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Warnings: AU (I think...), violence, language, YAOI.

Summary: S/C. A year later, with Jenova and Sephiroth returning once again, a new type of WEAPONs has began terrorizing the world, familiar faces bringing uncertainty and suspicious. As Cloud struggles for truth, what reality he once had is now far away from his reach.

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Posted: 10 September 2002
Revised: 17 February 2004

Chapter 00: searching what... (Re-Written)

Nothing had changed at all.

That year had been wasted, and he was thinking that, back then, he knew very little. He thought things changed a great deal. Yet, now that he realized, all in his whole life, they seemed to change very little.

Constellations of those glaring stars had not changed too. Since that day, or perhaps even longer, they still stood high up in the sky, shining proudly as a star could be. That night where he had promised a certain girl that if she ever were in trouble, he would come and save her like a hero would. That night, under the millions of stars that shone so brightly, for the first time in his young days, finally he was talking with Tifa.

He blinked, realizing he was fully awake from a dreamless sleep. The moaning came to the trees then, making them toss their heads and whisper around him a rush of sound he had never heard the forest make even in storm. Chill came with that wind. The feeling was nostalgic.

He could hear Cid's drunken laughers again. 'That's a good one, spiky! We have traveled almost to the ends of the world!'

Since Reeve was decided to be the new president, Cid was more than glad to be assisting him in developing better air machines, gaining him new responsibility as the Head of Air and Space Department. The last he heard, Cid was going to be a father... and it was a few weeks ago.

Tifa was clearly very excited about it. She had a conversation with Shera through the phone for almost the whole day, but what they were talking, he did not want to know. She even planned to close her new bar, Final Heaven, locating at Kalm, packed her stuffs and had dragged Cloud along for Rocket Town.

RedXIII came along when they were visiting Cosmo Canyon. Unfortunately, the red beast could not stay as long as the young pair could. He went back right after spending a few days. He supposed, as the new successor of the flaming land from Bugenhagen, must be very busy.

Speaking of that, Mayor Barret could only congratulate the pair through the phone while he had himself busied with piles and piles of paper works and reconstructing North Corel. He mused; he did not know Barret was the type could work administration.

Vincent sent them a card but not attempted to look for them. He chose to live in that waterfall's cave for the rest of his life, hopping no more of the world's business. Occasionally, he would call everyone about his welfare.

As for Yuffie, that ninja brat... well, she had gone missing for months after Sephiroth's defeat. They had tried asking her father, Godo, but all he did was grinned at them and walked away. And what more surprising was, right after Tifa and he arrived Cid's house, a cute baby chocobo was found at their doorstep. From Yuffie, wishing them happy. One would think what and where on earth was Yuffie doing right now.

Everyone... all except him, were moving on.

Exactly what was he doing?

Moments later, Cloud decided to get up. Still looking dazed, he raked through his blond hair and picked up his now glowing weapon before hitting the road. The road appeared and disappeared by turns in the dark. It seemed to meander aimlessly, but he had nowhere to go, except as his road led him; it seemed to have no reason for itself, but then, he had none, so that seemed apt.

Every step he made, he could even hear Tifa, with a sad and soft tone, asking why he had to do this. What was his purpose of this trip and his destination? She asked would she even get to see him again. And to every question, she and himself asked, he would reply: I don't know.

Why was he so keen on this uncertain expedition?

Where was he heading?

Questions that pounded on his head for the thousandth times continued to remain unanswered.

And also, for the same thousand times, he easily deposed three Capparwires charging at his direction. Cloud watched, as the three dead bodies decomposed quickly into the earth -- probably returned to the Lifestream -- and wondered how strong had he become.

Perhaps... a little too strong. Too strong to be normal again.

Absentmindedly, he shrugged and resumed his road. There, again, the hollowness in him. The hollowness that stopped his time. That same hollowness stopped his drive to do anything. It made his life now seemed so dull and empty. It made him realized he was lacking of something, but of what thing, he did not know anymore.

He was struck. In the middle of nowhere.

Something was holding him back. He was lingering, waiting for... something... someone? At times, he would stop walking, looked back, had hoped to see if anyone had been behind him, that he could stop at his tracks and waited for them. And he would find no one. All of a sudden, he felt so frustrated and tired that he wanted to grab his head and screamed.

He walked again... he let his feet took over, he let the road guided him. Tiny thread of hope stayed with him, he would have answers he needed at the end of it, that, whatever happened to him in this journey would serve him a purpose in life.

His mind wandered. What happened to the soldiers after their war ended? What were they supposed to do if there were no more wars for them to fight? All in their life, they had been training and fighting, what use did they still have to survive in a world without war? If Sephiroth had succeeded in bringing down the meteor... if Sephiroth had succeeded defeating his oppositions, if the world had destroyed, what would the God be doing now?

Where would a God go after he had fulfilled his prophecy?

After a long night, Cloud finally saw some lights at the horizon. Slowly as dawn made its appearance, the blond could gradually make out the outlines of Fort Condor.

Abruptly, he shook his head as if something had hit his head hard and continued his road. He was not hoping for another reconstruction of Sephiroth to appear and destroy the Planet again, was he? Hell, what was he thinking?

( There goes my sanity.... )

** ***** **

The wind, meanwhile, was cold, and riffled the surface of the pond, blew at his skin and chilled to the bone. A wisp of something flew on the wind. It was ash, he thought at first as he looked up. But he saw another, and another.

A voice. "Snow."

He saw one snowflake land on his hand, and marveled at it, how delicate it was. Delicate and beautiful, and many, many of them would turn all the land white. They melted to nothing, but more kept falling. The woods made not a sound, and were lit with a strange but beautiful pale light that came from the moon. It was not Day. It was not Night.

He made a step forward and found the ground soft. Everything was covered with snow, still and quiet content just as it was, and nothing bothered to break the placid hush that engulfed the frozen forest. Even now, the flakes of white perfection lazily floated down from the heavens. They danced and twirled gracefully in a downward spiral to join their brethren at the ground, silently going about their own unique little dance in the frozen air, undisturbed and ceaselessly gliding.

It was not solitude. It was not cold. He felt rather peaceful and warmth.

That quiet voice again. "This scenery... snow field. Unstrained, pure... the sky is not as gray as you think. It is always blue, be it day or night. Surrounded with no one, wrapped in heaven's arms, it is always watched with such quietness. Always... quietly. As if time do not care to exist here... and snow will always quietly fall."

"Do you find it sad?" Cloud closed his eyes. "I thought it was gentle."

"You used to say that to me. You were always saying how I was like the snow here, and you are the sky."

"Did I?"

"...Are you confused?"

"Aren't you too?"

A pause. "Yes, I was confused, but I thought about it and found my answer. No point dwelling in the past when I am living in the present."

"It is easy for you to say."

"No, it was never easy... you just have to let it go. Cloud, you are mistaken."

Strong arms gently wrapped the blond from behind, drawing him as close to him as possible as if he might disappear again. Cloud let out a soft sigh and returned that embrace contently.

He spoke quietly into the blond's ear. "You are wrong. Soldiers do not fight for wars; they fight for peace. They fight for their love ones, they fight to see the war end."

"It... seems I have been fighting too much to remember what I was fighting for."

"Too long...."

"And now, it has ended." Cloud rested on his chest and looked up. "But I feel so restless."

He chuckled. "Stupid... you are just not used to the peace. Give yourself some time, and soon you will be enjoying it."

"What about you?"

"Me? I still have to fight, it's not over yet." Somehow, the arms around him tightened. "For you, I will fight and make the war end."

"What's not over yet? Isn't it over?"

"'There' is not over."


"Hush," he said softly. He leaned down and rested his head on Cloud's shoulders. Silver strands of hair fell lightly onto the blond. "They do not matter to you anymore. I just want to be with you a little longer... Gods, I really missed you."

Cloud wanted to say something, but stopped when something warm pressed on his lips. He immediately melted into the kiss. It felt strange, but at the same time, it felt so right. The way he held him... the way he kissed him... he did not want to live in a world without him, ever again. That thought scared him terribly and whenever he thought about it, his heart ached with so much pain that he rather die.

He was his.

"Cloud... promise me, you will never leave me again."

No, it was never going to happen again.

/ But... did it happen before? /

Cloud's eyes shot up and looked around.


No matter how hard he tried, he could not see his face. This person, this man, the one he loved so much... he could not remember his face. How was this possible, he was in love with a faceless person, an unknown person? No, he did know him. He loved him, he really did. He had loved the way he moved, he loved the way he fought with such destructive skills, he loved the way he looked with his cold eyes, he loved the way... he smiled only at him. He was...


/ Do not wander too far, Cloud Strife. You do not belong here. /


Cloud widened his eyes in disbelief and moved away from the man. "You... w-who are you?"


"I don't remember you... I don't remember falling in love with you. Who the hell are you?"

/ You will not remember because it did not happen. /

The shoulders of the stranger slumped dejectedly. Cloud clutched at his chest as the pain in his heart intensified greatly when he saw that man wore a sad smile. Why did this stranger have such effects to him?

"I... just wanted to see you again."


/ Fascinating young man, do you not think? I do not think he could call up my sister's power, cross the Link and bring you here. He created this place, do you know? Not intentionally, though. I doubt he knows who you really are. This is his memories, his emotions. The longer you stay, the longer you will be erased. His memories are replacing yours slowly. His emotions are overwhelming you slowly. /


/ But he is interfering the Orders, and it is not in the plan. If he continues, he will destroy our plan. My sister is already very weak. Now, you do not want that to happen, do you? He has not realized he is throwing the gift he always wanted away. Foolish boy. /

"...I love you."

If Cloud had knew what was going to happen, he wouldn't blink. When he opened his eyes, everything was gone. Completely. There was nothing here, no grounds, no skies, no particles, and no substances. This was just an empty void.

He was not moving, but he could feel the void was moving itself.

Moving further and further away from him. Again, the ache overwhelmed his body... but strangely, the pain seemed to be being lessened and lessened. After a few moments, he could almost feel the pain was entirely gone. He frowned. Did he just love a guy? A stranger who, now, had felt so disturbingly familiar?

He remembered the conservation, but it hardly made any sense to him as he was back there. That kiss... Gods! He let that guy kissed him, and he had enjoyed it! A blush swept across his face immediately.

/ Believe me, you are the best gift the two of them ever have. You do have advantages too. /


/ For everything you had done to me, this is how I am going to repay you. This is my gratitude. Come, come and find me. This meeting shall be forgotten, but do not be afraid, I will guide you. /

/ Gladly embrace them. For everything you had lost, my sister will return. /

/ You are the Gift of Gift itself. /

/ WAKE UP. /

** ***** **

The morning came and a certain young man exited the inn. He stretched and breathed deeply the fresh and cool air. The blond was surprisingly refreshing this morning... or dared he said, he seemed happy. He amused the idea inwardly. What had he done to feel like this?

He shook his head: he had no idea. Last night was another dreamless sleep.

After all, nothing had changed.

To Be Continued_

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