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Dr. Greenbox looked through the microscope at his new creations. It was like his other project but this time on a nanite level. He grinned and reached for the syringe with his blood sample in it.

It had been so ridiculously easy to speak to Professor Hackle about the Metallikats. He first didn't want to but after a few minutes of coaxing he had told him everything he had wanted to accomplish with the Metallikats. They both looked over everything they had, as the Metallikats were on the loose again. Then Hackle showed him his Cybertron robot 2.0 that he and Razor were working on.

"I understand what you were trying to do Professor. Robots like this will definitely benefit katkind." Greenbox said sympathetically. It was getting easier to associate with kats or as he and Zed called them, 'biologic units.'

Dr. Hackle smiled up at Greenbox and cleaned his glasses on his coat. "I am so glad that what happened to you didn't stop you from returning to research. "

"On the contrary, I have every reason to return to my research. While on the subject of that I have a hypothetical question for you, Professor. What if we can improve katkind with thinking nanites instead of using robots?"

Professor Hackle looked at Greenbox askance for a while before answering. "Oh no my boy, that would be a complete break of ethics on all fronts. I applaud that you want to help in this way, but kats were not meant to combine with machines. I build my robots to make kats lives easier and more fulfilling, but we shouldn't tinker with things like that. In fact, the SWAT Kats told me about an alternative timeline where my Metallikats had done just that. They took over first Megakat City, then the world with robots I had made, with them as the main central processing units. Organic kats were forced into work camps to labor for the robots. So, no my son, I do NOT agree with this. I will NOT make thinking robots out of the context of their jobs and will install a circuit inside of them that will shut them down if someone tries to take them over like that or they go beyond what they're programmed for. I need to study thoroughly the ethics of such a project. Perhaps someday, things will be different, but katkind is not ready for such a quantum step."

Greenbox felt a flash of irritation and disappointment before he squashed it down flat. Emotions were for more baser kats, not for him. He thought that Hackle would at least understand. He smiled at Professor Hackle; "I told you that it was just a hypothetical question."

"Ah yes you did my boy and again I applaud your thinking. Would you like to stay for some lunch, you look like you've lost a lot of weight."

Greenbox looked down at himself. Yes after being discharged from the hospital without the schedules, he found that he wasn't hungry or tired. He only ate now when told to do so or he had to set an alarm to simulate 'normal' activities.

"I think I would like that very much Professor. You know how it is when you get on a project, you forget everything around you."

"Is there any way I can help with this?" Professor Hackle asked while he escorted Greenbox into his dining room. His robot housekeeper came in with large bowls of soup for them both.

"I'm sorry but it's classified for the time being. You know how that is."

Professor Hackle nodded understandingly at him. "Ah yes, the Powers That Be." He laid the napkin across his lap and began to eat the soup.

'Normal' kat activities still felt strange to him, as if he had forgotten about how to do it after a long illness. He carefully watched Professor Hackle and copied everything he did, 'storing' the information in his cerebral cortex

"We should do this 'eating' more, my creator. Our biological bodies require food as fuel." Zed whispered.

Until I find a better way; Greenbox snorted to himself. He felt disgusted again at his frail kat body.

Now, days later he looked through the microscope at the effect the nanites were having on the blood sample. After a few minutes, he grinned. The nanites were taking over the cells, converting them into small nanites, which spread. The white blood cells were trying to fight back, but the immunosuppressant he mixed with the nanites were doing the job. He extended another syringe and drew up the nanites into it.

"We have done it. After programming some security protocols into these, it's time for our reunification."

"What about the one kat that could become our new processing unit?"

"We will take him first."

He unclipped the syringe from the needle and inserted it into another microscope. He looked through the eyepieces and began to type in the security codes he and Zed had come up with. It was almost time, time to rid himself of being a kat and become perhaps a god? No, the concept of 'god' was even too paltry for what he was doing. The only thing he had to do now was to build a recharging station, his biology would still require some sort of nutrients but the other energy needed something different.