The truth was that the injection and the pills he took behind Takano's back were given to him by the doctor for a condition he has, that neither Takano nor his family knew about.

Two moths prior.

Ritsu was siting in his personal doctor's office waiting for him. A few weeks ago he noticed his lower back and bottom was hurting, but he postponed the medical visit because of work.

" Well, Mr. Onodera, we could begin by drawing some blood to get it tested and we'll see from there okay?"

" Yes, ok."

A nurse approached him with a thin needle but a large syringe.

" It will hurt a little bit."

she poked him with the needle and had drawn a full syringe of blood.

She put the cap back on and left the room.

" In about half an hour we'll get the result ok?"

" That fast?"

" Yes, well the hospital has brand new machinery and it it the latest appeared. What else could you expect from a high rated hospital?" he smiled at Ritsu.

Ritsu didn't even had time to think what would he do in the worst care scenario since the lab analysis took such a short time.

The doctor proceeded in asking him some personal questions like his diet, his sexual activity, his athletic state and so on. Time passed by quickly and a young man dressed in pale blue scrubs entered the room with a brown envelope. He gave it to the doctor, saluted Ritsu and left.

" It seems the result are in."

Ritsu was getting anxious.

The doctor read all the numbers to him, but now having any knowledge in the medical field he looked at the doctor dumbfounded.

" I'll explain it to you now. From what the tests say, you are in poor health for your age. You have an inflamed kidney, a developing ulcer and your while cell count is pretty high."

" Is it bad?"

" Well, the first ones can be treated with some antibiotics and gastric bandages, but for the high cell count, I'd like to perform a physical exam first, ok?"

" Yes, of course."

" It'll tell the nurse to leave a gown here. While you are undressing I'll prepare myself."

Ritsu got butt naked and the gowndidn's cover his smooth , baby like bottom. He hated these gowns the most.

' why can't they give me a pair of pants, sheesh! ' he thought annoyed.

He sat on the table and the doctor came in pulling his gloves on his hands.

" Open your mouth."

he looked for any kind of swelling or infection but his mouth and throat was healthy.

He then went to listening his heartbeat and lungs, and they were good as well.

" Well then, next up is the prostate exam. Would you please turn around and bend forward?"

" P-prostate? B-b-end forward?" Ritsu's eyes got all big .

" Ah, yes."

"O-ok" Ritsu was a little hesitant since he wasn't telling the truth when the doctor questioned him about his sexual activity.

The doctor stuck two fingers in a jar full of clear Vaseline and waited for Ritsu to get in position.

The doctor performed his duty, and he was mumbling something under his breath while prodding Ritsu's insides. Ritsu didn't know whether to feel embarrassed or worried at that moment.

The doctor pulled his fingers out, and took off his glove, disposing it in the bin.

" I'll leave you to get dressed and we'll talk when you are ready."

Ritsuu got dressed back up real fast, and he was very impatient.

" Well, from what I can tell for now, your prostate has some problems. I came across some abnormalities that would justify the large white cell count, so to say."

" Abnormalities? What's wrong?"

" Well, first of all, it seems to have a little rupture, and I figured out why, but I won't ask since you are uncomfortable. But that is not the worst part. It seems it has some lumps in the surface, and I can tell that they're tumors."

" Oh my god! I have cancer right?!" Ritsu's world was collapsing.

" Not necessarily, we must test to see if it is benign or malignant . If it comes out malignant, then we have to conduct a new series of analyses to see what type and stage of cancer we are dealing with.

The testing will take a few days and we'll call you when they are ready."

" So you don't know yet if I have cancer or not."

" Yes, that is correct, we'ss know for sure in a few days."

" Thank you doctor. Then, I guess I'll be seeing you in a few days."

" Goodbye, mr onodera."

Ritsu went home and was feeling utterly depressed. A loud bang on his door brought him back in the real world. He unconsciously went to the door and answered it.

" Hey! You had a date with me today, remember?"

it was Takano san. His voice was so loud and obnoxious at that moment and Ritsu felt like punching him if he had the energy.

" Go away!" he was closing the door but Takano stuck his arm and blocked it.

"Come on, let's go out, it'll do you some good!"

' how can he be so happy-go lucky when I'm feeling like crap.' thought Ritsu annoyed.

" What's wrong? Did something happen?"

Ritsu wasn't paying attention to him.

" Did the cat caught your tongue?"

" Would you please leave me alone? I'm not in the mood to be going out on dates or seeing you right now."

" Oh, and why is that?" asked Takano curiously/

" I had a crappy day, and you are making it crap[pier by each second." retorted Ritsu.

That moment Takano thought to himself where did his innocent and shy Ritsu went.

" Well, excuse me for trying to brighten your day."

" You are not brightening it! When you come, dark cloud are behind you!"

" Tsk! What is wrong with you? Got something stuck up your ass!?" said Takano a little louder than he meant.

Ritsu froze in place and then yelled him to leave.

" It seems your social skills need some polishing."

And with that Takano left his apartment.

The next two days passed in a blink of and eye and while he was at work , Ritsu received a message from his doctor. He wanted Ritsu to come that day for the results.

He excused himself earlier from work to get there earlier and was waiting in the doctor's office again that week.

" I've got some bad news and some good news. Which one do you want to hear first?"

" You choose."

" Well then, I'll start with the bad ones. It seems that the tumor is indeed malignant."

Ritsu visibly paled at that. He didn't have the power to ask what the good news were.

" the good news is that it is at stage one, and the tumors are very small. We could try and operate them but I'd like you to get a treatment first to see if you react well to it. If you do, then the surgery won't be necessary anymore."

" So I won't get bald and die?"

" Ha ha, no mr. Onodera, it's not that bad. Though I have to warn you that the treatment is strict and you must refrain from any sexual activity that might endanger the progress, if you understand what I mean. " and the doctor winked jokingly at him.

" Ye-yes. I'll do anything it takes!" Ritsu was blushing so hard that moment.

" You might encounter some bad reactions from the treatment, but try and bear with it ok?"

" Can you tell me what to expect?"

" Yes well there will be some nausea, headaches, loss of appetite and such. But you might also have seizures, but that depends on each patient. The treatment proved to be very effective."

" Yes, ok thank you doc!"

Ritsu went to the pharmacy to get the medication written in the prescription and could only hope for the best.

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