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For as long as most could remember, women held the power in the world. This came about naturally since long ago the sage of six paths gifted the world with knowledge on the power residing in everything; chakra. But this oft held notion of who was meant to hold power would soon be challenged by something never before seen…

'I wonder what Ten-chan, Hinata-chan and everyone else is doing right now.' Thought a 10 year old blond boy as he calmly strode down the street towards his favorite ramen joint. This boy was none other than Naruto Uzumaki, the village pariah (well when it came to the male populace) and beloved child (to damn near every female he met). He was decently sized for his age, thanks to the presents of food given to him by friends and random females, and wore a light blue kimono with a subtle black trim (one of several he owned thanks to the Hyuga and their adoration of him). But arguably his most important feature at this time was something that ever since he was born had endeared him to nearly every female he met, his beyond angelic face. For you see, Naruto was a kind gentle boy who deeply enjoyed cooking and music. This demeanor coupled with his insanely handsome features and developing build created a boy whom many were developing plans (or had already started on said plans *cough*Hyuga*cough*) on wooing in the incoming years.

Naruto had been living on his own for a number of years after his banishment from the orphanage (the property being owned by a male council member) where he made friends with Tenten (now adopted) and Lei (also adopted). Tomorrow would be his birthday and as such most who Naruto considered close were nowhere to be seen (whether figuring what to get him or arguing over where his party should be) so he had spent the day mostly alone.

As Naruto walked past an alleyway he was suddenly snatched from the street with such skill that no one around even noticed.

"Hey! Let go of me" he managed to muffle out over the hand covering his mouth before he was struck, rendering him unconscious. "Good, the little brat is out." Said the disguised kunoichi as she blended into the shadows and quickly headed to her rendezvous point…

*6 hours later at the border of Hi no Kuni, on a bridge situated atop a cliffside overlooking a rampaging river below*

The kunoichi from earlier drops the bag she had put the ten year old roughly into on the ground, a small distance from a pompous man in formal attire. "Hey, I got you the kid. Where's my pay?" "You will receive it when I see the boy and know this isn't a rip off." He replied in an arrogant tone that served to piss off the kunoichi who was starting to wonder if she should kill him after all was said and done. Deciding to think on that later she opened the bag and dropped the bound and gagged child. "Well well well. Look what we have here. A demon without his little sluts to keep him safe." Chuckled out the merchant as he drew closer and saw that it was indeed Naruto. "You've done your job admirably. Here, your fee and a little extra in case anyone asks you about anything." He said as he handed a rather heft sack of jewels to the near salivating kunoichi.

As she started to turn away and leave the unknown man went back to the now conscious and fully terrified Naruto. "Would you like to know who I am you filthy demon?" asked the man as Naruto tried to squirm away. "I am Shinobu Shindou. A councilman. 10 years ago tomorrow will be the day you slaughtered my family and destroyed most of my business. The reason why I tell you this is because you boy, and I use that loosely, are the kyuubi! And for your sins you will pay with your life…" he uttered in a tone filled with rage and madness as he slowly unsheathed a knife and approached the wide eyed Naruto. And in an instant he pounced. With wild abandon and the bottled rage of a decade he slashed and stabbed the young boy who could do nothing but unleash a muffled yell of pain. After tiring the man had a demented grin at his horrid handiwork as he stared at the broken body of Naruto. "Well kyuubi I think it's time you enjoy a visit to your home in Hell." He said as he grabbed the poor boy's head and tilted it back before ruthlessly slitting his throat as deeply as he could. And then as the boy felt his life start to leave him he was hoisted up and thrown into the river below…

"HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I did it! I avenged you all!" he cried to the heavens as he started to walk back. *thunk* For a brief moment Shindou could not imagine where the sound had come from until he turned slightly and saw the butchered remains of the rogue kunoichi he hired for the kidnapping. And above the corpse was the boiling with rage Hokage Hiruko Sarutobi along with a battalion of Anbu all radiating such potent killer intent that one would think a bijuu had arrived. Quicker than the eye could see Shindou was bound, gagged and had a kunai shoved through both hands to make sure he knew they meant business. "I'll ask this once; where. Is. Naruto?" the kunoichi no megami growled out.

"Well, after cutting him up and slitting his throat I thought he could use a swim." Shindou happily said as he looked towards the cliff. *Bam!* the sound of the hokage's fist breaking the man's jaw was heard loudly as Hiruko threw him to a standing Anbu. "Take him to T & I. I want everything he knows and by the end of it I want him to beg for death. Inu! Get your ninken out here on the double and search for Naruto! Ushi! Use your eyes and look as well! I want the rest of you to scour every last rock to find Naruto dammit!" Hiruko yelled as she tried to hold in her tears for the probable loss of the child she viewed as a grandson.

The Anbu as well were glad to have their masks as they frantically searched for their beloved Naruto. Tears escaping slowly as they felt a hole grow in their hearts as the search proved futile…

As Naruto floated along a curious red energy surrounded his dying body and swiftly healed all the damage but unfortunately even it was not fast enough to heal his throat and a scar remained. The energy then pulled Naruto towards shore and using his body like a puppet swiftly moved him deeper into the surrounding forest with a grace unseen amongst most mortals until it eventually stopped in a cave several miles away. It gently laid the boy down and receded into the boy's body…

*Naruto's mindscape*

Naruto woke up floating in water. His body seemingly fine after the brutal murder attempt on his person. He stood slowly and looked around. This place was odd, it looked like a hall with strange red and blue pipes flowing along the fine walls (which seemed to be a nice marble) and for some reason he felt the urge to move forward towards the probable center of this strange place.

After what seemed like hours he arrived to a giant cage with a sealing tag in the middle of it, and behind it was a red haired woman whose intense beauty momentarily rendered him unable to move. She was tall standing at least 5'11 with red hair that flowed to her mid back, ruby colored eyes, soft lush lips, a petite and perfect nose and a long elegant neck. She wore a rather provocative blood red kimono with black trim that ended several inches above her knees allowing a tantalizing sense of lust in the hopes it would rise just a bit too much. The kimono barely covered her rather large DD cup breasts and perfect, heart shaped rear. And finally her long lightly tanned legs which were exquisitely toned and completed the picture of perfection.

"Ah, it is good to finally meet my jailer. Hello Naruto-kun, I am the kyuubi no kitsune. My name is Kurama. Welcome to your mind." The beautiful woman said in a regal and equally beautiful voice.

"So it's true. I am a monster. Does this mean everyone I've ever loved secretly hates me and wants me dead too? Is that why I was captured so easily?" Naruto started to ramble off as he reached the depths of despair and questioned his entire life up until this point. It was fairly obvious that if he wasn't taken out of this hysteria soon he may never come out of it.

Luckily, the demon queen had a way to snap him out of this spiral. In a smooth sensual motion she lowered the upper part of her kimono and displayed her spectacular breasts. This bit of exhibitionism served to both instantly quiet Naruto and get his attention on her. Naruto instantly turned into a shade of red his dear friend Hinata would be proud of (funnily enough he noticed she always blushed and stuttered quite a bit when he was near). "W-w-why are you flashing me!?" he choked out as he covered his eyes with both hands (yet still left enough room to peak).

"Because I needed your attention and you were too stuck in your own despair to give me said attention." She answered calmly as she put her kimono back on the way it should be. "That and I want to make sure you got a good look for the day I make you mine…" she inwardly thought with a smile. While a demon, she was still a woman with needs. Needs a certain blonde was going to fill down the line, besides he was perfect for a mate anyways.

"Ahem, now we need to discuss your current situation. You see because of the attack on you I had to do a bit of remodeling and enhancing. But because of the damage done to your throat I had to completely rebuild it and hit a snag so I decided that you would get a new kekkai genkai; the sirens song." She explained in a calm and somewhat proud tone.

"Er… thanks Kurama-san. But what is sirens song? And what do you mean by 'remodeling'? Asked a curious Naruto.

"Well for remodeling, that asshole covered his dagger in a special and ultra rare and powerful toxin that destroys any tissue it comes across. Because it cut so deeply much of your chakra coils were destroyed. Same goes for your throat. With your throat though the damage was so bad I decided to simply implement my own design. I allowed my chakra to remake your vocal chords so that now when you sing you can cast jutsu. Of course you'll have to create your own jutsu since it is a new kekkai genkai but I have faith in you. It will be much more difficult for you to speak now. So watch it" Kurama explained.

"So basically my voice now has a power to it?" Naruto curiously asked.

"Yes pretty much. But as to the chakra coils in the rest of your body, I had to supercharge them in order to save you. And since this amount of tampering has never happened before I don't quite know how this affects everything." She finished.

"Oh, ok. So how do I get out of here?" Naruto asked. Kurama merely smiled a pretty smile of ill intention as she snapped her fingers and the floor beneath Naruto suddenly gave way to a maw of pure darkness. As Naruto opened his eyes he realized that he was in a cave unfamiliar with him. As he got up and stretched his tired limbs he tried to speak but found that he couldn't. Quickly starting to panic, he remembered Kurama's words on his ability of speech and the new difficulty thereof. So he took a deep breath, exhaled slowly and started to at least try to make a sound. "gergh" was the fruit of that venture. Deciding to put off speaking for now he quickly started moving around to see if his body still responded properly. As he moved he noticed something strange; a weird sense of power flowing through his limbs whenever he moved. As he stepped out of the cave wondering about this he felt the rays of the morning sun hitting his skin. A sudden feeling of power filled him and getting a piece of inspiration he punched forward, emitting a burst of fire.

"Whoa…" he muttered.

"Well that is certainly new." Kurama added intrigued.

"Kura-chan?" Naruto asked aloud.

"You need only think your response Naruto-kun. Lest others question your sanity. I established a mental link so that if need be I can speak with you." Kurama said through a rather deep blush after the cute nickname she received.

'Oh. Ok. Thanks Kura-chan. So now what do I do with myself?'

'We need to further develop both your newfound ability with the elements and test out sirens song. So I will instruct you in the ways of the world while also teaching you survival techniques and taijutsu. Maybe even kenjutsu if we can. So get ready to travel this world." Kurama said with authority

'Ok. Do you think I'll ever find someone to accept me as I am?' Naruto asked timidly and with an air of both slight hope and developing sadness.

'Of course Naruto-kun. That person may even be closer than you think…' Kurama confidently assured him.

'Thank you Kura-chan.' Naruto said with as much gratitude as he could muster.

And so Naruto embarked on his quest to master his gifts. If only he could imagine the sheer effect he would have on this world…


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