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Chapter 23 - The Trial He Never Got

Harry sighed for what must have been the hundredth time since he had sat down to go through all his mail. It was a week after his birthday and in that time he had sent out appreciation and thank you letters to everyone who came to the party or gave a gift, had the gifts checked for spells that shouldn't be on it, read reports sent to him from his Venatores, and responded to letters. Though he had yet to receive a letter telling him when Sirius was getting his trial. Though he had gotten one from Remus, telling him that he had the condo clean and ready for company. Harry pushed away from his desk. Maybe it was time to go visit him.

" Come on Amara, let's go get Nightshade and go see a werewolf." Harry woke the snake curled up in Nightshade's cat bed.

"I haven't met a werewolf yet." Harry stifled his chuckle at her drowsy response. Amara let him lift her to his shoulders where she curled up and promptly fell back to sleep.

"Minny." Harry called out for the house elf, who appeared with a quiet pop.

"What can Minny do for Harrison?" It had taken forever for him to get her to stop calling him Master and then Lord Evans.

"Where is Nightshade?" Harry didn't turn to her, busy putting his papers away in an order were he could just pick up where he left off when he got back.

"She is down in the café. Do you want Minny to get her for you?" Minny asked. She looked eager. It was rare he called on her to do things for him.

"Will you please, and tell my aunt that I have some business to attend to so I will be gone for a time." Harry finally got the papers in an order that he could work with. He didn't hear her response but he did hear the quiet pop that showed that she left.

She returned a few minutes later with Nightshade squirming in her arms, obviously unhappy with being taken from whatever she was doing. "Mistress says that she would like you back by 10 if possible."

"Tell her I will be back well before that Minny. I won't be more than a few hours at most." Harry smiled down at the protective elf, taking Nightshade. "I'll even make dinner tonight. You can help me if you like."

"Minny would like that. What shall we be making?" Minny couldn't help but bounce on her toes at the opportunity to cook with Harry who normally cooked alone. Harry smiled walking towards the study, which was originally the sitting room connected to the library before Petunia had changed it for him for his coming of Lordship.

"Why don't we make steak with steamed green beans and fruit salad?" Harry called. He slipped the papers into the mahogany desk in the back center of the room. He paused to look at the changes in full. The desk faced the only fireplace with the windows behind it. The two tables that were originally in the room were pushed to the walls on either side of the room with two chairs each. The wall color had been changed to a dark grey with a silvery spider web pattern. A nice light grey rug on the floor and a large picture of his parent's wedding above the fireplace finished everything off. Harry walked over to the fire place, which enlarged when he took a little floo powder and threw it into the flames. He stepped into the green flames and in a clear voice spoke. "Moony and Padfoot's den." He dropped his hand full of powder.

Harry felt the wind and fire whip around him as glimpses of different fire places flashed passed his eyes. He felt the wind hitch, like it was taking a moment to breathe, and felt a push. He stepped out into a clean living room were Remus was sitting in a cozy brown lazy boy. Remus set his book down with a smile. "Harrison, good to see you."

Harry flicked his wrist making all the ash and soot disappear from his person. "Hello Remus. You look like you have settled back in well."

"As well as can be with only me living here. I had to go out and buy some food and new clothing. I hate shopping." Harry laughed at the scrunched face Remus pulled when saying that. He followed Remus from the living room into a clean tan with dust green trim kitchen. A kettle and two cups sat on the table. Harry took the seat across from Remus.

"Yes I am only fond of book shopping most of the time." Remus nodded in agreement. They sat in silence for a moment as Remus made up a glass of tea for both of them. Harry waited until they had both taken a drink before starting on the hard subject. "I talked to the Minister at the party."

"Oh? How did that go?" Remus looked calm with both hands around his tea and his elbows on the table.

"I told him about Sirius not getting a trial. He left quickly after telling me he would get a trial set. I haven't heard a word from him since." Remus' face darkened in sadness. "I'm going to have a couple of people I know light a fire under him."

Remus sighed, setting his tea down. "You're only 13 cub. It won't matter to some that you are a Lord, they will see you as just a child."

Harry tapped Remus' arm to make the man look at him. "I won't be involved. The public will call for blood at a man being sent to Azkaban without a trial. I have found that if you give a seed to the right person than that seed will grow to its fullest." Remus had a confused look so Harry decided to elaborate. "Give an anonymous tip to the papers that an, at the time, Lord of a Noble and Ancient house was sent to Azkaban without a trial and they will be all over it even if to just sell a paper or two. The public will be outraged and start calling for the Ministry's blood."

Remus seemed to understand because he started to chuckle. "Put them between a rock and a hard place. If they don't give a trial the public might try to overthrow it in fear, but if they do and he is found innocent the people lose faith in the Ministry. Cub are you sure you're a Ravenclaw and not a Slytherin?"

Harry smirked. "There isn't much difference between the houses when it comes to planning. We do what we can to come out on top, but if it makes you feel better I am King of both houses and the sorting hat said I had the mind for both."

The rest of the visit was spent trading stories and introductions of Amara and Nightshade when they both decided they wanted to play. Harry would ask about his parents and Remus would tell him anything he wanted to know. They even talked about Sirius, which made Remus smile longingly. It was an evening of just bonding and Harry immensely enjoyed it.


After his visit with Remus, Harry flooed to the Leaky Cauldron for the meeting he had called with his two Venatores he had in the Ministry of Magic, Samuel Carter and Gemma Farley. He greeted Tom before climbing the stair to the same room he met Samuel in with the Pack the first time. They were both already their sitting quietly.

"Hello my Venatores. I have a job for the two of you." Both of them bowed their heads in greeting as he sat in the chair across from them. "It seems that the Minister didn't listen to me when I gave him an easy way to right a wrong and look good doing it. He will do what I want but this way he won't look so good."

They shared a grin. They hated Fudge, he was a spineless, greedy fool. Samuel was the one to ask the first question. "What is it you want us to do?"

Harry felt a content grin smooth over his lips. "All the papers are going to receive a tip about how a man, a Lord from a Noble and Ancient house no less, was sent to Azkaban without a trial. Let them know that the Ministry knows all of this and will do nothing about it. The masses will start calling for blood, that is when you will send another tip telling them that this man happens to be one of Lord Harrison Evans' godfathers and that he had been denied access to said man."

"Not only have they broken an Old Law but they have also taken a hero's family away. Oh Milord, the Ministry will take a blow with this." Gemma chuckled, dark and sinister. "It will be our pleasure."

"Good, I want this all over tomorrow's headlines." They nodded. "Dismissed."


Harry leaned back in his study with The Daily Prophet, The Quibbler, and Witch Weekly spread out in front of him with headlines that screamed the same thing. The Minister and Ministry was screwed. Two weeks had passed since the first paper came out and the public just kept getting angrier that their government had done such an 'inhuman' thing. They were all calling for blood and justice. Just an hour earlier Harry had gotten a letter from the Ministry telling him of the time and date of Sirius' trial. August 31st at 12pm. He had only three more days until he got to meet his second godfather. Remus had only three days until he saw his mate again. Everything was going as planned.


"Alpha!" Harry heard Luna yell and felt her coming before he saw her. She wore a light silvery grey shirt with a shifting grey ankle length shirt and her dragon hide flats. Her cork necklace was once again around her neck and silver vine ear-rings dangled from her ear. He opened his arms just in time to catch the girl as she jumped into his arms.

"Luna love I know it has been three weeks but please calm down. We are going into a court room." Harry grinned at Fred and George over Luna's head. The twins, like Luna, had decided that the shifting grey was their signature. They had black pants with a dark grey long sleeve shirt. They were also both wearing an everyday shifting grey robe with their dragon hide boots.

"Should I be surprised if the others show up like you three?" Harry jabbed good-heartedly.

Fred shrugged, "Why not? You did."

Harry laughed not being able to argue. Though unlike them, he had on a pair of black jeans, an emerald green tee-shirt and his dragon hide boots. He had decided that he liked the robes he wore to his party so he had another one made, just with no sleeves so his Pack Alpha arm band was visible to any who looked and had a small three eye lace put on to hold the front together at his chest but showing his clothing underneath it. His ear-ring was in plain sight with his growing hair ruffled with gel so it looked like it was still damp.

"Milord you look hot for a 13 year old." George joke, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. "Neville should be here soon."

"Mother told Ginny she couldn't come." Fred explained feeling Harry connect to each of them through their link. It felt good, his magic mixing with theirs, like being wrapped up in a warm blanket on a cold rainy day.

Harry took the answer with a nod. He carefully moved Luna so she wasn't holding him in a long lasting hug but curled into his side like a kitten. "Draco is already inside with Lucius. He had the same idea as we did." Harry had seen Draco when he arrived. He had been wearing a dark grey shirt, black pants with an everyday shifting grey robe like the twins and black dragon hide boots. Other than that he looked like he did every other day, well almost. It seemed to Harry that Draco had finally decided to stop gelling his hair back like the previous years. It looked much better loose then gelled and Harry made sure to tell him that when he saw him earlier.

"We'll pick Hermione up after this. She's going to be at the Leaky Cauldron. We can go for our school things then." Harry led the way into the courtroom, which was already filled with people. Many reporters took pictures seeing the famous 'Harry Potter' to enter.

Harry ignored the reporters as he walked past them. He pulled Luna closer when one of the reporters reached out to grab her. The twins took places on either side of them to help keep the reporters back. Draco stood close to the front with his father, Remus, and Severus. The group made the walk through the bodies to their side. It was soon after that the Wizengamot came in followed by the other officials. Dumbledore was with them, not looking happy. He was the only one who didn't want this trial to happen. Harry felt Neville sneak into the room before he saw him take a seat next to Fred. He turned from the sour looking headmaster to Neville. Neville sent an apology through their link. He only sent a smile in response.

Fudge took his place at the high podium and the people quieted. "Court trial of the thirty-first of August, into offences committed under suspicion of baring the dark mark, of consorting with the Dark Lord, and of the murder of one Peter Andrew Pettigrew by Sirius Orion Black. Interrogators: Cornelius Oswald Fudge, Minister for Magic; Amelia Susan Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement; Dolores Jane Umbridge, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister. Court Scribe, Lormen Curtis Matthews. Bring in the defendant. "

Sirius was hauled into the room by two aurors. They sat him in the high backed chair in the middle of the room and waited until the chains attached themselves to Sirius before they took places on either side of the door. Sirius looked like death. His eyes were sunken with bags heavy under them. His skin was drawn tight over his bones, pale and thin. His clothes hung off his frame showing how much weight he had lost. He looked out at the officials in front of him with a blank expression, like he wasn't really there. Remus gripped his pants in his hand. Harry could tell he wanted to go to his mate. He slipped his hand into Remus' trying to keep the man calm and lend strength to get through the trial. Remus gladly took it was a small smile in his direction, even if it looked pained.

"Mr. Black-" Harry stood up cutting the Minister off. All the eyes in the court room turned to him. "Lord Evans?" The Minister looked nervous.

"As Lord of the Noble and Ancient house of Black I wish for justice to be thorough and swift. I call for the use of Veritaserum. Let us cut to the truth." Harry kept his voice cool and strong as he stared down the official, daring them to try to deny him. Dumbledore lookied like he wished to speak up but he held his tongue.

Fudge swallowed hard. His voice was a pitched higher than normal. "Very well. This court accepts your right as the Lord to Mr. Black. Aurors give him the Veritaserum." Harry sat back down, silently giving his hand back to Remus. Remus took it, looking relieved.

The two Aurors came back, one to grab and hold Sirius' mouth open, even though he was more than willing to take the potion in his state, and one to pour the three drops in. They stepped back when Sirius' eyes glossed over. "Is your name Sirius Orion Black?"

"Yes." His voice was hoarse from not being used in a long time and dazed from the truth potion.

"Are you Godfather to James' and Lily's only son?" The second baseline question was asked.

"Yes." Sirius was out of it.

The Aurors nodded to Fudge. Fudge nodded back and got on with the trail. "Mr. Black do you have the dark mark?"

"No." Whispers filled the court room.

Fudge ignored them all. "Have you ever sworn loyalty to the Dark Lord?"

"No." The whispers got louder. Harry felt his hand get squeezed by Remus.

Fudge had a harder time ignoring the noise but he continued on. "Have you ever consorted with the Dark Lord?"

"No." Harry glanced to the mass of reporters. They were scribbling madly in their note books. A few of them were even using quick quills to take the whole trial down.

Fudge looked worried. "Did you sell the Potters out to the Dark Lord?"

"No." The room fell deadly silent. Next to him, Harry heard Remus mutter a few words. One of them sounded like "finally" and another like "truth". The pressure on his hand loosened as Remus gave a sigh.

Harry saw a few beads of sweat roll down Fudge's face. "Did you kill Peter Pettigrew?"

Everyone was holding their breaths waiting to know if an innocent man had been sent to Azkaban. "No."

The silence shattered. Voices called out in anger at the Ministry and sadness at the time Sirius lost. People rose from their seats trying to get closer. Aurors flooded the court room trying to keep order, an order that wasn't coming together in the wake of such a truth being revealed. A single question was shouted loud enough to be heard by all. "Who is the cause of the Potters being killed?"

"Peter." The room froze.

Fudge even looked shocked. Bones latched ontot the lead and asked the next question. "Explain."

"James wanted me to be their secret keeper but I knew I was the main choice so the Death Eaters would come after me. I convinced them to use Peter. No one would think that he was their secret keeper. He betrayed them." The room exploded with sound. Over the noise a recess was called. A silencing charm covered the Wizengamot so they could deliberate over the new evidence.

Harry watched as people, reporters mostly, were ushered out of the room. Harry sat silently, letting Luna cuddle into his side as the Aurors gave Sirius the antidote. Remus started to stand to go to his mate but Harry pulled him back. He couldn't go down there yet. Remus slumped down, letting Harry's hand go. Instead he wrapped an arm around Harry's shoulder in a half hug. Harry let him. He may have just been reintroduced to this man but he was family and he felt like it too. He could vaguely remember this feeling from some distant memories. Memories from before his parents were killed.

Harry felt the magic of the silencing charm dispense. The Wizngamot had their verdict. Fudge called for order of the people still present. "What is the verdict of the charges against Sirius Orion Black?"

Dumbledore stood looking pissed off. His mouth was tight and he stood to his full height trying to intimidate the people around him. "We find the defendant innocent of all charges against him."

Fudge nodded. He turned back to look at Sirius who for the first time seemed to know where he was and what was going on. "Sirius Black you are here by cleared of all charges against you and though there is nothing that can compensate for your time as an innocent man in Azkaban the Ministry gives you 100,000 Galleons and will pay for all of your healer bills. So mote it be." Fudge slammed the gavel down with a deafening sound of finality.

Aurors released Sirius who just looked at the court with hopeful disbelief in his tired eyes. Harry stood with Remus. Luna being passed to George to hold. He followed Remus down to the still shocked man. Sirius turned toward the approaching people and froze. "Remus?" His voice was hoarse but the hope in it made it sound just a bit lighter. Remus lost the last bit of composer he had held so tight to during the trial. He pulled his mate up from the chair and into his arms. Sirius didn't need any prompting to respond. They held onto each other with desperate strength. They were afraid if they let go the other would disappear. Remus was the one to pull away first. Not far, just enough that he could give his hurt and lost feeling mate a kiss. Harry smiled, they had done it. They had freed an innocent man and reunited mates. That might not have been the end goal in the beginning but it was still nice.

"Pup?" Harry pulled from his musing to see both Remus and Sirius looking at him, still with an arm around each other but Sirius' other hand was reaching out towards him.

"Hey padfoot." Harry stepped closer so Sirius could pull him into a three way hug. They stood like that for minutes before Harry pulled away smiling. "Why don't we get you cleaned up and into some real clothing?" Sirius nodded, unable to talk anymore. "Remus will take you home. I need to go pick up two ladies and get our school supplies. I'll see you soon. Take your time and heal okay?"

Sirius nodded and pulled him into one last hug. A hard kiss was pressed to his forehead from the man who loved him even after years in hell. When he let go Harry walked to the door where the others and Lucius were waiting. Things were progressing perfectly.


Lucius agreed to let the Pack get their school things alone but wanted them to meet at the Leaky Cauldron in three hours. Harry easily agreed. That gave them plenty of time. They went through the floo. Hermione and Ginny sat in the corner table drinking a butterbeer and laughing at what one of them said. Harry smoothed his magic over them and they both looked over in their direction with smiles on their lips. They stood to give out hugs showing they both wore the shifting grey in some form. Hermione in a handkerchief bottom sundress, and Ginny in black jeans with the shifting grey tank top.

They took half an hour to eat and just talk like normal kids. They talked about the trial and the coming school year. The twins told them all about the different prank products they had developed and the ones they were still experimenting with. When they were finished they made their way out into the alley. The rest of their time was spent getting supplies they needed for school and anything else they wanted like extra books and candies.


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