Kate stood in front of the bed and took a deep breath before she stripped down to down to nothing.

"Here goes." Kate thought to herself as she looked at Edward, who was occupied pounding his length into Bella's body to notice her.

"Edward." Kate said clearly to him and he looked up from Bella to see her. He gazed at her curvaceous, toned figure for a moment and licked his lips.

Edward pulled his member out of Bella's womanhood and she mustered enough strength to crawl off the bed onto the floor while Kate sat in front the possessed male to keep him occupied.

"Come here, Edward. As it would turn out, I'm quite wet." Kate said as she lay on her back and spread her folds apart with both hands. Edward pounced on Kate and planted his lips on hers.

Red eyes met golden ones as Edward's tongue entered Kate's mouth and dominated the inside of it. He planted his hands on her breasts and toyed with them.

A smiled appeared on Kate's face as Edward kissed her and fondled her breasts. He squeezed what he could of them as he rubbed them together.

Kate tried what she could to get on top of Edward but failed as he kept her underneath him and kneaded her breasts. He squeezed Kate's breasts and groped them endlessly.

While groping Kate, Edward failed to notice Alice and Esme help Bella up; despite the fact the busty brunette was half-awake and wasn't walking. The two helped Bella away from the bed while Kate had the inside of her mouth licked by Edward and she pitted her tongue against his.

Though Edward's tongue outmatched the speed of Kate's, she still licked his tongue and their saliva blended together. Edward broke the kiss and Kate watched as he lower his head to her bosom to plant his lips on her tits.

His fingers massaged the areas he cupped and he flicked his tongue on her nipples. His tongue roughly brushed against the sizeable orbs of flesh and Kate closed her eyes.

The busty young woman lowly moaned as Edward caressed her ample breasts and tasted them. Edward held the orbs of flesh together and licked them.

He realized Kate's nipples were getting hard and began suckling her tits. Kate moved her hand and placed it on the back of Edward's head; holding him closer to her chest.

Edward licked Kate's nipples and the smile remained on her face while he began brushing his length against her folds, which was starting to turn wet from his groping. He then went on to lick her deep cleavage and he licked his way up to her neck.

Edward started licking Kate's neck and she whimpered as the tongue roughly rubbed on her. He took one of his hands off her breast and guided it down her womanhood.

Following his instinct that she may have been wet by his current actions, he wriggled his fingers into her warmth and started rubbing them against her moist walls.

"Edward!" Kate moaned as he wildly moved his fingers inside her pussy and teased her tight insides. He licked Kate's chest and moved himself downward until his face was in front of her folds.

Not wasting a second, Edward began licking his way through the wet folds and into Kate's body. She moaned loudly at this as she looked down to see Edward already hungrily licking her insides and watched him work his tongue.

Edward wagged his tongue inside Kate's pussy and simultaneously rubbed his fingers on her clit. Kate moaned as she felt Edward's tongue work its way through her inner tunnels and licked her wetness.

Edward wagged his tongue inside Kate and she gripped the bed as her breasts slowly bobbed from the lust. He reached up and palmed one of Kate's breasts.

She enjoyed the feeling as Edward sink his fingers into her mound and fondled it as he vigorously tasted her warmth. He swirled his tongue on the moist walls of flesh and licked the inner walls.

Edward swayed his tongue inside Kate's body and she frequently moved her legs. She placed her other hand on her free mound to fondle it and doing only served to increase her wetness.

The possessed man's tongue licked her moist caverns and squeezed the breast he held. Kate bit her lower lip to suppress a loud moan as Edward's animalistic tongue worked its way inside of her and she placed her other hand on top of Edward's.

The pair both fondled her breast as Edward's tongue wildly swirled in her womanhood while he rubbed his fingers on her folds simultaneously. Kate's ample breasts slowly bobbed as her pussy was tasted and Edward's tongue wriggled inside of her.

Kate moaned pleasurably as Edward licked her wet inner tunnels and they worked together to caress her breast. Edward pinched Kate's nipple and she moaned loudly for a moment at her sensitive bud being pinched.

Edward placed his other hand on Kate's free breast and kneaded it as well. Kate whimpered while both her breasts were squeezed and toyed with by Edward.

He slid his hands underneath her ass and lifted her lower body off the bed; bringing her pussy closer to his mouth. Kate moaned as her breasts fell back and she began bucking her hips out of excitement.

Edward began squeezing Kate's ass cheeks as he buried his tongue in her wetness and she began toying with her breasts out of lust. The bronze man's tongue ravaged Kate's warmth and groped her ass simultaneously.

The smile on Kate's face remained constant as Edward tasted her innards and her head began rolling around as she moaned. Kate's face turned into a lust-filled smile while her eyes remained closed and she whimpered as she felt herself about to come.

Edward wildly shook his head like a dog and made his tongue lick Kate's folds; making her eyes snap open in the process. This was the last straw for Kate as she instantly came a moment later and her fluids oozed out of her pussy.

Kate panted as Edward licked her fluids clean and set her rear down on the bed. He stood up and flexed himself as Kate caught her breath.

After catching her breath, Kate got onto her knees and pressed her breasts on his erection; catching his attention. She smiled up at him as she began kneading her breasts together on his length and she looked at it in amazement; admiring it strong it felt inside her cleavage.

She placed her mouth on the erection and Edward placed his hand on top of her head to hold her steady as he began to pump his cock into her mouth. Even with Edward's speed, Kate did what she could to suck off Edward's member and keep it enclosed inside of her ample bust.

He moaned as he rammed his erection into her mouth and she swirled her tongue around the head of it. She smothered her breasts on his stiff length and used them to jerk it off.

Edward held onto Kate's head as she moved it back and forth on his cock. Her saliva covered it as she squeezed her breasts on it and rubbed her erect tits on the shaft of it.

She moaned as the erection pumped itself into her mouth and her tongue slowly brushed it. She held her breasts together as Edward's pounded his cock through her deep cleavage and the jiggling breasts bounced on his manhood.

The soft mounds pressed together on Edward's stiffness and he plunged it through them. Kate's hot tongue stirred around Edward's length and kept him satisfied.

Edward thrust into the orbs that bounced on his member and watched as Kate pleasured his powerful member. Kate's head followed Edward's wild thrusts as did her breasts and she kneaded them together on his shaft.

Edward pounded into the deep cleavage and moaned in ecstasy. Kate tapped her tongue on Edward's length and flicked her tongue on it.

Kate moaned as she felt Edward's member twitch inside her mouth and she realized he was about to come. She squeezed her breasts together on his erection and just then; Edward unleashed a torrent of semen in her mouth.

Kate did her best not to take her mouth off Edward's length as he came heavily and removed his cock. She swallowed the semen and noticed Edward crouching down behind her.

He gripped her forearms and pulled her back. She didn't struggle as she figured he wasn't trying to hurt her and pulled her onto his lap; taking his cock into her warmth and having her hymen broken through.

Kate moaned loudly at this before Edward started to thrust his length into her core. She began to buck her hips to grind Edward's powerfully erection and her breasts heaved in the process.

Edward moaned with Kate as he cupped her breasts and caressed them. She moaned loudly at how good Edward's hands felt on her jiggling breasts and he did likewise with the feeling of her warmth.

Edward caressed Kate's breasts as they heaved and sank his fingers into them. He rubbed them together and pounded his hardness into her warm innards that housed it.

"Kate…" Irina thought to herself as she watched her sister ride Edward's powerful manhood and grind it. Edward's fingers massaged the heaving mounds and he caressed them out of excitement.

Edward pounded his throbbing erection into Kate bucked her hips and gripped the bed sheets. The man moaned as the warmth was pummeled into by his erection and the moist walls rubbed it at it flew into them.

Kate worked her hips in total tandem with Edward's movements and moaned at how big he felt inside her inner tunnels. Her firm ass smacked onto Edward's lap as he pummeled his cock into her core and she fell back onto him.

She moaned and worked her hips on his length. Edward fondled Kate's jiggling bosom as he jetted his manhood into her warmth and her walls rumbled due to the heavy impact of the bronze's member.

Kate planted her hands onto the bed and dug her nails into the sheets. The blonde-haired woman whimpered as Edward's erection slammed its way into her core and rubbed against her walls.

Edward growled lustfully at the warmth of Kate's innards as he pummeled his hardness into her tight crevice.

"He's hitting so deep!" Kate thought to herself as Edward rammed his manhood into her warmth. He circled his fingers around her tits and gripped them.

Edward began twisting them and pulling them downward; teasing Kate and making her core wetter. This was fine to Edward as his length plummeted into Kate's pussy and hit her innards.

Kate worked her walls on Edward's cock and moaned with him. Edward began brushing his tongue on her cheek.

Her moist womanhood was rocketed into by Edward's cock and she moaned as her mounds jiggled endlessly. Kate wiggled her hips and had her insides milk Edward's erection.

She eventually opened her mouth and allowed Edward's tongue to enter it. Their tongues met and instantly began to do battle.

The tongues wildly licked each other as Edward caressed Kate's' heaving breasts and groped them. Their eyes might one another and covered each other's tongues with their respective saliva.

Edward growled huskily and signified he was about to release. Kate bucked her hips and watched the possessed man pump his length into her body.

Shortly afterwards, Edward thrust into Kate a final time and buried his member in her warmth as her walls wrapped around him; squeezing his seed out of his cock and allowing it to enter her womb.

Both Edward and Kate moaned loudly at this as the former squeezed the large mounds a final time. Kate got off Edward and panted as sweat ran down her forehead.

"I figured he'd be amazing at something like this." Kate thought before she noticed Edward, who was still on his back, reaching for her and she placed herself on his lap. She lowered her head down to kiss Edward and he wrapped his arms around her.

"Gotta keep him aroused." Kate thought to herself before positioning her womanhood over Edward's erection and sinking herself onto it. She moaned into Edward's mouth and fell slightly forth.

Her breasts began heaving over Edward and her ass began to tap on his crotch. Edward thrust into the young woman and held onto her ass as he did so.

He moaned with Kate as her ass repeatedly hit his lap and he watched her breasts jiggle over him. Kate rolled her hips forth and brought her womanhood onto Edward's length as he plunged it into her.

Edward's fingers massaged the flesh of Kate's ass and she placed her hands on his shoulders. She watched as Edward drove his member into her inner tunnels and rode him.

She sat upright and looked to see Edward reach up to cup whatever he could hold of her breasts. Edward sank his fingers into the jiggling mounds and caressed them.

His fingers pinched her tits and pulled them forward. Kate bit her lower lip and her blush was reborn on her face.

Kate moaned loudly and kept her hands on Edward's shoulders. He thrust his manhood into her walls and Kate moved her hips forth on his length.

Her tight walls grinded Edward's cock and he sat upright to bring his face to her bosom. He squeezed the breasts together and kept them like so to put his lips on the erect buds.

Edward suckled the jiggling mounds and massaged the warm flesh with his fingers. Kate moaned loudly at this and wrapped her arms around the back of his head; smothering his face into her deep cleavage.

This didn't bother Edward in the least as he licked the inside of her cleavage and jetted his cock into her walls. Her breasts jiggled and Edward nuzzled the ample orbs while licking them.

He then sank his teeth into the mound as he came into Kate and a torrent of cum filled her core. Kate moaned and threw her upper body back as she did so.

"Wow!" Irina and Esme both thought.

"How astonishing!" Alice and Bella thought together.

"That looks too good to be true." Rosalie and Tanya thought to themselves as well.

So…powerful." Leah thought to herself as she watched Kate fell back onto the bed and took Edward with her. He landed on top of her and removed his member for a moment.

Their cum poured out of Kate before Edward's length entered into her once again and didn't waste one moment in ramming himself into her. Kate moaned before beginning to buck her hips and looked into Edward's face.

Serene green eyes faced animalistic as Edward began licking her lips and her mouth opened. Her tongue lashed out of her mouth and met Edward's tongue.

Her breasts bobbed up and down as she wrapped her arms around Edward's back. She held him close to her and her mounds pressed against his chest.

Edward pummeled his erection into Kate's wetness and moaned from his cock inside the tight crevices. She stopped licking Edward's tongue as he kissed her and she ran her hand through his hair.

Edward's member slammed into Kate's innards that grinded his length and his waves of thrusts made the sounds of flesh smacking sound throughout the room. Kate moaned into Edward's mouth and held onto his torso tightly.

He moaned at how good her breasts felt and slightly lifted his upper body to plant his hands on the jiggling orbs of flesh. Edward groped the mounds and kneaded them together.

Edward rutted his hips and sent his member into Kate's warmth. Kate still kissed Edward and trickled her fingers through his hair.

Kate's blush was still on her face and she whimpered as the impact of Edward's cock ramming itself into her womanhood. The busty vampire held onto Edward's tightly as he pumped himself into her core and rumbled them as well.

Edward thrust into Kate's entrance so much that her eyes closed and a pleasure-filled smile appeared on her face. She bucked her hips and moaned into Kate's mouth as they came for the third time.

Kate's pleasured smile hadn't left her face as Edward smiled down at the young woman before proceeding to grope her all over. The blond-haired woman had easily figured from the beginning that Edward wouldn't be done with her in just three rounds; thanks to her seeing the numerous rounds Bella had previously went.

Sometime later

Edward thrust into Kate in the same position they were in for their third time and came into her for the eleventh time. She couldn't believe her eyes as Edward began a new round of thrusts into her warmth and her semen-covered breasts started jiggling.

"Impossible! He came eleven times straight and he's still that hard?!" Kate thought to herself as Edward pounded into her body and simply licked her cheek. Exhausted, Kate raised her hand to the other ladies to catch their attention.