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Summary: Percy Jackson is the nerd who nobody likes. They make him do their homework, give up his money and taunt him on a daily basis. He has an impossible crush on Annabeth Chase the school's biggest star. Everyone loves her. She's kind, beautiful and has straight A's. But when Annabeth is in a car accident, and can lose her eyesight, Percy is first to volunteer as donor for his eyes so she doesn't have to go through being blind. Now Annabeth is put with Percy on an ancient greek project. Will she come to terms with the boy who sacrificed his vision for her? Will Sparks fly?


It came out of nowhere. She should have checked her blind spots but I didn't. I didn't know who would help me and now I feel like I cost a naïve boy his life. None of this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't gotten hit. Luke wouldn't have tricked me, Percy wouldn't have tried to... to... Oh...

She never would've expected to make friends with Percy Jackson. That one fateful morning was undoubtedly the best moment of her life. Oh... Poor Seaweed brain.

Chapter one


I pounded my Alarm Clock angrily. I hated Mondays. I slid my extremely tired form out of bed and stumbled into my sweatpants and t shirt. I grabbed my iPhone, my grey SkullCandys and a bottle of water from the fridge and walked outside. Time to run. Turning on Spotify I selected my running mix and immediately "Safe & Sound" blared in my ears. Here I was. Annabeth Chase at 5:45 A.M Ready for her jogging tour. It was pretty short, but it had tons turns. It took about fifteen minutes to run and I couldn't be happier doing it. It kept me fit and happy I always stopped for coffee and a quick chat with my friend Reyna, at Starbucks.

Reyna was a good friend. She was an intern for a Professor on Roman Archeaology. She worked really hard to get to Harvard, it was her dream to become a Roman Archeaologist. so she was normally typing on her laptop whenever Annabeth ran into her. Her dark chocolate hair was always swept to one side and her deep brown eyes were calculating and cold, but don't mistake her, she was extremely loyal and was a good friend when needed. Of course I only ran into her when I was jogging but turns out she had transferred to Goode High School! I went there. My friends let her in immediately, especially Leo. He wasn't the best charmer but he had a good personality and sense of humor. He had an insane crush on Reyna. (A/N Leyna)

You know what? I haven't introduced myself! Hi, Sup and Hola, My name is Annabeth Chase. If you go to Goode high you probably know me. I love all things that involves proving that I'm not a Blonde bimbo. I've got Dyslexia and ADHD. So if you think I'm just a normal braniac, you're wrong. I live with my mother and Father, Athena and Frederick Chase. Athena owns a huge Architecture company that makes millions of dollars every MONTH! I don't like being rich but I tolerate it... barely. I don't want butlers and all those expensive designer clothes. It makes me feel like a snob and, like I said before, a Blonde Bimbo. My friends certainly don't think that. Piper understands. Her dad is Tristan Mclean, the famous actor! Piper hated being treated like royalty, she cut her hair short and choppy with Safety Scissors. She wore a blue Ski Jacket, faded jeans and tennis shoes. Personally it didn't matter. Piper looked beautiful no matter what she wore, and my best friend Thalia's brother Jason wouldn't stop asking about her.

Anywho! I ran my normal course. up to the starbucks about 6 minutes away, the take a jog back home. By then it was 5:45 and I had to get ready for school. I took out my notepad, (Dyslexia and ADHD! I need to work extra hard!) and checked off my list.

"Homework: Check, Jogging: Check, Shower: no check."

I hopped into the shower and let the warm water relax my aching muscles. I always felt this way after jogging. It was natural. The jog has a hill. A steep hill. It was bustling with people normally and I had to jump to avoid most of them. After I stepped out I dried my blonde hair, curled it and put on a simple White blouse with skinny jeans. By then it was 6:30. Mother was up with dad. I stepped downstairs to find Mom with a cup of coffee for me and a cup for her. Extra cream and sugar, just the way I liked it. "Morning sweetie. How was your run?" I shrugged, "Pretty okay. There were lot's of pedestrians and Reyna wasn't at Starbucks, and I forgot my wallet!"

Athena smiled and rolled her eyes. I took a swig from my "just right" coffee and turned to Mom. I smiled and put a thumbs up. She nodded and wento get dressed. I sat at the table where my dad, Frederick, was typing at unknown speeds on his laptop. He must have been the clicking sound when i got up this morning. He must have been up for a little while because his hair was disheveled and he was still in his pajamas. he mumbled his greeting and went back to typing at Mach 5 speeds. He was on the brink of completion with his next World War 1 book about famous battles. It was a best seller and it was where we got most of our income. I had read his first two books over and over, it was so interesting. My dad always had an obsession with war stuff, he had two Sopwith Camels down at Chrissy Field and he had won a Civil War cannon at an Auction.

Riding the camels have always been fun. My dad spun and Looped all the time in his favorite game,"Make Annabeth Throw Up". It's still fun though and i have my dad 10-0.

"Dad how long have you been typing on that thing?" He leaned back and sighed. "Four hours 36 minutes 10 seconds... 11 seconds... 12 seconds-" "I get it." He put his hands up in surrender and laughed, I huffed and went over to the stove where our Housekeeper, Demeter, was whipping up a batch of Whole Wheat Pancakes, Her grey hair was wild and crazy like Merida from Brave. Her amber eyes watched carefully as she flipped them. Now if you're thinking "Whole wheat Pancakes? Gross!" Demeter grew up on a farm and this was a special recipe.

I stuck a pancake in my mouth and poured my coffee into a to go cup, then I charged out the door. I quickly hopped into my car, a grey convertible, and left for school. The route to school was busy with cars. The typical Traffic.

I finally pulled up to a large biege building near the heart of New York. Goode high school. I still had an hour left till classes began, so i went to the gardens. It was covered with my friends. Everyone had a ten foot clearance around Thalia Nico and Silena and Beckendorf, who were currently sucking faces. Piper and Jason were having an awkward conversation. Everyone else was just talking about random stuff. It felt weird being the only one who didn't have a boyfriend. Of course I had a crush, Luke Castellan. The baseball pro and school hottie

Oh he was just... dreamy. He always knew what to say. He had short blonde hair and pale blue eyes. He talked to me sometimes and he hung out with us. I think he liked me but he hadn't told me otherwise. I really hoped that he did like me but I didn't really know.

I looked around the room and saw a small boy walk in. He had midnight hair and huge Harry potter glasses. he hugged textbooks close to his chest and ran towards the E-wing. He caught my eyes staring and he had the most beautiful Sea-green eyes i had ever seen. He blushed and kept running. I smiled.

I knew who he was.

It was Percy Jackson. The bullied.

I had seen it happen every day. As far as I knew, He had no friends. A dude named Ethan Nakamura had befriended him. Then when he learned his secrets he posted them online and told all his friends. He apparently was a foster child and had come from Yancy Academy. He was bullied there as he was here and he came here hoping it would be better. He didn't get that. Instead he got stolen from, Beat up, Picked on, Stuffed into locked closets and people even forced him to do their homework.

Everyone hated him. They went that far as to put Water balloons in his locker so that it ruined all his papers. I felt terrible for him.


I sat at lunch next to Thalia, Piper, Katie and Hazel. We chewed on our Hamburgers and watched as people ran amongst the garden playing Football and tackling eachother.

we chatted about Random stuff. Dolphins, boys, the newest tv show, slight gossip. I wasn't interested. i trailed over to see Percy Jackson. He was on the ground flinching in pain as the football team kicked him to death. Then when the teacher came by they looked like they were helping him up from falling. Percy had bruises on his face and maybe more but i couldn't see under the long sleeve shirt he was wearing. He looked around and ran into the bathrooms. Poor percy.

I kept looking around and saw The last thing you would expect. Luke Castellan was walking towards our table. Walking towards me.

He stood above me and smiled down at me.

"Hey Annabeth." "Oh hi Luke!" I said all too loudly. Curse me. This only made him smile more. "Can we talk?" What? Oh God. He wanted to talk.

"Oh umm uh Sure."

We walked to the corner and he took my hand. My heart beat a thousand times faster.

"Annabeth chase. I've liked you from the moment i saw you. You're talented Radiant and Amazing." He looked me dead in the eyes and whispered, "Will you be my girlfriend?"

I felt like crying in joy. I gave him a huge hug and kept saying this word over and over.

"YES YES YES YES YES!" I was so happy I nearly choked him.

I was unaware that Percy Jackson, watched from afar, with a heartbroken expression plastered on his face.

Time skip

It's been two months since that fateful August day and Luke has been the best Boy friend i could ever ask for. He was calm sensitive funny and loved every moment he spent with me. I was considerably happy those next few months. Facebook Pictures were a lot more common, I had friends over a lot, And i went out on dates, A lot.

I loved every moment of it. then this thing happened.

It was October And Halloween was next week. I was gathering my school books at the end of the day. Everyone was gone from the Hallways I had just closed my locker when i heard a noise. Like crying. I moved over to The Social studies class where i heard the sobbing, to see Something i saw often. Percy Jackson was Hunched against the wall, in a corner, crying his eyes out. i moved forward slowly to see a photo in his hand. It was of Him, a little boy with Brown hair and Brown eyes and a boy with curly hair, peach fuzz and a gotee.


He stopped abruptly and looked up. His eyes were puffy and bloodshot. He clutched an album close to him and he didn't seemed fazed by me. He just stared with his amazing green eyes. They were full of emotion. Depression, sadness, Loss, hope. He teared up and started crying again. i moved forward and sat down next to him. I felt compelled to help this boy. I had never seen anyone look so defeated before.

"Percy what's the matter?"

He looked at the ground. He stared with broken eyes before he spoke again.

"My foster home is burned. to the ground. My friends. Tyson.. and Grover.. they.. they.." He didn't need to speak anymore. Oh my god. Where would he live? How would he eat?

"No one made it out... I couldn't help them.."

I put a hand on his shoulder and he jerked up. He gasped a staggered away from me.

"Percy wha-" I din't finish because he ran. backwards and far away from the school.


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