Code Lyoko: Generation X Chapter 1

The Truth

Attention: Code Lyoko and all the characters (Odd Ulrich Yumi William XANA etc.) are owned by MoonScoop and all other non-Code Lyoko related characters are owned and created by me, sorry for similarities to other fanfics (if any) but I decided to add the Volkano sector from Code Lyoko: Fall of XANA by Game Factory and lyoko may be revealed soon.

[Code Lyoko theme song plays]

[Moving lyoko holomap appears (showing the Forest, Mountain, Desert, Ice, Carthage, City, Necropolis and Volkano sectors rotating around each other and 'A New Chapter Begins' appears on screen]

[Theme song instrumental plays in the background]

It's been 10 years after the 5 Lyoko Warriors defeated the evil A.I XANA and shut down the supercomputer for good and gone their separate ways.

...Or so they thought, darkness still stirs somewhere deep within Lyoko far beyond any sector and is rapidly spreading with eyes on conquest of the real world.

Since defeating XANA Ulrich and Yumi are now married and they now live at Yumi's house...

The voice of Ulrich calls out from the other room to the kids

Ulrich: Jake, Delia come into the living, your mom will be returning soon

Delia: [listening to A Better Tomorrow "A Little Faster"] before briefly removing her headphones] Looks like mom's back, monkey boy.

Jake: [kicking the punching bag after hours of Muay Thai and pennak silat training] Stop calling me monkey boy and let's go already.

Delia jumps off the couch and accompanies her brother as they walk into the living room to meet their dad.

Ulrich: Your mom will be coming home soon (whisper) with some good news.

The kids stand there looking at their dad with confused looks on their faces as Yumi materializes behind them while they were not looking.

Delia: [gasps] Mom, your back!

She didn't even have time to react before Delia and Jake began hugging and kissing her.

Yumi: [laughs] stop it or else you won't hear the good news.

[The kids quiet down and listen as she continued]

Yumi: Remember the boarding school in France that I told you Ulrich and I went to when we were your age?

Delia: Do you mean with Aelita Stones, Odd Della-Robia, Jeremie Belpois, William Dunbar and that annoying leech Sissi that was in love with dad?

[Screen changes to a flashback]

Delia: So mom how did you and dad meet?

Yumi: Well, it's kind of a long story but I was a new student at a boarding school called Kadic Academy and was attending a martial arts class with the hilarious gym teacher Jim Morales and guess what my opponent's name was...

Jake: Was it dad?

Yumi: [nodding]...exactly, Jake. We had a one-on-one fight and were evenly matched and tied and we have been friends ever since because I was a new student at the time and we both didn't have very much friends until we later met Odd, Jeremie, William and Aelita and we've been friends ever since.

[Flashback end]

[Ulrich enters the room]

Ulrich: Hey Jake should start packing your stuff and get ready for us to go to Kadic.

Jake: Cool.

Delia: Can't wait.

[Jake and Delia run off to their rooms to begin packing, even though they didn't really need to pack much, and returned downstairs]

...Odd Della-Robia and his childhood sweetheart Samantha Knight were reunited and now happily married and living in Los Angeles...

Andrew :{ whispering to his younger twin brother beside him} what school do you think they'll send us to?

Max: Who cares? Once we get a nice big room to ourselves and tons of new places to explore!

Andrew: [rolling eyes] Figures.

Sam: Hey, Max and Andrew could you come into the living room for a moment?

[Max and Andrew enter the room]

Andrew: Yeah, mom?

Max: What's up?

Odd: We need to talk [he says with a serious attitude] you remember me telling you about my old friends Aelita Schaeffer, Ulrich Stern William Dunbar and Yumi Ishiyama from Kadic Academy, right?

Andrew: Yeah, I think so. What about it?

Sam: [giggles] you might have to take a seat to hear this one.

Max: [laughs nervously] I think I'm missing that new, uh, cartoon.

Sam: [glaring in Max's direction] C'mon Maxxy, sit down and wait until your dad's finished.

Max: [sighs] Okay, mom.

Andrew: Who knows? Maybe you'll like it at Kadic, at least if there's a lot of a new place to explore.

Max: [annoyed] there better be.

Odd: As I was saying, Max, you'll never have anything to worry about because there's may be even too many places for you to explore.

Max: [smiling widely] Oh, yeah

[Screen changes to Franz Hopper's house (as seen in episode #82 'A Distant Memory') Jeremy and Aelita and Jeremie, who are now obviously married are in the living room (where XANA possessed William had attacked her when they were kids) looking at a picture of themselves as kids with Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and William back at Kadic]

Aelita: Jeremie, I wish our kids could have met their grandfather. Don't you?

Jeremie: Yeah, but I never saw any sign of Franz Hopper if he's even still alive on lyoko somewhere.

[They take a seat on the couch and as they continued Aelita sheds a tear]

Aelita:{sniffles}You think I don't know that, I mean he rescued me when I almost fell into the digital void, plus, he sacrificed himself so that the multi-agent system could destroy XANA once and for all!

[A pink haired girl and a blonde young man enter the room]

Elyon: Are you okay, mom?

[Aelita stops crying immediately and looks at her]

Aelita: I'm fine, dear

[Koichi remains silent as he sits beside Jeremie, opens up his laptop and begins typing swiftly writing and testing new programs]

Jeremie: [sighs] Kids, we need to talk

[The kids immediately pay attention as he continues]

Jeremie: Remember that boarding school in France we told you we attended when we were your age?

Elyon: Um, yes.

Jeremie: Well...

[As Jeremie was about to finish his sentence the scene changed again to a medium to large sized house in Las Vegas, William Dunbar and Elizabeth 'Sissi' Delmas, now married live inside.(Sissi probably knows about lyoko now, but not much)and have an adopted son that closely resembles William]

Jacob: {looking around a bookcase for a book to read} [sighs] I think I'll die of boredom in this place. I'm gonna watch some TV

[Jacob leaves the books alone, takes a seat on the sofa and turns on the television]

[In another room, however, William and Sissi sit at the table]

Sissi: So, William, what school do you think we should send him to?

William: Maybe he should start where we started and I'm sure you know where I mean.

Sissi: [giving William a strange look] what do you mean?

William: What I mean is sending him to he could make some new friends -if any at all- and he'd stop being such a loner.

Sissi: If I remember correctly, when you first arrived at Kadic, you were the exact same way.

William: [smiling goofily] let's just go.

[They leave the room and sit down on the sofa with Jacob beside them]

William: Hey, need to talk.

Jacob: Alright.

William: Remember the story I told you about my friends Odd, Yumi, Ulrich, Jeremie and Aelita, right?

Jacob: Yeah, so?

William: Well, guess what?

{Screen splits showing William, Ulrich, Yumi, Jeremie, Aelita and Odd}

William: You're going to Kadic.

Ulrich: You're going to Kadic.

Yumi: [nodding with eyes closed] Uh huh.

Odd: [looking even happier than the kids] you're going to Kadic!

Jeremie: You guys are going to Kadic.

Aelita: You should go start packing your things.

{Screen splits again, this time, showing the happy kids running up to their bedrooms to pack their belongings}

{15 minutes later, a car drives up to the Della-Robia's house, inside, Max and Andrew is ready to depart for the airport}

Sam: Max, try to keep out of trouble and Andrew, keep an eye on your brother.

{They say their goodbyes enter the car and drive off and within 15 minutes, they arrive in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada}

Max: Looks like we're stopping again.

Andrew: Wow, what a cool lookin' house. I wonder who lives inside.

{Meanwhile, inside the house, Jacob was just about to leave}

Sissi: Call us every once in a while, okay Jacob?

[Jacob nods and walks out of the house, saying goodbye to his parents]

[Jacob enters the vehicle]

Max: Hey, is inside that house as cool as I think it is?

Jacob: Yeah, maybe...where do you think we're going?

Max: I'm Max Della-Robia and this is my older brother, Andrew. Are you going to Kadic too?

Andrew: Hey.

Jacob: I'm Jacob Dunbar. Nice to meet you and yes, I am going to Kadic.

[Now that everyone was comfortable, they had only one more stop to make, the airport, the car stops at the airport and the kids exit the vehicle and it drives away, but as they were about to enter the airport, 2 more cars pulled up behind them and 2 kids exited each, Delia Ishiyama and Jake Stern from one and Elyon Schaeffer-Stones and Koichi Belpois from the other]

Jacob: Looks like we have company.

Delia: Hey, I'm Delia Ishiyama. You guys going to Kadic, too?

Jacob: Yeah, pretty much. I'm Jacob Dunbar and this is Andrew Della-Robia and his brother Max.

Andrew: What's up?

Max: Hi.

Jake: I'm Jake Stern. Don't you think we should get going?

Elyon: Hello, my name's Elyon. Elyon Schaeffer-Stones and this is my brother, Koichi Belpois.

Koichi: Hey.

[The kids then enter the airport]

[Scene changes to inside the airport, showing Jake leaving the clerk's counter and going back and sitting with the others in the hectic and busy airport]

Delia: Okay, everyone got their plane tickets?

{Everyone looks at her and nod}

Woman on loudspeaker: GATE 11 NOW BOARDING FOR FRANCE.

{Everyone gets up, getting their bags to go to gate 11, but Jacob notices something run behind one of the many pillars in the airport}

Jacob :{ looking back swiftly} I have the feeling that someone's following us.

{He walks over to the pillar accompanied by Jake and jumps behind the pillar, only to find nothing}

Jake: Hey, you alright Jacob?

Jacob: I'm fine just thought I saw something strange move behind here.

{Delia calls out to Jake and Jacob from a distance}

Delia: Jake, Jacob, where the heck are you guys, the plane's boarding!

Jacob :{ getting pissed off} we're coming, MOM!

Jake: You know you're gonna regret saying that, right?

Delia :{ scowling at Jacob} Oh, no, he didn't.

{Directly after coming off the plane and Jacob and Delia settle their feud the kids are in awe at the beauty of France as a large cab approaches them, the driver rolls down the windows and ask in a pleasant French accent}

Leo: Good day, kids and welcome to France, I'm Leo, an old comrade of your parents here to drive you to ze Kadic Academy on the behalf of the principal Jean-Pierre Delmas. Please, come in and watch your step.

Max: Is he or she a lady or something, Andrew? Why is the principal named "Jean"? (He pronounces it like Jean Grey)

Jacob: {looking out the window beside him} I think his name is pronounced more like "John", Max and why do you think the principal's a woman anyway?

Max: {shrugs} Just a hunch.

Delia: {looking out the window} so this is the legendary Eiffel Tower.

Leo: Oui, it is said that the tower also seems to be a symbol of France, you should go up to the top sometime for a breath taking view of Paris, no?

Elyon: Beautiful, we should come here again when we have some free time, Delia.

Delia: {smiles} I'd love to, Elyon.

{After driving a little longer, they finally arrive to their destination, Kadic Academy and the kids exit the vehicle and retrieve their bags from the trunk and thank the driver for the ride}

Jake: Thanks a lot for the ride, Leo.

Elyon: Bye.

Leo: Until we meet again, au revoir!

{Leo drives away as they wave goodbye}

Max: So what the hell is 'au revoir' supposed to mean, anyway...

Jacob: It means goodbye in French, Max.

Max: {annoyed} ….and how would you know that, Jacob?

Jacob: {glares at Max with an extra black look in his eyes} Maybe that because I know French and 5 other languages and you don't.

Max: {shudders} if you say so, dude.

{The kids enter the school only to be confronted by a man wearing a red gym jacket and gray track pants}

Jim: So, you're the new kids, huh? I'm Jim Morales, the P.E teacher, head to the principal's office then meet me back out here to find out where you'll be spending your time here at Kadic.

The kids follow Jim's direction through the courtyard towards the Principal's office and waits outside for them as they enter.
Jim: Okay, kids here are some ground rules, the girls' dorms are upstairs and the boys' dorms downstairs, the boys aren't allowed in the girls' dorms and vice-versa and so on.

They make their way into the boys' dorm luggage and all and stop at a door which Jim opens as he starts talking about his days in the army on the French Riviera before saying that he'd rather not talk about it

Jim: {looking at the teens with a raised eyebrow} so, who's taking this room?

{Max and Andrew raise their hands, Max being more excited than usual making Jim as well as his friends except Andrew giving him a quizzical look}

Max: {waving his arms in the air like crazy} Ooh, ooh, pick us Jim…

Jim: {with a raised eyebrow} uh, is he okay?

Andrew: {face palms} He's fine; just give us the room before he goes even crazier.

Jim: {shrugs before glaring at Max and giving them their schedules} I'll have my eye on you, Max.

{Max gives Jim a weird look before saying goodbye to the others and following Andrew into room closing the door behind him as they begin to unpack and settle in}

Max: {with a curious smile and a raised eyebrow} Hey, Andrew, did you see that abandoned looking factory not far from here when we got out of the cab?

Andrew: {unpacking his stuff before with a raised eyebrow} Yeah, what about it?

Max: Do you really think that it's really completely abandoned?

Andrew: {lying against the wall on his bed} I think there's a legitimate reason why they'd call it an abandoned factory, it's because it's abandoned.

{Meanwhile, Jim and the others got to another room down the hall and around a corner from Max's and Andrew's room, where he found someone on a room which was meant for Jacob}

Jim: …and that's how I learned that it was a really bad idea to use another fishing hook to get a fishing hook out of your thumb, then…

{Before Jim could continue his story, the kids fell to the ground laughing their heads off until the boys couldn't breathe and Elyon and Delia were literally crying and laughing for no apparent reason}

Jacob: {catching his breath from laughing so hard} Please, Jim, don't stop on our watch!

Jim: {glaring at the kids then at another girl with a raised eyebrow} I'd rather not talk about it…..What are you doing here, Miss Garcia?

Isabella: {spins around in surprise as Jim announces her name before turning her attention to Jacob} Oooh, and who might you be? You're a cutie.

{Jacob looks at Isabella then looks at Jake wondering who she was talking to}

Jacob: {looks at Jake with a confused look} Jake, was she calling you "cutie" or me?

Jake: {moans looking back at Jacob with an equally confused look} Beats me, I don't think the nut was talking to me, though. Maybe she thinks she's a boy.

{If that wasn't enough, she came closer to Jacob until they were almost kissing as he glares at her backing away}

Jacob: Sorry, you're not my type

Isabella: {groans} Oh, you'll change your mind eventually.

Jacob: {rolling his eyes} I doubt that.

Isabella: Losers.

{Isabella walks out of the class throwing a glare at Jake who was almost laughing his head off at how Jacob blew her off}

Jim: {rolling his eyes and points at the door behind him} Whatever, Jake, your room is the other one here.

{The boys receive their schedules from Jim as he returns to the principal's office as the nod at each other and enter their room and unpack}

Later that day…It was 7th period and Elyon, Max, Jacob and Andrew were in Mrs. Hertz' Chemistry class learning about the different types of noble gases and their properties, it was almost the end of class when Max stepped up to her table shaking like a soda pop bottle almost seconds before the bell went to hand in the pop quiz she gave on Noble Gases.

Max: Finished, ma'am!

Mrs. Hertz: Finished already, Maxwell?

Max: {nods} Now can I go to the bathroom?

Mrs. Hertz: {nods} Sure, make it quick.

{Before she could say another word, Max shot out the door while other students giggle and snicker}

Mrs. Hertz: {glares at the other students with a raised eyebrow} those smiles on your faces better be there because you're finished.

{Everyone remained quiet until the end of class, class goes on as normal}


{The bell goes signifying the end of class, everyone hand in their papers and leave class, but Max never returns and his friends begin to get worried as they wait outside science class, Jacob went to the bathroom with Jake to find Max so Jacob could personally punch his lights out for having them worried}

Andrew: {Annoyed} Where is he?

{Elyon walks up to Andrew and tries to reassure him with a hand on his shoulder}

Elyon: {with a smile} Stop worrying so much, Max can take care of himself.

Andrew: {sighs} Okay.

Delia: Besides, do you have any idea where he could've actually gone because nobody spends that long in the bathroom.

Andrew: I wonder….

{Andrew was snapped out of his deep thought when his cell rang}

Andrew: Hello?

Jake: Hey, Andrew, he's not in the bathroom.

Andrew: I'm not entirely sure about this but I think he's at that abandoned factory not far from here.

Jake: {with a raised eyebrow} why would you think so?

Andrew: Well ever since we got here he's been dying to go there, he kind of likes exploring new places. We'll meet there.

Jake: I hope you're right.

{With that they hang up and begin to make their way to the forest and meet at a manhole and enter covering it behind them}

Delia: Hey, there are 4 skateboards and 2 scooters.

Jake: Good eye, sis, but what they could be doing here, I wonder

{Everyone shrugs and moans 'I don't know', taking one and ride off Andrew on a skateboard and Delia on a scooter at the front, Elyon also on a scooter behind them and Jake and Jacob on skateboards at the back of the group, until they got to a ladder, climbing up it one by one, a now very annoyed Jacob came up first and met Max}

Max: Hey!

Jacob: {glares at Max with an extra black look in his eyes and a smirk on his face} Do you know what Jim would do to you if he'd caught you leaving the school grounds, or worse, here?!

{Jacob swings an uppercut at Max, who backflips out of the way just before being hit and starts complaining before falling back on his butt, at this time the others had come out of the manhole and could only say 'WOW' with jaws dropped at what the saw before them}

Delia: {in unison with Elyon} Amazing!

Jake: {in unison with Andrew} you can say that again!

Jacob: Wicked!

Max: {with a devious smile} oh, you haven't seen anything yet, but the stupid door won't open!

{The kids, after each smacking Max in the back of his head, walk up to the enormous door, only to stop noticing that it was no ordinary door as symbols signifying the elements Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Forest, Light and Darkness (according to Jake) appeared before each of them before the doors rumbled open and they entered, all beaming with curiosity, inside they saw a single rope going down to the inside of the factory and an old elevator and slid down the rope one by one as they are still speechless to their surroundings, little do they know, their every move is being watched}

Elyon: {falling on her butt in surprise at the size of the factory} Wow, this place is enormous!

Max: {nods in agreement picking Elyon up off the ground to her feet with a smile} Yeah, and confusing. Let's go see what your nerdy brother's up to.

Elyon: {rolling her eyes} whatever.

Jake: I heard that!

{At the elevator, Jake is examining the controls after turning his head shortly to glare at Max before turning his attention to the elevator}

Jake: There, that should do it, she should be purring like a kitten now.

{The elevator comes up, stops and the door opens, that's then a man with blackish-brown hair wearing a light brown sweater over a worn black shirt and long, plaid pants cut at the ankles walks up and looks at them from a distance, saying nothing and just staring at them showing no sign of human emotion, making them all nervous and Jacob begins to get sick of it and cautiously approaches him}

Andrew: Max, I thought you said this place was abandoned.

Max: Yes, why'd you ask?

Delia: {pointing out at the stranger} well, because it looks like we have company.

Elyon: But, something's off here, I wonder what someone would be doing in a completely abandoned place like this old factory?

Jacob: {staring back at the odd fellow} well, whatever it is, I plan to find out.

{Jacob walks up to the man and waves his hand back and forth in front his almost featureless face and gets no response and turns back to his friends}

Jacob: Um, guys? I think he's dead or something.

…: {growls quietly under his breath in a Xanified double-voice and a Cajun accent} you shouldn't lay your hands on strangers, boy….

Jacob: {turns back at the man with a raised eyebrow} are you okay, sir-uugh!

{Jacob sentence (and probably his breathe) was cut off as the stranger puts his hand to the young man's chest and effortlessly shoves him across until he was almost right at the front of the elevator where his friends stood speechless, glaring at his friends for just standing and watching instead of helping him after flipping away from the man almost stomping on his face}

Max: You guys think he needs help?

{No one answers as they don't know what to say as Max was standing ready to attack}

Jacob: {sarcastically} No, I don't need help, it's not like I'M IN DANGER OR ANYTHING!

Max: Please, and let you have all the fun?

Elyon: Then you guys go, I'll help Jake.

{They nod at each other as Elyon turns to help Jake and Max and Andrew jump on the man's shoulders while Delia and Jake tackle the man's legs, taking him to the ground on surprise before regrouping with Jacob as the man struggles back to his feet}

Delia: {helping Jacob to his feet} you alright?

Jacob: I think so, but it's gonna take more than that to kill me.

Andrew: {pointing at the man} Good to know because I don't think he's given up just yet.

Max: {turning to the elevator} Hey, guys, you finished yet? We're not gonna last long over here.

Jake: Yeah, just about done, let's go!

{With that, the six began making a sprint for the elevator with their opponent following not far behind, ready to attack, making it with the door closing behind them narrowly missing Max's ankles as Jake enters the alphanumeric code "153426" on the keypad and pushes a big red button and the elevator descends into the unknown as the kids regain their balance getting to their feet}

Max: What do you know, our lives saved by a big shiny red button.

{Silence fills the elevator as everyone smirks as nobody, even Max, was in the mood for a joke, until Jake spoke up with the question on everyone's mind}

Jake: So what do you guys think we'll find here?

Jacob: {rolling his eyes} Gee, I don't know, maybe a few explanations to what just happened up there?

{Everyone nods in agreement, as the scene changes to the factory entrance where the mystery attacker crouched at the entrance, Eye of XANA now flashing in his eyes where his pupils should be, staring at the elevator entrance as he hears his master's voice telepathically as his hair changes back to its original blackish-brown color}

…: What do we have here? I have failed you, master.

XANA: Not quite, but I sense that they might be trouble for my plans, for now, return to me. You'll meet them again soon enough.

…: {glaring at the elevator with a demented grin} as you wish, master XANA, I'll be looking forward to it.

{The man this turns into a polymorphic ghost and disappearing into the floor beneath him, meanwhile, the elevator reached its destination, shocking the kids even more than before as they step out of the elevator onto the metallic floor of the control room}

Max: {almost unable to contain his excitement} this is so wicked, it's indescribable.

{Everyone nods in agreement}

Jake: {walking up to the supercomputer controls} you can say that again. Now, I wonder how to turn this computer on.

{Suddenly, Jake gets an idea and heads back to the elevator}

Elyon: {looking at her brother with a raised eyebrow} Um, where do you think you're going, Jake?

Jake: Down to the lower levels—why are you looking at me like that, Max, something on my face?

{Max appears from nowhere hiding behind Elyon, shakes and walks away}

Jake: {rolls his eyes} Well, if anything happens, you know my number.

{The doors close and the elevator goes down 2 levels with Jake inside, when the doors open, he's even more surprised, 5 adults were standing facing what seems to be the power switch for the supercomputer, not even noticing him, pulling out his phone, he calls the others}

{Screen splits showing Jake and Delia as she answers her phone}

Delia: Hello?

Jake: Delia, it's Jake. Get the others together and get down here, quick.

Delia: {nods} right, on our way.

{They hang up as Delia gets the others to the elevator}

Max: So any news, Delia?

Delia: {nods} Jake says we're not alone here, he's two levels below us, we should join him.

Andrew: {smiling} well, what are we standing around here for? Let's go.

{Everyone gets into the elevator, followed by Jacob who couldn't help but feel that they were being watched}

Max: {looking at Jacob with a raised eyebrow with a raised eyebrow} Hey, you coming or not?

Jacob: Yeah, just can't shake the feeling that we're being watched.

Elyon: {puts her hand on Jacob's shoulder and smiles} It's probably nothing.

Delia: {pushing the button taking them down in the elevator} yes, but considering what happened with that stranger earlier, it's probably not just "nothing".

{Everyone nods in agreement as the elevator begins its descent; destination floor 4, then opens again with everyone stepping out looking at the five wearing brown cloaks at the console then to Jake}

Max: {glaring at the four} I just hope they're not like that other psycho from before.

{One of the four turns facing them removing the hood revealing himself to be none other than Odd Della-Robia}

Odd: {looking at the kids with an utterly confused look} what other psycho?

{Everyone looks at him, jaws dropped, as the others turn around removing their hoods, namely Jeremie Belpois, Yumi Ishiyama, Ulrich Stern, Aelita Stones-Belpois and William Dunbar, the original Lyoko Warriors as the kids tell their story}

Aelita: {under her breath} so he's still alive.

Jacob: Wait, who's still alive?

Jeremie: A megalomaniac computer virus obsessed with world domination named XANA, that's who.

Elyon: No wonder that strange man was so strong.

Max: {still not convinced} but that makes no sense, why would ZENGA-or whatever wanna take over the world?

Andrew: It's XANA, doofus, but he has a good point, why does it hate humanity so much?

William: Not sure why but trust me he's a worthy adversary that shouldn't be underestimated.

{With that Ulrich walked up to them, sets down his briefcase and opens it, inside were 7 wristwatches Jeremie calls virtualizers and hands one to each of the new lyoko warriors as Jeremie flips the switch turning on the supercomputer as a warm breeze of air fills the room as the machine whirs back to life, when suddenly Jeremie's laptop starts beeping like crazy, he walks over pulling it out of the bag}

Jake: What's going on, dad?

Jeremie: Remember those stories I told you about when I went to Kadic?

Jake: {nods} yeah, what about them?

Aelita: Well, they weren't really lies, they actually happened.

Max: Wow…just wow, now I'm wondering what I'd look like lyoko.

William: {smiles} well you can go see for yourselves.

Yumi: {pointing at the virtualizer on her wrist} he's right, these are no ordinary watches, they can either teleport you here or back from Kadic or straight to lyoko.

Aelita: but once you're on lyoko, they're useless and you'll return to the real world via the scanners, just press and hold the button on the top right hand side, say "CODE" then your name, then say "TELEPORT" to come to the Factory or "VIRTUALIZE" and the name of the sector you want to go to then you'd be virtualized to that specific sector. Understood?

{They all nodded as they admired their new virtializer watches and Jeremie returns confirm that there is not just one but 4 activated towers on lyoko}

Jeremie: {growls under his breath} just can't leave us alone, can you XANA?

{Scene changes to the City Sector of Lyoko (which looks like the Digital Sea except that it's right side up and looks like Atlantis from Stargate Atlantis with a few towers and skyscraper-like buildings as far as the eye can see in every direction) where a tower's halo changes from light blue to red, 3 Black Manta and 6 Hornets stand/fly/float guarding it, in the Volkano Sector (a forbidding place which looks like a volcanic continent, orange virtual magma flows everywhere and home to the Kollosus) another tower turn red with none other than the Kollosus standing guard, the third was in the Necropolis (which looks similar to the City, which are located on opposite sides to the holomap from each other, except that this place looks like a dark ruin, destroyed vehicles and buildings everywhere) and is seemingly unguarded as there are no monsters in sight and the final tower is located in XANA's former home, Carthage, guarded by several Creepers, then back to the factory as Aelita notices Jeremie's anxiety}

Aelita: {looks at Jeremie with eye's full of concern} problem, Jeremie.

Jeremie: {begins typing like lightning at the supercomputer} Looks like XANA wants to test the new warriors too, with 4 activated towers, all well-guarded and in different sectors of lyoko, bet what's even stranger is there's no attack on the real world.

Yumi: well, Max, now's your chance to see what you look like on lyoko, head to the scanner room, everyone.

Jeremie: Except you, Jake.

Jake: What, why?

Ulrich: You'll be the one sending them in, and then Jeremie will virtualize you after.

Jake: {speechless} No…..way, then what are we waiting for?

{William's cell phone suddenly rings; he answers only to be scared stiff}

William: Hello?

XANA: Hello, William, want to be my general again?

William: {angry as the Eye of XANA flashes in and out of his eyes momentarily} who is this?!

XANA: Why not to the entrance of your precious little "factory" and see for yourself, looks like your son would make an even better general than you… {laughs evilly}

William: {looking at his godson and friends with a red black aura flowing through him before fading} Over my DEAD BODY, master!

{He then ordered the rest of the lyoko warriors to the elevator, who nodded and got into the elevator all ready to fight}

Jake: {rolls his eyes as he cracks his knuckles and starts the virtualization process} I'm staying out of that one.

{Screen splits showing Jacob, Elyon and Andrew as the scanning ring moves up and down scanning them and lifting them lightly into the air, turning them as they are scanned and Jake continues}


{3 avatars appear on the screen being scanned as Jake looks on in amazement}

Jake: awesome, and now for the finishing touch…

{With a rush of wind, the 3 were successfully virtualized to Volkano sector, landing on their feet before admiring themselves and each other while staying clear of the virtual lava and admiring the dangerous but still beautiful sector around them, Jacob wore a black armless form-fitted shirt with a shimmering golden symbol of a lion's head on it (it startles the girls as they look at it and it appears to look back at them), covered by a cloak of black smoke with dark blue form-fitted pants with white stripes coming down each leg with light brown construction boots and a zweihander with a black blade (sharp edge silver), a brown hilt and a light brow handle (lighter and stronger than William's sword but same size), Elyon wire a form-fitted pink and purple suit (similar to Aelita's) with a silver and purple bracelet on her wrist with a pink heart on it and dark pink angel wings while Andrew looked similar to Odd, looking like a green, purple and yellow dragon with the abilities of Dragon Arrows (dragon versions of Odd's Laser Arrows) which were infinite and fire manipulation and an arrow-tipped tail}

Jake: You guys there? How does it look?

Jacob: {still admiring himself and the world around him} yeah, we're here and you'd have to see this to believe it

Jake: {typing codes for the delayed virtualization} well, don't give it away; I want it to be a surprise.

Jacob: {rolling his eyes} okay, if you insist.

{With that Jake put down the earpiece and takes the elevator to the scanner room where himself, Max and Delia step into the empty scanners and they close scanning them and virtualizing them just as the others with a rush of wind and they were virtualized, Jake and Delia landing on their feet while Max lands on his face, making everyone minus him roll in laughter, only to be silenced by a earth-rumbling boom. Jake's body was similar to Cyborg's from Teen Titans, only less bulky with a blade strapped to one arm while the other transforms into a sonic cannon and one silver bionic right eye, Delia wore a black netted top with a dark blue shirt and baggy white pants, her weapons were mini kunai and a giant fan she had strapped to her back and Max wore a dark blue–black hood and pants over a white shirt, his ability is temporary invisibility and his weapons were 2 long curved daggers (killing edges) which were strapped to his waists in either side}

Delia: {giggles at how Max falls on his behind on lyoko} He's so scrawny

Elyon: {nods in agreement and giggles} Uh-huh.

Max: {rolls his eyes and glares at the girls} don't mean to rain on your parade, girls, but I am NOT SCRAWNY, I am SVELT!

Delia: {rolls her eyes} If you say so.

{Meanwhile, Max's outburst caught the attention of the Kollosus as he just sat near the activated tower and made an "I've got my eye on you" gesture to Max who points at himself to make sure the colossal monster was referring to him and Kollosus nodded slightly making the assassin quite nervous as they all look at each other utterly confused as the Kollosus started sticking the end of its sword-arm in the ground twisting it slightly as if it was dying of boredom}

{Scene changes to the factory entrance where Ulrich and the gang just comes off the elevator already in their lyoko forms as the they are surprised to see none other than XANA himself as the one he hates more than anything—a human, with all his powers still at his disposal glaring at them red glowing XANA symbols in his eyes before shooting a barrage of bolts at them which they evade and summons men like the one before from thin air with bioelectric powers before walking out of the factory which only enrages the warriors, especially William as he jumps to the entrance slashing four of XANA's minions in mid-air before turning to get the okay from Jeremie who nods and goes after XANA}

William: {dusting off his black suit before he uses supersmoke to catch up to XANA half-way on the bridge} where do you think you're going?!

XANA: {smiling wickedly} poor, poor foolish Dunbar. Do you really think I come all this way to just let my minions have all the fun?

{But XANA's smile didn't last long as Odd somersaulted over William's head firing laser arrows, sending XANA flying but he quickly recovers flipping in mid-air and landing back on his feet, with a not too pleased look in his eye, he fires bolts of electricity binding the warriors and neutralizing their powers despite their attempts to evade, then after getting them together in one spot before teleporting away, lyoko warriors in custody, not noticing a polymorphic specter spying on him before returning to its master and on lyoko they were just finished defeating the Kollosus when 5 multi-colored orbs flew up to them abruptly taking a humanoid form in a flash of light of a man with greyish-white hair and beard and a blue and white form-fitted body suit that glistened in multiple colors like his previous form leaving the warriors awestruck with mouths wide open revealing himself to be Jake's and Elyon's grandfather Franz Hopper as he steps into the tower before them, deactivating it turning it's halo from red to a neutral white before stepping out again to greet the new lyoko-warriors}

Franz: Why, you must be Elyon and Jake.

Jake: Um, who are you?

Elyon: And how do you know us?

Franz: {with a raised eyebrow and a wide smile} isn't it my business to know my own grandkids?

Elyon: {gasps in surprise} you're our grandfather?

Franz: {nods} I'm Aelita's father, Franz Hopper.

Jake: Oh, but what the heck are doing in this virtual universe and not with mom?

Franz: Well, because I created it and XANA and myself along with XANA and Aelita are absolute masters here, since only we can deactivate towers like the one behind me scattered all over lyoko in every sector. I've been keeping an eye on XANA without his knowledge and….something's wrong here, Aelita's not in the factory.

{This caught the warriors by surprise since they had thought they'd be hearing Jeremie's voice by now as they look at Franz with utter shock}

Jacob: So what about the others?

Franz: {just as shocked as the kids} they're all gone, looks like XANA defeating and kidnapping your parents was the plan all along.

Max: Well he just turned this fight into a war. Am I right or what?

{The others nod in agreement, quickly getting over the sadness that XANA now had their parents}

Jacob: I plan to let XANA know that he just messed with the wrong lyoko warriors.

{All nodding in agreement again}

Franz: Then we should get to Carthage now.

Elyon: ...and how are we supposed to do that exactly?

Franz: {changing back into the multicolored orbs} follow me to the sector's edge and find out.

{With that said, Franz flies off to the sector's edge followed closely by the lyoko warriors as they wait for the Transport Orb and are whisked away to the fifth sector as the kids gasp in awe before dropping them off in the Arena, meanwhile a voice emanates from the activated tower of man speaking to himself in a disgruntled tone sensing the lyoko warriors enter Carthage as only his eyes bearing the Eye of XANA appear}

…: So, we finally meet face to face..., lyoko warriors.

A/N- So that's the end of chapter 1,more chapters coming soon so don't rush me cuz they take time and in case I forgot to mention, this is set after CLE, I've watched all the episodes so far and I don't see what everyone's problem is with live-action cuz I don't really even if it wasn't live-action.

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