I walk down the hallway of the institute looking for my amazing boyfriend but stop when I hear a few grunts coming from the library. I smirk and figure that it is just Simon and Isabelle or Magnus and Alec. I walk past the room and into Jace's bedroom but he isn't there. I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion. His room is usually so sterile and pristine but I find his bed is unmade and one of his shirts has been thrown onto the floor. I straighten out the sheet on his bed and fold his shirt and put it on his bed but as I place it on the white sheet, I notice the distinct outline of red lipstick on the collar and a pang of nervousness go through me. Maybe it's mine? I think. No, I don't wear red lipstick- ever.

I place the shirt back on the bed slowly and begin to walk timidly back down the hall to the library where the groans and grunts are continuing. I stand outside the doors for a moment until I hear a perky voice yell, "Oh Jace…"

My breath catches and my face goes hot. Without thinking, I push the old double doors open to reveal Jace pinning a busty brunette down on the carpet and kissing her chest. I stagger back in shock and try to make a quick getaway but my back hits the door with a loud and audible BANG! The girl shrieks when she sees me and Jace's jaw drops and his eyes go wide. "C-Clary…" he stutters out.

I shake my head and turn around, ready to race down the hall and go home but a strong, calloused hand wraps around my waist and pulls me around. I look at his face with a few stray tears in my eyes. He still has the faint ghost of lipstick on his lips and jaw. "Y-You cheated o-on me?" I ask though it sounded more as a statement.

"Clary, you know I love you. You know I would never hurt y-" but I cut him off with a sharp slap across his face. I am not crying anymore- in fact there are no signs that I was ever sad in the first place. My face is just a solid slate of nothingness and neutrality.

"You don't know what love is. You will never know what love is. You are too naïve and self centered to even think that you could care about someone other than yourself. I shouldn't be surprised. I was told over and over again by EVERYONE that you were going to destroy me. I should have listened. I guess Valentine was right about something- to love is to destroy." And with that I sprinted down the hallway. I could hear his pounding footsteps behind me but that only made me run harder. I sidestep into a bathroom and shut the door quickly. I lock the knob and I hear Jace trying to smash his way through. He calls my name a couple times but I refuse to listen. I take out my stele from my boot and draw a portal rune.

The portal is set up when Jace breaks the door down and sees me. I waste no time in diving into the portal and leaving Jace behind. I land on my knees on a beach. I stand up brush my jeans off and take a good look around. The sun is going down and the beach is surprisingly empty. I walk up the beach and find about six people dressed in shadowhunter gear battling about 10 viscous garmel demons. They seem to be struggling a bit so my instincts kick in and I jump into the fight. Jace and Isabelle and Alec had taught me some battle strategies and I have reason to believe that I am fairly good.

After a series of punches and slashes and kicks, all the demons turn to black dust and disappear. I turn around and see the strangers starring at me in confusion and wonder. No one says anything so I start out, "I'm Clary…"

Again a moment of silence and I debate just walking away until a girl with straight blonde hair cut into a bob speaks up, "Hey… um I'm Elizabeth- but please, call me El. This is Aaron," she says gesturing to the guy on her left. He has deep brown hair and dark green eyes and strong jaw and cheek bones. He is very handsome but the way the girl next to him clings to his arm makes me believe he is taken. She has wavy blonde hair that falls to her waist and long legs that she displays to me in a deadly fashion. "That is Megan," she says gesturing to the girl. "The guy next to Meg is Paul. Next to Paul is Laken, and next to Laken is Drake. We live in the Miami institute."

I look at the other guys and admire their looks. They are all very strong but each of them holds a special quality that sets them apart from each other. Paul has shaggy brown hair and amber eyes but he looks as though he holds many secrets. His demeanor and posture suggest that he has been through a lot and has overcome many obstacles- and that I admire.

Laken is tall with dirty blonde hair that is whipped to one side and bright eyes. He smiles at me, showing off two rows of brilliant white teeth. He has a perfect tan and a defined jaw bone. I take one look into his eyes and see a yearn for adventure and thrill.

Drake seems about a year older than me. He has short black hair and one of his eyes is green and the other is blue. He too has a gorgeous tan and flawless skin- not a blemish in sight apart from the stray scars that he received from a fight. He is absolutely gorgeous and gives off that whole "bad boy" vibe. He stares at me intently but never cracks a smile. He doesn't seem to be examining me or ridiculing me with his eyes, instead he simply stares at me while I begin to speak to El. "Uh, hey. I am from the New York institute. I kind of came here looking for an escape, but I would never want to impose-" but before I can continue, Laken speaks up.

"Oh please, you aren't imposing on anyone. We can offer you a place at the institute. The Clave does say that an institute shall remain open to any shadowhunter in need of shelter or help so… welcome." He gives me a wink and instead of blushing I smirk and laugh a little. I see Drake tilt his head at me- thinking about something but keeping his attention locked on me. I try not to stare back but his eyes are so captivating and interesting…

Megan shakes me back to reality by exclaiming, "Are you serious!? I mean it's not like we have any room! Kim and Ryan will probably say no anyway!"

I see Paul roll his eyes and say in an amused voice, "Okay Meg, one- we have plenty of room. There is a whole wing of the institute that we don't even use. Two- it isn't Kim or Ryan's choice. It is the law! Anyway, they will both love you," he reassures me and I smile at him gratefully.

"It will be fun having another girl in the institute Meg! Come on!" yells El.

She is about to reply when Aaron says, "Well how about we let her decide?" They nod and look at me expectantly.

I nod and say, "I would like to- a lot."

"Then it's settled. She can follow us back to the institute and we can get her story and all that pointless shit. Come on, institute is this way," says Laken. I laugh and follow him. I hear Megan grumbling something unintelligent behind me but I don't pay attention as Drake walks beside me.

"So Clary, why are you here?" he asks me. I look at him and say,

"I didn't want to be anywhere else, I suppose." He smirks and says,

"Okay… but HOW are you here?"

I sigh and say without looking at him, "That is a long, long story. I will explain later."

He nods and continues to walk with me until we reach the institute. The place is beautiful and looks exactly like the New York institute. It was big and old… that pretty much sums it up. "Drake, lead Clary to the library and I will get Kim and Ryan down here. He nods and takes my hand. I feel a sudden spark shoot through my arm but I ignore it. Only Jace has ever had that effect on me…

I can't think about him now, not after I just ran away from him. I sit down on the black leather couch as Drake stands across the room and stares at me. It should unnerve me but I feel comfortable under his gaze. About five minutes pass and a woman and man in their twenties barge in, curiosity written in their features. The woman sees me first and introduces herself, "H-Hi, my name is Kim… this is my brother Ryan… uh, we heard you were looking for an institute?"

I stand up and say, "My name is Clary… I am from the New York institute. I am a well trained shadow hunter and I came here escaping some people I would like to leave in the past." Everyone looks confused and intrigued so I explain everything, and by everything I mean EVERYTHING.

By the time I am done telling my story they are all humbled by my presence and I notice the slight pity in El's face. I reassure her with a smile and Ryan says, "Well, we would be more than happy for you to become a part of this institute here!"

I grin more and say, "Thank you… I don't know what to say,"

Then surprisingly Aaron says with a smile, "Just say that you will fight with us. Say that you will help us."

I smirk and nod my head. This was my new life and I wasn't giving it up anytime soon.

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