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Kate followed the man, she didn't know who he was but if the young girl's life was at risk she wasn't going to do much arguing...much.

She was shoved in the back of a black car and the girl was shoved next to her.

"you must be Kate..." The girl said quietly.

"Yes..." Kate nodded. "How did you..."

"Jake told me about you..." She replied.

That's when it clicked in for Kate "Your Amy."

"Yeah...Jake told you about me? He must really like you."

"How'd you mean?"

"He doesn't talk about his family. Especially me, I think it's because I remind him of my mother." Amy gave a small smile trying to remain optimistic. Kate took her hand.

"Do you have any idea what's happening?"

"Jake put this guy away and erm now this guys out. Jake took away five years of his life. Now he wants to take something from him." A tear rolled down her faced, auburn hair falling over her eyes.

Kate bit her lip, to say she wasn't scared would be lying. She knew she had to keep it together. For Jake and for Amy. "It's gonna be ok kiddo."

Jake sat in MIU trying to keep himself together after eveything that was going on around him. His girlfriend and his goddaughter had been taken by a man who has his mind set on getting back at him for taking five years of his life away. He ran a hand over his face, he just wanted them back.

"Jake..." Ronnie started sitting beside him. "The results on the wet patch on Amy's hoodie came back as tears, the DNA was a match for Brinley Cole, it looks like Amy was holding Brinley to her before...well..."

Jake sighed "sounds like Amy..."

"We'll get her back Jake, her and Kate...have you spoke to Amy's father?"

Jake nodded. "Worst call I ever made."

"RON! JAKE!" Sam shouted probably a bit too loud but his blood was pumping around his ears he couldn't really hear.

"Oh, what's up with him..." Ronnie shook his head as the younger detective caught his breath.

"Lily just got in touch, Brinley Cole died of heart failure right? Now we know what caused it."


"What could kill someone, look like heart failure and not leave a trace?"

"Stop playing Quincey son and tell me."

"Brinley was electrocuted."

The car stopped and the driver got out and opened Kate's door whilst Strackov followed him.

"Get out of the car." The driver ordered.

"please wouldn't go a miss..." Kate muttered under her breath as she went to get up.

The driver grabbed her pulling her from the car throwing her to the floor. She hit her head hard on the ground. For a second she didn't move but managed to drag herself up into a half kneeling half sitting position. Amy jumped out of the car and put her hand on Kate's back trying to see if she was ok.

"you know something Miss Barker," Strackov started as he lit a cigar. "It's a real shame this is all going to be over soon, i would've like to have known you better." he laughed smugly. "No come back? You really are nothing like your boyfriend, he would've had some wise crack to fire at me." He crouched down beside her grabbing her face making her look at him. "don't bank on seeing him again."

"Go to hell..." She stated her eyes looking right through him as Amy helped her to her feet.

The were told to follow Strackov and the driver into a derelict building. They were pushed into a small dark room before the door was locked behind them.

"When did they take you?" Kate quietly asked Amy, he head throbbing and her eyes burning.

"The same day they took Brin, you found her right. I was told to call Jake anonymously so you would think it was her. It was all his idea, he said it would keep Jake guessing, that it was all a game. Only Brinley died...that was an accident."


"Strackov told her to plug something in, the lights i think only, look at this place, there was an open wire and it was damp. She was electrocuted."

"So Brinley wasn't meant to be killed? Why was she taken then?" Kate questioned confused.

"Easy target, he needed a child similar age range to me, same height, same hair colour. I'm not sure what his original plan was but it worked just the same when Brin died."

"Because seeing her would make Jake think about you." Kate understood.

Amy nodded. "And now he's dragged you into this."