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It started as another crazy day in the Emerald Shoujo Manga department, but that wasn't something screaming, phones calling and the whole set . Onodera couldn't bear another hour at work, for he had woken up with a terrible headache that persisted during the day.

The good thing was that he was about to leave in the next 15 minutes, if his boss takano -san hadn't shoved a nice 2 feet pile of manuscripts on his desk. Onodera could feel his lunch coming up any minute now, and the fact that he was given extra work didn;t help at all with his situation.

His face was pale, and he had broken in a cold sweat.

He could hear Kisa talking to him but he couldn't make out any words.

"...chan...Ricchan can you hear me?"

"uh.. yeah, what is it?"

"are you ok? You look like you've seen a ghost"

you don't look better yourself.. don't worry, im fine, and the sooner I'll finish this pile of manuscripts the sooner I can go home." his head was now throbbing madly and his hands were trembling. The next moment he saw black and he could hear his name echoing in the background.

When he woke up he felt terribly hot and his stomach was clenching.

He was aware that he was laying down and through hazed eyes he managed to found the side of the bed. He threw up all he ate that day . Suddenly the door burst open and takano san was running at his side . He was massaging his back in swift circular motion.

There you go, get it all out...

the acid smell hit his nostrils and he started gagging and hacking. Takano san lifted him up in a sitting position and then picked him up bridal style. He could feel he was carried away and then laid in a soft place.

I'll clean up and then come back . If you need anything just call for me.

""t..takano san?".. said ritsu as he grabbed his sleeve.

"What is it?"

"I'm not feeling to good..."

"well no shit... what's wrong with you, caught the flu or something. You know what? It doesn't matter now.. what do you need?"

"Hnn.. b-bucket" in a whispered voice

"what was that? I couldn't catch it.."

Ritsu quickly put his hands over his mouth as he heaved...

Takano quickly returned with a bowl that was placed underneath Ritsu's face.

"Hey it's here, let go of your hands."

But his mind couldn't register anything due to the horrible nausea. So Takano grabbed his arms and pulled them away.

Ritsu could feel his stomach clenching again ant not long after , he threw up in the bowl takano brought him.

After a couple of minutes he calmed down but the hotness persevered.

"Water... please"

a cup of cool water was placed on his lips and he drank it greedily.

As Takano was cleaning up his mess he turned facing the wall.

He could hear heavy footsteps and pulled slightly backwards due to someone sitting next to him in bed.

Takano san held him to his chest and kissed his head .

'Please get better soon . I can;t stand seeing you sick...'

He only muttered a slight thank you as he nodded back to sleep.

The morning that came brought a new wave of nausea and Ritsu stumbled on the floor as he tried to rush to the bathroom. But nothing came back.

The nausea persisted and Ritsu felt awful.

A pair of cold hands cupped his face and he felt his head pulled upwards. Takano placed a kiss on his forehead as he picked him up and carried him back to bed. A cool wet cloth was placed on his forehead.

"If your fever doesn't break in the next few hours ,I'll take you to the hospital."

He barely heard that due to the fuzziness in his head. All of a sudden his stomach cramped up and a strong wave of pain surged through his abdomen, making Ritsu coil up. Takano's big hand was massaging his back , trying to give him some sort of comfort.

In about five minutes Ritsu went back to a fitful sleep.

Takano smiled slightly at his sleeping form but he couldn't stop worrying about him.

He went to the living room and called Hatori.

" hatori yoshiyuki speaking"

" it's me, takano."

"boss, what happened?"

" onodera won;t be coming tomorrow to work and neither am I. I have towatchhim in case he turns worse, and i'll probably have to take him to the E.R. Could you inform Kisa to deal with the printers tomorrow?"

"yes, of course"

"if something happens , text me"

" ok, you can count on me. Good night sir."

" bye"

' now that I solved that, what should I do about Ritsu? I should check on him again.'

as he got closer to his bedroom where his lover was resting he could hear a soft moan coming from there.

He put his hand on his forehead but took it back as Ritsu's temperature was dangerously high. He was back in the danger zone again. Takano quickly wrapped Ritsu in a Blanket and took him to his car. He drove fast to the hospital .

A nurse told him to place Ritsu on a bed while she got a doctor.

Takano was with his eyes on the clock. More than an hour passed and his Ritsu was still in agony, with a high fever and who knows what else that the young man was hiding from him.

He got mad and went to the nurse's station asking for a doctor

"what is taking so long. I've been here for more than an hour! Would you have checked him up faster if I brought him by ambulance?!" a vein was swelling on his forehead as he was yelling politely at the nurse

" I am sorry sir, but today there was a terrible train accident and the doctors have their hands full. As soon as one is available I will make sure to check him up. If you would like I could make him a little more comfortable but I can't administrate him any drugs without a doctor's approval."

" just do something, he's getting worse by the minute!"

as he looked back at Ritsu , he was no longer in his bed, in the hallway. Takano rushed there to see him lying on the floor spasming. His world was crashing down.