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Sonic: After the Fact

Chapter 1: Shipwrecked

"Tails," the blue hedgehog started, the sound of his voice startling the young fox. His bitter words dug into the poor boy's skin as he turned to face his best friend. Trembling, he casually began to ask what was wrong.

"What do you think is wrong?!" Sonic spat out, completely losing his cool. Once again, Sonic picked up the telescope, searching the area for the one thing he craved more than anything he had ever wanted in his entire life:


"We just had to try out the new attachment for the Tornado over the ocean, didn't we?" Sonic's annoyance grew with every passing second as he continued to keep an eye out for the dry land. Tails merely sighed, knowing that the impatient hedgehog would never be able to sit and calmly wait for the repairs to be finished.

Today was the day that Tails wanted to show Sonic a new mode of the Tornado, his beloved plane. He had altered it so that it could disguise itself as various things, a sailboat included in this.

Sadly he had made a grave error in his miscalculations about the sailboat, causing one of the wings to become loose. Tails had prepared for error luckily, and brought with him his tool kit.

Now here they were, a hydrophobic hedgehog and his best friend, trapped in the middle of the ocean with a dreaded, wait for it, entire twenty minutes to wait for the repairs to be done. Clearly it really was an issue for the supersonic hedgehog; he continued to race back and forth on the boat-like surface of the Tornado, now bringing about annoyance from Tails.

"Quit doing that, Sonic," he scolded his friend as he worked. "Rocking the boat- er, plane –isn't good for it!" Sonic's own distaste for the water tended to drive everyone around him insane; he would do anything to get himself out of the presence of water.

His legs trembled as he attempted to sit still next to Tails. They itched to move, to be free and get off of the small boat. If he had a genie lamp now, he wouldn't have wished for any damn mountain of tissues; he'd be wishing for something to get him off of the cursed Tornado.

And just like that, his wish was granted. Upon seeing the spiky blue hero that helped their home planet, a wisp was headed their way. "Yacker?" Sonic questioned, but as it grew closer, he knew exactly who it was.

"A rocket wisp!" Sonic cheered. "I'm saved!"

The wisp immediately flew to Sonic, circling around him before Sonic got down on his knees rather comically. "Please little buddy," he began, "help me to get out of here!"

And the wisp heeded his call; in an instant Sonic could feel the energy within him as a random voice screamed "Rocket!" within his head. 'Gee I hope I'm not schizophrenic'.

"Sonic…you do know the rocket only takes you u-"

"See ya later buddy!" Sonic shouted as his mouth shaped into a smirk. "If you don't get repairs done soon, I'll come get you with someone! In a plane of course."

His abandoning Tails shut the fox up as he smiled devilishly. He waved to his friend cynically, with a cheery: "Goodbye!"

"Yahoooo!" Was all that could be heard as Sonic jumped off of the Tornado to get his head start. He blasted into the air at top speed, feeling freed from the depths of the cruel ocean. "I can fly better than any plane, heh!"

Or so he thought. As the wisp's power left him, suddenly the information from earlier popped back into his head.

'Only takes me…u…up….'

"I tried to tell you," Tails sighed.

His friend merely shivered as he sat on the fully repaired Tornado as they flew back to dry land. He was completely soaked, with his quills matted down by the salt water that was absorbed into them. No protest came from the hedgehog's mouth after Tails had pulled him up from the water using a fishing rod. At first Sonic had a lot to say to his friend, using a fishing rod with a sharp hook still on it, but Tails merely called it pay back.

"You were going to leave me behind!" He said, with Sonic snorting.

"At least I would have left your behind, you almost took mine off!"

And so ended the battle; Tails was left victorious and dry, while Sonic shivered in his own defeat. But in the end, Sonic turned to Tails with a smile, and they both laughed it off; best friends till the end, and nothing more or less than that.

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