A/N: Proof positive that I really need to up my meds. Oh wait, I already did. Damn.

Word Count: 100 per chapter.

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: chicken. Sam runs afowl of a Louisiana hoodoo witch. Just another reason why the youngest Winchester fled to Stanford. Two part drabble fic.

Part 1 - Drumsticks R Us



Feathers rustle, and Dean opens his eyes. The big brown hen freezes. Those beady black eyes don't even blink.

That is one pissed off chicken, Dean thinks.

"Dude," Dean growls. "You peck me again and I will end you."

The hen clucks softly.

"I know!" Dean nods. "I get it. But you gotta stop pecking every damn body." He grins lazily. "You should be a rooster insteada a girl. That's kinda naughty."

Sam bitchfaces.

"All right now." Dean narrows his eyes dangerously. "No more pecking. Do the words 'extra crispy bucket to go' have any meaning for you?"

Part 2's next.