It was a bit chilly out. That's why she was wearing a white cloak. It not only hid her face (with help from her hood, of course), but it kept her skin away from the cold air. She looked around. This placeā€¦ it wasn't too lively, really. There were shops and everything, but the town was pretty much clear of people. Granted, it was night, but in most towns, there would be people out, enjoying the night life. It honestly was almost like she was alone. But she wasn't, of course. Creatures followed her everywhere she went, and here was no exception. Turning, she summoned her Keyblade and faced the coming creatures head-on.

Her Keyblade was white, with intricate patterns of yellow lines along the hilt and blade. The teeth were slightly curved, like half-moons, with yellow tips. The keychain was a jasmine flower. She stared down the creatures, silently egging them to attack her. And so they did. She gave a quick slash one way, cutting a few in half, and brought the Keyblade down and sliced through several more. No one would get in her way. She fought through the massive hordes, until only one was left.

The creature glanced around and started to scurry of, but she was too fast. She grabbed the creature by the throat and lifted it so she could look right into its eyes. "Now, tell me this, and I'll let you live: Where is he?"