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Sonic: After the Fact

Chapter 7: Sonic's Mistake


His breaths were kept steady and his movements halted. It was a tough job to keep him still for such a long period of time, but he wouldn't dare move a muscle in this situation; it was life or death.

Why was our blue hero in such a dire situation? Simple; revealing even a sliver of his existence in this situation…would be quite bad for Sonic's slick quills. After they would be done with, the royal blue quills would mend with his blood to turn a sickening shade of violet.

In Sonic's line of sight was someone he once assumed to be a ruthless foe; never feeling any sense of remorse for the immense pain of his opponent, only caring about a select few individuals, and not much else. His hatred overcame that of any being on the planet, or so Sonic thought.

But now, here Shadow was, sitting in a Chao garden surrounded by trees. Within the garden was a field of flowers, all blossoming and displaying their pastel colored petals.

Unfortunately for Sonic, he had hopped into his regular tree to watch the Chao after his run, and had to bear witness to the confusing sight. At first he had to stuff his gloves into his mouth to prevent himself from choking, but as time went on, he only began to become more scared.

Shadow was seen petting the chao, calling them all by different names. And to the blue hedgehog's surprise, the chao seemed to all crowd around Shadow, begging him to play with them.

And then it happened. A chao skipped up to Shadow, and began asking Shadow to pet it or pick it up.

Shadow smiled.

And it wasn't just a regular smirk, or some sort of small smile. I mean he practically twisted his usual frown upside down, resulting in a gigantic smile that was borderline psychopathic.

Upon seeing the unfamiliar and unwanted sight, Sonic couldn't help but release the cries resulting from his fear. This roused a response from Shadow, who was now looking for the bearer of the cry.

"Uh…whoever that was…" Shadow growled, trying to sound as polite as possible. Somehow, his words always came out condescending, even when the badass hedgehog was sitting amidst a flower garden of adorable creatures.

"Little girl…you can come out," he stated. His being so sure pissed Sonic off though; Shadow had basically just told him indirectly that he screamed like a girl.

Shrugging it off, Shadow put his attention back to the chao. He may not feel any remorse for regular beings, but chao were an exception. "Maria loves chao," Shadow grumbled to himself, picking up a purple flying type chao. It cooed at him gently as he pet it.

"I wonder where speedy is…" Shadow mumbled, looking around for a chao. Meanwhile, Sonic was watching intently, making sure that one of his outbursts would not emerge again. He chuckled watching Shadow's girlish behavior.


In an instant, a gloved fist shoved Sonic out of his place on the tree, leaving behind a smug Knuckles, proud of his own work. "Heh. I did good," he mumbled to himself, now watching the much more brutal beating Shadow would deliver to Sonic.

"Well, I did tell him not to chuckle."

Sonic's downfall happened at most likely the worst possible moment; just as he hit the ground and caught the black hedgehog's attention, Shadow happened to have a blue spiky chao in his arms, and was nuzzling him affectionately.


"What are you…" Shadow started, and then remembered the chao in his arms. He tried to speak, but then stopped. Reasoning wouldn't save him this time.

"You know Sonic," Shadow smirked, "Maybe if I beat your head hard enough, you'll forget everything you just saw…"

"Can I help?" Knuckles shouted, now climbing down from the tree. Shadow shrugged; "Why not?"

Putting the Chao down, Shadow and Knuckles carried a squealing blue hog deep into the forest, where 'no one would hear his screams', as said by Shadow.

The lesson?

Don't chuckle. Knuckles is watching you.

I did it. I did the chuckling joke again.

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