The students came rushing to the auditouriam

Principle: students I have decided to let everyone join clubs

students: Yay YA WOOHOO

Principle: The clubs that will be acceptable for students to participate in will be on a paper that will be handed out to you when you exit. if you would like to join a club go to the office after school to the secretary, clubs will be open by tomorrow you may now leave

*hands out papers*

Minka: What there is no art club!?

Russell: Well Minka Art class is already like an art club

Mink: I guess

Vinnie: Oooo they have a dance club

Penny: Ooo do you think they will have ribbon dances

Vinnie: maybe

Zoe: Lets see they have a drama club a dance club a

Pepper: You should jion the drama club Zoe

Zoe: :O I am not a drama queen!

Russell: Well the drama club has acting in it

Zoe: Oooo I guess I can join that

Sunil: I dont see a magic club

Pepper: Or a comedy club

*after school*

*Minka exits the office looking happy*

Penny: What are you so happy about Minka?

Minka: I found a club that has a little bit to do with art in it

Penny: What is it

Minka: It's, oh gotta go my mom is here i'll tell you later

Penny: Bye

If you can guess what club Minka joined you can have your charector in the story (you will also get to be in a club) three people will win

here are the clubs

newspaper club dance club drama club cooking club recycling club robotics club