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I still couldn't understand why Fili didn't like me. What did I ever do to him? Why did I care so much about him? I don't have feelings for him.

I felt Obi-Wan touch my shoulder when he felt my distress over this little problem.

"You didn't do anything to him. You know that right." He said looking at me.

His eyes were so blue. It's funny being a jedi you don't really think about love but now it seems that all the rules about love in the jedi academy just went flying out the window.

"You have a cut on your hand." Obi-Wan said trying to ignore my thoughts about his eyes and love.

"Of, course." I said coming out of my thoughts.

"Obi-Wan, Zara we are going to the troll cave. You need to keep up. I think that Thorin is going to give you weapons." Kili said running to where we were standing.

"We are coming Kili. Thank you." Obi-Wan said.

"Sorry Kili." I said.

"You shouldn't be apologizing Zara. Fili should but he is to full of pride to care. I apologize for him." Kili said before he turned to run off to find Thorin.

"We should see what Thorin wants us for." I said to Kenobi.

"Right." He said.

We walked into the troll cave to see a couple of the dwarves making a 'long-term deposit'. They made me laugh but Dwalin not so much.

"Friends." Gandalf said to us. "Pick up some more weapons for yourselves."

"We like our lightsabers." I said.

"You will need more than that when you are in the presence of a Orc." Thorin said to Kenobi and I.

I looked around a little and found a good-sized sword, which Gandalf said, was made by some high elves. As I was walking out of the cave I tripped over a bag. I picked it up to see a bow and quiver; I took them with me figuring with Kili's help I could master archery while we were here.

"What is that?" Kili asked me.

"Bow and quiver." I replied.

"Does that mean the great Zara will need help training?" Kili asked with some sarcasm.

"I believe so." I replied with a laugh.

That is when a weird man came bolting at us on a sled pulled by rabbits. And I thought the dwarves were strange.

"Radagast." Gandalf said.

"Gandalf." Radagast said.

While the two of them were talking I went to scout ahead when I bumped into Fili.

"Listen Fili we need to talk. I know you have a strong dislike for me. And even though I do not know why. I would like to start again and just be sort of friends." I said waiting for a response, when he didn't respond I figured he didn't want to start over so I just walked away.

"ORCS!" Thorin shouted. I turned around to see an over grown wolf jump on my friends.

"KENOBI! KILI!" I shouted at them.

"Run!" Gandalf shouted at us. We all bolted following Gandalf. While we ran Radagast distracted the orcs until one of them caught our scent and Kili had to shoot him down.

"Dude he is ugly." I said to Kenobi.

"Hurry up Zara!" Kili shouted to me.

"Sorry! I'm coming." I shouted.

"Where is our wizard?" Dwalin asked.

"He has left us." Thorin said.

"This way you fools!" Gandalf shouted at us.

I jumped into the gap between the rocks and landed on my butt.

"Ouch." I stated. "Kenobi you ok?"

"I could be worse." He said. I turned around to see that he had an arrow sticking out of his shoulder.

"Kenobi what the hell happened?!" I said in a panic grabbing him when he started going unconscious.

"In Kili's way didn't mean too." He said.

"Come on we have to get you help. Gandalf you need to help him." I said turning to the wizard.

"We will be in the presence of someone that can help him." Gandalf said turning to Thorin.

"I sure hope so." I said.

Kili ran to Kenobi and I. "Zara I am so sorry." He said.

"It is ok. Kenobi is a tough cookie, he will be ok." I said. While Kili and I were talking we missed the elves coming in surrounding us.

"Lord Elrond." Gandalf said to the head elf, I guess.

While they had their conversation, I looked at Kenobi to see that he was pale and cold.

"I don't mean to interrupt Gandalf, but Kenobi needs help ASAP." I said.

"Of, course." Gandalf said.

"We will get him to a healer young one." Lord Elrond said.

"Can I stay with him?" I whispered.

"Of, course." Gandalf said. "Meet us in the Great hall after to eat."

"Sure." I said, following Lord Elrond with Kenobi.

When we got to the healer the elves patched Kenobi up nicely. While I sat at the edge of the bed I heard someone come in. I immediately stood up.

"Sit young one." Lord Elrond said.

"I thought you were a dwarf, my apologies." I replied.

"You aren't from this world are you?" he asked.

"NO we aren't." I replied.

"Ah, so those weapons are dark magic?" he once again asked.

"No they are crystals that belong to the Force which is good magic." I said still looking at the young Kenobi lying in front of me.

"Of, course. I will have one of the elves escort you to the Great hall and we will have your other weapons sharpened." He said.

"Thank you." I replied.

He left the room and it was just Kenobi and I. I looked at his wound, it wasn't too bad. My eyelids started dropping and the next thing I knew I was lying asleep next to Kenobi. I guess he didn't mind because his arm was wrapped around me. And for the first time both of us didn't care about the jedi rules.

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