A Little Sleepy

A/N: I wrote this for one of my RP friends for a meme on tumblr, but I thought I'd post it here.

They were in a shuttle. The captain, Doctor McCoy, Nyota and himself, with Lieutenant Sulu piloting. The mission had been terrifying and dangerous, and they had had to risk using their compromised transporter to beam up Ensign Chekov, for he was in dire need of medical attention. Fortunately he had survived, and was being attended to as they travelled.

The captain and the doctor were conversing quietly, and Nyota had her head resting on Spock's shoulder, tear tracks glittering on her face in worry and fright for her friend.

Spock had one arm around her waist, holding her to him, though now she had become less hysterical and it was more for her comfort and safety. (How her safety could be guaranteed by an arm around her was beyond Spock, but he didn't let go.)

He shifted slightly to look down at her, seeing Nyota's eyes closed and face relaxed in sleep, and Spock relaxed, too.