Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own Fushigi Yugi. Else it wouldn't be a
fan fic, now would it? ^_^ The original story and characters belong to
Yu Watase. Any characters that did not appear in the story are my own
creation. (Yes, every now and again, I do something original.)

Summary: (Well, it's the first chapter so I can only summarize so much
without taking away any reason to read the chapter itself.) Walking
home from school with Miaka, Yui suddenly collapses as if from a
fever. To her horror, she finds that Seiryu is beginning to overtake
her body again. Miaka must discover the cause behind this, but where
her discovery will lead her?

Warnings: The story picks up shortly after the last episode of the
series. If you haven't seen all of the series not only will the story
probably leave you confused, but it contains some major spoilers as
well. This story has nothing to do with the OVA.

A Story Retold: Chapter 1
By Katrina Kadabra

"Miaka! Miaka, wait up!" Yui called out to her friend. Miaka walked
down the street as the afternoon sun faded for a moment behind some
clouds. At first, she didn't hear anything, but Yui's persistence paid
off and Miaka turned around to face her friend.

"Oh Yui!" she exclaimed. The sun came back out again and Miaka stopped
to let Yui catch up with her.

"You started walked home without me," Yui panted as she caught her
breath. Miaka turned a bit pink with embarrassment.

"Opps! Sorry about that," she said. "I guess I was so hungry, all I
could think about was going home and getting a snack." Yui scoffed.

"Your afternoon munchies are more important than our friendship?" she
asked. "I'm hurt." She quickly turned to her back to Miaka, who began

"I didn't mean that!" she said, but Yui continued to give her the cold
shoulder. "You're so mean to me!" Miaka cried. At this, Yui glanced
back at Miaka and smiled. Miaka returned the gesture and the two of
them continued down the sidewalk.

"Well now," Miaka said. "At least you can't tease me now about being
smarter than me, since you flunked the same entrance exam that I did."

"Maybe," Yui answered slyly. "But I still get better grades than you."
Even Miaka had to admit that Yui was right about that.
As the two of them neared Yui's house, the girl suddenly slowed her
pace. Miaka looked with concern towards Yui, and then she gasped. Her
face seemed horribly pale, and her breathing was heavy. Yui dropped
her schoolbag and slipped onto her knees, clutching her side and
groaning weakly.

"Yui!" Miaka called out. "Yui, what's the matter?"

"I don't know," Yui admitted. "I just feel so ill."

"You'll be okay," Miaka assured her. "Come on, your house is right
there. We'll get you inside and take your temperature."
Miaka helped Yui to her feet and inside the house. Yui's mother was
not home, but the girls always had a spare key, at least between one
of them. Miaka quickly unlocked the door and helped Yui up the stairs
and to her room. As soon as they entered, Yui collapsed on the bed,
her breathing still heavy and her face still white as chalk.

"Help me get this jacket off," she said softly to Miaka. "I'm sweating
so much I can't stand it." Miaka was about to get the thermometer, but
she decided she should try to make Yui comfortable first. As she
helped her remove the jacket, Miaka noticed something. Yui's arm
looked peculiar. Almost afraid to look, Miaka pushed up Yui's sleeve.
Her arm was covered in blue scales.

Yui wanted to cry out at the sight of it, but she didn't even know if
she could gather the energy.

"What is this?" she asked. "I was released from Seiryu, wasn't I?
Isn't that what you wished for, Miaka? Why is this happening now?"
Miaka shook her head in despair.

"I don't know. I don't know why this is happening."

"It's simple enough," said a voice. The two girls looked up to see a
familiar, although not so beautiful face, staring at them.

"Taiitsukun!" Miaka exclaimed, recognizing the character from the
ancient book almost immediately.

"What is she doing here?" Yui asked, more than a little surprised.
Miaka didn't really care what Taiitsukun's reasons were, but if she
had answers, Miaka wanted to hear them.

"The reason the priestess of Seiryu is experiencing the events of the
past is because there has been a change in the past." She pointed to
the ceiling of Miaka's room. Suddenly, it grew dark and Miaka could
see the stars and the celestial bodies spread out before her. She knew
the constellations of her beloved friends by heart. Her eyes followed
them across the display. Tamahome... Hotohori... Nuriko... Tasuki...
Chichiri... Mitsukake... and Chiriko. When she reached the last one,
she noticed something. Stemming from the constellation's border was a
small, but very bright shining speck.

"A new star?" Miaka questioned.

"Yes," Taiitsukun answered. "A new star has been born, located
perfectly between the constellations of Seiryu and Suzaku. So it seems
there are now two new constellations and two new celestial warriors."

"So what does that have to do with Yui?" Miaka asked, rather
impatient. Her friend was writhing in pain; the least Taiitsukun could
do was hurry her explanation.

"I am not sure, but it appears the events of the book have been
distorted, and thus the events of your world, Miaka."

"How do we fix this?"

"The only way to remedy this is to go back into the book and replay
the events. With your current knowledge of the story and a bit of
luck, you should be able to replay things in such a way that they
again work out for the greater good."

"We have to replay... everything?" Yui asked. Her memories flooded
back to when she first arrived in the book. She did not want to live
through anything like that again. She would not even have wished it on
Miaka in the heat of all her anger. Miaka seemed to sense what Yui was
thinking and did her best to comfort her.

"Don't worry, Yui," she said cheerfully. "Even if you do fall into
Kutou again, you know what areas to avoid this time, right?"

"Not really. I was totally lost. Do you think I'd be stupid enough to
wander into a alleyway in a slum by myself if I knew where I was?"

"Guess not," Miaka admitted." But Nakago saves you, remember? So you
don't need to worry, right?"

"I suppose you're right," Yui said reluctantly. Suddenly, another wave
of pain overtook her and her clutched her hand to her side once again.
It seemed she had little choice. Miaka and retrieved the Universe of
the Four Gods as quickly as possible. Clutching Yui's hand, she opened
it up and began to read.

"Thereby, the priestess opened the door to the other world..." All at
once, just as before, there was a blinding flash of light...