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Chapter 22 – Party and Plans

The party had just started. People were gathered in the ballroom that Narcissa had dressed up to look like a full moon night. The ceiling was enchanted to look like the night sky, the moon shown in her brilliance, clouds here and there to send shadows racing around the room. Small candles were dotted about the room to give some more light. There were many tables around the walls of the room with center pieces that glowed softly. All in all the effect was very light but mysterious. Everyone seemed to like it. As more people arrived, the air was filled with conversation and light music.

Harry was waiting at the top of the stairs for his Pack to finish dressing and the last guest to arrive. Harry himself had changed his own plain black robes to a set made out of acromantula silk. The shirt was dark grey, almost black with a low collar and tight sleeves. The vest was a smoky grey and laced close. His dress pants fit perfect and were the same dark grey as his shirt. His robe was the eye catcher though. It was a shifting grey, heel length, with ends that billowed like smoke when he walked. The sleeves were tight with a cut up to his elbow that was laced back together, showing the shirt under it. Instead of dress shoes he had on a pair of black dragon hide boots. He had Luna pierce his right ear and put in a small black ring with a small porcelain moon hanging from it. With his hair left down, spelled to look windblown and his eyes glowing because of his power, Harry presented a badass bad boy image, or so Hermione told him.

Fred and George were next to finish dressing and join Harry at the top of the stairs. They, as well as the rest of the Pack had followed Harry's example of wear. Fred and George wore the same outfit. A tight black button up shirt with a light grey buttoned vest over it, black dress pants, dragon hide boots, and a standard dress style shifting grey ankle length cloak. Neither of them did anything other than brush their hair. They stood leaning on the stone stair rail to the right of Harry, waiting for the others.

Draco joined them a few minutes after the twins did. He wore a dark grey dress shirt with a black buttoned vest over it. His dress pants were the same dark grey as his shirt. His own cloak was the same shifting grey and ankle length as the twins had on. He wore dragon hide boots and had decided to leave his hair just combed to the side instead of slicking it back. He nodded to the twins and took his place on Harry's left.

Neville and Luna approached together. Neville wore a dark grey buttoned shirt with a matching vest and dress pants. His black dragon hide boots and shifting grey cloak finished his outfit. His hair was too short to do anything with so it was left normal. Neville found a place between the twins.

Luna had her blond hair up in a sloppy yet elegant bun. She wore no makeup, but her one shoulder, roman style shifting grey floor length dress made up for that in bringing out her beauty. She was also wearing black dragon hide flats under her dress. She had chosen to wear only her Pack portkey obsidian ring on her right ring finger, the same finger all the girls wore it on, as her only jewelry. She took a seat on the railing beside Draco to wait.

Ginny came out wearing a simple shifting grey long fitted sleeve, floor length dress with a square cut neckline, and a black ribbon belt with ends that fell down the front of her gown to the floor. The sleeve ends and neck line had the same black ribbon as trimming. On her feet, hidden by her dress, were black dragon hide flats. Her fire hair was curled and left to fall loosely around her face. She only wore simple lip-gloss for makeup and her Pack portkey ring as her only jewelry. She stood beside Harry on his right.

Hermione was the last to join them. She came out wearing a shifting grey floor length halter top dress. She wore dragon hide flats that peeked out from under her dress when she walked. Her hair was pulled back into a braid that was tied off with a silver band. She chose to forgo the makeup and stuck with just her Pack portkey ring for jewelry. She took her place beside Harry and Draco.

Harry gave a long look at each member of his Pack. They looked good, but more than that they looked united. Luna was the one who suggested the idea of matching. Ginny had drawn the dresses while Harry had sketched the boys' outfits. It was the twins who once again pointed out that as the Alpha he needed a different design to make him stand out more. Draco mailed to the shop the designs and list of material they wanted them to be made of, while Neville was the one to pick it up on his way to the Leaky Cauldron earlier that morning.

"Let's make a scene." Harry grinned, making the other grin themselves. He swept past them and down the stairs. Just like it was designed to do, his cloak billowed behind him with every step he took. Draco followed with Hermione on his arm. Luna linked her own arm with Hermione's free one as they followed Harry. Fred, Neville, Ginny, and George followed together at the end. None of them were able to block the feeling of excitement from their bonds. They were about to make a public statement, no matter how small or how many people missed it.

Harry hid his smirk at the entrance to the ball room, replacing it with his mask. He sent a small pulse of his magic to Lucius who was in the ballroom waiting to announce Harry's arrival to the gathered people. Lucius felt the pulse. He made his way to the platform set up on the opposite side of the room that the door was on. "Ladies and Gentlemen." The room quieted to listen to what the host had to say. "Thank you for coming to celebrate Harrison Evans Potter's 13th birthday and his coming of Lordship. It is my pleasure to introduce Lord Harrison Evans." With a wave of his wand the door between the Pack and the guests opened.

The picture the Pack painted was intimidating and awe inspiring to all in the room. Harry stood with his Pack at his back tall and strong. His first step into the room made the people closest step back. It didn't matter that they were children still in school, or that one of them was a muggle-born. What mattered was that the Pack looked and acted united in a way people hadn't seen in many years. Lucius felt himself swallow. He pushed the stories his father used to tell him of the early years of the Dark Lord out of his mind. These were only children after all. Others in the room who were told the same stories had trouble pushing them back as they watched, mesmerized at the display.

'Draco, Hermione I want you two to stay together tonight. Neville, Fred you two are partnered up. George, you and Luna stay together. Ginny, I want you on my arm. We stay together until I say otherwise.' Harry led the way to the platform.

He stepped up onto the platform and his Pack stood on either side of it, leaving an opening in the middle so everyone could see him. He smiled charmingly at Lucius. "Lord Malfoy, I am grateful for such a welcome and honored that you and your wife went through all the trouble of planning and hosting this celebration. Thank you." He ended with a respectful bow to show his words were sincere. He truly did like the Malfoys and he did appreciate everything they did for him and the Pack. Lucius must have seen he was sincere because he bowed back. Harry turned to the gathered people. All of his marked, his Venatores, were here along with almost all of the other Lords and Ladies, and many Ministry officials. It was time for his long title introduction. "I am Harrison Evans. Lord of the Noble house of Potter, Lord of the Noble and Ancient House of Black, Lord of the Noble and Ancient house of Ravenclaw, Lord of the Noble and Ancient house of Gryffindor, and Lord of the Noble and Ancient House of Peverell. I welcome you and thank you all for coming to celebrate my 13th birthday and my coming of Lordship. Please enjoy." He accepted the applause graciously before stepping down to stand in the opening his Pack had left for him.

'We slowly start to drift. Keep with your partner. Greet and mingle with the Venatores, but also listen to everything around you.' Harry held his arm out to Ginny. Hermione and Luna were already on their partners' arms. 'We sit and eat together.'

The others sent agreements through the bond before they all slowly started to mingle and drift from each other. The Pack was soon spread out through out the entire ballroom. It wasn't until an hour passed that Harry was being called by Draco to come join him and Hermione. Harry finished his conversation with Lord Smith and led Ginny over to Draco and Hermione, who were by the refreshment table with the Minister of Magic. Harry wasn't impressed with what he saw. The minister was a portly little man dressed in a black pinstriped suit. He wasn't wearing a cloak or robe but he did have a hideous lime green bowler hat and purple pointed boots. He could hear Ginny stifle a laugh at how ridiculous the man looked.

He made it to Draco's side, cutting the Minister off with his presence. Draco greeted him instead. "Ah, just the person we were talking about. Minister this is Lord Evans and Miss Weasley. Harrison, Ginny, this is Minister Cornelius Fudge." Harry met Fudge's hand as it was held out for a handshake. He had to resist the urge to wipe his hand on his pants. The man's hand was sweaty and his grip was limp. Ginny offered him a small dip of her head and Fudge offered a tip of his hat in exchange.

"I was actually hoping I would be able to talk to you when I heard you were to be here tonight Minister. Do you have a moment?" Harry asked with a friendly, hopeful smile.

Fudge couldn't nod fast enough. "Of course Lord Evans. What is it I can help you with?"

Draco and Hermione slipped down the table to get a glass of wine and listen. Harry took two glasses of a pink wine from a passing server. He handed one to Ginny before answering Fudge. "I was looking into living members of my houses. I know two of them are in Azkaban but can only get access to one of their files. I had asked a friend if the other file was just misplaced or if it was sealed, however he told me that all trials are public, though the details might not be."

"Your friend is right. While the trial details might be hidden from the public, the knowledge of a trial isn't." Fudge answered. He picked up a small plate of cheeses and grapes.

Harry took his first drink of the wine. Strawberry, sweet strawberry. Draco had known it was his and his aunts favorite. "Yes and I asked this friend if he knew anyone in the Ministry who could make sure it was just a misunderstanding. He couldn't find anything. There is not a file of a trial." Harry watched Fudge stiffen form with the implications. It was now time to play the supportive and understanding boy-who-lived. "Now I understand that the Ministry had a hard time with the last war and keeping the people safe. For the safety of the people some corners might have been cut to make the process swifter. Your predecessor was just trying to do what he thought was right."

"If the Ministry sent people way to Azkaban without a trial the public will hang the Ministry." Fudge was sweating and Harry could see his mind twisting and knotting itself trying to find a way out of danger.

Harry hid a smirk and offered up the much needed solution. "No they won't Minister. Just tell them that you have found some inconsistent data from the end of the war and you are looking into it. Tell them that you are fixing the mistakes made by those before you and are putting precautions in place so such grievances never happen again. Find out who didn't get a trial and give them one. If they are guilty then okay, but if they are innocent then you get to be the one to set them free. The people will see you as a hero either way because you are upholding justice."

Fudge calmed with every word that slipped from Harry's lips. "Yes. You are right Lord Evans. Tell me who is it that you found that didn't get a trial. I'll do his trial first and show proof to the public."

"It was the former Lord Black." Harry answered.

Fudge froze. "Sirius Black? Are you sure?"

"Completely. I was shocked that they would just throw a Lord into Azkaban." Harry watched Fudge nod and tell him he would get a trial date set as soon as possible before he scurried away.

Ginny giggled next to him. "That went well Alpha."

"Maybe. The Blacks had a lot of power in the ministry before the war ended. Someone must have pulled a few strings to have Sirius sent away with out a trial. We will see what happens." Harry muttered as he turned to greet one of his Venatores that wandered over to speak to him.

The rest of the party passed smoothly after that. The meal was served and the Pack joined up to talk about what they had been hearing from the guests. The plates were cleared and the tables disappeared to make room for dancing. Harry danced with many of his female Venatores and his Pack. Fred and George took pleasure in dragging Neville, Draco, and him onto the floor to dance at any opportunity. Guests started to filter out around 6 o'clock. Harry stood beside the door with the Pack around him so he could thank them all for coming as they left. Lucius and Narcissa was on the other side of the door doing the same.

"Finally. I thought the last one was never going to leave. All that's left is to go through the gifts." Fred sat heavily on a chair at one of the few tables that were left.

"I'll leave that to you guys to do. I'm going to steal Narcissa away for a bit." Harry laughed at the twin's frightened faces at the idea of going through the gifts. Harry slipped out.


It was around 7:45 when Harry found his way to the side of the sitting room where the Pack was waiting for him. Harry sat in the only seat available, between the twins on one of the two couches. He let his head fall back with his eyes closed. The others let him be, talking among themselves, well most of them. Luna moved from her spot on the other couch to cuddle up into Harry's lap. She pulled her feet up sitting sideways on his lap with her head under his chin. For his part, Harry just wrapped his left arm around her waist and set his right hand on her left hip to hold her in place as he let his awareness sink into his mindscape for some peace and relaxation.


Remus stood looking at the oak door not believing he was finally home again. He slowly put his key into the lock and turned it, click of the lock releasing echoing in his mind. The door opened without a sound with a gentle push. There was dust everywhere and the air was stuffy but he could see that the furniture was still in perfect condition under all the dust and the floors were still sturdy. He gave a smile closing the door softly behind him. He saw flashes of the past over lap the present. The living room before him was the same one he helped his mate rearrange when they moved in. Sirius had wanted to paint the walls red but he had convinced him that cream was better. All the pictures from school and special events were still above the fireplace, his books were on the bookshelf, and beside his chair in the corner where he left them. The couch sat with the coffee table pulled close so Sirius could put his feet up no matter how many times Remus told him not to. Sirius always laughed when Remus scolded him about it, flashing his charmingly loving smile at him. The fire was long cold but he could still remember the heat it gave off when he and Sirius would sit on the plush rug just wanting to be near each other, but not wanting to leave the warmth of the fire for the couch or bed.

Remus felt the tears building in his eyes as he made his way into the hallway and paused at the first door way. The kitchen was in the same condition as the living room with dust packed in thick layers. His cabinets were in perfect order and he could imagine that if he opened one there would not be a single dust particle on any of the things inside of them because of the charms he put on them the moment they moved in. The plants above the sink were long dead but he could still remember coming in and just smelling the fresh spices. Sirius used to complain about them every morning before he got his coffee and sat at the small table nestled in the corner beside the window.

He pulled himself away from the memories of happier times that threatened to pull him in. He turned back to the hall way and continued on, passing the guest bedroom and the bathroom to the last door. He pushed the door open and that was when he lost the battle with himself. He fell to his knees and cried, crying and screaming from the pent up pain. The room was just it was the last time he was in it but at the same time so different. The wardrobe was open and showing old moth eaten clothing, books scattered on the left nightstand beside the lamp, a picture of Sirius and him on the right nightstand, the bed a mess like someone just got out of it and didn't want to take the time to make it up, the bathroom door open showing clothes in a pile, and the broken lamp beside the floor to ceiling window that Sirius threw when he got the notice that Lily and James were dead. This was what was left when they both rushed out to get to the Potters. Neither of them ever thought they wouldn't return in a day or two.

It hurt. He was home but it had been a decade since he was there. He was home but at the same time it didn't feel like home. His mate wasn't there to greet him with a lopsided smile and a kiss. He wasn't there to complain that the stove wasn't working for him again or that the sun was too bright through the windows. His Sirius, his mate wasn't here and he wanted him back. Remus screamed out his pent up pain in a way he hadn't allowed himself to do since the night he lost everything important in his world, that cold Halloween. His wolf howled with his screams, feeling just as much pain for being separated from the boy it saw as his cub and the man who was his life mate.


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