One year later.

I couldn't believe that the twins were turning one today. We were having a small party for them here at the house. I have loved being a mom, all the fears and anxieties that I had were futile. I seemed to be a natural. Edward was an amazing father, he was so good with both children and Anthony for that matter.

Anthony was a great kid, and a wonderful uncle. He was willing to change wet diapers, but when either one of them pooped, then he'd hand them to Edward.

Bree came over with Alice often and we let her babysit with Alice's supervision. Edward liked to take me out on dates every so often, so we'd leave M and M with Bree.

I couldn't help but smile over at the family portrait that we hung up over the fireplace. It was my favorite one from right after they were born. I still can't believe that Edward got all of my old family pictures, and we have a couple in frames around the living room. We even put my senior picture in a frame next to Edward's.

I have the most amazing husband. He's always looking out for all of us, and I loved him with everything within me.

"Bella," Edward called from the kitchen.

"Yes," I said as I walked in. He was feeding the twins so I could get dressed.

"They are done with their breakfast, should we get them dressed?"

"Definitely, we have to be at Garrett's studio at 10," I said as I helped clean off Masen.

Today we were getting their one year old pictures done, a tradition that I hoped we'd be able to do for a long time.

I took Marie and carried her upstairs as Edward carried Masen to their room.

We got them dressed and smiled as they reached for each others hands. They were always holding hands, it was like they needed to feel the other next to them. Edward had a theory about that, he said that in the womb they must have been holding each others hands at times and that is why they search it out now.

I smiled at the thought of that and we have a picture hanging in the hallway of Masen reaching his hand out to his sister in the car seats. It is a precious picture and one that I love.

Once we had them dressed and ready we headed to the car, Edward's mom arrived to set up the party along with Alice. Over the year, Edward and his mom repaired their relationship and I have even enjoyed her company. Unfortunately, his relationship with his father was never been repaired.

He could never accept the fact that Edward wasn't leaving me or his children. He was a bitter and mean-spirited man. Esme and Carlisle divorced after she discovered him and his mistress in a tryst at some medical convention a couple months after the babies were born. She divorced him and moved out of their house, into a condo downtown. She was happy being a doting grandma and helping us out in any way she could.

Emmett sided with Esme and he has just recently starting to fix his relationship with Edward. I can't say that me and Rosalie are the best of friends, but we are civil to each other.

"What's got your attention, my beautiful girl?" Edward asked as we were heading to the portrait studio.

"Just thinking over this past year, and how everything played out with your parents."

"Yeah, it's hard to believe but I think its for the best that my father isn't in the picture anymore."

"Definitely, but I'm glad that your mom is in your life along with Emmett."

He smiled over at me as he parked the car.

"You know what I'm glad about?" he asked as he took my hand.

I shook my head.

"That you came into my life and showed me that I was capable of loving someone so much. I never thought I'd find a love like this. I love you so much, Isabella Cullen."

"I think I should be thanking you for saving me and Anthony. I don't know where we would be if Anthony didn't meet you and you changed our lives for the better. I love you Edward, more than I could ever express in words," I said as I leaned in and kissed him.

"Mmm... I never get enough of that," he said as he pulled away. "But we do have a time schedule unfortunately."

"Darn schedules," I said with a laugh as he got out of the car and I opened my door. Sometimes I did that and he'd still get upset about it, since he said it was his job to do that for me.

"Bella, I was coming to get the door for you," he whined.

"I know, but we have to get the kids out, so I thought I'd open the door for myself this time."

"Okay, I'll let it slide this one time," he smirked over at me.

He got Masen out of his seat and handed him to me as he got Marie out.

We walked hand in hand into the studio and Garrett was waiting for us, "Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. How are the birthday twins?"

"Morning, they are doing great," Edward said as he sat Masen down and he toddled over to the pictures on the wall.

He liked looking at people. Marie stayed close to my side, a bit shy.

"Are we ready to capture these two darlings on film?" he asked.

"Yep," I said as I looked up at the kindly old gentleman.