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Previously: Jake's phone rang.

"Jacob Thorne..." He answered.

"Jake! Jacob!" The cry of a terrified female came through the other end which even Kate heard, and it didn't take a detective to tell both barristers something was very wrong.

"Who is this?" Jake asked quickly.

"Don't make the deal with the devil Jake it's not worth it! Get off me! HELP ME! What the...NO!" the line then went dead as there was a piercing scream.

"Hello..." Jake said but it was no use whoever had called was no longer there


"We have a body, female, young, we haven't turned her over...she's face down..." Sam explained.


"She's just a kid..." Kate gasped seeing the girl was no older than thirteen.

Jake also knelt down beside the girl "The last thing she did was call me...Why?"

"Sam's trying to contact Brinley's parents..." Kate started walking over to Jake handing him a coffee as he lent with his back against a car.

"Ronnie said the postmortem will be later this afternoon..." Jake sighed "It just seems wrong...that poor kid..."

Kate put her hand on his arm "I know..."

"Kate, she screamed for help down that phone line and...there was nothing i could do..."

"We will get whoever did this Jake, promise..."

Sam then walked over to them "I'm still yet to get in contact with the parents but i did get in contact with her tutor i think, Rachel Barker seventeen, she said that Brinley didn't show up for her session on Thursday and that was four days ago...what the hell happened to this kid?"

"Rachel Barker..." Kate repeated

"yeah same as you..."

"It's my sister..." She told him "this case is just mad..."

"We've done a sweep of the area and found nothing of a murder weapon, her jeans were ripped and we found the same fabric on the trees back there so it's like, she was running away from something but then was killed there..."

"We don't even know how she died..." Jake spoke up after being quiet for moment.

"Let's speak to your sister, maybe we can get in contact with the parents through her..." Sam agreed before they got in the car; this was the one time that Kate and Jake would be at the front of an investigation.

"So Lily, what do you think killed her?" Ronnie asked wondering the same question as everybody else.

"well Ronnie...her heart gave out..." Lily replied simply taking off her gloves.

"And what made that happen?" Kate said; something must have done.

"That I'm not sure of, but at the moment i think she..." She paused.

"She what?" Jake questioned.

"I think she might have died of fright..."

Ron and Jake shook their heads "It's impossible to actually die of fright, right?" Jake looked at Kate who shrugged.

"I agree, Jacob, but something stopped this girls heart and as impossible as it may seem there have been some cases of people being so scared that they have a burst of adrenaline and their heart cannot take the sudden rush of fear..." Lily explained and the three of them followed her out of the morgue.

"So we have a thirteen year old girl who calls Jake for some unknown reason warning him not to make any deals with the devil. She then screams and as far as we can tell that's when she died. Where are we on the parents?" Ronnie looked at Kate and Jake.

"Still no contact made...me, Jake and Sam are going to the girl's school to speak to some people there and try and see if we can get in contact." Kate explained then they both left to go and find Sam.

"Fright?!" Sam shook his head as Kate and Jake explained what they had learned so far. "Well I didn't expect that one..."

They arrived at Lakewood boarding school not long after that. Lakewood was an old fashioned looking building, in some sense it felt eerie. Kate failed to understand how her sister enjoyed her time at this place, it just freaked Kate out.

"You ok?" Jake asked her as they stepped out of the car.

"This place is creepy..." Kate replied looking at the massive black gates as they walked through them.

"You get used to it..." Jake sighed.

"you been here before then?" Sam asked.

Jake nodded "I came to school here, ages ago of cause but looking around...not much has changed."

They walked through reception and across the courtyard.

"It's too quiet..." Sam pointed out.

"And it's freezing..." Kate added and Jake rolled his eyes.

"Honestly you two, we're trying to solve a murder and you two think the school is the creepiest part of it and not the fact she died of fright..."

Sam and Kate looked at each other then nodded. "Fair point..."

There was few people in the courtyard, there was a girl probably only ten years old, when she saw the three of them walking towards her she ran inside. There was a boy, about fifteen years of age, he turned away when he saw them.

"Ok, maybe you two were right...something is wrong here..." Jake corrected himself.

"Do you think they know about Brinley?" Kate asked the two men.

"I don't know..." Sam shrugged before they found the door and went inside.

Almost walking into one of the teachers they asked where they could find Rachel Barker.

"Rachel is head of Hunloke..." He explained referring to the house Brinley as in.

"Is that normal, for a student to be in charge?" Kate question.

"Very much so, you're sister is a very talented and clever girl. She passed her GCSE's last summer with flying colours and her A level results have been no different..." The teacher went on "She does care for the people in her house, as you Jacob must know..."

Jake looked up from the ground "How did you..."

"You came to this school didn't you, there's not many people who leave this place who are forgotten by me..."

Jake raised his eyebrow for a second "Mr Marshall..."

"Even after all this time..." The man nodded.

"My Latin teacher..." He whispered to Kate who wanted to laugh almost as much as Sam.

"anyway, Rachel will be in the Hunloke Dorms with the others, Jake i'm sure you remember the way..."

Jake nodded before leading the other two away. "Not...a...word..." he said sternly and Kate and Sam smirked slightly.

They knocked on the door of the Hunloke dorms and Rachel answered. For a moment both Jake and Sam were lightly unnerved by the similarity of looks between the two sisters.

"Hey Katie...what are you doing here?" She asked noting Jake and Sam; her voice was more well spoken than Kate however even if Kate was a barrister her sister had the more clear polite accent of the two.

"We need to speak to you...about Brinley Cole..." Kate explained and the three were let into the room.

She lead them through to a study, it had a desk, two sofas, a fire place and a lot of books. She told them to sit down, Sam sitting beside Jake making sure Kate could sit beside her younger sibling.

"Brin was a good girl, she never missed a lesson as she wanted to do well...to impress her parents. That was very important to her, she'd already seen her older siblings Harry and Alicia disappoint them so she wanted to make them proud...she feared them though." She told them.

"Why?" Jake asked.

"Brinley came from a very religious family, her parents brought her up to fear everything and mostly god. Brin of cause believed that if she ever did anything wrong it was a sin and she should be punished...she told me that after Harry was killed she thought that god had taken his anger out on her and for a while she didn't believe...she felt that a sin..." Rachel swallowed. "I know she was going through a rough time in her life and i did my best to help her..."

"You cared about her didn't you..." Sam said comfortingly.

"I care for every student in this house...they have become something of an extended family..." Rachel nodded. "Brin like i said had it rough, there was one day when i found her on the roof near the spire as if she was going to jump...she said she wanted to jump, for it all to be over...but it would be sinful...if only i could have got through to her..."

"It's ok Rae..." Kate took her sisters hand. "Before Brinley died she called Jacob and told him 'not make any deals with the devil' do you have any idea about what this means?"

Rachel thought for a second before getting up and going to her desk, she opened one of the drawers before taking something out, closing it then sitting back with the others.

"Brin had been behaving oddly for the past week or so, she seemed paranoid and was in her own world a lot so to speak. This is her journal which she gave me the day before she disappeared, she never said why but told me that if something happened then I was to read it. I didn't think much of it at the time because i wasn't aware of what was happening...it was only when she missed her tutor lesson did i start to get really worried. I called the police and told all the teachers but the police said Brinley was probably another runaway and had to be missing for at least twenty four hours..."

She opened the journal to a marked page "When i got the call that Brin was dead i opened it and found this..."

The page was red, all of it there was words like 'death' and 'sin' and 'god' written or scribbled all over it and then a rather scary picture of the devil had been drawn in the center. "I don't know what was happening to her but it seems to be affecting everything around here i mean can't you feel it...the room feels colder..." She rubbed her hands together slightly before asking "do you know how Brin died?"

"She erm...from what we believe...died of fright..." Sam told her and Rach let out a small gasp.

"You should speak to her parents, their talk of mortal sin and the devil was one of the only things that ever scared her..."

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