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Courtney was relaxing at Playa Des Losers until the incompetent Lindsay had splashed her with water. She chuckled as Heather walked by with a smiley face on her bald head.

Heather turned to Courtney and haughtily asked, "What's so funny?" Courtney couldn't contain her laughs, Heather scoffed and walked off in a huff.

Duncan, her boyfriend gazed at Heather, he was next to Courtney, "Hey, sunshine," He called to Heather who turned. "Keep your hair on!"

Heather glared at Duncan and then began to yell at Ezekiel, the nearest camper to her. Ezekiel, of course was scared out of his small wits.

"Um, well," Ezekiel began, Heather shoved him to Duncan, who raised his eyebrow at Ezekiel, had crossed his arms, getting impatient.

Ezekiel began to stutter. "Here's the birdie, eh?" Ezekiel hopped up high and grabbed a bird which had just happened to be passing, he gave it to Duncan.

Duncan burst out laughing, he put his hand around Courtney. "Hey, babe, mind if I go tinkle, or do you wanna watch." He raised his eyebrow.

"Ew!" Cringed Courtney. "No, No!" She yelled instantly.

"You know you want me."

Duncan got up and walked towards the portable potty where the resident goth girl was conversing with her friend. Heathers eyes glinted. She walked over to Courtney.

"Hey, Courtney, ever heard of Gwuncan?" Courtney's eyes widened, she then emitted a small chuckle which turned into a long large laugh.

Heather turned Courtney's head in the direction of Gwen and Duncan talking, Courtney gasped. "Duncan!" Courtney shrieked. "I am making sure no one gets my hands into him, I am going to change him so badly, one I will want him."

Heather stepped back at Courtney remark, "Oh." Courtney smiled. "Just kidding." She quickly added, before rushing to Duncan and Gwen.

"My work here," Heather clasped her hands together. "Is not done just yet, if there is another season, which there probably is, I will mess up Courtney and Duncan so bad, or maybe I should wait till they do it themselves." Heather chuckled evilly.