Title: Cursed Love

Author: cloveranimefan

Disclaimer: i don't own Hetalia or its characters

Japans POV


"Who are you?"
"konichiwa china where the sun sets,I am japan where the sun rises"
From then on, china has been taking care of me.
Until one day i decided to leave china's house
"Thank you for always taking care of me but I will be leaving your side starting today"
"I see"
As I started leaving china whispered,"farewell little brother"while tears ran down his face
His eyes grew redder and tears piled up in his eyes
China;I have no right to stop japan,as his brother I have to accept his decision japan has really grown.
Once I left,I found myself in a grassy place where there was no one around.
Sadness of leaving china filled my heart
I fell from my knees to the ground
Tears rushed out of my eyes
I thought they would never end
I didn't like the idea of china's depression in which i had caused from taking the decision to leave
I didn't want anyone to see me in a state like this
I felt embarrassed
"Are you okay?"
What? was it my imagination or did I really hear someone but i'm pretty sure there was no one around when I came
"Is something wrong?"
That voice again
i turned around and there i saw i saw a tall guy with blonde hair,a brown jacket and with a peculiar type of food in his right hand
It's probably a human
I stood up and looked at him
He had blue eyes
"Excuse me but i don't need any help from a stranger" was what I said while rubbing off my tears
"oh okay,"
"hey whats your name?"
"My name...um...well...it's kiku"
That was a lie
It's not like I can tell him my name is Japan the country
"Well i'm off"
"where are you going?"
"See you la...!"
As I was about to leave that guy leaned on me and kissed me!
It was my first kiss and it was stolen by a stranger!Not to mention the fact hat he's a guy!
"What are you doing!"
"Goodbye kiss"
Why would he kiss me if we just met?!
I started walking away and ignored what had just happened
Bye kiku was the last thing he said
As i got further away i turned around only to see him with a big grin
Such a rude guy
On my journey i encountered many things and many people
I met a country named Germany
One night, me and Germany started working on some papers
I heard the door open but i simply ignored it and kept on working
"Hey Germany thought i'd pass by...is that a new country?"
"Well hes sorta cute"
"Whats his name?"
"Evening America i'd like you to meet a country from Asia"
"He's a country that senses the mood and refrains from speaking his name is..."
He whispered"Kiku"
"Excuse me?"
As I looked up to see the person standing before me,I felt as if the whole world fell on me and squeezed the life out of me with my past memories of a guy who resembled him so much
Is he dumb or does he really not remember me?
"Hello Japan I am America a real life HERO! XD
The same person who ruined my first kiss
"I'm honored to meet you America but...um...hero?"
"You know,hero,a person who saves people when they need help!" :D
"Nice to meet you America-san who saves people when thy need help, I am Japan"
"America-san? That's too formal,just call me America the hero!" :D
He hasn't changed
He's still so very rude
"Eh, Why not?!
Yes,he's definitely the same guy,he's whiny and rude,

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