Harwood County had slipped into a silent and peaceful night. The cool, crisp air blew through the trees making the leaves dance. Five teenagers were carefully making their way through a forest trying to find something.

"Is it really here?" Jake Holling: Megaforce Black, asked. "It's getting late and I have soccer tomorrow..."

Sighing at his complaining, Gia Moran: Megaforce Yellow, boldly stated "The energy source is in this forest and I'm not leaving until we find it. Who knows what Warstar would do with it if they find it first." This made Jake change his view. The soccer player went from his pathetic slouch walk to high and confident, puffed up chest and all.

"Yeah, I totally agree. This is super important!"

Gia giggled at his change of heart, causing Jake to blush and let out a funny grunt. Nate Carver: Megaforce Blue sighed in empathetic embarrassment. (I know it's actually Noah, but this is written in the same world as my other fiction which has a Noah in it.)

Troy Burrows pointed to a giant cave about 30 yards down. "It should be in there. Come on." In silence, the five walked slowly to the entrance. As they squinted their eyes, they could barely make out a faint green glow.

Before they could step inside, Emma Goodall shouted, "Get down!" The five immediately dropped to the ground as a burst of cool air sailed over their heads and smashed into a couple of boulders, encasing them with ice.

A white humanoid alien stood before them. Its armor was rigid like a knight's armor. It had wings on its back that were shaped like half snow-flakes. It had long and white claws and glowing green eyes.

In a ghostly voice it said, "I am Subcero, Warstar general of ice."

Standing up, Jake yelled, "Correction! You're history."

"Go Go Megaforce!"

The Rangers jumped forward with their Weapons and entered battle. Troy clashed his sword with Subcero's claws but the alien easily swatted him away. Nate and Emma fired from a distance while Jake and Gia jumped high into the air and swung down with their weapons. Their blades knocked Subcero back, but it wasn't enough to bring the alien down. Taking in a huff of air, Subcero fired off a mini blizzard from his mouth and knocked the Rangers away.

"How about this?" Nate asked opening his belt. "Presshower Card, Activate!" He announced as he slid the card into his Morpher and scanned it. A highly pressurized stream of water collided with Subcero's shoulder, but the alien glowed a brilliant white light and absorbed the water.

"Nice try..." It taunted.

Emma got up. "If that won't work, then we combine our powers!"

Troy and Emma raised their morphers into the sky.

Troy announced, "Comprethunder Card, Activate!"

Emma followed with, "Twistornado Card, Activate!" A red bolt of lightning came down from the sky and wrapped around a pink tornado.

Gia scanned a card and lowered her morpher to the ground. "Roplant Card, Activate!" Green vines burst from the ground and wrapped Subcero, restricting his movements.

Jake pointed his morpher high above him. "Rockrush Card, Activate!" A giant boulder the size of an SUV materialized from pure energy and levitated high above the Alien.

The electrified tornado struck Subcero and the boulder crushed it.

"Nate, put him on ice." Troy instructed.

"Consider it done. Freezedrive Card, Activate!" A gust of icy wind froze the boulder in a mini iceberg.

"Combine Weapons! Megaforce Blaster!"

Suddenly, the glacier prison exploded and Subcero started to sprint at them.

"It's not done charging!" Nate informed. "It's like the Blaster doesn't have enough charge power!"

"We'll hold him off!" Jake suggested. "Gia, you with me?"

"All over it." She answered. The two Land based Rangers rammed Subcero back and held him down.

"Almost..." Nate whispered. Meanwhile, Jake and Gia were being thrown around like rag dolls. The use of Power Cards at such a high scale level took a toll on them.

"It's ready!" Nate yelled.

"Fire!" Troy commanded. The golden light soared through the air and smashed into Subcero just as Gia and Jake jumped away.

For some reason, Subcero didn't grow. Emma took note of this. "I think we should get the power source and go."

"Agreed." Nate answered.

When Troy emerged from the cave, he carried a green stone that had the Team symbol inside it.

"Let's get it back to Gosei." Nate suggested.

*Hours Later*

David Walker woke up in cold sweat. His shaggy brown hair stuck to his peach skin. His sea green eyes adjusted to the early morning light, which was a lighter shade of blue. After showering, he stretched in front of his mirror which stood at 6 feet, just an inch taller than him. David noticed something about his well toned body: they were covered in cold goosebumps.

Thinking back to how he could've gotten them when Harwood County was in the middle of a heatwave, his mind cast itself to his dream about the Mega Rangers fighting the ice monster.

He brushed the thought off as just another dream.

The weird part was that when he saw the Red Ranger emerge with the green gem, he felt as if the stone was calling to him. The weirder part was seeing his classmates morph into the Rangers. They were in his homeroom and science class.

Shaking his head once more, David said, "No way. It was just a dream." He checked his phone and his heart skipped a beat. "I'm gonna be late for soccer!"

He proceeded to pull on a bright green shirt and run down the stairs. He stuffed a bagel in his mouth and grabbed his bag as he dashed through the door. He didn't realize he left his soccer ball...

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