Well, I've thought about this, and for the first little mini-story, short, whatever, I'm going to go back in time. Back to the battle in the caverns beneath Watership Down, where Campion was very nearly killed. As you know, this being based from my fanfic, he was imprisoned by Woundwort until escaping with Dandelion, Ivy, Trill, and Moss. What happened to Moss in the months between the final episode of season two and the beginning of his life on the Down, is a story waiting to be told. And it is also the story of his friends, an officer called Redwood, his mate, a doe named Poppy, Redwood's sister Myca, and most especially, Trill...

Rebellion Part One: A Friend in Danger

Previously on Watership Down:

"This is how it ends, Bigwig!" Woundwort snarled.


Woundwort was thrown off of Bigwig by a sudden attack from...


"Forgive me, General," Campion said.

Woundwort let out a roar of rage and leaped at his traitorous Captain of Owsla. The two bucks grappled for a few moments. Meanwhile, the Watershippers were being driven back.

"Campion, come on!" Hazel cried.

The two rabbits raced the tunnel. Hazel plunged through the gap and galloped into the warren. Campion started to follow, but a yell from Woundwort stopped him.


"Yes, sir," Campion said, turning to face his former Chief.

"You betrayed me, Campion! I'll tear you apart!" Woundwort roared.

Then, the boulder started to move.

"General!" Campion cried, shoving his Chief clear, just as the huge rock fell on top of him.

"Campion!" Blackberry screamed...

After the Watershippers had gone, the Efrafans returned. At first in ones and twos, and then in little groups. Two bucks, a grey and a tall sienna brown, watched as their Chief dug through the rubble that had buried their superior officer not an hour before.

"What is he doing?" the sienna buck asked, "Surely he doesn't think Campion is still alive under all that?"

His companion stared fixedly ahead, making no reply.

"Moss? Are you all right?"

"Campion has survived before, Redwood," Moss said, "He might be alive."

"He has to be," Moss thought, "I need him to be."

Redwood shook his head.

"Look, Moss, we watched that rock fall on top of him. He's not going to come out of there in one piece."

"I don't understand why we're wasting time on him," someone whined, "He's a traitor to Efrafa!"

"Vervain, you were right, and we were wrong, now will you kindly put a carrot in it?" Moss growled.

The black buck opened his mouth to reply, but Redwood stepped between the two.

"Moss, there's no use fighting about it. What's done is done. Campion's..."

At that moment, a triumphant cry from Woundwort made the three bucks forget their quarrel. The huge Chief Rabbit was just pulling a limp body from the rubble.

"What the..." Redwood muttered, "How in Frith...?"

The General set Campion down, and seemed to be waiting for something. Then, miraculously, the sienna-colored Captain began to stir.

Moss let out a low cry of pure joy. Vervain, meanwhile, stared in shock.

Campion moaned in pain, then cast a quick glance around.


"Don't pretend you don't remember!" Vervain snapped, "You betrayed Efrafa..."

"And then you saved my life," Woundwort interrupted, "Why?"

Campion sighed.

"You are...were...my Chief. I did my duty."

"I don't know whether to thank you, or kill you," Woundwort told him, "You betray me, and then turn around and save my life. What am I supposed to think of that?"

Campion chuckled.

"I'll leave that to you."

"He's a traitor!" Vervain squealed, "The laws of Efrafa demand that he be punished! Treachery is punishable by death!"

"The laws of Efrafa also say that bravery must be honored," Moss broke in, "I think that alleviates the sentence a good deal, with all due respect, sirs."

Campion darted a grateful glance at the grey buck, and even Woundwort looked relieved.

"Very well," the General said, "Campion, you are relieved of your Captaincy. Until you recover, you may remain in your old quarters. Then we will decided what is to be done with you."

"Recover?" Redwood muttered, "He seems fine to me."

At that moment, Campion turned to look at the two officers, and the extent of his wounds were revealed.

Moss gasped. The left side of his friend's face was...gone. That was the only way to describe the terrible wound scarring Campion's face.

Campion seemed puzzled, and glanced inquiringly at Moss.

"Oh, Frith!" Moss thought, "He doesn't know."

Several failed attempts to get Campion on his feet resulted in the incredibly agreeable Woundwort hoisting his former second-in-command onto his back and carrying him back to Efrafa, which Redwood later remarked was a surprising show of kindness.

Later that same night, Moss, who had been lurking around the vicinity of Campion's burrow, hoping to get in to see his friend, encountered none other than Redwood peeking out of a small burrow just down the passageway.

"What are you doing?" Moss hissed.

"Trying to get in to see Campion, same as you," the sienna buck replied.

"What for? You barely know him."

"I have my reasons," Redwood said, "What about you? You're not the kind of rabbit to be making a social call at this hour."

"Neither are you."

The two bucks stood staring at each other for several moments.

"I think I can trust you," Redwood said at last, "Moss, um, I have a problem."

"What kind of problem?"

"A very ticklish one. So, you know, of course, that as officers we aren't allowed to have kits?"

Moss nodded.

"I don't understand that one. Seems as if they'd want all the decent bucks they could get."

Redwood nodded.

"But, well, I have a problem of that sort."

"Oh," Moss said, "That kind of problem. What does that have to do with Campion?"

"I thought maybe Campion might have some idea of what to do," Redwood said, "He's good at figuring out problems."

"What are you thinking?" Moss asked.

"I think Campion was on to something," Redwood said, "I want to get Poppy and my kits out of here, but I'd rather see this place free of Woundwort first."

Moss gasped.

"Are you saying that you want to start a rebellion?"

Redwood looked Moss straight in the eyes.


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