"Shireen," Sarah snapped her sister's name as she sat in the courtyard, a bundle in her arms as her sister entered the courtyard, her eyes scanning the area for her elder sister. Sarah gave her a wave before Shireen made her way over to her, a book under her arm as she went.

"I have been looking everywhere for you," Shireen complained, her hands on her hips as she looked at Sarah critically. "The Maester said that you were supposed to be on bed rest, but I find you out here instead. What do you think Jaime will say when he finds you?"

Rolling her eyes, Sarah patted the space next to her for her sister to sit down. "I grew tired of sitting in bed; now sit down and stop fussing around me."

"Someone has to," Shireen mumbled back. "Have you heard from Davos recently? He sent me a letter and said that Dragonstone is as dull as we remember it. He wrote the letter himself though! And he has found a new wife."

"Has he?" Sarah wondered back, looking down to the bundle in her arm as she cradled it in her lap. Shireen followed her sister's gaze and looked at the child she held, unable to comprehend how something like that had come from her sister and Jaime. "Perhaps we shall visit him one day."

"He said that he would like to come and visit you here...and Joanna."

"I shall speak with Jaime, but I doubt he will oppose his visit." Sarah said.

"And Robb Stark wrote to you. I read it and he said congratulations. He is rebuilding Winterfell and keeping the North safe for Queen Daenerys. Apparently Talisa is expecting another child."

"I am glad. Robb went through enough and he was kind to us. He deserves happiness."

Shireen looked up, noting that Jaime Lannister was striding towards them, a forlorn expression on his face as he made the movement. Sarah kept still as her husband stood in front of her.

"Oh, please don't lecture me," Sarah urged him. "I grew tired of sitting in bed and I thought a bit of fresh air would be nice. Our daughter certainly doesn't seem to mind. Shireen has already scolded me."

"I did," Shireen said proudly and Jaime ruffled her hair.

"Good girl," he said. "Now why don't you go and find your Septa? You have lessons soon, I believe."

"Fine," Shireen huffed and left the bench as Jaime took her spot and looked to his wife, his eyes narrow and his expression stern. Sarah rolled her eyes once more and Jaime bumped his shoulder against hers before he looked to the sea.

"I never could tame you," he mumbled.

"And you never will," she promised him. "Joanna kept crying and I had to do something, Jaime. She seems to like the sea air."

The little girl in her arms remained sleeping whilst Jaime wrapped his arm around Sarah's shoulders and move his left hand to run down his daughter's light wisps of blonde hair as Sarah looked up to him. He continued to stare at his child with awe. He never thought that he would want a wife, or a child. But now he had both. He was content to spend his days running Casterly Rock, and his evenings holding his wife to him. And now he had a daughter to look after.

"She must be her mother and her father's daughter," Jaime spoke. "We both grew up near the sea."

"But I have no intention of letting her go away from it."

Jaime chuckled, the sound deep and causing Sarah's body to vibrate against his. She kept her gaze fixed on Joanna as Jaime moved his hand from his daughter's hair to run down his wife's arm.

"She will marry one day...perhaps..." Jaime mulled. "And she will find a man who loves her as much as I love her mother. We cannot deny her that happiness."

"And we will not," Sarah beamed up to Jaime. "But I do have one request if that is alright."

"Oh, I don't know," Jaime said, sarcasm oozing from his tongue as he bent down to kiss Sarah swiftly. "How much will it cost me?"

"If you do not agree?" Sarah wondered. "More than you can afford."

"You drive a hard bargain, sweet wife," Jaime chuckled and Sarah kept a few moments to think before she spoke.

"I wish her middle name to be Selyse," Sarah finally admitted. "I know many people do not have middle names, but I just...we named her after your mother, and I am fine with that. I just want a part of her to have my mother too. My mother was not always the woman she ended up to be, and I want Joanna to know that part about her. I am fine if you do not agree-"

"-No," Jaime shook his head. "She is our daughter, Sarah. You are at liberty to name her as much as I am. Joanna Selyse Lannister...quite a mouthful."

"I like it," Sarah said and Jaime kissed her once more. "And she will want for nothing with us for parents and Shireen as her aunt. I could swear that girl has already planned out her future. It will consist of reading and studying until she is as clever as her aunt."

"Gods," Jaime complained. "But she will have a happy childhood."

"I do not doubt," Sarah replied, her head resting on Jaime's shoulder as he continued to run his fingers delicately over his daughter's wisps of hair.

"And her brothers and sisters will also want for nothing."

"More children?" Sarah checked. "Do you know how painful it was to birth this little one? But yes, brothers and sister would be nice."

"And then grandchildren," he teased and Sarah groaned at the thought.

"We will be old by then."

"But just as beautiful," Jaime spoke in a soft voice and Sarah nudged him as he chuckled and kiss the top of her head once more. "Old and grey with grandchildren at our feet."

"One day," she whispered, staring to the sea and thinking of that day with a bright smile. "One day."


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