Chapter 1

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It had been almost a thousand years since Caroline had been home. She had heard what had been happening in Mystic Falls. An old friend Stefan Salvatore had contacted her to ask for her help and assistance with the problems there. Without an explanation Caroline took off to meet her old friend. She had no idea what dangers lied in Mystic Falls but knew that Stefan needed help and decided that it was best to come. As she drives down the street and passes the shops and restaurants she flashes and images of her past flashed through her mind remembering her days when she was human a thousand years ago. She had made a word that she would never enter this cursed town again but she needed to help Stefan than she would leave. When she arrived at Stefan's boardinghouse she pulled up and stopped the car and took the moment to gaze at it. She knew Stefan had come here over the centuries and changed it throughout the centuries. She sighed and got out of the car. When she got to the door and knocked on the door it opened to reveal Elena Gilbert. Caroline remembered meeting her the night that Lexi had died. She knew little about her and didn't like her that much really.

"Caroline," She greeted her with her name.

"Elena, where is Stefan I have received a letter from him claiming that he needs my help." She said walking inside and taking her sunglasses off.

"Actually Stefan didn't send the letter," Caroline turned to her. "I did. I was hoping to ask for your help." Caroline stared at her.

"What makes you think that I will help you?" She asked.

"Well I thought maybe you would if it meant going to a ball with other vampires." She said.

"A ball?" Caroline raised an eyebrow. Elena handed her the invitation that she had received.

You are formally invited to the Mikaelson's formal ball tonight at seven. Caroline flipped the card to find handwriting.

I look forward to meeting you Elena,


Mikaelsons, Esther? She swallowed her human life seemed to dawn on her when she had grown up with Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, and Finn. She hadn't seen them in over a thousand years and she knew that they had no idea that she was living.

"You want me to go to this ball? For what?" Caroline asked.

"I want you to be well like my body guard. I don't want Stefan and Damon to be because they argue and I need you to help me see Esther. Damon won't let me near her because he thinks he is protecting me. And your older and could help me." Caroline thought about this. If the girl wanted to try and get herself killed she didn't seem to have a problem with it but she needed to disguise herself.

"Alright, but I am wearing a wig."


"Because I don't want anyone to recognize me. I prefer that no one knows I am here yet." She said. "I suppose you are going to need a ball gown or something Cinderella." Caroline said. Elena nodded. Caroline sighed and couldn't believe that she was working with the doppelganger, and couldn't believe that her past had just showed up. Well looks like it is hard to run from your past. And on top of that they were going to a ball. She shook her head, this is going to be a long night. She thought.

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