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*Raikage's office, a day before the Hyuga dinner*

Team B had returned to deliver their report to a rather angry A (when she had heard of their return she had envisioned a certain blonde being with them, she was rather disappointed he wasn't).

"So, why the fuck are you here WITHOUT NARUTO!?" A yelled out while destroying her desk with a single punch. Team B would have been nervous about their kage's rage but their minds were already troubled by something much worse…

"Calm down sis. There's a reason for this." Queen B said with a serious expression and voice that immediately made A rein in her rage. For her sister Queen B to be serious… A could only grow nervous at the implications.


"It took some effort but we were able to track down Naruto-kun's movements… but…" At this B shuffled nervously before continuing. "We've found out he's been captured and enslaved by Konoha."

"…What?" A could feel her world crumbling around her as she realized she was too late. Her beloved had been taken from her. Who knows what those animals in Konoha could be doing to him!?

"A few weeks ago we picked up a lead by running into the Demon sisters of Kiri. They were incredibly drunk at the time and, after giving them a few more drinks and paying off their bar tab, they spilled all the info they had on recent happenings from wherever they traveled. The most important of which involving a certain blonde being seen with Konoha kunoichi. We then hightailed it to Nami no Kuni where the duo said he was last seen." B took a breath since the next part brought out a rather strange mix of emotions. "When we arrived in Nami no Kuni, we disguised ourselves before asking around about Naruto-kun. We-"

"Those fucking whores use him like some kind of slave!" Karui yelled out after losing control of her emotions. Karui had met Naruto on his last visit to Kumo and had fallen for the blonde… So seeing him being used like he was nothing more than a dog was driving her mad with rage.

"Karui! This is not the time to lose control of yourself." B admonished her student who quickly backed down. "As I was saying before, we questioned several villagers and from what we gathered, Naruto was the one to liberate their land. We then tracked down the Konoha kunoichi to see how Naruto-kun was faring." Queen B then took a deep breath before continuing. "For two weeks we watched as they worked him into the ground building that bridge to Hi no Kuni. It's obvious they don't care about him A-nee, we have to liberate him!"

"Agreed. The chunin exams are being held in Konoha soon… While it is too late to enter a team that does not mean we cannot request to visit during them. Pack up B, we're busting Naruto-kun out." A said with as much determination in her voice as she could muster as her subordinates eagerly nodded at the plan.

It should be noted that none of the Kumo kunoichi noticed (or they just refused to acknowledge) the hypocrisy behind 'liberating' Naruto only to then force him into service for Kumo. It's said that love is blind after all.

*A bit over a week after the Hyuga Dinner*

Naruto's life had been rather interesting since the now legendary 'Hyuga dinner incident' as he found that many of the more randy kunoichi had been cowed by his declaration. It also led to his other childhood friends declaring him 'theirs' and moving in with him. A few days after their arrival, Hasaki, Haku, Kasumi, Anko and Yugao moved in as well (using the reason that they would be able to keep the blonde safe from 'attackers'). Which then led to what he had been rather occupied with for the past week…

"I'M CUMMMING!" yelled a nude Tenten as she enjoyed an earth shattering orgasm before crumpling into a boneless heap on top of an also nude Naruto. Naruto softly chuckled at this as he gently laid the softly moaning Tenten onto his rather filled bed. His girls had used rock paper scissors to determine the order they would enjoy him today (Tenten being the one to lose and go last today). Yesterday it had been a kunai throwing contest and the day before it was a push-up contest and the day before that it was a striptease. Oddly enough, there was also some kind of lingerie battle that completely confused Naruto... He idly wondered if he should set up some kind of schedule for this… 'Nah. It's too entertaining to watch the shenanigans they get into before I get into them.'

"That was a terrible pun dear." Kurama said as she made sure to properly record today's feast for the eyes. Life was good for the bijuu; she had her man, she got great sex every time Naruto slept and she got to feed her voyeur fetish. She really had to thank Kishiko for helping to set her darling on his current path.

'Eh, I'm too happy to care honestly.' Naruto replied as he softly laid Tenten on his massive bed. Right next to the dozing (and also nude) forms of his new housemates (sans the currently working Kasumi, Haku, Hasaki, Yugao and Anko). Naruto's stamina was both a blessing and a curse at times since he could easily last long enough to satisfy the four girls but he was left a bit unsatisfied…

"It seems you need some more women dear. I wonder what your limit is… Fufufufu…" Kurama thought aloud before being lost in her own perverted fantasies. Naruto merely let out a gentle chuckle before hearing a rather forceful knock on his door. Naruto moved swiftly to open it so that it would not awaken his slumbering lovers and was suddenly pulled into a tight embrace by a certain cat masked Anbu.

"It's been so long Naruto-kun." Yugao said as she took a moment to cop a feel on Naruto and using the sudden sign of affection to deflect questions on why she knocked when she was given a key. Nothing bad would happen from losing it, right? On a less ominous note, due to work she had not seen her blonde lover for a few days. Far too long for her liking. And for the liking of her libido… But unfortunately there was still work to be done. "I wish we could spend more time right now but Hokage-sama summons you."

"I see. Well, no matter. I'll get this done quickly before making up for lost time." Naruto replied as he tightly gripped Yugao's behind and had a lustful twinkle in his eyes as he felt a pleasurable shudder run through his Anbu lover. Yugao herself couldn't wait for his meeting to be over.

*Hokage's Office*

"You asked to see me Hokage-sama?" Naruto asked as he wondered on why his presence was needed. Hiruko had explained his new role and responsibility as a clan head quite thoroughly after all. Well, in between the bouts of laughter she had at the mention of just how crazy Naruto's life had been since the day he became a clan head. Hiruko found that, in hindsight, the riots over the boy she viewed as a grandson were quite funny. Especially since no serious damage came of it and she felt like she had gotten even with him over the times he had pulled a fast one on her. Although, Naruto couldn't find it within himself to be angry with the old monkey considering the activities he had been rather vigorously engaged in since then...

"Well Naruto-kun, the chunin exams start in a week and I would like for you to be the one in charge of dealing with the visiting kage's. I want you to become the face of Konoha if you will." Hiruko said with a serious tone.

"Me!? But why?" Naruto was utterly flabbergasted. To be given such a huge responsibility was unheard of for a young clan head! His actions could set off a war if he were to act stupidly after all.

"Simple, I've been around for too long. I've survived and fought in three kunoichi world wars and in that time I've made more enemies than I can count. All this bad blood has made communicating with my fellow kage's rather difficult. So in order to avoid this, I'm going to make use of a fresh face not tainted by such a reputation; your face to be specific. You are the only one that I know can handle this." Hiruko said with a sagely tone that left Naruto in awe of her wisdom. Unknown to him, she had gone into a momentary panic when she received formal requests from previously hostile villages about entering the exams this year and wondered how she could most effectively deal with this. She then realized she had the perfect person for this job.

"I-I'm honored Hokage-sama. And am ready to accept. What will be my duties?" Naruto said with pride as he thought on how much his surrogate grandmother trusted him.

"It isn't overly complicated. You'll be the foreign kage's main contact here so make sure they're comfortable, answer questions they have. Just show them a good time really. Be your usual charming self." Hiruko said as she looked away for a moment and shuffled papers on her desk.

"… What do you define as a 'good time' Hokage-sama?" Naruto asked as he felt a sense of déjà vu when listening to the description of his duties and at Hiruko seemingly avoiding his gaze…

"Say, taking them out to dinner, a movie, a quiet stroll under the moonlight, maybe even a picnic, etc. Do what you must to make them happy Naruto-kun." Hiruko said as she continued to look away slightly. 'Shit. He may find out the hidden meaning…'

"Hokage-sama… Are, are you pimping me out?" Naruto asked as he finally realized why he was having a sense of déjà vu; during his travels he had almost been tricked into joining a brothel that specialized in renting out their workers for long stretches of time. In fact, Hiruko's explanation was eerily similar to the one he received from the woman trying to recruit him…

"That's such a harsh way of putting it Naruto-kun."

"That isn't a denial!" Naruto protested as Kurama finally lost it and could not contain her laughter.

"HAHAHAHAH! When did my sweet, innocent Naru-chan become such a harlot?" The bijuu questioned as her laughter nearly drowned out the conversation.

"Think of it as furthering your path as an entertainer." Hiruko calmly said as she saw Naruto adopt a thinking face (after making a serious effort to ignore Kurama's ongoing laughter).




"…I hope you realize that if I'm going to be a whore, I'm going to be a very expensive whore." Naruto said after seriously thinking on it. If he went through with this, he could earn the favor of several kage's quickly and that would certainly help him towards achieving a certain goal…

"Excellent. They should arrive in a few weeks so be prepared. I would also like to ask if you would want to proctor the first exam." Hiruko said with an internal sigh of relief.

"Dare I ask why?"

"Well, originally I wanted the T & I head Ibuki Morino to proctor it. But after thinking about it I realized that most kunoichi would have training against her skills. So, why not throw in something or someone unexpected?"

"I'm listening…" Naruto replied with a vulpine smirk. He had seen the mischievous glint in Hiruko's eyes and he knew that whatever she had in mind would be rather fun to be a part of…

*A bit over a week later, Kunoichi Academy*

An incredibly large group of chunin hopefuls were currently sitting in a large classroom waiting for the first part of the chunin exam to begin. Tensions were running high as each kunoichi eyed her competition and wondered what would be occurring in the first exam. For the Konoha kunoichi, however, their concerns were focused more on something much closer to their hearts; the disappearance of Naruto in the past week. Well, technically they all knew he had been sent on a secret mission but that did nothing to allay their fears (and anger) at his departure.

The minutes dragged on as the kunoichi from Konoha, Suna, Ame, Oto and even the odd team from Taki started to lose their cool. Moments before they all broke into an anxiety fueled riot, the door opened as a stream of Anbu kunoichi came in and took seats on both sides of the room as a certain cat masked Anbu stood at the front of the room and addressed the chunin hopefuls.

"Hello. We will be starting the first part of the chunin exam as soon as the proctor arrives. You may address me as Neko." Yugao said with a professional monotone as she was forever grateful for her mask. It hid the excited smirk for what she knew was coming… A few more tense (for the genin) minutes passed before the door opened once more to reveal the most handsome man that any of the kunoichi had ever seen.

"Forgive me for being late. I had to make sure I looked my best in order to be in the presence of such lovely ladies after all." Naruto said with an extra bit of charm in his voice as he adorned his most seductive smile that, when combined with his looks and his incredibly well tailored black on black suit, sent most of the kunoichi in the room into a fit of swooning. Well, before the lust kicked in and made them all want to jump him. As Naruto looked at the gathered crowd, he noticed many familiar faces and made sure to send a wink to those kunoichi he knew from other villages. "I will be your proctor for-"

"Hey sexy! Why not ditch this shithole and let me show you what a real woman is like?" Yelled an Ame kunoichi with scars running down her face. Instantly the atmosphere turned frigid as every other kunoichi turned their glare onto the now worried Ame team.

"It's fine if I feed her to my sand right?" Gaia asked her sisters as both nodded without hesitation; this bitch needed to learn some ground rules after all. The anger of the Suna siblings was so great that they had completely missed the fact that Naruto was here, in Konoha and apparently had something to do with the kunoichi corps.

"He belongs to Konoha you skank!" Was yelled by a Konoha nin that was soon answered by the various protests of the kunoichi from the other hidden villages. At the rate that things were escalating at, there would be another riot and an international incident. Naruto softly sighed as he realized he would have to put his foot down sooner than expected.

"Quiet." Naruto growled out with a fair bit of killing intent infused in his voice. The sound of his angered voice sent shivers down the spine of all who listened and immediately quelled whatever violent thoughts the genin kunoichi were having. "Thank you. Now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted," At this, Naruto sent another blast of killing intent at the entire room in order to make sure that they knew he would not tolerate another such interruption. "I am the proctor for the first exam. My name is Naruto Uzumaki. The first exam will be a written test." The so far silent Anbu passed out the exam with extreme efficiency, as if they were incredibly eager for what was to come… "Now the rules for this test are: if you are caught cheating five times, you and your team are disqualified; you cannot look towards the front of the room otherwise you and your team will be disqualified; make any noise, say talking or a moan, and you and your team will be disqualified. Questions before we begin? No? Well then, let the exam start." Naruto finished as a mischievous smile spread across his face.

Naruto started to slowly and sensually remove his jacket as a massive blush spread across the faces of the genin watching. It was rather obvious what Naruto was intending to do.

"Heads down!" The familiar cat masked Anbu yelled as most of the chunin hopefuls complied (albeit with intense anger at the show they now realized they were forced to miss). Those that didn't heed Yugao's order were swiftly kicked out by her Anbu.

Naruto continued to do his striptease (the Anbu were mentally thanking their captain for upping their multitasking training so they could both do their job and burn this memory into their minds) as more and more genin found the temptation to look too much to handle. It should be noted that most of the genin kunoichi had completely forgotten about the test and were instead simply trying to use their waning willpower to not peek. The room was swiftly being emptied as Naruto was now clad only in his boxers, mentally debating whether he should lose them or not. Deciding that he had had his fun and no more stripping was needed (a thought that would be swiftly refuted by any current occupant of the room had he voiced it), Naruto announced the end of the test. There were only a third of the teams left by this point anyways.

"Congratulations on passing the first exam." Naruto announced to the genin Kunoichi as they all swiftly looked up and made sure to burn Naruto's boxer clad form into their minds."As I'm sure you've all realized, the written exam had nothing to do with passing. The true objective of this test was to see if you had the willpower to become chunin. For if you cannot resist looking at a pretty face than what good are you in the field where the distractions won't all be so benign? Now-" Naruto was interrupted in his speech by the window near him exploding rather violently.

As the smoke from the explosion cleared, it revealed a rather large banner pinned to the corners of the room. But the truly interesting part was what was on it: The Super Sexy Future Wife of Naruto Uzumaki, Anko Mitarashi! The message even included a surprisingly well done chibi drawing of Anko and Naruto in a wedding dress and tuxedo respectively. Anko herself was standing proudly in front of her banner as she stared at the gawking kunoichi in the room.

"You're a bit early Anko-chan." Naruto said as he got up from the floor, having been thrown across the room by the explosion. Thankfully, he wasn't hurt and he even managed not to lose his boxers on the trip.

"And miss you in your underwear? I think not!" Anko replied with a wink as she moved speedily across the room in order hug Naruto before starting to feel him up. This allowed the previously stunned kunoichi to snap out of their stupor and begin sending venomous glares and killing intent at the rather handsy snake mistress.

"The exams Anko-chan." Naruto gently reminded her as he removed himself from her grasp, much to the relief of nearly everyone in the room. Anko responded with a pout before turning back to the now incredibly angered and jealous genin hopefuls.

"Alright you little shits! Follow me to the next part of the exam!" Anko yelled unhappily as she ignored the window she had already broken in order to dramatically exit through the unbroken one next to it. After a second of confusion the gathered kunoichi started to follow, although they chose to follow using the door. Of course, this second was all Naruto needed to get dressed and leave the kunoichi academy. He knew that his kunoichi friends from foreign villages would like to 'question' him on why he was here proctoring the chunin exams and while he would answer those questions, he had business to attend to at the moment.

Once again, he had to remind his dear Kura-chan that this was most certainly NOT running away.

It was a tactical retreat.

*Hours later, abandoned building within Konoha*

A large group of cloaked figures could be seen standing patiently within the dilapidated building. They had been called here for a reason and they would be damned if they disappointed their leader by doing anything other than following their orders to the letter. Their patience was rewarded when another figure entered the room and instantly the group fell to their knees and prostrated themselves before the new figure.

"Rise." A familiar silky tone echoed in the near silent building. As one, the group rose to their feet. One of the group's members stepped forward and removed her hood before bowing.

"You summoned us Naruto-sama?" Said the now revealed Tsunami.

"Indeed. I have seen how well you have conducted yourselves in Nami no Kuni and now I wish to ask you to do the same here. Can I rely on you for this?" Naruto asked as he removed his own hood.

"It would be an honor Naruto-sama. It shall be done!" Tsunami answered fervently as the rest of the cloaked figures eagerly nodded.

"Thank you. I will reward you all greatly for your efforts of course." Naruto replied with a dazzling smile that made the trip to Konoha more than worth it. After some time spent talking and handing over a very fat bag of ryo in order to help them along, Naruto left. Feeling incredibly glad with how the meeting had gone.

To understand what had just happened, it should be known that Naruto had asked for some time off in order to take a short trip to Nami no Kuni to see how the country he helped liberate had been doing. This rather pleasant trip had ended with Naruto finding out that he now had a cult worshipping him. Naruto had had fan clubs and even organizations dedicated to him before but this was certainly new.

After having Kurama convince him that he should investigate this cult and its' workings instead of leaving the country and try to drink himself stupid to forget the knowledge, Naruto did so and found (much to his amazement) that this cult wasn't exactly a bad thing. Sure it was rather strange and even a little creepy that the women of Nami no Kuni thought of him as a deity but the country had never been so well maintained and orderly. It seemed that the cult had adopted a rather benevolent set of beliefs that had made them a welcomed addition to the small country.

After finding out that Tsunami herself was the leader of the cult, Naruto made a decision that could be considered crazy; he requested for Tsunami and a group of her most trusted underlings to come to Konoha. Naruto knew that even with his new attitude, the fan girls would eventually return. So why not be proactive and turn them into something useful? And if he could establish branches in other countries then his eventual goal would be that much easier…

He may not be a kunoichi but Naruto certainly had the deviousness for it.

X Omake: Forging ties with the clans of Konoha part 1 X

After conducting his business in Nami no Kuni and then quickly returning, Naruto found that he still had a few days to kill before he would be needed for his position as the first chunin exam proctor. He couldn't simply head back to his home; it would be a conflict of interest if he was sleeping with several of the chunin hopefuls after being assigned to proctor their exam after all. Thus, he was left with a conundrum that Kurama helpfully solved.

As a new clan head, Naruto would need to know his peers much better if he had any hope of being competent; so why not arrange for a clan head only meeting between the main clans of Konoha?

Naruto had quickly arranged it and now had the clan leaders of the main clans of Konoha all within their normal meeting room; it should be noted that this room was completely devoid of anyone that was not the head of a main clan. The order in which the clan heads were seated was: the Ino-Shika-Cho trio, Asahi, Shibiru, Tsume, and Mikoto with Naruto standing in front of them in order to speak.

"Thank you all for attending. I know how valuable your time is and hope that I did not interrupt anything important in order to arrange this get-together." Naruto said as he then gave his fellow clan heads a polite bow.

"Think nothing of it Naruto-kun. It is always such a pleasure to see you." Responded Mikoto with a lewd smirk as she undressed him with her eyes; her right hand slowly moving downwards and slipping into her yukata as she started to discretely run a finger teasingly over her panty clad slit.

"Agreed. Please feel free to come to me…er… us anytime." Shikiko said as Choko and Inoko nodded enthusiastically.

"I thank you for your generosity. Now, as to the reason I called for this meeting. I realized that I have been remiss in getting to know my fellow clan heads and wish to remedy this…" Naruto started off seriously before a certain glint entered his eyes and he loosened the tie that held together the kimono he had chosen to wear to the meeting. The clan heads collectively dropped their jaws in an expression of utter surprise as Naruto started to strip.

"FUCK YEAH!" Mikoto roared as she lunged forward and, with grace and skill worthy of a kage, stripped off her yukata and underwear in midair before tackling the semi nude Naruto. "I've been wanting this for soooo long!" Mikoto uttered with a lust filled moan to accentuate her desire as she tore off any remaining clothing that Naruto had not gotten to remove prior to her flying tackle.

"Then I would hate to keep you waiting any longer." Naruto answered her declaration with his own lust filled promise as he rammed his tongue down her throat and tightly groped her wonderful ass. The remaining clan heads could only stare in confused arousal as they watched Naruto expertly finger the Uchiha clan head as she herself worked his tool with her oh so soft hands. After spending a bit of time 'warming up' with their hands, Mikoto stopped her ministrations and pushed Naruto down in order to position herself above his member. With a triumphant smirk to her fellow clan heads, Mikoto slammed herself downwards and impaled herself on Naruto's pride and joy.

"OOOOOHhHHHh!" A guttural moan ripped itself from Mikoto's throat as she came from the sudden feeling of Naruto inside of her. The sudden guttural sound issuing from the normally refined Mikoto was enough to snap Tsume from her stupor as she tore her own clothing off in order to get in on the action. As Mikoto gave herself a few moments to get used to her new lover's rather large size, Naruto saw Tsume readying herself to 'deepen clan ties' and created a nude shadow clone with several times the amount of chakra normally used in order for it to have better durability. Now that Tsume was taken care of, Naruto returned his thoughts to his Uchiha lover as she started to rock her hips back and forth in order to make Naruto beg for her to quicken the pace. Deciding to play her teasing game, Naruto reached forward and groped her lovely breasts before sharply pinching the nipples and drawing a pleasure filled gasp from the Uchiha matriarch. The two stared into each other's eyes and both knew that it was time to put their skills to the test and see just who would emerge the victor in this game of pleasure.

The moment Tsume saw the clone; she knew what she needed to do. Now relying purely on instinct in her lust induced haze, Tsume issued a challenging roar as she jumped the clone in order to make it submit. Not wanting to be outdone, the Naruto clone smirked as it deftly dodged the crazed Tsume before coming up behind her and striking several pressure points on her legs. As a confused Tsume fell onto all fours, the Naruto clone took his chance and rammed himself inside of her with a single, confident motion. Tsume's back arched, almost painfully, as she howled in pleasure. The Naruto clone made sure to take advantage of this continued lapse in her aggressiveness in order to forcefully grab her hips and begin pounding away at a punishing pace. Due to Naruto's pace and the force of his thrusts, Tsume found herself temporarily unable to try and wrest control away from the well endowed blonde. While deeply enjoying the current activity, Tsume's instincts screamed at her to try and assert herself as the alpha in the relationship. So, after a few moments to steel herself for the attempt, Tsume uttered a growl and tried to turn around in order to get on top. This was quickly foiled by a harsh slap to her behind that made Tsume yelp in equal parts surprise, pain and interestingly enough, pleasure.

"Sorry Tsume-chan, but I intend to make you my bitch." The Naruto clone said with a sensual voice that demanded obedience. Tsume shuddered in pleasure at the tone of the clone as the pace was doubled and even more strength was put into each thrust. Tsume now found herself desperately clutching the ground as all thought of trying to dominate was lost to the pleasure she found herself in. Though she did utter the occasional growl in order to feel the delicious sting of Naruto's hand smacking her ass.

"I-is this really happening?" A shocked Choko asked her fellow clan heads as her eyes continued to watch Tsume get the pounding of her life.

"Only one way to find out." Inoko answered as Shikiko was too wrapped up in watching Mikoto ride Naruto to say anything of merit. The Yamanaka clan head stood and, with well hidden excitement, made her way towards the original Naruto. Hearing the approach of another clan head, the original Naruto created a pair of clones and sent them towards the surprised Inoko before resuming the battle of sexual wills with Mikoto.

"Hello Inoko-chan" One of the Naruto clones greeted the surprised clan head before drawing her into a deep, soul searing kiss that left Inoko dazed. As the first clone kissed Inoko, the second slipped behind her and gave the first clone a nod. As Inoko was starting to regain her wits she realized that one of the Naruto clones had slipped behind and before she could question why, she found herself grabbed by strong arms and hoisted up by the clone behind her. "This will be rather fun Inoko-chan." The clone whispered into her ear before plunging his manhood into Inoko's tight ass.

The deep shuddering moan that escaped Inoko's throat was suddenly interrupted by the first clone ramming his tool into Inoko's awaiting flower. Before Inoko could regain any form of coherent thought, the two Naruto clones started to build up a rhythm to make sure that one was always entering when the other was exiting. The feeling of always being full with the contrasting pleasure of two of her holes being used made certain that Inoko would not be able to think (or walk) straight any time soon.

Asahi, Shibiru, Choko and Shikiko could only stare in shock at what their fellow clan heads were doing. That was until each felt a hand on their shoulder and a silky voice call out.

"You four look lonely. Allow my friends and I to remedy that…"

To be continued…


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