Chapter 7


I woke early, the sun just starting to peek through the windows and looked down at the woman still sleeping in my arms.

I couldn't wait to ask her to be my wife and I prayed when I asked she would say yes.

I wasn't sure when or how I was going to ask - that part I would play by ear, but I knew I wanted it to be today.

She turned in my arms and I moved the hair off her face.

She was so beautiful and I can't believe she felt confident enough to initiate our second round of lovemaking last night.

I leaned in and kissed her luscious lips.

She stirred slightly in my arms and murmured my name.

I can't help but smile and lean in to kiss her again.

This time when I pulled away I was greeted by her sleepy smile and gorgeous brown eyes.

"Morning Edward," she said as she stretched her arms above her head, causing the sheet to slip down from her breasts.

"Mmm, beautiful," I said, taking one of her breasts in my hand.

She blushed and I swear it made her even more beautiful to me.

"Don't be embarrassed baby, I love your body." I told her.

"Sorry, I'm just not used to someone looking at me," she said with downcast eyes.

"We have forever for you to get used to it, baby," I said as I lifted her chin up so that I could see her eyes.

"Forever? You don't know might get tired of me."

"Never baby. I want you forever," I said as I leaned in and captured her lips in mine.

I pulled her close to me and my tongue devoured hers as my hands covered her breasts.

I rolled her pert nipples between my fingers and she moaned into my mouth.

She moved her hips closer to mine and her hand reached for my already hard shaft.

I moved my lips to her neck as she wrapped her hand around me.

"Bella," I murmured as I continued rolling her nipples.

I thrusted into her hand as she continued to stroke me.

I let my fingers wander down to her folds and pushed two fingers into her already wet depths.

She gasped out my name when I added my thumb to her clit and she pumped me faster.

I leaned toward the nightstand for a condom when I heard the doorbell ring and Anthony yelled out that he'd get it.

I hesitated a moment still pumping my fingers in and out of Bella hoping whoever it was would go away when I heard the unmistakable shrill voice of my mother.

"Edward Anthony Cullen, come down here at once!"


Bella froze and looked like a deer in the headlights - I half expected her to dive under the covers.

I regrettably slipped my fingers out of her as I got up from my bed.

I threw on some clothes as Bella got up and slipped on some clothes too.

I was not happy, I wanted to make love to my girlfriend, not deal with my parents.

"Edward, are you coming down here or do I have to come up and get you?" my mother yelled again.

I looked over at Bella and extended my hand to her as we walked from our bedroom after throwing on some clothes.

"I love you," I said as we walked down the stairs.

"I love you too," she said softly as we saw my mother standing there with my father and Anthony looked like he was ready to run.

"You can go play video games Anthony," I told him, not wanting him to witness what is sure to be a confrontation.

He nodded and walked to the game room.

Bella's hand trembled in mine and I gave it a slight squeeze.

"Who are these people, Edward? What is the meaning of this nonsense?" my mother asked.

I tried to remain polite.

"Mother, father, this is my girlfriend Bella."

My mother and father stared openly at Bella - both with a look of disdain.

"And where exactly did you meet her?" my mother questioned.

"Through work," I said.

"She works in the hospital?" my mother asked in disbelief.

"No, she was my patient," I answered honestly.

"And this is who you have chosen to date," she said scowling at our joined hands.

"Yes it is mother - you don't know Bella, don't you dare judge her."

"I don't need to know her, to know that she is not right for a person of your stature," she said with venom lacing her voice.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I felt my temper flaring.

"Be reasonable Edward - I'm sure she's fine to...fornicate with, but I assure you she is only after one thing - your money."

Bella gasped beside me and she looked like someone slapped her in the face. She pulled from me and ran straight up the stairs.

"You get out of our house right now," I said, my voice dripping with anger.

"Be reasonable, Edward. Your mother and I came to spend the day with you, not see some pathetic waif and her son toying with your affections," my father said taking a seat on the couch.

"That is her brother and Bella is not pathetic - you will treat them both with respect as long as you're in this house," I warned.

"I will do no such thing. She's obviously a gold digging whore, who latched on to a doctor," my mother said.

"Out now!" I yelled.

"Son, I think you are being ridiculous. Send the girl and her brother home and spend the day with us," my father said.

Can these two not understand my words?

"This is their home too!"

I'm feeling enraged - I want them out - I want to get to my Bella.

"What! They live here. God Edward, are you truly stupid to see that she is using you for money. I'm going up there to throw the whore out of here," my mother said as she tried to sidestep me.

I blocked her way and grabbed her by the arm.

"I told you to get out - you will not lay one hand on my future wife."

"You've got to be me kidding," my father said.

"No! I will not allow it. If you marry that trollop, you will be written out of your inheritance," my mother warned.

"Fine with me - I don't want a damn thing from you. You've never supported any of my decisions why would you start now."

"When she steals all your money and runs, don't come crying to us," my father said from the couch.

"Get out! You aren't welcome in this house again!" I can feel the fire in my eyes and hear the threat in my voice and I can see that both my parents are taken back.

My father rose from the couch and took my mother's arm and they both turned their backs on me without a word.

I turned and all but sprinted up the stairs, taking them two at a time.

"Bella," I called out as I ran down the hall to our room.

I burst in the door of our darkened room. I didn't see her, but I could hear her sobs.

I followed the sound of her cries and found her curled up on the opposite side of the room - knees tucked to her chest, arms clutching her legs, forehead on her knees.

I hurried to her side and scooped her up into my arms, but I could feel she was trying to resist me.

"Don't," she whispered. "You're making it harder to say goodbye."

"Goodbye? What are you talking about?" I asked, dread filling my heart.

"I'm no good for you, Edward. I have nothing to offer you - I can't ask you to turn your back on your family for me, I'm not worth that," she said with a sob as she tried to pull herself from my arms.

I turned her so she could see my eyes that were stinging with tears.

"You can't leave baby, please. You are perfect for me and I love you desperately. The only thing I want from you...need from you is your heart. I would give up anything in the world to have you in my life. You are the most important thing to me."

"Why? You could have anyone out there. Why settle for me? You've seen where I came from.. your parents are important in your life. I'd give anything to have my parents back. I won't let you throw them away over me," she said through her tears.

I could feel her body trembling in my arms.

"I don't want anyone else I want you. Please don't do this," I choked out through my own tears.

"I'm not throwing anything away - they are choosing to walk away from the life I have chosen with the woman that I love."

Her hand gently cupped my cheek, "I don't understand why you think I'm worth all this?"

"Bella, you are the most beautiful thing that has ever been in my life. You have shown me more love in the past two weeks than my parents have in twenty nine years. I need you in my life - now and forever."

"I..I do love you, Edward, so much. I need and I want you forever too," she said as her tears fell from her eyes and her small hands clutched my neck.

I reached around her for the nightstand and pulled out the small black box hiding in there.

I tilted her chin so she was looking right into my eyes, "Be mine forever, Isabella Swan - marry me," I said as I opened the box and pressed it into her hand.

She stared at the ring nestled in the box, not saying anything.

I could see the tears forming in her eyes and I waited for her to say anything.

Her fingers trembled as she reached out to touch the ring.

When she looked back to my eyes a wobbly smiled crossed her face.

"I still don't understand why you want me, but yes, I'll marry you Edward Cullen."

I eagerly took the ring from the box and slipped it on her finger.

"Do you like it? Anthony helped me pick it out."

"I love it. That's what you both were smirking about for the past few days?"

"Yes - you're all I want Bella...just the way you are," I said before crashing my lips to hers.

Her lips moved against mine and I could taste the saltiness of her tears on her lips.

I deepened our kiss as I slid my hands up under her loose tee shirt.

Her fingers slipped into my hair - I needed to remember to tell her how much I love it when she does that, but right now I just wanted to worship every inch of her.

I broke our kiss and moved my lips down her neck, kissing and nipping her skin as she murmured my name.

My name never sounded so good as it does falling from her lips.

I pulled her shirt up and she readily raised her arms for me.

Her mouth came back to mine hungrily after she pulled off my shirt as well.

I pulled her pants off quickly - I needed to be inside her so badly.

I slipped my pants off as quickly and picked her up in my arms and laid her gently on the bed.

I climbed over her, holding her gaze the whole time - I could see her desire and it only fueled mine more.

I slipped slowly inside her, wanting to savor her - to take my time.

She moaned as I entered her, arching up into me.

As soon as I'm fully inside her I noticed how much more I felt and I realized I have forgotten the condom.

"Baby I forgot the condom - give me just a second," I told her as I started to pull out.

She held me tight against her, "I don't care. Don't stop - I need you, Edward."

"Are you sure?"

She nodded and flexed her hips up to mine.

I kept my strokes slow and even as I brought my lips down to hers and intertwined our tongues.

Her hands roamed my back -pressing me further into her.

Our sighs and moans filled the room as we made slow, sweet love to each other - neither of us rushing, both of us just wanting to feel the other.

"Bella, mm... so good," I whispered as we moved against each other.

"Edward," her voice was ragged as she dragged her nails down my back.

I reached down and pulled one of her legs up, letting me push deeper inside her.

"Yes, Edward, yes," she moaned out, moving faster against me.

I pumped into her harder and faster, needing her to come for me.

"Baby, are you close?" I asked.

"Y...yes - please don't stop."

I pushed into her harder as I heard the headboard thump into the wall.

I pushed into her again and again, the constant thump of the headboard filling the room.

I reached down to pull up her other leg and I could reach even deeper, it was complete heaven. I was so deep and I knew I would come any second.

Our moans filled the room as I felt her wetness seeping around me.

"Oh my god, Edward! Oh my god," she shouted out as she grabbed my shoulders hard and came undone around me.

I grabbed her hips and thrust hard into her one more time before spilling deep inside her groaning her name.

I kissed her lips as I slipped out her. I heard her moan at the loss of our connection.

"I love you," I whispered against her lips as we parted.

"I love you too. I hope it's always like this with us," she said softly as she ran her fingers through my hair.

"I love when you do that,"I told her.

"You do?" she asked surprised. "I just love the feel of your hair in my fingers."

"I do. It's comforting and relaxing"

"I'm glad. I wasn't sure if you liked it or not."

"I love everything you do, baby."

"Me too. I love the things you do to me too," she said with a blush.

I couldn't resist running my fingers along her cheek.

"This right here is my favorite," I said as I leaned in and kissed her lips.

She giggled as I pulled away," I don't like my blush. It's so annoying at times."

"It's not annoying. It's sexy as hell and I love seeing it," I said as my stomach growled.

She giggled again.

"I guess we better get up and go make some food. I'm sure Anthony is starving since we never made breakfast," she said softly.

"I guess we should, but I'd much rather stay in our bed and making love to my gorgeous fiancee."

"I like the sound of that - we can continue later," she told me with a wink.

We dressed again and walked from our room hand in hand.

I could feel her ring against my hand and I loved it.

Knowing that we are together and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

As we walked into the kitchen to see that Anthony has reheated some leftovers and was sitting at the table.

"I've been waiting for you guys. Is everything okay?" he asked with fear in his voice. "I don't want to leave here. I like it here, Bella."

I knew then that he heard everything my parents said.

"Don't worry Anthony, we aren't going anywhere - everything is perfect here," Bella said.

"It's beyond perfect - she said yes." I don't even try and hide the huge smile that spread across my face.

"Awesome I knew she would," he said excitedly giving me a high five. "What about what those people said?"

I could see that he was really upset by them and I knew I needed to calm those fears.

"Don't pay them any mind, Anthony - they don't know you or Bella.I know who you really are and why you're here and that's all that matters."

Anthony smiled widely and I ruffled his hair as I held Bella tightly in my other arm - all the family I needed was right here in this room.

We sat down to eat.

Anthony was all excited that it was Christmas Eve.

Bella and I ate quietly as Anthony chattered away.

Now that I knew they were staying I figured we should make some changes to the house.

I wanted Anthony to fix up his room how he wanted - make it really his, and I wanted Bella to make any changes she wanted to the house.

"I think we need to make some changes to the house. Anthony, I want you to think of some ways you would like your room done - its pretty stuffy right now and I want you to have it however you want."

"Awesome Edward. Anything I want?" he asked excitedly.

"Anything buddy," I said.

"Okay, but don't go overboard," Bella warned.

He smiled up at me as he took his plate to the sink.

I turned my eyes to Bella.

"Same goes for you, baby - this is your home too, if you want to change anything just do it, okay?"

"I.. I wouldn't know how. I like things the way they are."

"Bella - this is your home, if you think of something, just change it - you don't need to ask."

"I really don't want to change anything, I like what you have," she said looking down at her plate.

"Baby, you don't have to appease me - what do you want?"

"Can we ... never mind," she said softly.

"No, tell me, baby - I want to know," I told her tilting her chin up so her eyes met mine.

"Can we change the color in the bedroom?"

"Sure, baby, anything you want."

She smiled up at me. "Just add more blue, less gray, okay?"

"Sounds perfect," I told her, leaning over to capture her lips.

"Guys, I'm still here," Anthony said.

We both laughed.

"Get used to it, buddy. I can't control myself from kissing your sister."

"Ugh... I'm never having a girlfriend if it makes you want to kiss all the time," he said as he left the room.

"You'll change your tune in a couple years," I told him.

"No way, girls are yucky," he said.

"No, they are delicious," I said with a laugh as he clapped his hands over his ears and ran from the room.

"I think you mentally scarred him," Bella said with a laugh.

"It's your fault. You're so tempting and delicious," I said as I captured her lips in mine again.

She moaned into my mouth as I slipped my hands down to her bottom and pushed her against my almost hard dick.

"I want you so badly right now," I said against her ear as the doorbell rang.

Anthony yelled that he'll get it, which was good since I needed to adjust myself in my pants.

We walked into the living to see Alice, Jasper and Bree standing there with Anthony.

"It's an invasion," I said with a laugh.

"You all are coming skating with us," Alice said with a smile.

"Who said?" I asked.

"Me," she said.

"It's Christmas Eve, why would we want to be out there?" I said with a laugh.

"He'd rather stay here and make kissy faces with Bella," Anthony said.

"He can do that later," Alice said- come on, put on some proper clothes."

"Edward, let's go. I haven't been skating in ages," Bella said as she placed her hand against my cheek.

It took Alice only a moment to notice the ring on her hand.

"Oh my god," she yelled. "Is that what I think it is?"

"I guess it all depends on what you think it is," Bella said with a giggle.

"I know what it is," she said with a laugh.

"Then yes that's what it is," I said proudly, pulling Bella closer to me.

"Congratulations," Jasper said as he came over to us.

"Oh my god, I could plan your wedding," Alice said as she squealed with delight.

"Ummmm, we'll think about it," I tell her - I'm damn certain I don't want her anywhere near the planning of our wedding - I want to plan it with my bride to be.

"Okay. Go get dressed so we can go. Anthony and Bree already headed to the car. Seems like Bree has a little crush on Anthony," she said.

"How old is Bree?" Bella asked.

"She's fourteen," Alice replied.

"Hmm... an older woman likes my brother. Too bad he thinks girls are yucky," Bella said walking up to our bedroom.

I came in behind her as I took out my sweater and slipped it on.

"So do you think Anthony knows she likes him?" I asked.

"I'm not sure he really gets the whole crush thing yet."

"True," I said pulling her to me. "I'd so love to be crushing you up against the door and devouring those sweet lips of yours."

"Later, baby, but only if you're a good boy," she said, running her finger up and down my chest.

"Mmm... I can be a good boy," I said as I nipped along her jaw.

She pulled me from the room and we went downstairs.

"It's about time you both came back, I was about to send Jasper up to get you," Alice said whining.

"We would've locked the door, wee one," I said as I grabbed our coats.

We headed down to the car to see that Anthony was in the backseat with Bree and they were talking away.

I guess that meant he was riding with them to Millennium Park.

I walked Bella to my car and noticed that she was biting her bottom lip.

"What's worrying you, baby?" I asked.

"I just don't want Anthony to have to grow up too fast. He already seems older than most eleven year old's."

"He's had to deal with a lot more than kids his age, but he's an awesome kid. You've done great with him. Bella, he knows right from wrong and he has a great head on his shoulders. Don't worry too much about this Bree thing, it will be okay," I said as I helped her in the car.

I quickly ran to the other side and got in.

"Thanks, baby. You seem to know exactly what I need to hear, when I need to hear it. I love you, Dr. Cullen.

"Your welcome and I love you too, soon to be Mrs. Cullen."

I followed behind Jasper to Millennium Park and as we parked, I got out and helped Bella from the car.

We watched as Anthony helped Bree from the car.

We rented our skates and I helped Bella lace them up as I did mine.

We skated around for about an hour before we decided to go get hot chocolate.

I loved watching Bella skate, she looked so carefree and so beautiful.

As we sat watching Anthony skate with Bree, Bella told me about her mother.

She told me that her mother wanted her to be an ice skater and that she performed in a few ice shows.

"I really liked skating, but it wasn't my dream. I guess I should have continued it and made her happy. I want her to be proud of me," she said as she wiped a tear away.

"I think she is proud of you now - for everything you do for Anthony...for continuing to dream," I said as I passed my thumb over her ring when I took her hand.

She nodded.

"You and Anthony are still together - that's a huge success and baby take some time - figure out what you would like to do. I want you to have anything and everything you want."

"I guess I can do that. You don't care about things I did before?"she asked looking me in the eyes.

"What things, baby," I asked.

"When we lived on the streets I lied, and I've stolen things only when necessary. Men would offer me money to do things, but I would never do that. I won't blame you if you want your ring back," she said with a sob.

I pulled her against me and let her cry into me, kissing her cheeks and forehead lightly.

"Bella, I know who you are - I know whatever you did, you did to provide for your brother. It's amazing you've done as well as you have, most people in your position would have turned to drugs and prostitution. I don't want that ring back. Not now, not ever. You are mine now and forever."

"I don't know what to say. How can you be so accepting of me? You hardly know me, but you know me more than anyone else I know. If that even makes any sense," she said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"It makes sense to me and you know me better than anyone too - you know my heart and I know yours."

"I love you so much. I've never loved anyone the way that I love you. I thank God and my parents every day for you. I'm sure they were all looking out for me that day that Anthony ran to get you when he couldn't wake me up. Thank you for saving me and giving me your heart," she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I captured her lips in mine and I got lost in kissing her as we heard Anthony giggling behind us.

"They are always kissing," he said as we pulled away.

"They love each other," Bree said. "They're each others lobsters."

"Lobsters? I don't get it," Anthony said looking around at us.

"It was on Friends," she said softly. "Lobsters is another way of saying they are soul mates."

"Okay," Anthony said with a laugh.

"How about we go out for dinner?" Alice said. "Unless you guys have other plans?"

"Bella?" I asked.

"Dinner sounds great," she said as we pulled off our skates and slipped on our shoes.

"We can go to the Magnificent Mile and eat one of the restaurants there," Jasper said.

"Great," I said as Alice looked at me.

"Why is it great?" she asked as we walked to the cars.

"I need to run in a store there and I want you to keep Bella busy."

"Do I get to know why?" she asked as Bella talked with Jasper and Anthony, who kept looking up at Bree.

"I need to get Bella a charm bracelet, and I really like that lobster thing that Bree said."

"Aww.. .Edward you're turning into such a romantic. Who would've ever thought that Dr. Edward Cullen was such a mushy guy under all cockiness," she said with a laugh.

"Quiet wee one," I said with a laugh.

"Fine, but I'm just so so happy for you and for Bella, even though I don't know her well. She deserves this happiness," she said as Bella came back to my side.

"Are you done talking to the others? I was getting lonely without you," I said as I took her hand.

"I'm sure Alice kept you entertained," she said with a smile.

"She did, but I missed you," I said with a pout.

"Aww... I missed you," she told me, laying her head on my shoulder.

Once at the cars, we got in and I relished having Bella alone again.

I loved that she was getting along with my friends, but I hated to share her with anyone other than Anthony.

I held her hand as I drove through the Chicago traffic to the Magnificent Mile.

"Baby, did you enjoy yourself?" I asked as I rubbed my fingers over her hand.

"Yeah, I had a great time - it was nice to be on the ice again."

"I'm glad that you had a great time," I said with a smile.

I loved seeing her smile, she had a beautiful smile.

Once we were in the parking garage, I got out and helped her out.

"Why are we at Macy's?" she asked.

"I need to pick up your Christmas gift and I wanted to have Anthony get you something," I said as I hoped she wouldn't get mad.

"Oh, do you want me to hang out with Alice and Bree?" she said softly.

"Sure, but you have to promise me something."

"What?" she asked biting her bottom lip.

I took my finger and gently pried her lip from between her teeth.

"I want you to buy something just for you, well for me too," I said giving her a wink and my crooked grin.

"Like what?" she asked looking nervous.

"Something sexy and beautiful like you," I said as I kissed her cheek as Alice came up to us.

"Okay," she said as I gave her some money.

She stuffed it in her pocket as she walked away with Alice.

I went with the guys to the jewelry department and I found simple silver charm bracelet.

Now all I had to do was pick out five or six charms that represent us.

I picked out a little lobster, an ice skate, a little ring charm, a heart and a Santa hat.

The sales lady chuckled at my selections, but she had no clue that everything on there represented Bella and I perfectly.

We walked around as Anthony looked at various things.

He finally settled on a keychain that said, My sister Rocks.

We walked to find the girls and they were just coming down the escalator as were walking towards them.

Bella held a bag in her hand and a slight smile on her face.

I couldn't wait to get home.

We ended up eating at the Corner Bakery and we had a great time hanging out and talking.

Shortly after nine, we walked back to our cars and said good night.

I drove us home and once there Anthony said goodnight and went upstairs as I turned to Bella.

"I'm glad you were able to have fun. I love seeing you so carefree and smiling with Alice."

"I did have fun. Alice is easy to talk to," she said softly.

"Why don't you go up and get ready for bed? I have a few things to put under the tree and I'll be right up," I said kissing her lightly on the lips.

"Okay," she said looking up at me. "No peeking at your gifts, Mister."

"I wouldn't dare, baby," I said with a wink as she walked up the stairs with her bag.