Deleted Scene: Drunk Danny

This scene would have gone after Depressed Danny and before Normal. I would like to dedicate it to Emmazippy577 because she gave me the idea and it was just too good to pass up! Thanks again!

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Danny went to open the door as I just sat there too happy to move. He came back to stand by me as Dani belly flopped onto his bed moaning, "Let's hope this was the last mood. I miss the full Danny, not that I don't love you too but you know what I mean."

Danny chuckled as he told Dani, "I know what you mean."

"Alright, here's for the best!" Tucker said as he punched the button and we watched Danny's eyes change.

"Alright, here's for the best!" Tucker said as he punched the button and we watched Danny's eyes change. Tucker looked down at the switch and said, "Sorry Dani, but it looks like we'll have at least one more Danny to hang with."

At hearing this, Dani hit her head against Danny's comforter and groaned. I controlled the urge to roll my eyes and as I asked, "What mood?"

"That's just the thing though. It says 'Drunk'! I didn't even know that could be a mood!" Tucker cried out. I looked at him in confusion, but I didn't have much time to think because before I knew it Danny was tying an extra bed sheet around his neck. Oddly, it reminded me of Heroic Danny, but I doubt he'll act like him. Heroes don't get drunk.

"Maybe to ghosts it is?" I asked, unsure myself. "I mean, is possessive really a mood too? If that is than I can totally see how drunk is."

"Woohoo! Look guys: I can fly!" Danny said, words coming out slightly slurred. He was doing circles around his room in the air and by the look on Dani's face, he should be extremely dizzy in a few seconds.

"Hey, he's kind of like Fun Danny!" Tucker exclaimed. "Turn up the tunes and let's party!" Before I could object to this, Tucker pressed a button on his PDA and Danny's speakers started blasting rock music. Is Tucker's PDA hooked up to all the electronics in Danny's room? If there had been a chandelier, Danny would have hung on it as he rocked out to the music.

"Tucker dude, let's jump off the roof!" Danny exclaimed as he floated by on his back. I barely had time to register what he'd just proposed they do before I was on my feet and blocking the door.

"Tucker, you're not drunk so think first! Danny, you are not leaving this room!" I shouted. It's true, Tucker isn't drunk. So why the hell was he willing to jump off the roof with a 'drunk' teenage boy?

"C'mon Sam! Danny will catch me before I hit the ground and he can fly. There's no harm," Tucker told me. No harm? I extremely doubt that.

"Tucker, he's drunk! I doubt he'd be able to catch you and he'll probably forget to fly!" I exclaimed. Dani was having a hard time not laughing at the stupidity of these two, but she helped me prove my point when she threw a pillow at Danny and yelled, "Catch Dad!"

"Wha—" was all Danny had time to say before the pillow dropped onto his head. If he had been aware, he would have had plenty of time to catch the pillow, if not go intangible, so needless to say I think my point was proven pretty well.

Just to be sure I said, "See Tucker, he's in no condition to save your life. He couldn't even save himself from a pillow!"

"Listen, Sammy babe, I think you're overreacting," Danny said while floating upside down. So, I know we just had a heart to heart and I just told him I loved him, but calling me 'Sammy' and 'babe' in the same sentence before telling me I'm 'overreacting' cannot go unpunished.

"Daniel Fenton! You are drunk, I am not. Don't you dare tell me I'm overreacting!" I screamed. I was giving him one of my most intense glares and had he been standing, or floating right side up, I wouldn't have hesitated to kick his shin with my boot as hard as possible.

Danny's eyes went wide and his mouth dropped and stayed slightly open as he listened to me yell at him. After a few minutes of silence that followed my scolding I asked, "Were you even listening to me?"

"You can't hurt me if you can't catch me!" he replied and then he phased through me and the door. I don't know how many more moods I can take.

"Dani, please go catch him," I said as calmly as I could. "Tucker…Tucker? Tuck where are you?" Somehow he must have grabbed onto Danny before he phased himself out because I heard him yell a 'Woohoo' from somewhere outside. I walked over to the window and saw that I'd been right. Danny was holding Tucker around his waist and they were doing loops in the air while Dani was giving chase.

"For the love of…" I muttered underneath my breath. My headache was growing and it didn't help that Danny was yelling, "You'll never catch me Danielle! Never!" Thank goodness people weren't done with church yet. As much as I would love to see his embarrassed face if the news got hold of the town hero flying around with a bed sheet tied around his neck, it'd be hard to explain why he was flying with Tucker. People are only clueless for so long.

After a few minutes of demanding Danny get back and being ignored, I left Dani to try on her own. I went down to Danny's garage and rummaged through some old toys we used to play with until I found my weapon of choice. I could still here Danny and Tucker yelling about being superheroes and how they were having so much fun.

I went back inside and headed to the kitchen. Most drunks drink coffee to try and help with the hangover and sobering up, but if Danny reacts to candy the way he does, no way in hell am I giving him coffee, so I'm doing the next best thing. I grabbed three water guns, all medium sized blasters. The pistols wouldn't cut it for this plan. I figured I can give one to Dani and keep two for myself like I did with the pistols. I figure all I'll have to do is tell the boys that I have food and they'll come running. Then I'll squirt them in their faces and suck Danny into the Fenton Thermos. Easy.

When my weapons were filled I ran back up to Danny's room and saw that Danny and Tucker were now flying circles around Dani, who looked exhausted. I allowed myself to pity her for a few seconds before I called, "Danielle, come here real quick!"

Dani went invisible so she could escape Danny's circle, which left the two boys spinning in confusion and them getting wrapped up in Danny's 'cape', allowing us a few minutes to speak. She popped up in front of the window and I handed her a water gun and told her the plan. She smiled, nodded, and then flew out a little ways, hiding the weapon behind her back, and yelled, "Hey boys: Sam has food!"

My grandma told me that if I ever needed to chase down a drunk, all I'd have to do was offer to pay for a meal and they'd come to me. I don't really know why she told me this, but I'm glad she did because as soon as Dani said 'food' Tucker and Danny exchanged looks and then shot towards the window. Dani hardly had time to make it back in and aim before the two were inside the room again.

We squirted at the same time and both hit our intended targets: their faces. Danny dropped Tucker on his floor, causing Tucker to yell "Hey!" before Dani squirted them again and I uncapped the lid on the thermos.

"Where's da food?" Danny asked, spinning as though it was hiding somewhere in the room.

I smirked and politely said, "I lied," before sucking him in. He'd only been in the thermos twice before, and those times were when we first began hunting ghosts so to say he was surprised would have been an understatement.

"What da hell! Lemma outta here!" Danny yelled from inside the capped thermos. His words were becoming increasingly harder for me to understand, but I doubted they could get any worse. He had to have some self-control right?

I shook the thermos a little and said, "No, now behave." I set it down on the nightstand next to his bed and turned to find Dani empting her water gun on Tucker's head.

"And that's for the chase!" she yelled. She had Danny's temper, so I wasn't the least bit surprised that she dropped the water gun on his head after she ran out of water.

"Tucker, what were you thinking?" I asked him. I was half tempted to give Dani my other blaster and let her chase him around the house.

"That he was like Fun Danny with a cape and ghost powers!" Tucker exclaimed with a grin on his face.

I set a hand on my forehead, closed my eyes, and held out my other gun to Dani and said, "Here, go soak him." Dani snickered, grabbed the gun, and then proceeded to chase Tucker throughout the house. She must have gotten him a few times because I heard him scream "Ahh!" and "That's cold!"

"This is like, so cramped in here! Lemme out, lemme out, lemme out, lemme out!" Danny whined.

"No," I said. I was resting my head on his pillow and trying to calm my ever growing headache. Since I'd turned the music down a few notches, it actually didn't hurt as much anymore.

"I promise to…uh…not do that again if you let me out!"

"I know you're lying."

"I will change back to human!"

"So you'll be a drunk human running around town using your ghost powers? I don't think so."

"I'll show you my abs…"

"As tempting as that sounds," I sarcastically remarked, "I've seen them already. I'm the one who patches you up after battles, remember?"

"Drunk people have the best sex!" he exclaimed after a few minutes of silence. Wow, he must be getting desperate. Since I couldn't really form words thanks to initial shock, I decided that a quick shake of the thermos would be enough to shut him up. I glanced at the clock and took a deep, soothing breath.

Only 46 minutes to go Manson. You can do it, I thought to myself as a soaked Tucker walked through the door and a giggly Dani followed suit. It was then Danny thought it smart to start singing. It wasn't even the song playing on the radio! Actually, I don't really know what song it was because I couldn't make out any of the words, and his voice was far too pitchy.

"Just think, at least we know what to expect when we head off to college!" Tucker said as he smirked at me.

"How come I'm stuck with the hangover?" I tiredly complained as I stared at the clock. 45 minutes…

This is officially the last chapter for Danny's Moods. Thank you readers for all the reviews and I can't wait to start writing again! I'm hoping to do more longer stories that go more in depth but I will also probably do more one-shots(: Until next time, crazyreader11