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Chapter 48 – Beginning of the End

Harry couldn't understand how the headmaster of a school full of children could endanger students by hosting a war within the school's halls. Harry, the Pack, and the Venatores were getting attacked every time they ventured out of their common rooms or in the case of some Badgers and Lions, inside of their common rooms.

Harry sat in his chair in the Raven's common room silently as Luna and Sirius healed his Venatores after the latest skirmish. He glanced at the older follows, the sixth and seventh years. "My hunters, be creative but don't let it be tracked back to you."

Cedric turned from Luna to look at him. "Mercy?"

"At your desertion." Harry's voice was cold. "Marcum was almost killed yesterday. If they wish to play by those rules so will we and we will win."


"Harrison, I have received all the permission slips. I have contacted the Ministry for a testing instructor. They can have one here next weekend." Flitwick held him back after class. "Have you thought about what you will do after you have finished with your education?"

Harry smiled at his head of house, "Professor we both know what I will be doing. You can feel it."

Flitwick sighed but nodded. "I follow the Goblin Elders but we one of the few races that don't fall under one of the Lords. Please be careful Harrison, you have so much potential."

Harry laughed as he shouldered his bag, "Trust me when I say this Professor, I know what I'm doing."

Harry left the classroom with a small smile on his lips. Neville stepped up beside him as he passed the door. "All good?"

Harry nodded, "Everything is fine. We get to test out next weekend."

"What do we do until then? What should we do this weekend?" Neville asked as Hermione and Draco approached, discussing their last class.

"I want the Venatores ready for us to be gone. We also need to prep Minerva and Severus for their roles when Dumbledore is no longer the headmaster." Harry led the group past the great hall. He led back to their common room where the Sirius was helping the others with advanced spell work.

"Hey pup," Sirius called in greeting before he was pulled back to his teachings.

Draco sat on the couch with a sigh, dropping his bag at his feet tiredly. "I have never had to dodge so many spells, hexes, and curses in my life. Alpha why can't we just slip poison in his lemon drops?"

"Dobby tried yesterday. He said the headmaster checks them before he eats them." Hermione grumbled into her latest research project Harry tasked her.

Harry paused, surprised and looked at Hermione, astonishment clear in his emerald eyes. "You asked Dobby to poison Dumbledore and he did? Why didn't I think of that?"

The Pack laughed at his oversight. Harry sunk down into his chair with a pout.


"What happened?" Harry growled, shooting to his feet. Tom remained seated on the couch, Amara and Nightshade curled in his lap. Cedric shifted Luna's body, so he could bow without hurting her wounds. Neville approached his enraged Alpha calmly, to calm. "Neville, what happened?"

"Tonks and few Aurora were called into the school due to the increasing number of students going to the infirmary." Neville waved Cedric to put Luna in the bedroom. Harry tracked his progress across the room until he passed the doorway.

"Go on." He turned back to Neville. "One of those in the group was one of Dumbledore's. When he turned his wand on us Tonks was on him. He hit Luna, but Tonks ripped him to pieces. The wound will be healed by morning without a scar."

Harry nodded, sitting beside Tom once again. "Get back to class and take Cedric with you. You still have a class to attend."

Tom shifted the map of the ministry drawing Harry's attention again. He sighed and contemplated the subject at hand. "We'll keep some of the departments but most of them will be destroyed. The department of mysteries will be the hardest to sort out. I have one of my own doing so right now but it is slow going."

"The laws will take some time to go through and dealt with. Malfoy Sr is already rewriting laws." Tom told him, hand petting through Nightshade's fur.

Harry nodded, "I have Neville, Hermione, and Draco going through laws too. When Dumbledore chooses to end this, we attack the Ministry. That way they can't assist each other. As Luna said, this needs to end soon."

"Shall I stay with you?" Amara pulled his attention to her. He smiled reaching for her. She had gotten a growth spurt that year and had started staying with Nightshade with Tom. It made him feel better knowing his girls were with the Dark Lord and safe. He didn't think they would survive unwounded if they stayed at the school with him. Some of the Lights were even taking shots at his Hedwig. He had sent her back to his aunt to be safe.

"Not my beauty, stay with Tom and the little one," Harry told her, smirking when Nightshade muttered that she wasn't little anymore.


Harry had only just separated from the Pack after finishing their written exams. He cursed in Parseltongue as he was met with a force of six armed and ready Light soldiers.

'Alpha are you okay?' Ginny asked feeling his frustration.

'I'm good. I'm just dealing with a minor annoyance at the moment.' Harry dropped and rolled. He jumped to his feet and pulled one of his knives from his hip. He threw it at his closest attacker, a Lion that graduated the year before. The throw was true, sinking deep into the chest of his target. A flick of Harry's wrist had the knife appear back into his sheath.

Harry flicked his wrist, rebounding a dark curse back at the sixth year Badger that would have filled his lungs with liquid if it had hit. He heard a wet gasp as the curse hit one of his attackers. Harry couldn't help but think that Dumbledore didn't care how many of his students were being killed by the curses he taught them.

One by one Harry dropped his opponents. Some died quickly from spells, some died slower by knife wounds and some were left alive but crippled.

"Truedent, run back to your Lord and give him this message will you?" Harry forced the boy to his knees before him. His wide brown eyes watched Harry in fear. "I am not afraid to kill in this war. He would do well to face me himself. Forbidden Forest this Saturday, this will end."

He released the boy and watched as he stumbled down the hallway as fast as he could. Harry quickly erased all signs of his presence before leaving his attackers, dead and alive, where they lay.

"Was that wise Milord?" Cedric fell into step with Harry around the corner.

Harry glanced at the boy beside him, "It is what it is Cedric. It is not mine that are being killed in this war, but his. I just want the innocent to be safe and if this continues they won't be for much longer."

Cedric walked beside his Lord in silence before pausing by the stairs. "I don't mean to doubt you Milord so please forgive my question, will you be able to win a duel with Dumbledore at this time?"

Harry patted Cedric on the shoulder as he started up the stairway. "I have Mother Magic on my side, along with her daughters. Trust me to win this."


The weekend finally came after the last attack. Harry requested to do his testing first because he needed to perform his duties. He had to check on the progress of the homes built on his properties. He would be back before the others had finished their tests.

The Pack sat waiting for the instructor to call them in one by one to conduct the practical portion of their OWLs. Fred and George had gone after Harry as the oldest but after that, it was by subject and name for the others.

Luna was humming the haunting melody she always hears being sung around Harrison when a cold chill ran down her spine, causing her to silence and freeze. She turned to look at the door. "When did Alpha say he was returning?"

Hermione looked up from the twin's newest notes for a potion shield. "He said he would be back at the start of lunch."

"That deadline was 5 minutes ago." Neville watched Luna carefully. "What is it?"

"He's fighting but I can't see how many he's faced against," Luna whispered. "I can't see who wins."

"Get ready. If it's the final attack we will be called." Draco stood. "Hermione send the message out, the Venatores need to be ready."


Harry snarled as he sent a chair flying at the seventh year Lion before ducking away from an older wizard in dark robes. He slashed the man behind him with his knife, scoring a deep cut gash across the chest. The man fell back with a cry of pain.

Harry never in a million years expected Dumbledore to confront him in the school. He was surrounded by people and they weren't amateurs. He jumped away from a vicious cutting curse. "Really Dumbledore? Scared to face me yourself?" Harry called out as he took another wizard down with his knife before sending his magic out to suffocate another.

Dumbledore stood behind his followers he confronted Harry with. He looked disappointed with his hands folded across his chest. "My boy, you just needed to follow your role. It shouldn't have come to this."

Harry sent a pulse of magic to his mirror, he needed help. He pulled on the bond to his Pack. His Pack answered his call with answering tugs and he left his Pack band pulse. "I am fulfilling my role, just not the one you wanted me to. Here's a free piece of information though, you can't keep those with founder blood out of Hogwarts."

His Pack used the Pack bands to appear around him, battle ready. They didn't even hesitate to jump into the fight, even though they were outnumbered.

Dumbledore's eyes widened momentarily before he jumped into the fight. He blasted at Harry, magic heavy and overpowering. Harry stumbled under the onslaught. Harry unleashed his full power, his magic flaring around his form filling the room with shards of ice cold and infernal heat.

He didn't know how long the fighting continued for, hours or days. The fight progressed from the hallways into the Great hall. Both sides fought fierce and more people joined as time passed. Harry saw glimpses of his Venatores and Pack fighting together against Dumbledore's followers. Once in a while, he saw the bone masks of Death Eaters as well. He didn't know when Tom joined the duel, or when he and Dumbledore finally took an all-out duel between them, but he knew when it ended.

Dumbledore fell to his knees with a desperate gasp, sickly wet and gargled. Harry huffed for breath, allowing his hand clenching the knotted wood wand that once belonged to Dumbledore to fall to his side. He watched as blood bubbled up from Dumbledore's lips as the organ shredding spell worked within. Tom moved behind him, wrapping an arm around his waist, pulling him to rest against him. Harry relented, allowing Tom to pull him tightly to his body. Harry was tired. He tilted his head up to look at his fellow Lord. Tom's ruby eyes gleamed down at him, triumph reflecting back at him.

"Well done my Little Alpha," Tom whispered before claiming Harry's lips in a searing kiss, their first kiss. Harry indulged for a few moments, their magic pulling and teasing each other before he forced himself to pull away.

He turned to the ended battle around him. Dumbledore's followers watched Dumbledore's body fall lifeless to the ground in stunned disbelief. His Venatores and the Death Eaters cheered in victory.

'Alpha?' Luna asked when the bond opened to the rest of the Pack.

'Yes my Moon?' Harry's tired voice reverberated through their minds. He sounded drained.

Luna hesitated, 'You won.'

'Alert Minerva that she is the new headmistress.' Harry answered. He allowed Tom to pull him closer and place a soft kiss on his neck. He relaxed into the action, eyes drifting shut.

The Pack felt a weight leave their shoulders as the light followers surrendered and relinquished their wands. Hermione frowned watching the proceedings, 'Who will be the new Light Lord?'

'Whoever Mother Magic deems worthy.' Harry muttered as his mind fought to stay awake.

"Come my Little Alpha, you should rest. Your Pack can handle everything else." Tom muttered in his ear. Harry could only hum in conformation as he was led out of the Great hall.


Harry held back a sigh as he watched the professors fix the last of the Great hall walls. The battle had caused more damage than he thought. Harry was sitting on the teacher's table with the Pack on either side of him. They were waiting for the school to gather so Harry could shatter their way of life. Luna told them that this meeting would go smoother if the Pack didn't hide their outfits under concealment.

Harry had his circlet on, though it looked like smoke was twisting around it as the runes glowed emerald. He watched as the students came in and sat at their tables, many moving away from his Venatores, who openly wore their uniforms and sat at their house table. The Light followers glared but were subdue now that their leader was dead.

Amara hissed contently from her place curled around his shoulders. Nightshade, as always in this position, was curled up between his neck and Amara's head. Tom had returned his girls to him when he woke from his nap. He had found the girls cooing over Nightshade by the fire and Tom said he didn't want to see the 'devil ferret' for a long time.

"Milord, what are we going to do about the ministry?" George asked pulling Harry from his silent musing.

"Tom is dealing with them now. After the fighting is done, the House of Lords will be gathered, and the old laws will be reinstated." Harry answered.

"And after we have the Ministry?" Fred asked. He had discarded his cloak and stood with his arms crossed across his chest, watching the hall fill.

Harry glanced at his Pack, they were ready for an attack, though he knew one wasn't going to come. He turned to look back at the students and teachers. "After that, we start conducting muggleborn visits and getting a headcount of the families who need to be moved. We track down all the squibs we can and send word to the were-packs that a haven is available for them. When the summer starts we prepare for Severus' wedding to my Aunt. After that, we start the war on muggles."

Harry saw Hermione tense beside him. He gently pulled her to him, so she stood between his legs, her back leaning on his chest. He settled his arms around her shoulders and placed his head chin on the top of her head. "I will save as many as I can, but you know why it must be done."

She sighed, the tension draining from her form. Her right hand lifted to grasp his arms. "I know. I know and understand why we have to do it but at the same time it feels wrong."

Harry placed a kiss on the top of her head, "I know. I don't like it anymore then you but there is no other way. If it makes you feel better, I will never ask you to participate in the attacks. I want you to find a way to preserve history. Build us a library like the famed Library of Alexandria, but greater."

"Be the scholar, I can do that. I can preserve the history and leave warnings for the future." Hermione whispered, tears glittering in her eyes. The Pack could see the images in her head. War, long and bloody. Screams and cries echoing in deserted cities.

Harry pressed a different image over it. Those cities were gone, no longer an open wound on the earth's skin. Muggles in smaller numbers, going about their day. Children laughing and playing. The images changed to the wizarding world. It was cleaner, healthier, and magic was everywhere. Children ran through villages, safe. Were-packs and creatures mingling in safe communities and able to make a life for themselves without predigest. 'We can do this. This is what Mother Magic needs. This is what everyone needs.'

He smoothed her hair back over her shoulder as he nudged her out of the way. Nightshade slipped from his shoulder into Hermione's to comfort her and get pettings. Harry stood, and the hall fell silent. He steps forward to the edge of the platform the teacher's table sat on and paused. He half turned to look at his Pack as they stood strong and confident behind him. "Are you with me?"

"Always Alpha." The Pack answered with one voice, it echoed in the silent hall and through there bond.

He turned back to the congregation before him. "My name is Harrison James Evans for any who don't know me or of me. I am the Gray Lord and I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you, but life is about to change for each and every one of you." Harry waved Minerva and Severus over to him. "With Dumbledore's death the headmaster position falls to the deputy headmistress Minerva, Severus Snape will take her place as the new deputy headmaster."

The Pack waited for the hall to become silent once again after the announcement. A flick of Harry's wrist had eyes zoning onto the wall behind the head table where a long picture frame shimmered into existence. More frames appeared around the hall and, unbeknown to the students, frames appeared in the classrooms and the common rooms. The hall watched intently as four figures stepped into the frame. Shocked gasps filled the hall as the identity of the figures were uncovered by the population.

"Hogwarts students, allow me to introduce the founders. They have come to teach within the castles great halls once again." Harry announced proudly. The original teachers will help break through the barriers placed by a corrupted government.


Harry relaxed for the first time in weeks. Since Dumbledore's defeat, he had been busy will Tom rewriting laws, destroying laws and re-educating law enforcement. Both Tom's and his top people were in charge of the new government. Draco was having a blast ripping away the old government with Neville at his side.

The twins opened a prank shop, but that was only a front. They were gathering information and inventing. The girls were settling the muggle-born families into the villages and visiting all the children who were written in on the underage magic list. The list was created by an ancient artifact created by Rowena herself, but the Ministry had hidden it away in the department of mysteries.

The families were given a choice, the same that all the muggle-borns had received. If they accept and love their children, then they were moved to the village. If they didn't or were abusive the child was taken, and the family dealt with. So far, they hadn't come across any abused children, but many of the muggle-borns were found in orphanages.

"Harrison, what do you think?" Petunia pulled him out of his thoughts, she was holding a steaming dish. A new recipe she was working on for the café.

Harry happily sat straighter, so he could eat whatever food goodness she had made this time.


"That went well," Hermione muttered angrily. She looked back at the closed door and the raised voices that were behind it. She had asked Harry for the job of introducing muggle-borns and their families to the idea of magic. She never realized how fortunate she was to have the loving and open-minded parents she had.

Ginny tugged on her arm. "We'll come back in a few days. For now, we need to get to the next name on the list. We only have two hours before we need to meet up with the others."

Hermione nodded sadly. Why weren't all these parents happy for their children? She turned to walk away from the house when a child's scream forced her back to the door, wand at the ready. Ginny blasted the door open showing the father of the muggleborn kicking at his 8-year-old daughter. Hermione raced to the girl while Ginny took care of the father.

"Please don't hurt me." The little girl whimpered, coving her head.

Hermione gently lifted the girl into her arms. "No little one. No one is going to hurt you." Her eyes hardened as he looked up at the man. "Not anymore."


Harry sighed as he watched Hermione mother the abused child. He always knew how lucky he and Hermione were for having parents, or an aunt in his case, who love and accepted all parts of them. Many of his Venatores told him that their families didn't approve. A few of his were kicked out of their homes and a few others ran in fear.

Luna tugged on his arm. Tears clouded her eyes. Harry sighed, pulling her into a hug. "Hey, why don't you and Cedric take Hermione and Clara out for ice cream. Clara also needs some clothes and toys."

He was trying to soothe everyone, and Luna knew that. Accepted it with a soft sniffle and a watery smile.

"She was going to die there. I saw it. We stopped that." Luna muttered, nuzzling into his shoulder.

Harry tightened his grip. "Yeah, we stopped that." He muttered into her hair. This was why he was willing to kill the muggles, why he was willing to go to war with them. He watched the child, Clara, snuggle into Hermione on the couch in his study.


And that is the end of this story. I already have an outline started for the next story but Silver Tongue has found its end. Thank you all so much for staying with me through this journey. I hope all of you return for the next one.