for coming as well."

"Yes, he's here to take the chuunin exam." The girl informed. "Or at least that's what he said."

Dante grinned at this. "Well, then I think that the course of actions is set. We just have to make sure that he fails in that exam."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at this. "We?"

"Yes, we…"

The Hokage's office…

"So… you're telling me that my godson is some terrible demon now."

"We do, Jiraiya." Hiruzen looked at his student strangely. "Didn't your network bring you any reports?"

"…No, it did not." The toad summoner replied after a slight pause. "So, if he'd doing something nasty, he must be covering it really well."

"I think you do not understand." Maito Gai, who stood beside him, shook his head. "We're talking about a man who made you stab Tsunade-sama."

Jiraiya's eyes widened. "Bullshit! I would never…!"

"You did." Hiruzen cut him off. "And then he killed you."

The sannin looked at them in amusement. "A teenager killed me, right." He snorted. "And then Orochimaru turned good and all were happy!"

Sandaime and Gai shared a glance… Which didn't go unnoticed by Jiraiya.

"You're bullshitting me, right?!" He almost shouted. "This cannot be!"

"Unfortunately it can." Gai stated.

"…No, fuck it!" The sannin snapped. "I won't believe it until I see him with my own eyes!"

"That… You will have a pretty good chance of doing." The Hokage said immediately. "For very soon he will be coming here."

"Fine! But until then I'm not believing you." Jiraiya stated. "Now tell me where Tsunade is. I want to talk to her."

"Tsunade?" Hiruzen allowed a small smirk to form on his face. "Don't worry, she will be coming soon as well… together with Naruto."


"You heard me right, Jiraiya. Your former teammate, my student, has betrayed us."

"No… It's a lie! She couldn't! She…"

"She killed Shizune, Jiraiya."

That shut the sannin up alright.

"I… I want to be alone for now…" He muttered, quickly jumping through a window, not waiting for a response.

"Well, that went well." Sarutobi exclaimed with a smile.

"I have to say, Hokage-sama…" Gai suddenly began. "The way you talked to your student just now makes me wonder if Naruto was right about you."

Old man's eyes narrowed. "Do not forget your place, jounin."

"Don't worry, I won't." Gai shook his head. "And you shouldn't forget yours. Having a portion of god's power in you does not make you the god himself."

Sarutobi's eyebrows rose. "How do you…?!"

"Do not forget who I am, Hokage-sama." Gai said calmly. "I can see a mark of the Death God clearly. This is why I haven't argued against you allowing Naruto entrance to the village. I realized that you are planning to use that power against him."

Hiruzen wondered for a moment. 'Indeed. If I remember correctly, only he and Sakura voted for allowing Naruto in…' He looked back at the jounin. "You think it will work."

"I can't know for sure, but there is a good chance that it will." Gai stated. "It is a sound plan. He won't be able to neither sense, nor steal this power from you. And if he actually decides to attack, you will have the element of surprise."

Sandaime grinned at this. "Excellent…"

"But please don't forget what I said earlier, Hokage-sama." Gai continued. "This power does not make you the god himself."

"Oh, don't worry yourself, Gai. I know it won't…" Sarutobi's grin widened. 'Yet.'

Otogakure no sato…

"Coming back to Konoha… How disgusting…"

Tsunade was in a foul mood. Why? Because she was told that she will be going back to Konoha with Naruto's group. And although she wouldn't mind going anywhere with Naruto…

"But why Konoha?!" She exclaimed, punching a hole through a wall.

"Ah, I see that your temper still hasn't changed."

Tsunade turned around with a glare. "Orochimaru. Sneaking up on me now… Do you have a death wish, or something?"

"No, I'm simply here to ask you a question." The snake sannin replied, walking closer. "What are you doing, Tsunade?"

The woman in question raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

"I asked what you were doing joining with that monster."

"Ah…" Tsunade grinned, finally understanding what he meant. "My, my Orochi! Are you jealous? I mean I know Naruto is handsome and… Hey! Is that why you have a woman's body now?! Oh, I'm terribly sorry to inform you that he prefers big breasts and…"

"Enough with the jokes, Tsunade!" Orochimaru snapped at her. "Do you even realize what you're doing?! This is the man who will destroy the world, given a chance!"

"So?" Tsunade replied with a shrug. "There is always the next world."

Orochimaru's eyes narrowed. "Is that so?" He stared at her for several seconds before continuing. "And how many people do you think will actually see this next world of yours?!"

Tsunade only grinned evilly. "I don't know how many people will see it, but I know that you certainly won't." She stated and turned around to walk away, leaving a stunned Orochimaru standing alone in a dark corridor.

One month later. Konohagakure no sato. Main gates…

"Are you sure about this?" Dante whispered to Sasuke, who stood beside the hunter and glared into distance.

"No, I'm really not." Sasuke hissed through gritted teeth, barely even opening his mouth. It was not unexpected. Today he was in a particularly foul mood. Why? Well maybe because today he will be meeting his nemesis again.

Unfortunately for him, the weather was not on his side. No, it wasn't storming like in some action movie. It was not even raining. On the contrary, the day was incredibly nice and warm. Sun shone brightly and rare clouds decorated the sky…

And of course it all pissed Sasuke off even more. Strange? Not really. For he was not dreading to meet his former friend and teammate. Oh no, he was yearning to meet Naruto again… but on the battlefield… as an enemy!

Instead he had to gulp down his frustrations and greet him like a friend again.

"Hey, take a chill pill, kid." Dante began. "The last thing we want is to provoke the conflict ourselves."

Sasuke shook his head. "This is a mistake and you know it." He said, narrowing his eyes. "If I know Naruto, and I do, peace is the last thing he wants."

"Reasonable." Suddenly came from behind. "But the initiative came from him. And politically the refusal would be stupid."

"I didn't realize you were a politician, Kakashi." The Uchiha replied, looking over his shoulder at his former mentor.

"He should be…" Another voice sounded before it's owner even appeared… out of a distorted space. "We all should, if we want to get through this."

Kakashi looked to his right. "No Akatsuki cloak this time?"

The man in orange mask shook his head. "No one here beside you three knows I'm from Akatsuki, or what it even is. But there is no reason to antagonize those who do know."

Kakashi glanced over his shoulder as well. 'So many people and barely a dozen realize what type of horror they're about to face…' The jounin thought sadly.

He was of course referring to two rows of soldiers that stood on both sides of the main road. In fact, they were covering the entire distance from the main gates all the way to the Hokage tower. Kakashi nodded at that. Even if Naruto was coming to make peace, it was always a good idea to be prepared if he wasn't.

"You don't have the time to look around." Dante suddenly spoke. "Look ahead."

Everyone did… and there he was, in all his glory.

"Naruto…" Sasuke whispered to himself, glaring daggers at his former teammate as he calmly walked towards Konoha with his entourage.

"Check this out." Dante exclaimed with a smirk. "Looks like he brought his whole circus along with him."

"Not all." Sasuke countered, still keeping his eyes on Naruto. "But he brought enough."

Indeed, Naruto's group consisted of many people and of course Sasuke knew them all. In fact, he doubted he could remember anyone from Naruto's group he actually didn't bring. He could… but all of them were currently on their side… The only mysteries were two cloaked figures, who had hoods to cover their faces. Sasuke saw Naruto's smirk and immediately realized that it was a surprise meant for someone… He hoped it wasn't him.

"Those three kids on the left look way out of picture." Kakashi commented, obviously talking about three sound genins that looked really uncomfortable walking beside Naruto's group.

Meanwhile, said group moved slowly but surely. Surprisingly, no one was talking, which was double strange. Sasuke could barely remember an incident where Naruto could keep his mouth shut. Yet he did… Until he walked all the way to the gates and stopped right in front of Sasuke.

"Ah, Konoha…" The blond demon took a long deep breath. "Even the smell is nostalgic."

"Don't get used to it." Sasuke replied sternly.

Naruto's smirk widened at hearing that. "My, Uke-chan! And here I thought you were going to be happy to see me again!"

"I'd be happy to see you in hell." The Uchiha stated, unconsciously activating his Sharingan.

Naruto shrugged. "Been there, done that, got a blowjob… nice place. I suggest you visit it sometimes…"

"You first."

"Come on, don't be like that! How about a hug?"

Sasuke opened his mouth to reply again, but someone beat him to it.

"Wait a second, Sharingan?" One of the hooded people walked forward to stand beside Naruto. "Is that the guy you were telling me about?"

'That voice…' The masked man thought, narrowing his only visible eye. 'Sounds way too familiar… No, it can't be!'

Naruto smiled beamingly. "Yep, that's him."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the stranger. "Who are you?"

"Me?" The man replied, slowly removing his hood. "Why, I'm your ancestor of course!" He exclaimed happily, activating his own Sharingan.

"M-Madara…" The masked man muttered in shock, staring dumbly at his savior and mentor.

"Madara?" Kakashi's eye widened. "Uchiha Madara?!" He asked cautiously.

"No, you're not." Madare responded. "I've seen Madara before. He's a handsome guy that looks a lot like me. And he'd never wear that stupid mask…"

"You…" The masked man suddenly raised his voice again. "Why?! Why are you joining with him?!" He shouted, pointing at Naruto.

Madara tilted his head to the side. "Wha…? Is that you, Obito?"

Kakashi's jaw fell. "O-O-Obit-to?" He slowly turned his head… just in time to see the masked man become not so masked anymore.

"Yes, that's me." Obito stated, throwing his mask away. "Now answer my question!"

"What question?"

"Why did you join him?!"

"Ah that…" Madara ran his hand through his hair. "Why not?"

"Because he stands against everything you stood for!" Obito yelled. "I spent years, trying to put your plan in motion! And now you come back and…!"

"Ah, you're talking about that moon's eye crap?" Madara interrupted, smiling in amusement. "Of course I forsake it. It was destined to fail."

"But what about…!"

"Can we please wrap this up?" Hanabi walked from behind and wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck. "I want a nice hot oral shower."

"Oh no, you don't!" Trish immediately caught up, quickly followed by Tsunade. "I'm first for that shower!"

"Forget it! You got yours yesterday!" The former sannin exclaimed. "Now it's my…"

"QUIET!" Obito's angry shout echoed through the area, surprisingly silencing even Kirabi, who was quietly commenting to Alucard about Obito's stupid face. "You're not going anywhere until I get my answers!"

Naruto glanced at Madara with annoyed look. "He's talking to you, you know…"

"Hmm, what?" The Uchiha replied, coming out of his daydream. "Did he ask something? I was just too busy imagining my next several hours I intend to spend with local sluts…"

"Yeah, he asked why you forsook your fucking plan…"

"Oh that…" Madara paused for a second, thinking how to respond. "You know, I could go into a full blown explanation that will take hours and miss my time with hookers…" He suddenly grinned and made a handseal. "Or I could simply show you."

Before anyone could even understand what was going on, Madara already called upon his Susannoo spirit that immediately split in two and also did handseals.

"What the…!" Sasuke quickly drew his sword and Dante placed his hand on the hilt of his own. Also, all other chuunins and jounins guarding the road came forward, blocking said road from Naruto's group.

"What are you doing?!" Obito yelled in confusion.

Madara's grin widened. "Just a slight… demonstration." He stated… as the area suddenly became unnaturally dark.

"Wha…?" Dante looked up… and for the first time in his life he felt something… fall down inside his stomach. "You've got to be fucking kidding me…"

"Impossible…" Kakashi muttered. 'Is that Uchiha Madara's power?'

Sasuke said nothing. Which was understandable. How else should he react to a motherfucking meteorite in the sky?! And not just any meteorite, but it rivaled Konoha itself with its size.

"There." Madara said happily and let his Susannoo disappear. Already anticipating Obito's reaction, he turned to Naruto and made a mocking bow. "If you please?"

Said demon simply crossed his arms. "And if I won't?" He exclaimed. "That doesn't count as me destroying Konoha, so why should I do anything?"

"Oh, come on now!" Madara argued. "We came here to make peace, right? That…" He pointed up. "…Is not a good start."

Naruto shook his head. "Should've left you in the village…" Then he looked up at Sasuke again, all hints of fun gone from his face. "I want you to remember this moment." With that he slowly took off his sunglasses and looked up at the meteorite.

Sauske's eyebrows furrowed. 'What the hell is he trying to…'

"Zetta Beam."

A massive ray of blue light came out of Naruto's eyes, reaching the stone orb in less than a second. And then…


Everyone had to cover their eyes from a blinding flash of light that enveloped the entire village. And when it was over… Sasuke couldn't believe what he saw…

Which was absolutely nothing. The meteorite was gone in less than five seconds.

"How unaesthetic." Naruto simply said, placing his sunglasses back on.

"Holy shit…" Dante muttered, as his hand fell back from the hilt.

"Exactly." Madara exclaimed instantly. "That is the why, Obito. No genjutsu will be able to hold a power like that. And even if it will, there are much greater forces that will never allow it to happen."

"Then… Then why did you even start it in the first place?!" Obito shouted in frustration.

"Simple." Madara shrugged. "My knowledge was very limited at that time. Now I know much, much more…"

"After becoming Naruto's lapdog." Sasuke grunted. "Some ancestor you are…"

"Well, I wouldn't call myself that…" Madara replied. "Besides, I'm alive again, and I'm more powerful than ever. Is that so wrong to you?"

"It is to me!" Obito said angrily.

"Oh really?!" Madara's face twisted in a shit-eating grin. "Is that what you think?"

"It's exactly…!"

"It doesn't ma…!" Madara tried to shout out, only to find Naruto's hand in front of his face.

"Don't even think about doing that."

"Fine, fine…" Madara chuckled, waving his hand. "The fact of the matter is this, Obito. I'm grateful for my resurrection… and you should be grateful as well." His grin widened. "I thought you'd be happier to see us…"

Obito's eyebrows furrowed. "Us?"

Prolonging the anticipation, Madara walked behind the other hooded person very slowly and stood behind him… or her.

"So slow to catch on…" He said, slowly pulling the hood down… revealing that it was indeed 'her'.

Obito's mouth opened in shock and horror. "R…"

"Rin…?" Kakashi whispered under his breath.

"The one and only." Naruto said with a smirk. "Nice of me, don't you think, Uke-chan? I simply realized that you shouldn't be the only one to receive such gifts from me."

"Fuck you." Sasuke spat through gritted teeth.

"Thanks, but no thanks." Naruto replied, waving his hand to the side. "I have many people to fuck me without you. But thanks for the thought anyway."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. "I will stop you, Naruto."

"Oh really?!" The blond walked closer so now he was standing face to face with his rival. "Stop me, will you? Stop me from doing what, jabroni?! As you see, I'm trying to make peace here…"

"Bullshit!" The Uchiha cut him off. "That's the last thing you want!"

"And how do you know that?" Naruto countered, grinning widely. "What can you possibly know about my goals?"

"I know everything about you." Sasuke spat.

"Wrong… But I know everything about you." Naruto stated calmly. "And I'm gonna tell you a little secret." He spread his hands. "Just from the goodness of my heart. You see, Uke-chan. I can sense it in you… I can sense it clearly. You wish nothing more than to fight me here and now…"

"I always wanted that!"

"Wrong again. You wanted to stop me from threatening things you cherish. You wanted to stop me from harming people you love and consider your friends." Naruto paused. "But now? Now you just want to fight. You want to do it constantly and regularly. Have you ever wondered why?"

Sasuke wanted to argue again, but words died in his throat. 'He's… He's right. I've become too anxious for my liking recently, but I can't do anything about it…'

"Ah, realized it, haven't you?" Naruto's grin widened. "Do you want to know what it is, Sasuke? It's called progress limit."


Naruto looked at him in amusement. "Hmm, strange. I expected you to ask your information source already…" He shook his head, letting his smile fall. "There I go overestimating you again… Okay, listen closely for I won't repeat again. Every demon has inner desire for power. It won't stop until you reach your limit as a demon. It's something you are facing now… It's something I face no longer. Which is exactly why you still wish to fight, and I no longer do."

Sasuke stared at him dumbly. "But why didn't I…"

"Why didn't you face it when you became a demon for the first time?" Naruto finished the question for him. "Simple. It's because you used that fucked up method the Order used to demonize their ranks. This time though, you chose a more… rational way. However it has its own downfalls, like the one you're facing now."

"And you're saying that you're no longer feeling the effects?" Dante asked suddenly.

"No, I do not." Naruto stated.

"And why is that?" The hunter pressed.

Naruto only smiled at that. "I think that is obvious. Now, do you have any more stupid questions? I can chat with you all day, but Hanabi wanted to visit her clan, Madara wanted to visit brothel, Rin wanted to talk to you two…" He pointed at Kakashi and Obito. "…And Tsunade wanted to piss on the Hokage mountain… Don't ask, I don't know why…"



"We…" Kakashi gulped the lump in his throat. "We have direct orders to bring you to the council chamber as soon as you arrive…"

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Must we all go there?"

"No, just you."

"Fuck…" Naruto cursed as his shoulders slumped in resignation. "Then let's not waste any more time." He said and looked over his shoulder. "You lot go do whatever you want…"


And that is it for now. And I say it again, I'm NOT DONE! I simply want to…


Which is what I sincerely wish to you too.