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Sasuke Uchiha climbed up the flat steps and slid his bedroom door open and quickly laid down in bed. Letting his weary body collapsed onto the single twin bed without a care.

There was a time in Sasuke's life where he genuinely thought that he would eventually be happy, despite his clan's... untimely demise. A time where his dreams would become a reality.

Many if not all of the people in Konoha thought that the young Uchiha's dreams were filled with the mangled corpses of his deceased family, but his nightmares were devoid of any blood or gore.

Instead his nightmares were a constant reminder of what would never be again. His dreams would be filled with the warm chatter of his relatives, the delicious smell of his mother's cooking and the monotony of family living. Each night his mind would trick him into thinking that the massacre was a simple nightmare and that his dream was the reality. But, then dawn would seep in through the windows and bring the truth into light.

His family was gone and the only company he had now was his shadow.

For Sasuke this was the hardest part. His loneliness was a constant reminder of his past because before the massacre there wasn't a moment he was alone. Not only did he have his mother, father and brother, but he also had dozens of other relatives. So many so that his young mind simply could not put a name to all of them.

But now there were no thumps on his roof as his uncles jumped from house to house to get to the hokage's office, no clinks and clanks as this cousins spared on their clan training fields, no chatter as his aunts gossiped huddled together on the steps of clan storehouse and no stories of the "old times" from his elders.

Just all-consuming silence.

Sasuke thought that the silence would be easier to bear after he avenged his clan, but if anything he felt lonelier than ever. Destroying Danzo and the other village elders associated with this clan's annihilation did nothing to alleviate his guilt over Itachi's death. He could feel the weight of his malicious deeds weighing down his body and stealing every piece of happiness from his body.

Sasuke assumed that he deserved it though. He had abandoned his village, killed his beloved brother and destroyed countless bonds with various people that thought that he was anyone worth knowing.

He thought that the Uchiha clan was cursed, he was cursed.

If he got married and had children, wouldn't his curse be passed on to them?

The conditions for improving one's sharingan were not easily met and often required bloodshed of friends and family in exchange for power and for all the darkness that lies in Sasuke's heart he genuinely did not want anyone else to suffer the fate that he had dealt with, especially his (unborn) children.

Was there anyone who could deal with his darkness? Someone who could assure that all future Uchihas did not follow in the path of their ancestors?


Her voice growled in his mind from the deep subconscious of his mind.

Sasuke opened his eyes suddenly as if the girl, no , woman in question was truly in his room with him.

"Naruto..." Naruto Uzumaki was known more for her kindness than her strengths even though she was the key player if the 4th shinobi war.

The dobe always had an unlimited amount of hope in people and she was persuasive enough to convince any friend or foe over to her side. She was loud, obnoxiously happy and determined to make her dream of becoming Rokudaime a reality; not that she really had to convince anyone anymore, well as long as they weren't new that is.

Naruto didn't really have the vibe or look of a killer except for extreme cases on the battlefield. Naruto looked...

"...attractive," Sasuke thought.

Naruto had uncontrollable curly blond hair, bright multi hue blue eyes, pouty lips; despite being in her early twenties she still looked (and acted) like a seventeen year old. Sasuke didn't know what the rest of her body looked like. Naruto still wore the baggy orange jumpsuits from her youth but from the way her body felt pressed against his during their spars he could tell that she was curvy and petite. A fire started to grow in belly at the memory of having her wriggling body under him as he pinned her body under his and non verbally declared himself the winner of their little battle.

Sasuke was sure that Naruto would be an amazing mother and wife, if not an excessively loud one.

He could picture it now. Her blushing face turning away from him with a "Teme..." after he brought her to her first orgasm. Her belly growing round with his seed. Their child, no, children laying between them to take shelter from midnight thunderstorms.

He would never be alone, especially not if their children took after their mother. His compound would be filled with loud hyperactive little brats and there wouldn't be a moment of silence. His dark compound would be filled with bright neon little Uzumakis.

The thought brought a smile to his face.

This dream wouldn't be a dream for long because Uchiha Sasuke had decided that Uzumaki Naruto would be his and nothing and no one would be able to stop him.



Sasuke flipped through the book and found the page that he was looking for. He had spent the better part of the week searching for this and now he had it. The answer to all of his prayers. With this he would be able to make Naruto his.

Naruto Uzumaki was having a great day. She had trained with Kakashi-sensei in the morning, spared with Lee in the afternoon and then Iruka-sensei offered to by her ramen for dinner.

Yes, Naruto Uzumaki was having a great day... well that was until Sasuke yanked her out of her seat, pressed her against the brick wall of the building next to Ichiraku's and flashed her.

" TEME ! What the hell is wrong with you?" Naruto yelled, turning herself away from the naked man.

"You have seen my pure body." Sasuke said in a flat tone while rewrapping the trench coat around his body.

"Wha? You're pure body? What about my eyes you asshole! You're the one who flashed me!" Naruto said, her face turning cherry red.

"You have ruined me for marriage and must take responsibility. You must marry me." Sasuke continued, as if Naruto had said nothing at all

"Marry you!" Naruto shouted.

"Come with me." Sasuke said, grabbing Naruto's hand and pulling her toward the Hokage's office.


"Do I really have to marry him?" Naruto asked in despair.

"This law was created to protect clan heiresses, but it can apply to men because Konoha is an equal opportunity village. According to this law you have to marry him or never become Hokage." Tsunade said in a grave tone.

Naruto felt like she could pull out her hair in frustration.

"Now that you have your verification, just sign here, here and here." Sasuke said lifting up their marriage contract and shoving it into Naruto's face.

"Oy, go away." Naruto said turning away from Sasuke and snuggling deeper into the sheets.

" No, according to the clan rules we have to make love three times a day for the first month." Sasuke said sliding his lethal muscular body closer to Naruto's sexy form.

"What?" Naruto exclaimed, turning toward Sasuke in surprise. "Who the hell came up with that stupid rule?"

"The clan head." Sasuke replied, leaning down to kiss Naruto's exposed shoulder.

"Who's the clan head?" Naruto asked as Sasuke pull the sheets from her body and exposed her to the chilly air of their home.

"Me." Sasuke said with a smirk before pouncing on his adorable new bride.



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