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Chapter 29 – Truths Reveled

A few days had passed since Harry did his first Blood ritual. Since than he had found his magic reacting to any blood magic he would do. Not reacting in a bad way but giving it more of a boost. His Pack had been hinting that they would like to know what he had been up to that day but he continued to smile and stay silent.

Harry stood beside Neville in DADA. Remus was talking about Boggarts, one of which was in the shaking wardrobe in front of the class. Remus finished his mini lecture with a wide grin and hands clasped together in excitment. "Who would like to go first?" He looked at the first person closest to him...Neville. "Mr. Longbottom, come up here."

Harry felt the urge to laugh at his Pack mate's misfortune but quenched the desire in the face of Neville's nervousness. Neville stumbled up to the front of the classroom to stand beside Remus, face pale. Remus smiled at his young Pack mate and set a light hand on his shoulder in silent reassurance. "Now Neville do you know what you fear?" Neville shook his head no. "Okay when that door opens, whatever comes out, I want you to cast Ridiculous. Can you do that Neville?"

Neville nodded, back straight. Remus opened the door. Darkness swarmed out of the wardrobe before slowly taking the form of a woman with long black curly hair, in a black ripped up dress, and brown eyes that screamed insanity. She locked eyes onto Neville's frozen form as a twisted smile formed on her lips before they parted to release a deranged laugh of delight. Harry felt Neville reach out through the bond in uncontrollable fear and anger. Harry latched onto the bond along with the others to stabilize him.

'Don't fear Nev. Lift you wand and cast the spell. Think of her dressed as a muggle clown or something.' Harry pushed the though to him. Neville did just that. The woman's hair changed into a rainbow afro and her dress morphed into a pink and yellow tutu dress. White paint covered her face with red dots on her cheeks. The class laughed at the boggart as Neville retreated back to Harry's side. Remus had the class line up so they could all face the creature. Harry saw many childish fears like spiders and some legitimate ones like killers.

Draco, they found, was afraid of vampires. That had Harry chuckling to himself. Hermione was afraid to be alone. Harry chalked that up to her lonely childhood with few friends and the troll incident. Harry's turn came at the end. He thought he was ready to learn of his fear and face it. He was wrong. He wasn't ready. He wasn't prepared, would never be prepared, to watch the Boggart change into a familiar form of Mother Magic. Her hooded figure disintegrated into dust and then proceed to change into people Harry held close to his heart. One at a time his family's and Pack's dead bodies appeared on the floor staring accusingly at him with lifeless eyes. Harry didn't say a word, didn't do the spell to change the boggart into something funny. He found no humor in what he saw. Instead he flicked his wrist in a harsh motion sending the boggart flying back into the cabinet Remus had it in in the beginning of class.

Remus ended the class only moments after Harry did that. Harry lead his Pack mate out of the class and to the Great Hall for Lunch in Silence. The others felt something was wrong through the link but Harry didn't reply to any of their questions. He blocked the link letting the other three that were there to explain what happened. They met the others at the door before finding a seat at the Slytherin table. It was then that Harry let the bond flow free again.

They ate in silence, all lost in thought but they occasionally brushed against each other through their bond. The meal ended with Dumbledore standing to make an announcement. "Lately mail has been being sent and delivered with pranks and harmful potions through out the wizarding community. As a precaution all Hogwarts mail, both incoming and outgoing, will be thoroughly checked before being released. I apologize for this inconvenience but it is for the safety of all. This precaution will be in place until further notice. Thank you and enjoy your day."

Harry turned to his Pack barely holding onto his power and anger. He saw the same anger in their faces. That was one way to get their minds off the boggart. Hermione looked about to jump from her seat and start screaming at someone. He grabbed her hand just in case she gave into the urge. "Get everyone in their own house common rooms and calm them. I don't want any student to act out because of this."

Harry didn't wait for a reply, he didn't need to. They would do as they were told. He had more important things to do. Harry signaled to his godparents from the cover of angry students that filled the great hall. His godparents would know to meet him in the DADA classroom. He was already in the classroom pacing when his godparents came in. His anger was still strong. He could feel his magic flowing fast through his veins and pulse with his every heartbeat. His godparents all found a place to stand by, or in Sirius' case sitting on, Remus' teaching desk at the head of the room. They stayed quiet watching Harry pace up and down the path between desks.

It wasn't long before Harry started his rant. "How dare that goat do this? What right does he have to put such restrictions on us? He is the headmaster nothing more."

"Harrison he is doing this to protect everyone. The students aren't the only ones having their mail checked. All of us teachers are going to have to go through it too." Minerva cut in, to try to placate him. It didn't work beacause while she still had a little faith left in the headmaster, harry never had any to begin with.

"He's getting desperate. He want's control of me but he can't so now he's going to do everything he can to montior and stop me. I refuse to fall into his control. I have put too much work into my plans for that old goat to ruin them." Harry knew what he was saying. Before Dumbledore made his delightful announcement he was going to sit Minerva and Severus down and ease them into his Pack but now it was time to change that plan.

Severus stiffened at Harry's words. He felt a shock of ice go through his body. Those words sounded so close to the ones his master used to say whenever Dumbledore go close to stopping him. "Harrison what nonsense are you spouting?" His tone was harsh.

Harry sighed. He stopped mid-turn to lean against the desk closest to him. He ended up right in front of his godparents. "Come now uncle, you must have known I am up to something. I have a number of your Snakes loyal to me, the Ravens follow my every command, and the Lions have sworn their loyalty in front of the whole student body. You also know how much I hate Dumbledore so why are you so surprised?"

Remus huffed out a sigh at Harry's antagonizing word choice. "Severus, Harrison is nothing like the Dark Lord so get that image out of your head." He then turned on Harry with a scowl. "Harrison, you could have said that in a different way." Harry shrugged unapologetic.

Severus turned on Remus. "You know what he is going on about?"

Remus flinched, that was not the way he wanted that to come out. Harry smiled at his effort. "Uncle, let me start from the beginning. In my first year here I found out that I was different from the rest of the people here. My magic is different. I have full control of my magic and I can feel the magic around me. When I came to the magic world I could feel it and in a way, hear it, hear her." He bit his lip thinking of how he was going to describe a feeling he had never had to describe before. "It feels like… well to be truthful it feels like when Vernon almost killed me. It's a pain so deep and full body that it takes your breath away when all you want to do is scream for someone to help you but no one hears." Harry let his mind wander to when he first felt that. It took everything he had to hide the feeling from his aunt and longer to block the feeling so he wouldn't get hurt. "I found that that feeling was Mother Magic herself calling out for anyone who could feel her to help. She is dying. Magic is dying."

Minerva spoke up for the first time. "Harrison, magic…" She trailed off not knowing what to say as she herself can only feel high powered spell work and not magic in general. She shivered at the idea of feeling what Harry described. SHe then cringed, realizing that her godson was feeling what she herself, would be afraid to feel.

Harry smiled sadly at her. "Magic is dying. I want to stop that. I am going to stop it. The world depends on magic. Now Dumbledore doesn't know what I am up to. All he knows is I am up to something. He doesn't like that and will do everything he can to stop me. That includes reading student mail in hopes that my followers will slip up and let information out."

"Followers?" Minerva latched onto that to get her mind off the idea of magic sending pain to Harry.

"Yes. Followers. I have a number of people who have sworn loyalty freely and with full understanding of what I am working towards. They are called Venatores, hunters. My Pack is my most trusted. I would like to add you and Severus to my Pack. You two are part of my family and I would like you by my side." There Harry finally got to tell them.

"Harrison of course we're your family but-" Minerva didn't get any farther as Sirius cut her off from his spot on the desk next to her. "Minerva there is no but. Both Remus and I joined him because we believe him. You've seen the good he's done and he's just 13. He got me out of Azkaban, got me a trial, and united Hogwarts' houses. I don't know why he doesn't trust Dumbledore but neither do I trust the man so tell me Minerva, what is stopping you from helping, from believing in Harry?"

Minerva sighed, pulling Remus' desk chair out from behind the desk to sit wearily in it. "Dumbledore is a good man. Everything he does is for the best."

Harry up to this point had been conversing with his Pack through their bond when he heard that. He snorted and ended the updates the Pack was giving him but left the connection open so they could listen in on what he was about to reveal. "He knew Sirius wasn't my parent's secret keeper. He knew he didn't get a trial, he let the Ministry take Remus' life and home away, he sent me to my Uncle's house when I was meant to go to one of you, and he twisted the prophecy to something he wanted to happen."

Harry watched Minerva's and Sirius' heads snap in his direction as one. Remus and Severus just looked on as they had mentioned the prophecy but even they don't know what it said completely. "Yes I know the prophecy. My mother was a seer. A prophecy is not told by just one seer, it is told by multiple in hopes that someone will hear it. Mother told it in front of her mirror and when she came back the mirror repeated it to her. She wrote it down in her grimoire. Dumbledore heard it from another but he twisted it."

Remus was the first to get his voice back. "Are you sure Harry? I mean I knew there were things your mother hid from all of us but… a seer. No wonder she hid that. What does the prophecy say?"

Harry smiled relaxed. "The true one says 'The one with the power to vanquish the end approaches…born to those who have thrice defied the Dark Lord, born as the seventh month dies… and the Lords will mark him as their equal, but he will have power the Lords know not… and one must die by the hands of the others for none can live while the one survives…the one with the power to vanquish the end will be born as the seventh month dies…'. I also know Dumbledore's. He made it say 'The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies ...'."Silence dominated the room as they all fell in their thoughts. Harry waited.

'Alpha? What does this mean for you?' Ginny asked over their connection.

"The Lords. Wow I haven't thought of that history lesson for a long time." Sirius laughed before Harry could reply to Ginny and making his mate jump at the suddenness of the laugh.

Harry blinked at his godfather. "What are talking about Sirius?"

"It's part of the Old Ways. It was also the only thing I loved to learn about from my tutors." Sirius smiled softly at the memories of sitting in the family library learning about the Lords and who followed them. "There were always four Lords, one Lord for each magic affinity. The Lords were to watch over and protect their people. The Lords did many things for his/her people. If a conflict was not able to be resolved simply, it went before the Lord to be judged. If a child was orphaned it was the Lord's job to care for the child until grown or a family adopted them. The Lords were rules, caretakers, judge, friends and when needed warriors."

"The Lords were the world to their people." Harry summarized when Sirius took a moment to think about what he was going to say next. Harry felt his Pack listening and were entranced by what Sirius was describing just as he himself was.

Sirius nodded his eyes bright with joy of speaking of one of his favorite subjects. "Yes. In the 1200s the Lords band together to make up the Wizards' Council to help spread unity between their people. Though after a few years other powerful wizards wanted more of a say on what goes on in the council. The lords opened three seats each for Wizards to be a part of the council beside them so they could have more input in the decisions they made. The Lords soon backed out and let their people run the council leaving them with the bigger matters them simple disputes, small time trials, and the sort. That worked wonderfully for a time. That is where history just…disappears in a way. All mentions of the Lords disappeared out of nowhere. The Wizards' Council continues on until the 1600s when the Ministry of Magic was formed."

Harry felt stumped. "Wait a minute how can the Lords, who were the world to the people just disappear? That doesn't happen. Was there a revolt over something they did, or did the council, made up of their people, want all the power for themselves? History doesn't just disappear, it is written by the victors and people who have things to hide."

"I don't know Harry. We may never know." Sirius looked on at his godson who had a look of disbelief on his face that soon morphed into a pout, though he would deny that he pouted till the day he died. "What I want to know is why the Lords are mentioned in the prophecy your mother spoke."

Harry sat silently going over all he just learned. "Because even though history forgot about them we still have the Lords around today." He looked up to look at Sirius ignoring the confusion his Pack was sending through the link. "Sirius how did a Lord become a Lord?"

Sirius blinked dumbly at his godson, not understanding what he was getting at. "People felt drawn to follow them. The Lords were natural leaders and as such the people naturally obeyed them. Though there was only one Lord of the same affinity at a time, when one died a new one took over but the people always followed of their own free will."

"Naturally followed hu? Like Dumbledore and the Dark Lord?" Harry asked. All of his godparents opened their mouths but he raised his hand to interrupt them. "Now hear me out. Even before Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald did people look up to him?"

Minerva was the one to answer this time, as hesitant as she was to continue this conversation. "Well yes. He was always powerful and good with people."

Harry nodded. "And the Dark Lord? He couldn't have gotten so many followers if he wasn't powerful and convincing. Severus what do you know of his start?"

Severus sighed. In truth the Dark Lord started out like Harry and he could see it. "He was powerful even in his youth. My mother told me that in first year he was able to become the King of Slytherin. After that the people started flocking to him, listening to his every word. Many who followed him in school continued to once they graduated."

Harry nodded. "The Lord aren't gone. We just call them Lords any more, well unless they are the Dark Lords but I think that title has been twisted. Dumbledore is light right? Voldie is Dark. Right there is two of the four Lords."

"That reasoning would also make you a Lord Alpha." Remus pointed out with a smirk. Harry opened his mouth to deny that fact but his Pack's agreement through the bond stopped him. "You have people who have freely sworn loyalty oaths to you, two of which are in this room, and you are powerful. Add that to the fact that the Dark Lord marked you as his equal…" He trailed off knowing he made his point.

"So we know who the Dark Lord is, the Light Lord and The Grey Lord is. That leaves the Neutral Lord." Sirius piped in.

Harry shook his head in amusement. "Sirius most of my Pack are a mix of affinity. I can't be the Grey Lord."

"Not true." Sirius smiled happily. "The Grey Lord was different from the other Lords because greys were a small group made up of mostly creature like werewolves, vampires, veelas, and the like. Because of that the Grey Lord didn't just look after just the grey. He looked after their mates, families, orphaned children from other affinities, and any who swore loyalty to him. The grey was a mix. Do you take care of your Pack and Venatores?" Harry nodded. "Do they listen to you?" He nodded again. "Are they a mix of all affinities?" Again a nod. "There you have it. You are a Lord by all standards."

Harry sighed at the confirmation. "Fine. So I'm a Lord, great. Voldie marked me, Dumbledore marked me as a threat to him, and all we need now is the natural Lord to mark me in some way. Moving on."

"One of you needs to die so 'the end' doesn't come?" Remus asks. "What is the end?"

"Magic. When Magic dies it is the end of all life." Harry answered liking that they were back into territory he knew much about. "One of the Lords is doing something that is helping Magic die, probably doesn't know he's doing it either."

"Death to a Lord…great. This will be so easy." Harry chuckled at Sirius's sarcasm.

"I need to get back to the others." Harry off the desk he sat on. "Aunt Minerva, Uncle Severus just think about joining the Pack. You don't have to do an oath or join the cause just let me be able to call you guys part of my Pack okay?" Harry gave one last smile at them before leaving.

What he didn't know was in that smile they saw the 13 year old he truly was, the little boy who still craved a family, a full family and was afraid of rejection. With that smile he won them over.

Minerva looked over at Severus. "I see glimpses of Riddle with some of the things he does and says. Harry's ideas are so much like Riddle's was when he was in school. I feel a strike of fear every time but then he goes and smiles or laughs so sweetly, innocently, and it's gone. Riddle was never able to be sweet or innocent. Harry has power, an idea, and a way to achieve that idea." She sighed turning to look at a scar on the inside of her left wrist, the scar the Riddle gave her in a duel. "I never believed anything that Riddle said but Harrison isn't Riddle. He keeps his word and is loyal back to all who are loyal to him and…he's family." She looked back up. The others were waiting to hear what she had decided, though they could already guess her decision. "I'm going to join hin. I'll even swear an oath. I'll help my godson."

She turned away from the smiles on Remus' and Sirius' faces to look at Severus whose eyes were dark with thought. Severus closed his eyes, holding in a sigh. "I'll help all I can. We are his family. I cannot and will not give an oath but I will stand by him."

Remus wrapped an arm around his mate. "Good. He probably made Pack bands for you both already anyway."


"Alpha!" Harry had just opened the door to the Silver Tongue room when he heard the twins both yell. He shut the door with a small smile.

"Yes my twins. What has you so excited?" Harry asked amused as he sat in his chair.

The twins both held a medium sized box in their hands as they walked proudly to the middle of the room. "Milord," Fred set his box down on the table with flourish. "We have done it."

"Yes. Fourty-one mirrors, one for each of the Venatores, nine mirrors for the Pack, twenty-five more for future Ventatores, and ten that can only connect to your master mirror." George set his box down with a grin. He opened it and took a mirror out. "Milord, your master mirror."

Harry took the brown package with ALPHA written on it. He pulled the paper off to find a round blackened mirror about three inches by three inches, with silver encasing the edges and a single hoop in the casing. He turned the mirror to look at the back. The runes were perfectly carved into the middle in a small circle. Harry pulled his blood knife out from its case in his fang necklace. He cut the tip of his middle finger and let a drop of blood fall on each of the five runes. The runes flashed a deep red before going back to normal. Harry nodded his head. "Twins hand out the Pack mirror please."

"Alright." Fred pulled the brown wrapped mirrors out of George's box and helped his brother hand them out. Each package was labeled to the person whose blood was connected to the mirror. Once they all had one Fred explained what needed to be done. "Now Alpha had us connect each mirror to the person who will own it, him doing the blood magic involved. A single drop of blood was added to four of the five runes on the back. All that you need to do to activate it is to add one last drop of blood to the last rune. It will light up like Alpha's did. After you do that you will be able to make it shrink down to the size of a knut with a tap to the middle of the mirror. We have chains here to thread through the hoop so that you can were the mirror and have it on you at all times. When you are being called the mirror will warm up. To shrink the mirror just tap the middle of the mirror again."

George demonstrated what his brother said by opening his own package. The vile with his blood lay wrapped up beside the mirror. He opened the vile and added the single drop needed. He then proceeded to shrink the mirror and take the chain his brother held out for him.

Harry smirked, watching his Pack activate their mirrors and add the chain. He took the chain George held out to him and almost laughed. Even with this project they had to make his different. He threaded the silver and black chain through the hoop. "Well done my Twins." They beamed at him. "When you all finish I want you to distribute the mirrors. I will take Sirius' and Remus' mirrors. I will also need two of the master connections, as I am hoping Minerva and Severus will be joining the Pack."


Harry ended training feeling tired but proud. Sirius and Remus had joined them that evening, giving them all an intense workout both physically and magically. Sirius, from a dark family and an Auror, knew both legal and illegal spells and used many of them to keep them on their toes. Remus also knew many spells as a DADA teacher but he also used his speed and strength from the wolf to fight them.

Harry sent the girls to wash and change first, while the rest of them went to the common room. The founders looked on with amused smiles as the males flopped into an available seat.

"Gryffindor get that smirk off your face. You too Slytherin." Harry growled at the portraits. That only got a chuckle from both men.

The girls were soon done and the males went to wash and change. They joined back up with the girls in the common room where they all retook their seats just as exhausted but cleaner then when they left.

"Harry what was that mark that appeared on your chest in the training room?" Sirius asked sitting down on the couch.

"What mark?" Harry was too tired to think about some mark at this moment.

Fred nodded from his face down position on the floor. He turned his head so he could look at his Alpha. "Yeah when you were doing a couple spells, marks appeared on your forehead and on both your hands."

Harry blinked, trying to process the information he was just told. "My blood mark appeared?"

"Blood mark?" Hermione asked, a spark appearing in her eyes at the possibility of new knowledge.

Harry wanted to chuckle at the look on her face but was too tired so settled for a half smile. "Yeah. I completed my first ritual for my Blood Magic. I needed a mark as my signature I guess you would call it. I put it on my hands, chest, and forehead. Do you know which spells they appeared with?"

Fred shook his head as best as he could with it on the floor. "They were nonverbal but cast with your wand."

Harry nodded as he thought back to what spells they could have been. He had gotten into the habit of doing actual spells with his wand, verbal and nonverbal, and doing just magic work with his free hand. "It must have been my new spells. I have been experimenting with combining wand spells with blood magic. The blood magic in the spells must have activated the marks." Harry gave a huffed chuckle. "I didn't know the marks would reappear."

"What was the ritual for Alpha?" Luna asked snuggled into Neville's side on the second couch.

"It was for my first Blood title. I now have the title Blood Wizard." Harry smiled as their congratulations. "And now that we are all clean I think it's time for bed."


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