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Chapter 8: M'gann

The sunlight peaked through the curtains of the ridiculously white hotel room, bringing in a much needed warmth. M'gann took a deep breath, rubbing her thumb up and down the back of Tim's hand as she held it. How long had she been sitting here? Two, three days? At least that's what it felt like.

Tim looked horrible, his bruised and swollen face accented by his disheveled black hair, though to M'gann, he paled in comparison to Dick. She looked over to the other side of the bed at the former Robin, resting his head next to Tim's torso. She didn't remember his skin ever being that white and his usually youthful and attractive face was now hollowed and stern. His hair was just as mussed as Tim's, if not more, and he was in desperate need of a shave. He'd also been wearing the same gray long-sleeved shirt and jeans since day one, but then again, she hadn't changed either, so she had no right to speak.

Realizing the shape that these two were in, she wondered what she must've looked like. It was probably better not to know.

Oh God, she hated seeing these two like this, hated knowing that Tim might not ever wake up and that his brother might kill himself if he doesn't. Dick cared about Tim more than pretty much anything else in the world, and it was incredibly obvious, even though he didn't necessarily have the best way of showing it. He yelled at Tim because he loved him. He pushed Tim because he loved him. He gave Tim a hard time because he loved him. Everything he ever did was to make sure that Tim kept breathing, and M'gann couldn't believe that it took her until just now with Dick refusing to leave Tim's side to see that.

If only Tim could see that.

She groaned, dismissing her thoughts. She was so tired of always getting caught up in all of this. Thinking about it, she doesn't remember the last time that either Tim, Dick, or Conner wasn't on her mind, and slowly but surely she could feel her nerves breaking. She was going to go crazy if she didn't chill out soon.

Dick stirred at M'gann's groan – he hadn't been sleeping, of course – and his head lifted off of the bed as he cleared his throat. He looked over at M'gann, eyes half-lidded, bangs plastered to his forehead, and after discovering that there was nothing wrong with her, his eyes softened as he gazed in Tim's direction.

M'gann stiffened. No. He was not going to do this, not going to blame himself for something that he had absolutely no part of. She could see it on his face plain as day that he was beating himself up for what had happened, and she was not going to stand for it. "Dick. Stop."

She'd caught him a bit off-guard as he focused his attention back on her. His voice was incredibly sleep-deprived. "Stop what?"

"That," she said gesturing from his face to Tim's and back. "Feeling guilty about something that isn't your fault."

He wiped his face with his hands, giving a quick exhale of air through his nose and smiling bitterly. "That's impossible."

She scrunched her eyebrows. "What is? The fact that it's not your fault?"

"No," he stated, "it's impossible to not feel guilty for this even though I know it's not my fault."

M'gann stared at him for a moment, making sure that she'd heard him correctly. "…I'm sorry, what?"

He leaned back in the chair he was sitting in, crossing his arms, bringing a hand up to rub the side of his neck. He seemed unsurprised with her response. "No one made Tim do this. He asked for it, asked for the job. There is no getting around that." Dick paused for a moment, making a face that looked as if he was unsure how to explain himself to M'gann. "But the fact is, whether he likes it or not, I care about him, and it's my responsibility to make sure that he doesn't get himself killed."

M'gann was about to object, but as if knowing that she would, he held up a hand and stated, "Let me finish." She settled back in her chair, hunching her shoulders. "Now I know that he's not a child, I know he's mature enough to know what's right and wrong, what's black and what's white – he might even know better than I do – but that's not the problem." He leaned over, resting his crossed arms on the mattress, staring back down towards Tim as he spoke. "The problem is that letting him be independent, allowing him to make all of his own decisions and do everything that he feels is necessary…I can't always do that. Because…because the last time that I did that…" He grabbed Tim's hand with both of his, squeezing it lightly.

Immediately knowing what he was getting at, M'gann reached out and placed a hand on Dick's forearm. Even through the shirt, he was freezing. "Tim isn't Jason," she said almost at a whisper.

He gave a small chuckle. "Yeah. That's what he told me." He nodded in Tim's direction.

M'gann shrugged. "Then I guess you're just gonna have to trust him. He's different, Dick. And you know it. We all do."

He gently nodded, pursing his lips. "Then why do I feel so guilty when I do? When I trust him? When I let him go off and-"

"You said it yourself, Dick," M'gann interrupted, "It's because you care, because you can't help but feel like there was something else you could have done to prevent this from happening, even though you clearly know that's not true. There's no guaranteed protection in this life; no matter how much you try to keep him safe, there's always going to be something that can hurt him. Whether that's you or the job is your call."

M'gann was taken aback by the small smile the Dick gave her. It was small, but it was still a smile. So she smiled back. And he put one of his hands on hers, his blue eyes gazing into her brown ones. "Thank you," he choked out.

"Anytime." Leaning forward, she impulsively placed a kiss on Dick's forehead, letting her lips linger for a few seconds before standing up completely. She walked around to the side of the bed he was on and squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. "He'll wake up." And with that, she made her way over to the door. "Do you know what room Conner is in? I was gonna check up on him, though I'm sure he's practically healed by now."

Dick winced, suddenly refusing to make eye contact. "Next door." His voice was cold, though it was sprinkled with what almost seemed like regret. "And could you tell him…tell him that I'm sorry? For blowing up at him the way I did? I sort of over-reacted and-"

"I'll tell him," she said, "though I can't be so sure as to if he'll listen. You know how he is after you two fight."

Dick smiled sadly at her as she gave him one last look before heading towards Conner's room, and as she turned and walked in, she wasn't at all surprised to find that it was empty. Worry crept its way into her stomach as she back-peddled out of the room and back over to Tim's. "Dick," she yelled, making him jump. "He's gone."

Mt. Justice…

After insisting that Dick remain with Tim, M'gann had bolted to the nearest Zeta tube. If she knew Conner at all, she knew where he'd probably be, and that was his room. Of all places, she had no idea why he opted to stay in his room so much, but at the moment, she wasn't going to complain. She just needed to find him.

Running through the training room, she made her way to the hallway of dorms, sliding to a stop in front of Conner's. "Conner," she shouted, pounding on the door, "Conner, are you in there?" She hoped to God he was. Where else would he go? Becoming impatient, she pressed the button on the wall that opened the door, and as it slid open, a gasp escaped her lips at the dismantled state of his living space. There was a gaping hole in one of the walls, debris covering the majority of the floor, and his nightstand was tipped over on its side, its contents spilled around it.

But no Conner. Great.

Trudging over to his bed, she sat on the end of it, resting her face in her hands. Think, M'gann. Where would Conner-

"So you aren't dead."

Her head jolted up, eyes widening at the sight before her. "…Conner?" He stood in the doorway to the bathroom, wrapped only in a towel as he ran his fingers through his wet hair. Immediately she knew that something was wrong. There was something different about him, right off the bat. And it wasn't just the fact that he was standing in front of her half-naked without so much as giving it a second thought. Which reminded her that she needed to not be looking at his incredibly toned chest right now, and she blushed as her eyes returned to his.

"You were expecting someone else? In my room?" He chuckled and it sent a shiver up M'gann's spine. "And here I was thinking that you were one of the smarter ones."

Standing up from the bed, she remained where she was standing, apprehensive about getting any closer to him. "Why did you…why did you leave. The hospital. Without telling anyone?" Why was she so scared of him?

He moved closer to her, traversing the room to stand merely inches away from her, grinning the whole way. "Are you trying to tell me that I needed your permission?"

"No," she assured, "I just…well, we just didn't know where you went off to, that's all." This was really weird. Conner was glowing with newfound confidence, and ironically, M'gann didn't like it. Had something happened back at the lab? Was he having some sort of weird reaction to a chemical that spilled on him or something?

He shrugged. "Obviously, that's not true. You found me quite easily." He moved in a bit closer if that was possible, placing one of his hands on the side of her face while he rested his other hand on her hip. "But now that you have…"

She tensed under his touch, heart rate skyrocketing as she defensively placed her hands on his bare chest. He was warm. And firm. And maybe that wasn't the best move. "Conner," she warned, attempting to push him away. Everything was happening so fast, she was unsure of what either of them were even doing right then. He resisted her as she tried to separate them, making her raise her voice. "Conner, stop."

His eyes…they were so dark. "Why?" His voice was thick and full of lust. "Are you saying that because you actually want me to or because of La'gann?"

It was because…she didn't know why. She honestly couldn't function with his hand on her hip and his fingers teasing her hair and his face so close to hers. Why was he doing this? She didn't know whether to be happy in his sudden spark of interest in her or to be freaking out because – Hello, Megan! – she has a boyfriend.

Her voice was shaky. "What kind of question is that?"

He pressed his forehead against hers, causing her to close her eyes. "Right answer." And before she knew it, he'd claimed her lips with his own. And he was kissing her. And she was letting him. And under the mesmerizing warmth of his mouth, she kissed him back. And she relaxed against his touch, sliding her hands down to his torso. And this went on for about ten seconds or so before M'gann snapped back into reality, opening her eyes and finally managing to shove him away.

"I can't believe you just did that." She gripped her hair. "I can't believe I just did that." That was…God, that shouldn't have been as good as it was.

"Why not?" he asked, arms still outstretched in her direction. "We both obviously still have feelings for each other."

"That doesn't give you the right to kiss me," she yelled. Oh God. Saying it out loud was so much worse. She felt like she was going to throw up. "La'gann-"

"And what about your rebound guy?" He crossed his arms, accenting his muscles. The fact that he was still only wearing a towel really didn't help M'gann stay focused on what she was trying to say.

"You know that's not true." Her hands balled into fists. She would punch him if she didn't know that it would hurt her more than him, literally. "And you owe him th-"

"I don't owe him anything," he growled. His eyes began to lighten, almost as if they were…glowing? Red? What the heck was going on? "You know what? Get out," he snarled. "GET. OUT."

Without another word, M'gann ran from the room and back out into the hallway. As the door slid shut behind her, she leaned against the wall next to it and slid down, sitting on the floor, bringing her knees to her chest as tears began to form in her eyes. Her brain was having a hard time processing the rapid pace of the day. Of the week, actually. It didn't seem humanly possible for that much to happen in such a short amount of time.

What was wrong with him? Why was he acting that way? This was a whole new level of rage for Conner that was definitely not normal. And his eyes…what was happening to his eyes? Conner never had heat vision. Well, at least not without the performance enhancing patches that Lex Luthor had given him. Was he using those again? That would explain a lot, including the anger.

Breathing heavily, she rubbed her legs in an attempt to calm herself down. Being a superhero with super powered friends could be incredibly hard sometimes. Especially times like this when she was helpless and there was absolutely nothing that she could do, considering that she didn't even know what was wrong here.

She had to figure out what was going on, but she would need help. Dealing with Conner and his "family" could get pretty hard. Maybe…when Tim's feeling better, he'd be willing to help a girl out. He had, after all, shown interest in Conner's recent behavior. Maybe he knew what was up.

He was a Robin after all.