Dear Cheers fanfiction readers and writers,
Are you still out there? I sure haven't been for a long time, and for that, I apologize.
Time passes and there's so little of it. Nonetheless, I have managed to collect another selection of "Things you didn't know". They have been written over the past years, and probably vary a lot in their expression and style. I feel it's time to share them though, because there once was an audience for them. Perhaps there still is? If so, please let me know. It may give me the motivation to finish those stories, I have left carelessly on cliffhangers.
But for now, this is what I have to offer.

#46 - What will I do?

It was one of those nights they both appreciated the most. Both were off work, curled up on the couch in their fairly, new house. Diane with a book in her hand, reading as always, and Sam watching the sports results. When done watching, he rose from the spot.

"Are you going to bed?" Diane asked, looking up from her book.

"No, no, I'm just heading out to get the newspaper."

"I've forgotten all about that."

"Yeah, me too. Do you need anything now that I'm up?"

"Well, would you mind turning on the radio? That being if you're finished watching sports."

"Of course," he said, heading for the radio to turn on before exciting to the mailbox.

Walking back in, he was met by the tune of Frank Sinatra singing his version of "What'll I do".

"That's a favorite of mine," she commented from the couch. Her book was laid on the table in front and her focus was on the music.

"Is that so?" he asked, strolling back toward the living room.

"Yes. I used to listen to it when I was younger. Every time I was in some sort of despair, listening to this song always calmed me and brought fulfillment."

"Really? I always considered it a sad, depressing song," watching her while putting down the paper on the table.

"That may be, but it always cheered me up. Having someone sing out what you feel inside is, in my opinion, a great relief."

"Maybe you're right," he nodded, looking down at her with a smile.

He continued looking for a while, and when she was about to ask him, why he was simply standing there, he extended his hand to her.

"May I have this dance?"


#47 – Too good to end well

"Buying that house was the best thing we ever did," he thought with a grin, as he watched her gracefully move into the pool room of the bar, her sweet laugh still echoing in his ears.
Buying a house had naturally resulted in them finally moving in together. No more separate apartments. No more driving to one place to get more stuff to keep the other place. Just one, lovely place.
No, they were far from furnishing it completely. Only the basics had been added. They still had a month or so to move their stuff from their apartments. They took their time and enjoyed the new settlement.
To be honest, Sam thought moving into a house with Diane Chambers would be nothing but trouble. Considering her ever-changing mood due to the constant wedding-planning, Sam thought this would only worsen it. But he was happily surprised when it, on the contrary, eased and settled her mind.
He couldn't remember the last time he'd seen her so content. Except for the few short moments.
But this was throughout happiness, and it thrilled Sam. The content living arrangement brought a lot of laughs and happy moments the past few weeks. It was snuggling on the couch, watching either sport or a movie, with none of them complaining. It was tender chit-chatting whenever possible in the bar. It was everything. And it was almost too good to be true.
Her return to the main room of the bar brought Sam back to his lighter thinking.

"Hey, I gotta go up to Melville's with some change. Wanna come?" he asked.

"I'd love to," she smiled.

Yeah, there was nothing to worry about, he thought as they walked side by side to Melville's.
Unbeknownst to Sam at that point, in their absence, a dark person from the past entered Cheers to screw everything up. It was no other than Sumner Sloane.


#48 - To be the best for once

It was known by all that Sam was quite the pitcher, being a former relief pitcher for the Red Sox. What people didn't know was how he grew the obsession with the sport and decided to improve his given skill.
One day at the age of 15 Sam returned home with some great news to tell his parents. Earlier that day he had thrown balls with his friend Michael. It was only for fun, but it became obvious Sam was quite the thrower.
Michael dad had even stepped out of his house to tell him so.
"He told me I had talent," Sam passed on to his parents at dinner. His parents seemed indifferent about the news so Sam continued "He thinks I should play more often".
"Why don't you practice with Derek then? You're great at throwing too, aren't you Derek?" his dad asked Sam's brother, who nodded.
Afterwards, Sam and Derek went to throw a baseball between them. His parents came outside to watch. Sam expected some sort of reaction when all he got was "you should try to imitate Derek's throw".
From then on Sam refused to practice with his brother. Nevertheless, he practiced every day, with Michael, others or by himself. His frustrations even got him to throw faster.
He practiced so much, he got even more behind on his school work. All he wanted was to prove he was better than Derek; just at this one thing at least.
His friends were very aware of the ever-growing obsession, but they all agreed that Sam did in fact, have a talent. This resulted in Sam being recruited as a pitcher for the high school baseball team.
Being the first pick of the coach each and every time made Sam the obvious star of the team.
He had found his passion and that lead to him being drafted by the Red Sox before graduating.
All this to prove to his parents he for once was better than Derek.


#49 - The most recognizable scent

Mostly you recognize people by their face. But when it came to Sam Malone, it was his noticeably overwhelming cologne that one recognized at first. At least that was how Diane Chambers felt. She could almost point out when and for how long, he had been present or absent from a room based on the intensity of the cologne. Toward Sam, she was always clear about her opinion on his choice of cologne. It wasn't her cup of tea, to put it in a nice way.
But as the years passed, she was hesitant to admit that she grew fond of it. It was the familiarity. It was pure Sam. Nonetheless, it was an established joke that the cologne didn't fit Diane's preferences. She wanted to keep that laugh alive because she knew he got a kick out of putting it on in front of her just to mess with her.


#50 - I call your name, you call mine

She closed the door to her apartment with a silent chuckle, still very much amused by her achievement of seducing Sam and calling out Frasier. Oh, was she pleased! Pleased as ever!
They were even now, at least! She even believed she was ahead of him! But most importantly; she had neutralized the disaster of calling out "Sam" in the act of love with Frasier - by calling out "Frasier" after seducing Sam. She was a genius, wasn't she? Not everyone could pull that off and succeed with such a pleasure.
It had felt so good and still, she felt guilty. How come? Her only intention was to smack that arrogant smirk of Sam's off his lips. But she had done more than that, hadn't she?
It had felt good. But it didn't feel good just now - standing just inside her living room.
What was it that had felt so wrong? And what was it really that had felt so good?
Was it that she cheated Sam? Or that she cheated on Frasier?
That was a ridiculous thought! She didn't cheat on him! She was only trying to smooth things out.
But had she really? All those entire questions- one leading to another.
Perhaps…it was the kiss. There was a spark. She had to admit it. God forbid it, there was.
It wasn't an entire act from her side- even though that had been the intention. Looking back, she realized, it just wasn't. That kiss. It had in fact…felt good. Oh, stop it! If that was the truth, she had been unfaithful toward Frasier. And surely, she wasn't. That was a lie.
But what she had told Sam - where did that all come from? The mind…or the heart?
She had to stop. She was taking a harmless matter to a dangerous point.
Her conclusion was that it was Sam's facial expression after calling out "Oh, Frasier!" which had felt good.
It could only be that - and not the fact that she had kissed Sam Malone and heard him tenderly and relieved call out her name - again.